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Veoh Web Player initially bundled with SanDisk Cruzer

11/12, 10:00pm

SanDisk Veoh Web Player

SanDisk has collaborated with Veoh Networks to offer the Veoh Web Player on Cruzer USB flash drives. Users can browse's TV shows, movies, or special content, from any computer. The player can be used to create a library of personal video collections that can be viewed while online or offline. Personal video files can be password protected, preventing access if the drive is stolen or lost.

Firefox 3.0.4 update improves security, stability

11/12, 9:30pm

Firefox 3 0 4 update

Mozilla has released the latest update to its browser, Firefox 3.0.4. The company claims to have addressed several security and stability issues. Icelandic and Thai localizations have been integrated. Additional EV root certificates have been added, and the Public Suffix list updated. A bug fix corrects an issue that would prevent certain passwords saved in version 3.0.2 from functioning properly. Another improvement corrects a problem with the IME input tool and Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indic characters.

Ecosol unveils Powerstick V2 portable USB charger

11/12, 9:00pm

Ecosol Powerstick V2

Ecosol has unveiled an updated version of its portable USB charger, Powerstick V2. The device serves as a charger or external battery for a variety of devices, including mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, or Bluetooth headsets. The company claims the Powerstick can be charged to 90 percent capacity in 90 minutes or less, by plugging it into any powered USB port. The circuitry goes into a sleep mode after the internal battery has been fully charged, avoiding unnecessary power consumption.

Optoma to offer Pico projector through Web retailers

11/12, 8:40pm

Pico to be sold online

Optoma has announced that its Pico PK-101 projector will be sold through Amazon and The company will also offer the device through the Japanese Apple stores, as reported earlier this week. The projector uses Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to deliver a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 at 480 pixel by 320 pixel resolution. All of the internal components fit into a case that measures two inches by 4.1 inches by 0.7 inches, with a weight of four ounces.

GadgetTrak unveils MacTrak anti-theft service for Mac

11/12, 8:15pm

MacTrak AntiTheft service

GadgetTrak has unveiled its latest security product, the MacTrak anti-theft service for Mac. After installing the software on a computer, a user can log onto their account to activate the tracking if the device is lost or stolen. WiFi positioning, available in some areas, is claimed to identify the location of the computer, with a resolution of 10-20 meters in some circumstances. The police can use the WiFi location, along with the IP address or other network information, to help find the thief and recover the device.

Line 6 ships POD X3 Pro signal processor

11/12, 7:45pm

Line 6 ships POD X3 Pro

Line 6 has begun shipping the POD X3 Pro rack-mount signal processor. The device features a dual-tone processor that offers amp and effect models for guitar, bass, or vocals. Users can integrate the X3 Pro into a variety of systems, including live performance rigs, recording systems, or computer-based DAWs. Two dedicated signal paths, each with its own chain of amps and effects, can serve two instruments simultaneously.

Intel to miss Q4 target by at least $1 billion

11/12, 6:20pm

Intel to miss Q4 targets

Chip maker Intel does not expect to meet its fourth-quarter revenue targets, with anticipated revenue of $9 billion, falling short of the previous expectation of $10.1 billion to $10.9 billion. The company blamed the lackluster performance on "significantly weaker than expected demand in all geographies and market segments." The trend of component inventory reduction by PC manufacturers was also claimed to affect the earnings. The gross margin outlook as also been dropped, to 55 percent from 59 percent.

iSPINNING cycle computing system for iPhone

11/12, 6:10pm

iSPINNING for iPhone

Spinning on Tuesday unveiled iSPINNING for the iPhone, an application offering users a suite of health and fitness functions to keep track of their bike routines. iSPINNING couples with fitness sensors to gather heart rate, speed, cadence, and power data, providing a complete set of statistical data for bikers. iSPINNING is temporarily free from the App Store, while the iTMP SMHEART LINK hardware system will be available for $150 for the holiday season.

Callpod adds Drone USB stereo Bluetooth adapter

11/12, 5:00pm

Drone USB Bluetooth device

Callpod has introduced the Drone, a plug-and-play USB to Bluetooth 2.0 adapter. The Class 1 output is claimed to offer a range of up to 100-meters. If a user is listening to music when a VoIP call comes in, Drone will automatically switch to voice communication. The device supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles, allowing music from a variety of audio sources such as CDs, iTunes, or Windows Media Player, to be streamed in stereo and controlled remotely.

