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Flip Mino HD brings 720p, built-in editing

11/12, 12:00am

Pure Flip Mino HD

Pure Digital today launched its response to a recent wave of ultra-simple HD camcorders from newer rivals with the launch of the Flip Mino HD. The camera matches the 720p widescreen, fixed zoom capture of most of its opponents but opts for a built-in 4GB of flash memory rather than the SD cards of others. This gives it an hour of storage for HD out of the box in the Mino HD's native MPEG-4 format, which also makes most videos relatively portable both to web video and to video editing tools, including iMovie. Pure estimates about two hours of battery life with the extra demand from the improved footage.

Missing Sync supports BlackBerry Bold

11/11, 11:25pm

Missing Sync for Bold

Mark/Space on Tuesday unveiled support for the BlackBerry Bold smartphone in its connectivity software, The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. The company illustrates that The Missing Sync now allows users to synchronize contacts, calendars, Entourage data, iTunes playlists, iPhoto albums and more with the BlackBerry Bold 9000 series handsets. The Missing Sync for BlackBerry is currently selling for $39.95 through its online web store.

IBM fears its technology could end up in iPods, Macs

11/11, 11:05pm

IBM vs Papermaster update

The legal battle between IBM and its former executive Mark Papermaster has heated up as the two parties prepare for action next week, according to InternetNews. Because an injunction has prevented Papermaster from starting his new job at Apple, the two sides will negotiate a bond that will allow monetary compensation to be sought if the injunction is found to be unjust. If the court determines that Papermaster should not have been blocked from his career move, IBM could end up paying for the blunder.

Apple deals: refurb iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, more

11/11, 10:20pm

Apple deals: refurb iMac

An array of refurbished Macs are currently being offered at Apple's online store today. Starting at $699 is the 17-inch iMac with a 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 512MB of memory and a 160GB hard drive. The 2.1GHz MacBook with 1GB of memory and a 120GB hard drive is $849. Twenty inch iMac models start at $949 with 1GB of memory, 250GB hard drive and a 2.0GHz processor. Twenty-four inch iMac models start at $1,299 with a 2.4GHz processor, 1GB of memory and 320GB hard drive. The MacBook Air with 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of memory and 80GB PATA hard drive is priced at $1,349. Lastly is the Mac Pro 8-core with 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor, 2GB of memory and 500GB hard drive for $4,099.

MassTransit 6 adds new analytics, reporting tools

11/11, 9:55pm

MassTransit 6 update

GroupLogic has introduced the latest version of its server-based Managed File Transfer (MFT) software, MassTransit 6.0. The range of reporting and analytics tools has been expanded, offering more information regarding system statistics and expected future performance. The program also offers updated APIs and tools for integration, including SOAP/web service interfaces. The company claims to have also enhanced the overall performance, scalability, and customization.

Apple to open 250th retail store: Modesto, CA

11/11, 9:40pm

Apple store in Modesto CA

Apple has will be opening its latest retail location in California on Friday, with the grand opening of its Modesto store in the Vintage Faire Mall. The company had been working on construction and staffing during the summer, and has scheduled the formal opening just in time for the influx of holiday shoppers. Local shoppers will no longer have to travel to the Fresno, Sacramento, San Jose, or San Francisco locations.

FileMaker offers free Holiday Pack for Bento 2

11/11, 9:15pm

Bento 2 Holiday Pack

FileMaker has announced a free set of seasonal templates for its personal database software, the Bento 2 Holiday Pack. The pre-designed templates all feature festive holiday themes, and can be used for organizing contacts, cards, gifts, or donations. Bento 2 allows users to organize information from Address Book, iCal, Apple Mail, and other programs. The software is designed to offer a simple interface for common projects.

Best Buy leaks Samsung T929 Leica for T-Mobile USA

11/11, 8:55pm

Best Buy leaks T929 Leica

T-Mobile USA is set to receive a new touchscreen phone - the Samsung T929 Leica - following closely of the release of the T919 Behold handset. Cell Phone Signal writes that a leak on Best Buy's website shows that the store already has access to part SKUs, including the phone itself and battery packs. The phone offers users an 8MP Leica camera with built-in video recording options, 3G connectivity, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and a full HTML browser.

QuickerTek unveils MacBook external 8-12 hr battery

11/11, 7:45pm

QuickerTek MacBook battery

QuickerTek has unveiled its latest Mac laptop accessory, an external battery for 15-inch and 17-inch MacBooks that is claimed to extend the power life by 8-12 hours. The device uses a standard MagSafe connector which charges the notebook battery before taking power from the external source. The Li-ion polymer cells are enclosed in a housing that measures nine by six inches, with a thickness of one inch, and weighs approximately five pounds.

