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Apple blocks radio app update from App Store

updated 10:10 am EST, Tue November 11, 2008

CastCatcher update blocked

An update to an Internet radio app for the iPhone and iPod touch has been denied, despite the acceptance of earlier versions, its developer notes. return7 observes that CastCatcher 1.3 has been denied permission for posting at the App Store, even though three previous versions of the app were accepted and the most recent one, v1.2, is still on sale. A message from Apple is claimed to say that v1.3 transfers "excessive volumes of data over the cellular network," which is forbidden under Section 3.3.15 of the iPhone SDK.

return7 says it has replied to Apple on the topic, and hopes to have the v1.3 update posted shortly. The developer defends the software, insisting it does not burden cellular networks any more than the other radio apps available. CastCatcher is used to stream the Shoutcast, Icecast and nicecast stream formats, which are popular on desktops and notebooks but not natively supported by Apple handhelds.

Apple has encountered significant flak for its approach to the App Store, where a variety of programs have been denied under what many consider arbitrary reasoning. The most publicized explanation for denial has so far been duplication of existing functions, even though blocked apps such as Podcaster and MailWrangler support functions not currently provided by Apple.

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  1. Guest

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    Now they're bandwidth n***'s too?

  1. Constable Odo

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    No one needs a bandwidth

    hog for an application. Why have lots of users suffering due to bandwidth shortages. If there's a way to lessen the bandwidth use, then have it fixed. This "don't give a damn about anyone else" attitude is not good. AT&T's network is probably so darn fragile that any unnecessary bandwidth use will bring it to it's knees.
    I don't like being told that I can't use bandwidth I'm paying for, but at some point somebody has to take control for the good of the entire network.

  1. Guest

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    who cares?

    you are paying for the bandwidth, but is there enough bandwidth to support existing customers? who cares? you signed up to at&t already and they warned you that it is unreliable saying you cant have the speeds you want at times, and now you cant use too much bandwidth and data either... :)

    it is a whole joke now. If you are insisting on these kind of stupid rules, what is the iPhone device for? Internet Device only to read your emails? My 10 yearl old phone can do it as well. That is not revolution. Do not cheat people Apple!

    Apple is becoming much much much worse than MS used to be. But Apple is 3 times worse now, twice the market prices although costs are down half the original, control freak about everything in hardware and software, and much worse now they are ignorant as well

  1. UNTeMac

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    Sprint's pTunes lets you listen to all the internet radio you want. Why not AT&T?

  1. JackWebb

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    Define excessive bandwidt

    Either it is unlimited or it is not. If it is not, then it needs to be properly defined with a meter for bandwidth either by per month, per day, or per hour or whatever they want right on the phone like pay as you go phones that display your balance on your phone for every call so you know where you stand.

    Depending on listening habits and stream speed there could be 1,000 times plus bandwidth difference between one user and another so it is not necessary that a radio app has to use excessive bandwidth.

  1. testudo

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    Re: No one needs a bandwi

    Please remember this the next time you find out your ISP is throttling your home network connection, or Comcast has decided to charge you past a certain download/upload amount.

  1. testudo

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    Two things

    First, the fact that they still sell his previous version may indicate the problem is with the latest version of the software.

    (OMG, what the h*** is going on here????? I'm the one defending Apple?????? Next thing you know, there'll be a black man in the white house!)

    Second, data plans have almost always been restricted in their use. Read the fine print on the 'unlimited' plans. I know Verizon's plan had restrictions such as "Only for web browsing and email" and "unlimited means how often you can connect, not in terms of how much you can download" and "we reserve the right to throttle you down if you use too much".

    If you have problems with the terms of service, you shouldn't have signed up. And file a complaint with the FTC over their advertising (make sure you have proof they call it 'unlimited' though!). And then class-action sue them (and Apple, because the editors of MacNN love it when Apple gets involved in frivilous or 'but its not their fault' lawsuits - drives those page hits up, so help yourself AND the web site at the same time!).

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