Wii Speak Channel delayed, Wii Speak on schedule

11/12, 4:55pm

Wii Speak Channel delayed

While the Animal Crossing: City Folk title for the Nintendo Wii gaming console will ship bundled with a microphone peripheral for use with the game, the Wii Speak channel that would allow Wii users to chat from the console's main interface will be delayed. The microphone, Wii Speak, was announced this summer, and is available as a standalone accessory for $30. Each WiiSpeak will come with a Wii Speak Channel download ticket number, though the same box advises buyers it will not be available until December.

Sony intros $100 rebate on Mylo 2 Internet device

11/12, 4:50pm

Sony rebates Mylo by $100

Sony has recently introduced a $100 instant rebate on its Mylo COM-2 Internet Device, bringing the official price to just short of $200. The new price is valid until the end of January of 2009, leading many to suspect Sony may be trying to clear out stock to make room for a new model over the holidays. With CES scheduled for the first half of January, and the show serving as an unveiling spot for many new consumer electronics products, the expiration of the rebate is well-timed.

Belkin Switch-to-Mac cable eases transfers from PC

11/12, 4:50pm

Belkin Switch-to-Mac cable

Belkin on Wednesday announced the release of its Switch-to-Mac Cable, which automatically transfers files from a PC to a Mac. The product's embedded Migration Assistant moves users' music, movies, photos and Internet favorites and preferences on its own, not even requiring users to drag-and-drop the required files. The cable uses a USB 2.0 connection to transfer files and settings from default PC folders and applications to the respective Mac locations before providing a log of its operations.

Qualcomm intros PC alternative for Internet access

11/12, 4:40pm

Qualcomm intros Kayak

Qualcomm on Wednesday announced the Kayak PC alternative, designed to give users in emerging markets widespread and affordable access to high-speed wireless Internet. The Kayak PC alternative uses 3G wireless broadband to supply Internet access to markets in which wired Internet access is unaffordable or otherwise not available. Comprised of a reference design and a set of software specifications that can be made available to hardware builders, the Kayak PC alternative can be categorized in-between a desktop PC and portable, Internet-capable wireless devices.

Sanyo intros ultra-portable LCD front projector

11/12, 4:30pm

Sanyo LCD projector

Sanyo on Wednesday announced a new addition to its line-up of ultra-portable projectors with the PLC-XW57. Meant for business and classroom use, the 3LCD projector weighs less than seven pounds, and sports 1024x768-pixel resolution. Its 2,000 lumens brightness rating comes courtesy of a 200W bulb and lets the PLC-XW57 throw up images in bright rooms.

Apple to be 'aggressive' in Black Friday deals?

11/12, 4:25pm

Apple's Black Friday plans

Apple's plans for Black Friday -- the crucial sales day following Thanksgiving -- should see some major deals available to the public, argues analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital. Reitzes notes that low-cost notebooks will have a significant presence on Black Friday, given plans for $299 PCs at Best Buy, Walmart and He further suggests that due to the looming threat of recession, people will want to trade down to cheaper computers.

MSI intros 15.4-inch gaming notebook for under $800

11/12, 4:20pm

MSI outs gaming notebook

MSI Computer on Wednesday announced the release of its newest gaming notebook, the 15.4-inch, 1280x800 GX630-028US. It's powered by AMD'a Athlon X2 dual-core processor and is optimized for gaming with the inclusion of an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M graphics chipset with 4GB of dedicated video processing memory. The notebook's 250GB SATA drive is preloaded with Windows Vista.

LG, Sharp, Chunghwa pay $585M for LCD price fixing

11/12, 4:05pm

LG, others pay $585M fine

The US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that LG Display, Sharp Corp. and Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. plead guilty to criminal accusations of conspiring to fix prices in the sale of LCD panels and agreed to collectively pay $585 million in fines. LG will pay the majority of that amount, or $400 million, which is the second-highest criminal fine the DoJ's Antitrust Division has ever imposed. The charges were filed on Wednesday in the US District Court in San Francisco, with the three companies agreeing to cooperate with the investigation.

Nokia Pearl Flip clone to reach AT&T?