BoinxTV launches, produces live video podcasts

11/11, 7:15pm

BoinxTV 1.0 available

Boinx Software has launched BoinxTV 1.0, a live-production software solution for video podcasters. The software allows users to operate a TV studio from their Mac. BoinxTV can mix audio and video and record high-quality video from podcasts, sporting events, concerts and more, supporting up to three camera feeds. The interface allows a single user to choose templates and produce a live broadcast, with support for pre-recorded material, video camera inputs and microphone inputs, in a layering scheme that puts graphics and logos on top of the video feeds.

Pixelmator 1.3 enhances tools, Open GL performance

11/11, 5:55pm

Pixelmator 1.3 released

Pixelmator has released Pixelmator 1.3, an update to its image editor that features performance improvements and adds click-and-drag capabilities to the magic wand, paint bucket and magic eraser tool. Hue and Saturation, replace color and colorize tools are also upgraded. The software makes use of graphics cards, and v1.3 improves the utilization of Core Image and Open GL, especially on larger images.

iHome unveils iHM77 collapsible portable speakers

11/11, 5:20pm

iHome portable speakers

iHome has unveiled the iHM77, a stereo speaker system that can be connected to iPods, iPhones, notebooks, or any other device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The speakers feature integrated amplifiers powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Both sides attach magnetically at the base for transportation, in the general form of a capsule, and can be extended for improved low-frequency response while in use.

Verizon pricing for Samsung i770, the Saga, leaked

11/11, 5:05pm

Verizon i770 pricing leaks

Following up last month's leaked photos of the upcoming Samsung i770 smartphone, a late Monday leak revealed the smartphone will also be called the Saga and is coming to Verizon Wireless. According to a leaked image of a computer inventory screen, the handset will cost just under $200 after a $70 mail-in rebate for new subscribers when it launches in stores on December 1st. For business users and online sales, the handset will launch this coming Friday, November 14th.

Kairen intros palm-sized X Pro920M projector

11/11, 4:55pm

Kairen intros projector

Japanese company Kairen recently announced the ultra-portable and palm-sized X Pro920M projector, capable of throwing up images 640x480 pixels in resolution up to 25 inches in size from three feet away. Meant primarily as a business projector, it features a mirror function that allows it to be used behind screens yet still produce a legible image.

ConceptDraw Office 1.1 updates performance, interface

11/11, 4:50pm

ConceptDraw Office 1.1 out

CS Odessa has released ConceptDraw Office 1.1, an update that features better performance and improved interoperability between Macs and Windows. Specific enhancements have been made to the ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PRO applications; MINDMAP has been given improved PowerPoint and Keynote export options, in the former case including a new outline mode. The update to PRO, meanwhile, features user settings that enable better construction and printing of business graphics.

South Korean team ups lithium battery life by 8X

11/11, 4:50pm

Team doubles battery life

A team of South Korean researchers has found a way to make lithium batteries 90 percent more efficient than current batteries. A Tuesday report says an applied chemistry professor at Hanyang University, Cho Jae-phil, leads the team of researchers, and claims that the new technology will allow the batteries in notebook PCs and cellphones to last eight times longer than conventional batteries. The significant capacity boost was made possible thanks to using three-dimensional porous silicon particles made of silica and hydrogen fluoride instead of graphite in the negative electrode.

DealNN: new MacBook Pro, iPod touch, flash drive

11/11, 4:50pm

DealNN: Apple deals

Today's deals at DealNN include a variety of Apple products. First up is the current generation 16GB iPod touch priced at $289.99 at J& Apple's online store has the refurbished 20-inch 2.4GHz iMac for $999. The previous generation 15-inch 2.2GHz MacBook Pro is available at for $1,299 after a $200 mail in rebate offer. The current generation 15-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro is available at for $1849 after a $150 mail in rebate. For today only (11/11/08) is offering the Kingston DataTraveler 4GB flash drive for $8.

IK ships T-RackS 3 mastering software suite

11/11, 4:45pm

IK ships T RackS 3

IK Multimedia has begun shipping its latest mixing and mastering software suite, T-RackS 3. The software combines digital signal processors with models of analog, tube-toned equipment. A Fairchild 670 compressor emulator has been added, along with a vintage tube equalizer, optical compressor, multi-algorithm brickwall limiter, and linear phase equalizer. The effects can be chained, with support for up to 12 items in parallel or series configurations.

Westinghouse intros 32-inch HDTV with integrated DVD

11/11, 4:45pm

Westinghouse HDTV with DVD

Westinghouse recently introduced its 32-inch LCD HDTV with a built-in DVD player, the SK-32H570D. The set will upconvert standard DVDs from its built-in, slot-loading DVD player or devices connected via one of the two HDMI inputs, while its ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner brings with it HD programming support. The SK-32H570D support 720p and 1080i resolutions with its 1366x768-pixel display, along with standard-definition 480i/p signals. Other specs include a viewing angle of 178 degrees, a pixel response time of 6.5ms and a contrast ratio of 1,200:1.

