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Ambrosia unveils Aquaria, 2D adventure game

11/13, 11:05pm

Ambrosia unveils Aquaria

Ambrosia on Thursday unveiled its game Aquaria, an underwater two-dimensional adventure game that offers puzzles, exploration, and combative aspects. Players control Naija, a being living in the water who can use her singing power of "The Verse" in order to defend herself or shift forms. Ambrosia highlights that Aquaria offers high-resolution graphics, original music compositions, and a level editor that even allows for editing of music and animations.

OWC expands available storage capacities to 1.5TB

11/13, 10:35pm

OWC 1 5 TB drives

Other World Computing (OWC) has expanded its lines of NewerTech miniStack and Mercury Elite-AL Pro drives to include 1.5TB capacity options. The 1.5TB drives run at 7200RPM and feature 32MB cache, while consuming 8 watts of power at idle. All of the drives come packaged with interface cables, 3 year warranties, and a software bundle that includes Prosoft Engineering Data Backup 3, NovaStor NovaBACKUP, and Intech SpeedTools Utilities.

AMD outlines future processors to compete with Atom

11/13, 10:10pm

AMD answer to Atom CPUs

AMD announced several new projects that will compete with Intel's Atom processor late next year, according to ExtremeTech. The company expects to add the Caspian and Conesus processors sometime next year. Both products are intended for use in mini-notebooks or netbooks, featuring the same 45-nm architecture of the new Shanghai processor announced earlier this week. Dual-cores will be featured in both, along with DDR-2 memory support.

Apple launches new Web-based Get a Mac ad

11/13, 9:30pm

Internet Get a Mac ad

Apple has launched its latest Get a Mac ad that highlights a customer satisfaction survey, as featured on sites such as and John Hodgman, playing the role of PC, starts off by noticing the results of a customer satisfaction survey. He walks off the screen and tries to change the results, despite resistance from the Mac character played by Justin Long. After PC points out that customer service is now dropping, the final screen shows that Mac ranks number one in an American Customer Satisfaction Index survey.

Hercules unveils XPS 2.150 multimedia speakers

11/13, 9:00pm

Hercules XPS speakers

Hercules has unveiled the XPS 2.150, the latest addition to its line of multimedia speakers. The system features two eight-watt compact satellite speakers and a 16-watt wooden subwoofer. The magnetically-shielded satellites feature a gloss black finish with orange driver cones and a back-lit control knob. Users can adjust the ported subwoofer separately, with bass controls and an on/off switch.

Smith Micro releases ExecutiveSync

11/13, 8:30pm

Executive Sync

Smith Micro has released ExecutiveSync, a tool for synchronizing files between computers, servers, or mobile devices. The software compares checksums for over 35 aspects of each file to determine the most current version. The files are automatically updated, and notifications sent to the user if any errors or conflicts occur. The program works across Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, including computers, servers, or storage devices.

Freeverse releases Burning Monkey Casino for iPhone

11/13, 8:05pm

Burning Monkey Casino

Freeverse has released its latest game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Burning Monkey Casino. A variety of gambling games are provided- video poker, slots, blackjack, money wheel, pachinko, 3-card monty, and scratch tickets. The game interface uses the touch-screen capabilities of the device, allowing users to spin the money wheel with a swipe, navigate panchinko with tilt, or scratch the lottery tickets with a finger.

Safari 3.2 adds phishing protection, security updates

11/13, 6:00pm

Safari 3 2 update

Apple has released the latest update to its browser, Safari 3.2. Several security features have been added, including phishing protection and identification of online businesses. JPEG and TIFF image handling has been improved, preventing certain malicious files from closing the program or executing arbitrary code. XML document processing is also improved, correcting a heap buffer overflow vulnerability. For Windows users, bounds checking and zlib 1.2.2 issues have been addressed.

First Look: Parallels 4.0, virtualization software

11/13, 5:30pm

Parallel 4.0

Ever since Apple switched to Intel processors, Macs have been able to run the most popular operating systems for the x86 architecture including Linux and Microsoft Windows. Apple offers Boot Camp for free, which lets you create a dual-boot partition, but forces you to choose between Mac OS X or Windows each time you turn on your computer. For a solution that lets you switch between Mac OS X and any other operating system without rebooting, you need a virtualization program such as Parallels 4.0.