11/12, 3:45pm

Nokia Wahoo Leak

If accurate, a new leak floated by BGR has confirmed that Nokia is developing its first half-QWERTY device and with North American carriers in mind. The unnamed device known only under a "Wahoo" nickname appears a cross between Nokia's existing flip phones, such as the 6555, and RIM's recently launched Pearl Flip with the former's looks and the latter's SureType keyboard, which puts two letters on each key to strike a compromise between a number pad and a full keyboard.

Tricky Software announces Armado for iPhone

11/12, 3:35pm

Armado iPhone game

Tricky Software, the developer behind Spore Origins, says it has submitted its next iPhone game, which is currently pending approval in the App Store. Armado is remake of the Mac/PC title of the same name, where players take on the role of Armado the armadillo. Armado is an unsuspecting hero who ends up in the middle of an adventure, taking him from woodlands and snow to volcanic mountains. The engine, artwork and controls have all been overhauled to fit the iPhone's capabilities.

iZATT releases Bumps Braille app for iPhone, Touch

11/12, 3:20pm

iZATT Bumps Braille app

iZATT has released the latest addition to its Signal Series of apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, Bumps. The program works as a teaching aide for learning the Braille system. Users can view all 26 dot patterns on the screen, with or without the corresponding English letters displayed. All of the patterns can be viewed on one screen, or each can be presented full-screen. Users can also enter words to see how they are displayed in Braille.

iBuyPower launches F-Series gaming PCs with Core i7

11/12, 3:10pm

iBuyPower PC with i7 CPUs

iBuyPower on Wednesday announced the launch of a new line of gaming and entertainment PCs that will use Intel's upcoming Core i7 processor, which the chipmaker is touting as its fastest CPU yet. The three Paladin F-series PCs will also sport a Blu-ray drive, 7.1-channel surround sound support and include a Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse. The range-topping F970 PC will use Intel's 3.2GHz Core i7 965 Extreme Edition, which is claimed as the most powerful personal CPU to date. It will also include 12GB of DDR3 RAM, ATI's HD 4870X2 graphics card with 2GB of GDDR5 video memory and a dual-radiator liquid cooling system.

iPod classic 2.0.1 brings in-ear headphone support

11/12, 3:10pm

iPod classic 2.0.1 update

Mirroring a similar update for the fourth-generation Nano, Apple has issued a v2.0.1 firmware update for the 120GB iPod classic. The change list is in fact similar to that for the Nano, primarily introducing support for Apple's in-ear headphones equipped with a mic and remote. Also corrected is a bug in saving Genius playlists, and an unspecified number of minor problems. The update is presently available only through iTunes, and is incompatible with 80 or 160GB Classics.

Samsung P3 leak shows haptics, widgets

11/12, 2:55pm

Samsung P3 Leak

A leak today from Generation MP3 today reveals that Samsung's introductions early next year should include a sequel to the YP-P2. Expectedly called the P3, the media player should be an evolutionary update that adds haptic (vibration) feedback as well as widgets like those from the company's TouchWiz interface for cellphones. Users can at least add clocks and calendars to the front end.

HTC intros MAX 4G with WiMAX

11/12, 2:05pm


HTC on Wednesday rounded out the last of its major touchscreen phone introductions with its highest-performing device yet. The MAX 4G is the production version of the T8290 and shares the 3.8-inch, 800x480 screen of the Touch HD but adds a WiMAX connection for 4G-level Internet access in the multi-megabit range. A GSM connection is still built in to make conventional phone calls.

3M's MPro110 digital projector now on sale

11/12, 1:30pm

3M digital projector

3M on Wednesday announced the release of its first handheld digital projector, the MPro110, meant for use in business, entertainment and field applications. Capable of projecting images between 6 and 50 inches, the MPro110 is just 4.5 inches long but can still output a 1280x768 resolution. 3M points out its new mini projector is the only one on the market with an integrated VGA port. The Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projector can display content from connected personal multimedia devices such as digital cameras and certain MP3 players.

AMD to show netbook processors tomorrow?

11/12, 1:30pm

AMD netbook chips Thurs.?