Samsung intros four new Bluetooth products for US

11/11, 4:35pm

Samsung Bluetooth devices

Samsung on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of four new Bluetooth accessories. The first of the new devices, the WEP460 mono headset, is a basic wireless device that provides up to eight hours of talk time. Available in a black finish, the WEP640 sports a clear ear hook that is detachable. The next device up, the Samsung SBH700, is a stereo Bluetooth headset that doubles as a pair of music headphones thanks to a foldable, behind-the-neck design. The SBH700 has noise reduction technology for clear sound delivery.

Philips' intelligent pill has battery, CPU, radio

11/11, 4:25pm

Philips intros iPill

Electronics maker Philips, which is also one of the world's biggest hospital equipment providers, has announced the development of an intelligent pill that uses a tiny microprocessor, battery and wireless radio to control the also built-in medication reservoir, according to a Tuesday report. The purpose of the pill is to release the drug in a specific area of the body, with a sensor that gauges acidity in the stomach to determine its exact location.

App-related bug threatens iPhone security

11/11, 4:25pm

App bug & iPhone security

A bug revealed within the handling of apps on the iPhone could represent a serious security threat, developers claim. The bug is specifically connected to an image file called "Default.png," which is displayed whenever any app is being loaded on an iPhone. While third-party software is limited to a static version of the graphic, Apple's own apps are able to change the file in order to display items such as the date, or a simulated preview. According to developer Patrick Collison, it is possible to fool the iPhone firmware into thinking third-party code should be allowed access to a dynamic PNG file.

Google launches Gmail audio, video chat

11/11, 4:15pm

Gmail Audio Video Chat

Google today launched the surprise addition of Gmail video chat to its webmail interface. The feature lets contacts use Google Talk to start a two-way video or audio-only conversation with anyone currently online and can be started in the middle of a text chat. Like dedicated desktop apps, the web version carries a picture-in-picture view and can be stretched out or made full-screen.

Apps: Mailings, Office Dock, Screen Movie Recorder

11/11, 4:10pm

ResizeIt, TinkerTool

Mailings 1.9.45 ($25) is a batch emailing application that can send any web page or plain text document with attachments to several recipients. Mailings simplifies the task of bulk emailing and has features such as logging, progress monitoring, scheduling, error recovery and throttling. The update has addressed a bug that caused an aborted mailing to occasionally remain scheduled to send again. [Download - 4.8MB]

Apple to use carbon fiber for MacBook Air?

11/11, 3:45pm

MacBook Air Carbon Fiber

Not satisfied with the three-pound weight of the almost exclusively aluminum MacBook Air, Apple is investigating the possibility of building some of the ultraportable out of carbon fiber, a reported source of AppleInsider claims. The contact, which has allegedly proven reliable on MacBook updates in the past, notes that Apple would use the ultra lightweight but very strong material to replace the underside of the notebook, which is the second-heaviest component of the system. No changes would be made to the unibody aluminum top shell or the lid.

iPhone apps: Holiday Gift List, ColorMatch, Moods

11/11, 3:35pm

Daily Recipe, SmartTime

Holiday Gift List ($2) is a gift manager for holiday shopping this season. The tool helps users keep track of what shopping has been done and what needs to be done. If a gift idea is thought of anywhere users can easily add it to a list so it is not forgotten about later. The application can also be locked with a password to keep unwanted eyes from seeing the gift lists.

iPhone 2.2 firmware due on November 21st?

11/11, 3:25pm

iPhone 2.2 on Nov. 21st?

Apple's planned iPhone 2.2 firmware will become available on November 21st, a Greek site alleges. iPhone Hellas cites an anonymous insider, who also suggests that the firmware will still not include a Greek keyboard or Greek menu text. The iPhone 3G is currently available in Greece through Vodafone, but while localizations are available for countries such as France, Japan and Germany, a native Greek interface has yet to be announced.

Samsung a777 3G slider reaches AT&T

11/11, 2:55pm

Samsung a777 launches

A part of a recent leak, the Samsung a777 has surfaced on AT&T's website without a formal announcement. The quad-band slider phone includes 3G over the carrier's network as well as a 1.3-megapixel camera with 3X digital zoom and support for Bluetooth with stereo audio. An MP3 player app and microSD storage handle media playback.

BIAS releases Peak Express 6 audio editor

11/11, 2:55pm

Peak Express 6 audio app

Berkley Integrated Audio Software (BIAS) has released the latest version of its audio editing software, Peak Express 6. The update features integration with the company's iProRecorder app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can transfer recordings from their mobile devices directly into Peak Express via WiFi. The program can also be used to import, record, edit, and process audio files. In addition to standard functions, the software also offers controls for compression, normalization, sample rate conversion, gain, and fades.