Vers intros natural wood 1.5R iPod clock radio

11/13, 5:00pm

Vers 1.5R iPod radio

Vers on Wednesday announced the release of its Vers 1.5R alarm clock radio with a built-in iPod dock. Sharing many of its features with the existing Vers 2X system, the new system packages them into a smaller product. Vers will offer the 1.5R in the same wood finishes as the 2X, including Natural Bamboo, Natural Cherry, Natural Walnut and Dark Walnut as part of the company's environmentally friendly-focus.

Bang & Olufsen intros BeoSound 5 home theater system

11/13, 4:50pm

BeoSound 5 audio system

High-end home theater gear and car audio designer Bang & Olufsen recently announced the launch of its BeoSound 5 digital music system meant to let users enjoy their digital music on their traditional home theater gear. The centerpiece of the BeoSound 5 system is a tabletop and wall-mountable remote controller that sports a 10.4-inch LCD screen with 1024x768 resolution with an aluminium scroll wheel as the control interface. The remote oversees the Internet-connected BeoMaster 5 main unit that features all off the audio and video connections and contains the 500GB hard disk drive.

Agent 18 expands iPod cases to Touch 2G

11/13, 4:45pm

Agent 18 Touch 2G cases

Agent 18 says it is now selling versions of several iPod cases for the second-generation Touch. The EcoShield is constructed of hard plastic made from recycled bottles, using silicon cushioning to provide an extra damage barrier. All buttons and connections are exposed, and a dock adapter is supplied to ensure compatibility. The case is being sold in black, pink and purple colors for $25.

Facebook-friendly INQ1 handset reaches 3 network

11/13, 4:40pm

INQ1 handset coming to 3

European wireless provider 3 announced it will soon launch its INQ1 handset, integrating Facebook by delivering alerts and synchronizing contacts with their Facebook profiles. The handset will also pair existing contacts with their respective Skype and Windows Live Messenger accounts. The data network connected handset is thus able to replace a user's PC for chat and social interaction, and also complement it thanks to its ability to act as a plug and play modem for notebook PCs.

Mojo intros Near Field Power charging technology

11/13, 4:20pm

Mojo NFP charging tech

California-based Mojo Mobility Inc. has developed a technology that is capable of wirelessly charge the batteries of specially equipped portable consumer electronics devices simply by placing them on a piece of specialized metal plate. The system works based on an electromagnetic induction method, with the flat surface lined with thin coil areas that transmit electric power. Similar thin coils to receive electric power need to be installed in the mobile devices, adding the thickness of a mouse pad.

Apple lists job posting for iPhone position in China

11/13, 4:10pm

China iPhone job posting

Apple may be closer to bringing the iPhone to China, a new job offer posting suggests. The company is looking for an iPhone Quality Assurance Engineer, to be located in Beijing. China represents an enormous market for mobile phones, but negotiations for the iPhone may have lasted longer than expected. Shortly before the iPhone 3G launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told CNBC that Chinese and Russian announcements would "happen later this year." The Russian launch occurred early in October, but the company has been quiet about any progress in China.

ASUS intros Xonar Essence STX PCIe audio cards

11/13, 4:00pm

ASUS Xonar Essence STX

ASUS on Wednesday announced a new range of Xonar Essence STX PCI-express audio cards with an industry-leading 124dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) that delivers clean, clear sound. The cards also offer an uncommon feature with their built-in headphone amplifier that delivers less than 0.001 percent distortion. ASUS used its Hyper-ground technology and EMI Shield design in the construction of the cards to help it achieve the high SNR score and protect its analog outputs from external magnetic interference.

iPhone apps: Crystals, FotoTimer, PoetrySinger

11/13, 3:55pm

Surf Report, iCaption

Crystals ($2) is a recreation of the classic game Mastermind for the iPhone. Players attempt to place crystals in the correct order to unlock the pirate code. After each guess they are given a few hints which help them narrow down the proper code. The speed in which a user is able to crack the code determines their pirate rank and users can customize the settings to create a difficulty they are comfortable with.

