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Apple to be 'aggressive' in Black Friday deals?

updated 04:25 pm EST, Wed November 12, 2008

Apple's Black Friday plans

Apple's plans for Black Friday -- the crucial sales day following Thanksgiving -- should see some major deals available to the public, argues analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital. Reitzes notes that low-cost notebooks will have a significant presence on Black Friday, given plans for $299 PCs at Best Buy, Walmart and He further suggests that due to the looming threat of recession, people will want to trade down to cheaper computers.

Although Apple has not revealed any Black Friday plans, which are typically kept secret until they take effect, Reitzes argues that Apple will want to be "more aggressive" in order to have people buy in the context of a bad economy. This should include not just $100 discounts on Macs, but additional discounts on iPods, and possibly some for iPhones. As support for the last proposition, Reitzes cites hints that France's Orange will slash the 8GB iPhone down from 149 to 99 for the holidays, something which could be matched by America's AT&T if Apple cooperates.

"The company's high margins could likely absorb a few days of discounts," he says.

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  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Yeah right...

    That'll be the day.

    Don't hold your breath for ANY 'deep discounts' from Apple...........EVER.

  1. jondesu

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Pulled from his...

    Yeah, this guy has no clue what he's talking about. Since when has Apple ever needed to compete on price? They'll do a nice 10% discount at most on certain products, and maybe some bundle deals. Nothing spectacular. Never is.

    The products are, of course, still great.

  1. lkrupp

    Joined: Dec 1969



    These guys have never understood Apple and they never will. They keep trying to equate them with the likes of Dell and WalMart where market share and price rule. They apparently don't get the fact that Apple is a different animal. Apple, among other premium brands, have proven they can make big money without market share and with higher prices by catering to a demographic that appreciated what they have to offer.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Pulled from his

    Since when has Apple ever needed to compete on price?

    Needed to? Many times (shall we think back to the 90's). Even now, there are many potential buyers who will be disuaded based on price alone. If Apple is looking to bring in a large market segment, then they would "need to" compete on price.

    However, Apple doesn't want that, so they choose not to compete on price.

    They'll do a nice 10% discount at most on certain products, and maybe some bundle deals. Nothing spectacular. Never is.

    10%???? Talk about pulling a number out of one's a$$. More like a "$100 off" (if you're lucky) on certain products. Apple has never been known for offering much of a sale on anything.

  1. cvbcvb

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    Micro Center

    Apple authorized a one day Micro Center 20th Anniversary Sale in 1999. All Macs were 20% off. I picked up my Powerbook G4 1.25GHz that day.

    Ive never seen an Apple deal like that since...


  1. cvbcvb

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Actually it was the Powerbook G3 Lombard that I purchased back in 1999. The G4 was in 2004 and Im now up to a 17 2.6GHz. Prior to the G3 was the 540c in 1995.

    How time flies...


  1. JackWebb

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    My ultra small 12" 4.6lb 5 year-old powerbook with firewire is aging gracefully. I could be won over but without reading any comments here I had the same thought: even in plunging economics they won't discount more than a token amount and I will probably wait myself. I've been buying expensive computers for 20 years and it is time that even Macs should be even less expensive. $2,800 as a starting price for any expandability in a desktop is just ridiculous in a slowing economy. If they are going to be one company doing Macs then they need to give us more options. Does Apple think they are the Duesenberg of computers?

    Yes, this is one of those times I'm right there with Testudo.

  1. Eriamjh

    Joined: Dec 1969


    10% on accessories...

    Typically no more than $100 to $150 off any computer or notebook.

    Apple never used to have sales on new items. Take what you can get.

  1. JackWebb

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Can't even cover tax

    10% doesn't quite make up for 10.25% Chicago sales tax.

  1. ggirton

    Joined: Dec 1969


    news flash

    just went shopping for a killer computer 3G Ram, 250G Hd, 2GHz Intel dual core processor, 15 inch glossy LCD screen. No Blu-Ray, no external eSata like some of the high end laptops I saw.

    Basically all the hardware features you can get in a loaded $1595 MacBook. The user of this new Sony, who paid for the computer himself, had been using macs for several generations but just hadn't been that happy with them.

    The least expensive MacBook would have met his needs, but since he decided not to get a Mac this time around (and note -- this is a case of a reverse switcher, and not really based on price I don't think), he was very happy to only pay $799 plus tax for this killer laptop.

    So you can argue back and forth about how wonderful the Mac OSX is, and how much more you get in software, etcetera blah blah blah, all you want. But hear me now and believe me later, Apple will have to compete on price to grow their markets, and not just one day a year, and not just in refurb.

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