AMD could introduce new proprietary mobile processors as soon as tomorrow, reports indicate. In July, CEO Dirk Meyer announced that a response to Intel's Atom processors -- aimed at netbooks and mobile Internet devices -- would be mentioned in a Q4 analysts conference, which is scheduled for Thursday. One possibility is the announcement of Bobcat, which was first hinted at 18 months ago and is rumored to have a 1GHz 64-bit core, an 800MHz HyperTransport link and a DDR2 memory controller, together consuming 8W of power or less.

iPod nano 1.0.3 update adds compatibility, bug fixes

11/12, 12:30pm

iPod nano 1.0.3 update

Apple has released a significant update for the fourth-generation iPod nano, in the form of new v1.0.3 software. The firmware should allow use of Apple's special in-ear headphones, which feature a remote and mic and should allow some form of audio recording. Apple has also introduced the ability to disable Cover Flow when rotating a player, and turn on Cover Flow manually through the Music menu.

Microsoft nears IE Mobile 6 release

11/12, 12:30pm

Microsoft IE6 Mobile Nears

Microsoft at its TechEd conference has confirmed the impending launch of Internet Explorer Mobile 6, the next major version of its cellphone browser. Originally announced in February, the significantly delayed update is available to test in emulator form and has also detailed all the major changes due with the web suite. The software aims to resolve many of the often-criticized features of the legacy browser from Windows Mobile 6 and starts with an accurate HTML renderer that displays websites the way they would appear on a desktop. Users can even change their user agent to force a desktop view instead of a mobile-optimized site.

Google optimizes search results for iPhone

11/12, 11:50am

Google iPhone optimization

Google has refined the appearance of its search page when visiting from an iPhone or iPod touch, an announcement reveals. Results are now formatted in a similar manner to other Google services, with a blue navigation bar, and vertically-aligned text or imagery that eliminates the need to scroll horizontally. Where appropriate, results will automatically bring up maps, as well as larger and more obvious direction and phone call buttons. In the case of multiple listings a Show Map link brings up the new view.

Sam's Club $224 Wii bundle brings 3 games, remotes

11/12, 11:25am

Sams Club Wii Bundle

Wal-Mart's other retail brand, Sam's Club, will rely on a Nintendo Wii bundle to get customers into the store on Black Friday, a flyer reveals. The Family Bundle should be one of most heavily discounted console deals in recent memory and will include a Wii system, three remotes with matching nunchuk controllers, the pack-in Wii Sports game and both King of Clubs Mini Golf as well as Mario Super Sluggers in a combined $224 package.

Coda 1.6 adds plug-in support, 'smart' spell-check

11/12, 11:10am

Coda 1.6 adds plug-ins

Panic has released an update to Coda, its web development utility. Tools in the app function within a single window, and cover aspects not usually integrated together, such as file transfer and Subversion source control. Version 1.6 of the software incorporates a new plug-in framework, which will let third-party developers expand the functionality of Coda using Cocoa or various scripting languages. Plug-ins are installed by double-clicking after download.

Apps: A Better Finder Attributes, Password Repository

11/12, 10:50am

CheckUp, Giftory, PDFpen

A Better Finder Attributes 4.8 ($15) gives users access to attributes that are not regularly available from the Finder. Users can edit the files modification and creation date and time, allowing users to set pictures dates and times to those of when the picture was taken. Version 4.8 now allows the removal of file create and modification dates so that they display as "--" in the Finder. The new version also features improved preview and error handling. [Download - 1.1MB]

iPhone apps: Measures, Tilt Meter, iStop WritersBlock

11/12, 10:45am

PassGen Pro, Sticky Notes

Measures ($1) is a conversion utility with features for converting currency, temperature, weight and more. The app features a one screen interface that features a calculator like numerical input above a scroll wheel for selecting the desired conversion. Currency conversion rates are updated daily for 170 countries meaning the apps conversions stay accurate from day to day.

Eye-Fi intros 4GB Anniversary Edition wireless card

11/12, 10:40am

Eye-Fi intros 4GB SD card

To mark the one-year anniversary of its first wireless SD memory card, the 2GB Eye-Fi SD card, Eye-Fi Inc. on Wednesday announced the release of its 4GB Anniversary Edition SD Card. Both products are meant to allow photographers to upload photos wirelessly to one of a choice of over 25 online photo sharing sites and to users' Macs and Windows PCs. The new card, apart from doubling capacity, also has faster memory speeds.

True Strike Tension adds percussion to KORE

11/12, 10:20am

True Strike Tension ships

Native Instruments says it has released True Strike Tension, a new Soundpack expansion for its KORE 2 and KORE Player music utilities. The pack is based on samples from ProjectSAM's True Strike 2 library, and is intended for film scores and similar styles of music, containing suspenseful percussion sounds from a number of global instruments. Some regions represented include Africa, Japan and the Middle East; more exotic instruments include the bendir, kenkeni, darabuka and okedo-daiko.