Qualcomm kills UMB, embraces LTE for 4G

11/13, 3:50pm

Qualcomm Kills UMB

In tandem with its Snapdragon news, Qualcomm today said it was cancelling development on its Ultra-Mobile Broadband (UMB) technology as a path to 4G Internet access. The move is a reaction to news that Verizon, Bell, Telus and other predominantly CDMA carriers are instead switching to the rival Long Term Evolution (LTE) format that has already been labeled the choice for 4G on GSM networks.

ProteMac Meter 1.2 adds app lists, clean-up tool

11/13, 3:50pm

ProteMac Meter 1.2 posted

Developer ProteMac has released v1.2 of ProteMac Meter, its networking utility. The tool is used to monitor and log network traffic, incorporating information such as host names, the volume of traffic through a particular port or application, and when activity through a particular vehicle has started or stopped. The v1.2 update adds several minor but useful features, such as a new Preferences dialog.

Apple narrows ship time on LED Cinema Display

11/13, 3:15pm

Apple display to ship soon

Apple has narrowed the shipping timetable for its new 24-inch Cinema Display, which should be on its way to customers in seven to 10 days. The new LCD display, announced last month with the new MacBooks, features resolution up to 1920 by 1200 pixels with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The use of LED backlighting is claimed to offer more accurate color, energy savings, and quick transition to full brightness. The device also features an iSight camera, microphone and 2.1-channel speaker system.

MobileMe, Time Machine issues in testing for 10.5.6

11/13, 3:05pm

MobileMe, T. Machine fixes

The next version of Mac OS X, v10.5.6, should address problems in MobileMe, Time Machine and Mail, a note to developers suggests. Supplied with the latest seed of v10.5.6, build 9G35, the note asks for help in testing automatic syncing with MobileMe, particularly in regards to performance on notebooks, and on networks with high lag or limited bandwidth. The aim is to have changes propagated from to other devices in a "reasonable amount of time," and improve syncing performance in general. Apple asks for special attention to the possibility of excessive or abnormal syncs.

Dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon handles 1080p

11/13, 3:05pm

Qualcomm Snapdragon 2-core

Qualcomm today unveiled its first dual-core chip in the Snapdragon family and a potential breakthrough in cellphone performance. The plainly-titled QSD8672 both adds the second core and ups the clock speed to 1.5GHz, lifting the speed to where it can be used for netbooks rather than the cellphones of the past. The multitasking performance gives enough headroom to both encode and decode 1080p video as well as render 3D and output images up to 1440x900.

BenQ set to introduce MP624 DLP business projector

11/13, 3:00pm

BenQ MP624 projector

In Japan, BenQ announced the upcoming release of its MP624 DLP projector with 1024x768 resolution and 2500:1 contrast ratio along with a 3,000 lumens brightness level. BenQ foresees the MP624 will be used for business presentations or home entertainment use. It uses a 0.55-inch DLP chip and a 200W lamp with a life rating of 4,000 hours.

Alienware intros $1K Area-51 750i

11/13, 2:35pm

Alienware Area-51 750i

Alienware on Thursday veered away from its normal high-end audience to unveil the Area-51 750i. The system is the company's least expensive gaming tower but comes with the same lightable casing, wiring and stronger power supplies as more expensive Area-51 models; only the individual components dictate its price, and the system can be scaled upwards to include some of the better features from Alienware's catalog, such as liquid cooling and noise damping.

EA Sports Active brings high-impact exercise to Wii

11/13, 2:05pm

EA Sports Active for Wii

Electronic Arts today sought to build on the formula set out by the Wii Balance Board with a new peripheral and game combo of its own. EA Sports Active centers around a pair of leg straps that hold both the Wii remote and nunchuk in place as well as a single resistance band for the upper body. The set lets Nintendo's own controllers properly track exercise across the whole body and also introduce enough physical stress to provide strength-based exercise.

LG Prada II to hit UK stores Nov. 18th

11/13, 1:35pm

LG Prada II launch info

Expanding on official details from last month, the LG-built Prada II handset will launch November 18th, according to a Thursday report. The fashion phone expands significantly on the original with a 5-megapixel camera and a a QWERTY keyboard underneath the 3-inch, 400x240 touchscreen display preserved from the earlier phone. Unlike the original Prada, the handset will also have support for 3G data networks and video calling capabilities.

