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SimCity for iPhone due in December

updated 04:35 pm EST, Thu November 20, 2008

SimCity for iPhone in Dec.

Electronic Arts will release an iPhone version of Maxis' classic SimCity sometime next month, according to the publisher. The conversion is said to be nearly complete, and most closely resemble the third game in the series -- SimCity 3000 -- in terms of play and appearance. As usual for iPhone ports, the interface has been revised to more closely exploit multi-touch capabilities. Users should for instance have access to new touch controls for zoning, and zooming in and out of a particular area.

Players in the series become mayors of their own towns, which they must then zone for businesses and residents, and equip with facilities such as water, electricity and transportation. The difficulty comes from pleasing citizens, balancing budgets, and coping with various disasters, which range from real-world problems such as fire and flooding to fictional ones like giant lizards. SimCity for the iPhone should cost $10.

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  1. Peter Bonte

    Joined: Dec 1969


    ow man

    Sim City 3000 is a hog on my dual G5 and now they bring a playable version to the iPhone? b*******. :/

  1. lowededwookie

    Joined: Dec 1969


    English is difficult

    The statement was:

    "most closely resemble the third game in the series -- SimCity 3000 -- in terms of play and appearance."

    This does not imply it IS SimCity 3000. SC3000 never came out for Mac OS X anyway therefore this would have to be a complete rewrite specifically for iPhone.

  1. Peter Bonte

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Lets say all Sim-versions except the original SC2000 have issues, i love the games but the ports are poorly written for the Mac and no support or updates at all. Lets hope they do a better job for the mobile version, the game concept still interests me.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Though the graphics, etc. of the 2000 and 3000 version of the game were a lot better, I still think the original SimCity was the best. I remember using it on a Classic for Social Studies in middle school. I wish they would bring the original back for iPhone/iPod Touch as there is really no way to get it running on a current computer, and I would think the original version would be much less memory/processor intensive, and therefore better suited to the platform.

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