MS/Verizon deal to discount Windows Mobile?

11/12, 10:20am

MS Verizon Deal Rumor

Microsoft is launching a two-pronged effort on Verizon to both lead the company's mobile searches but also its smartphone operating systems, say sources for the Wall Street Journal. In addition to an attempt to usurp Google's position as the default search engine and ad partner with a deal that would double Google's payout to between $550 million and $650 million, the Redmond, Washington developer is also said to be offering a financial incentive for Verizon to use more Windows Mobile devices.

Sony iPhone rival to hit US for $800 unlocked

11/12, 9:45am

S E Xperia X1 US Launch

Sony Ericsson today finally detailed the US release of the Xperia X1, its first full touchscreen smartphone and also its first Windows Mobile phone. Rather than tie the phone to AT&T, the cellphone maker instead says the X1 will sell through its Sony Style website as an unlocked device for $800. The move lets users pick AT&T to gain full access to the phone's HSPA-based 3G or T-Mobile if they prefer the carrier and are willing to limit their data to EDGE. It also allows unrestricted apps and the ability to use SIM cards from foreign carriers.

Apple enterprise VP to leave without replacement?

11/12, 9:35am

Apple enterprise VP gone?

The senior VP of Apple's enterprise sales division is leaving the company and will not be replaced, reports claim. Al Shipp, said to have been with Apple since 2004, is departing for places and reasons unknown. His immediate subordinates will instead have to follow John Brandon, the senior VP of sales for the Americas and Asia-Pacific. These include Stuart Maclennan, a director of territory sales; David Puklin, a director of named accounts; and Ron Police, the VP for federal and governmental sales.

ooma Telo adds handset to free calling mix

11/12, 8:50am

ooma Telo

Startup Internet phone company ooma on Wednesday addressed a longstanding gap in its lineup with the introduction of the Telo. The company's first dedicated phone gives users both a cordless handset as well as a matching router that combined take advantage of the Internet nature of ooma's service: besides caller ID and ringtones, it can also talk to a PC to update contacts and play voicemail away from the phone. It will also send address information immediately in the event of a 911 emergency call.

Nokia makes E63 official, fights BlackBerry

11/12, 8:00am

Nokia E63

Nokia today quickly chased its early press info with the formal launch of the E63 (link active soon). A budget alternative to the E71, the full QWERTY smartphone is geared towards the same audience as the BlackBerry Curve but also the growing audience of those who want a smartphone without the usual cost. It's for users who may be updating their social networks in addition to (or in place of) checking Exchange e-mail from work, the company argues.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 intros 1st in Germany

11/12, 7:20am

BBerry Curve 8900

RIM today chose to introduce the BlackBerry Curve 8900 through T-Mobile Germany, marking a rare non-North American debut for one of its phones. The device is closely related to the Bold and carries the same extremely sharp 2.4-inch 480x360 display, GPS mapping and Wi-Fi as its high-end cousin but drops 3G support in favor of slower EDGE. In exchange, the device is both smaller and carries a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocusing and flash.

Audiovox adds iPod audio system, car DVD system, more

11/12, 1:00am

Audiovox electronics CES

Audiovox on Tuesday unveiled three new consumer electronics devices at CES: an iPod dock-able audio system, a wireless high-fidelity surround 5.1 system, and a new car-based DVD player system. CrunchGear observes that the AR5100 offers users a minimal interface, with a polished black appearance. Audiovox claims the device features "horn-loaded tweeters, a ported enclosure, and premium crossovers," while also sporting touch controls, and component video out, for $200 in December.

Flip Mino HD brings 720p, built-in editing

11/12, 12:00am

Pure Flip Mino HD

Pure Digital today launched its response to a recent wave of ultra-simple HD camcorders from newer rivals with the launch of the Flip Mino HD. The camera matches the 720p widescreen, fixed zoom capture of most of its opponents but opts for a built-in 4GB of flash memory rather than the SD cards of others. This gives it an hour of storage for HD out of the box in the Mino HD's native MPEG-4 format, which also makes most videos relatively portable both to web video and to video editing tools, including iMovie. Pure estimates about two hours of battery life with the extra demand from the improved footage.


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