New leak expands on mandatory Verizon data plans

11/13, 1:10pm

More on Verizon data plans

A newly-leaked document has elaborated on earlier reports that Verizon will be removing the choice of low-end data plans for smartphones. All new smartphones sold on or after November 14th should indeed require a $30 data plan, the principal exception being Verizon's government clients, who will be able to continue on as normal. The restriction is expected to expand in 2009, when "Mobile Web 2.0" phones with a full HTML browser will be expected to have either a Connect or Premium Plan, or else the $15 VCast add-on.

Core i7 to make leap to Xeon in early 2009

11/13, 12:20pm

Xeon i7 in Early 2009

Intel's Core i7 architecture will translate to workstation- and server-class Xeon processors early next year, leaks from server builders and separate sources indicates. Though not in time for the holidays, the faster Xeon 5500 line will be dominated by quad-core chips and should be headlined by a 3.2GHz, 130-watt Xeon W5580. Its Level 2 cache will drop from 12MB to 8MB but should be offset by Core i7's QuickPath architecture, which reduces the lag in accessing memory and peripherals. It should cost about $1,600 in batches of 1,000 for computer suppliers.

Jumsoft publishes Keynote Photos 3.0

11/13, 12:10pm

Keynote Photos 3.0 ships

Jumsoft has released the third edition of Keynote Photos, its image collection for Apple's presentation software. The update adds approximately 100 images for a total of over 300, all of which are sized to 1024x768, the maximum resolution supported by Keynote presentations. The photos are divided into "textured" and "solid-colored" themes, mainly for appropriate meshing with foreground text.

LG Swift handset with Fastap keyboard now at Alltel

11/13, 11:15am

LG Swift now at Alltel

Alltel announced on Thursday that the LG Swift handset is now available for purchase at the wireless provider. The handset is the first from LG's line-up to use a next-generation keypad with what the company calls Fastap Press-to-Experience keys. Comprised of six raised one-touch access Quick Keys that act as shortcuts for Alltel Navigation, Alltel Shop, Email, Alarm Clock and Image Library features, the keys sit atop a traditional numeric keypad.

Chronograph claims unobstrusive time-tracking

11/13, 11:15am

Chronograph 1.0 ships

Milk Farm Software has released the first version of Chronograph, a time-tracking application meant for businesses and personal projects. The app attempts to differ itself through simplicity, only presenting more options as they become relevant. Users start by creating projects, which are then divided into tasks, at which point a timer can be started.

Samsung readies five 16:9 computer LCDs

11/13, 11:10am

Samsung 2x33SW Displays

In an uncharacteristic move, Samsung today used Japan as the venue for five new desktop LCDs with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The 21.5-inch 2233SW and 23-inch 2333SW both output full, 1920x1080 HD despite their relatively small sizes and are braced by the 20-inch 2033SW's 1600x900 to play 720p or sharper movies as well as provide more screen space. The panels are also brighter than some rivals with a dynamic contrast boost that brings them to a 15,000:1 ratio, or 1,000:1 when static.

AT&T lands brushed-metal Nokia 6650 clamshell

11/13, 10:25am

Nokia 6650 at ATT

AT&T today added yet another 3G phone to its roster through the Nokia 6650. The flip phone is adapted from the European version and brings 3G over HSPA that supports the American carrier's one-way Video Share calls as well as its music and video streaming. Nokia's phone is also considered more upscale than most mid-range music phones and is built using a brushed-metal shell rather than plastic and uses touch-sensitive controls on the outside to control music and photography without swinging the phone open.

Apple looking to develop new search tech?

11/13, 10:20am

New Apple search tech?

Apple is the process of developing a new Internet search technology, anonymous sources claim. It is uncertain what exactly this may imply, but it is believed that Apple may be unhappy with the way search is currently handled in Safari, whether for the desktop or iPod and iPhone versions. The browser currently defaults to a standard Google search, but Google CEO Eric Schmidt excuses himself from Apple board meetings involving mobiles, and is rumored to be considering leaving the board of directors permanently.

URC Digital R50 remote skips PCs, steers iPods

11/13, 9:55am

URC Digital R59 remote

Universal Remote Control on Wednesday introduced its Digital R50 universal remote that, unlike similar products from competitors, does not require an Internet-connected PC to set it up for use with home theater systems. Sporting a two-inch color LCD screen and soft, backlit buttons, the Digital R50 can control the functions of 18 home theater system components by copying the codes of their associated infrared remotes.

Sony develops 12.25-megapixel phone camera

11/13, 9:55am

Sony Exmor 12MP Camera

Sony today said it has broken a new barrier in cellphone cameras through an update to its Exmor sensors. The company has shrunk the pixel size to 1.4Ám and now says it can produce a 12.25-megapixel, 28mm equivalent CMOS camera small enough to fit in some cellphones. The unit gives a cellphone the image quality and detail of a modern point-and-shoot camera, according to the company.

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 reaches US

11/13, 9:10am

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 US

Dell today officially launched the Inspiron Mini 12 for the US after its initial run in Japan. The 12-inch crossover between a netbook and ultraportable now starts at $549 and is partly slower than the smaller Mini 9. A lesser 1.33GHz Atom is compensated for by 1GB of memory, a 40GB hard drive and Windows Vista Home Basic versus the 512MB memory, 4GB flash and Ubuntu Linux necessary to drive the Mini 9's price down.

True Move, Apple to bring iPhone to Thailand

11/13, 9:05am

iPhone headed to Thailand

True Move, owned by True Corp. and the third-largest cellular carrier in Thailand, says it has signed a deal with Apple to begin selling the iPhone in its home market. The carrier is however in the earliest phases of arranging a Thai deployment, according to Reuters, with no prices for the phone, subscriptions or pre-paid plans. Even the timing of a launch is uncertain, as True Move will only say that the iPhone is due "in the coming months."

RED EPIC, Scarlet now shoot 9K, 6K photos

11/13, 8:45am

RED EPIC and Scarlet DSMC

RED today formally uncovered the full remakes of its EPIC and Scarlet cameras. Now considered part of the Digital Stills and Motion Camera (DSMC) system, the two are designed both to serve as extremely high-resolution DSLRs as well as RED's staple greater-than-HD video cameras. The two use the REDCODE RAW format to produce both still shots and videos, and introduce a unique modular system to either category: users pick the EPIC or Scarlet as a core unit and then choose displays, eyepieces, grips, lenses, mounts and more depending on the exact need.

BlackBerry Storm hits Nov. 21 at iPhone price

11/13, 3:05am

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm

Verizon early on Thursday finally committed to a final release date and price for its version of the BlackBerry Storm. Initially announced over a month ago, the first touchscreen phone from RIM will be available on November 21st through the carrier and is conspicuously priced at the same $200 contract price as Apple's iPhone from rival AT&T after factoring in a $50 rebate. The cost difference is effectively a trade-off as the device drops the 8GB of storage and full multi-touch display in favor of a 3.2-megapixel camera with video capture, a dual-format CDMA and GSM radio, microSDHC storage and a touchscreen that "clicks" to produce physical feedback.

IBM lawsuit over "racetrack" memory secrets, iPod

11/13, 12:50am

IBM fears secrets in iPod

Recent filings in the Apple-IBM-Papermaster case reveal that IBM is potentially raising a flag due to an upcoming technology that the company fears could be compromised by Mark Papermaster's employ at Apple. The technology, noted in the Times Online (classified Exhibit 3 in the case), would allow portable consumer devices like the iPod to store exponentially more music, while also cutting battery drain to a fraction of what it is currently. The technology is dubbed "racetrack memory."

AMD debuts 45nm 4-core Shanghai Opteron

11/13, 12:40am

AMD releases Shanghai'

AMD has taken the wraps off it's 45nm quad-core 'Shanghai' Opteron processor line", promising improved performance and energy savings. The company says "Shanghai" will be widely available -- unlike its predecessor "Barcelona" which was delayed for months due to production glitches. Designed for the server and workstation market, Shanghai reportedly delivers up to 35 percent better performance while using 35 percent less power at idle -- all at a lower price than competing products from Intel. As it continues to duke it out with Intel, AMD appears to be aiming at the bottom line, hoping to lure recession-weary customers looking for value.


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