ViewSonic ships short-throw 720p projector

11/11, 2:40pm

ViewSonic PJ359w

Quickly following on the heels of an Epson launch the day before, ViewSonic today shipped the PJ359w as its own approach to relatively affordable 720p projectors. The 3LCD unit outputs at the same 2,000 lumens brightness of its recent competitor but has a shorter-throw lamp and lens combination that lets it output a 50-inch picture on a surface as close as 5.2 feet. It can also produce its smallest image at a distance of 2.9 feet and manages its extreme at 38 feet.

TomTom GO 630 GPS exclusive to Radio Shack

11/11, 1:30pm

TomTom GO 630 GPS

A new TomTom personal navigation device, the GO 630 GPS, is available exclusively at electronics retail chain Radio Shack. The device features complete map coverage of the US and Canada, along with compatibility with TomTom's MapShare software that lets users update or customize their own maps or download ones from other users via TomTom HOME. This access also lets users get traffic updates on their PCs.

Dell debuts (PRODUCT) Red artwork for Studios

11/11, 1:20pm

Dell (PRODUCT) Red Studios

Dell has taken the unusual step of announcing three new artwork options for its Studio notebooks, all under the aegis of (PRODUCT) Red. (PRODUCT) Red is a commercial initiative designed to trickle money to the Global Fund, an AIDS charity. For the purchase of each 15- or 17-inch Studio with (PRODUCT) Red artwork, Dell says it will send $20 of the money to the Global Fund.

Parallels Desktop 4.0 boosts speed, graphics support

11/11, 12:25pm

Parallels Desktop 4.0 out

Parallels has officially released Parallels Desktop 4.0, the latest edition of its virtualization software for the Mac. The program lets users run operating systems such as Windows and Linux within Mac OS X, eliminating the need to dual-boot. The fourth edition is said to improve integration with operating systems, in particular Windows, as it now supports graphics technologies such as DirectX 9, Pixel Shader 2.0 and OpenGL 2.0; these are de facto in many modern Windows games.

T-Mobile G1 $30 less to make than iPhone

11/11, 12:20pm

T-Mobile G1 Cost Teardown

T-Mobile's G1 phone costs the carrier and its build partner HTC significantly less to make than its Apple rival, researchers at iSuppli conclude. The firm estimates that the raw material cost of a G1 amounts to $143.89 and that the single largest cost is the $28.49 baseband hardware, which represents both the main CPU as well as the cellular link. The 3.2-inch touchscreen is next at $19.67 while the camera ($12.13) and the RF/power amp for the 3G connection ($9.84) stand at third and fourth place respectively.

V-MODA unwraps Vibe II with in-line mic

11/11, 11:40am

V-MODA Vibe II with Mic

V-MODA today broke cover to launch the Vibe II with Mic, the successor to its long-serving Vibe Duo. The iPhone-oriented but not exclusive in-canal earbuds carry a new, machined metal design which V-MODA calls eco-friendly and should also have improved audio. A new 8mm driver is said to have a more organic sound than most and is tuned in favor of the bass response needed for electronic, rock and urban music; the company estimates frequency response at the very low end between just 12Hz and 22Hz.

Apple Q1 2009 results to beat expectations by $1.2B?

11/11, 11:40am

Extra $1.2B in Q1 2009

Apple could earn as much as $1.2 billion more in revenue than most analysts have predicted for the next quarter, says Bullish Cross. Consensus views are said to predict $10.08 billion in revenue for Apple's first fiscal quarter of 2009, generating $1.44 in EPS. Cross is calling for $1.96 in EPS from $11.29 billion in revenue, suggesting that other analysts have become "absurdly bearish," devaluing Apple stock even more than usual.

Nokia E63 already reaching reviewers pre-launch

11/11, 11:05am

Nokia E63 Pre Launch

In a rare move, Nokia is already shipping out review samples of its E63 smartphone to bloggers ahead of any official announcement and has been captured in a set of photos made available online. The full-QWERTY device is being pitched as a budget alternative to the E71 and accomplishes this goal with a lower-resolution two-megapixel camera versus the earlier 3.2, the absence of 3G, as well as a body that uses more plastic in place of the metal that lines the flagship model.

Dell launches XPS 430 tower with 6GB RAM

11/11, 10:30am

Dell XPS 430

Dell on Tuesday silently released the XPS 430, the latest incarnation of its mid-range media desktop. The new update to the glossy black tower system pushes it past 4GB of RAM for the first time and gives even the base XPS 430 a full 6GB of 1,066MHz DDR3 RAM (up from 800MHz DDR2) in stock trim. Also new are recent-generation Core 2 Quad processors at the baseline that trade some Level 2 cache for a faster 1,333MHz system bus.

Apple blocks radio app update from App Store

11/11, 10:10am

CastCatcher update blocked

An update to an Internet radio app for the iPhone and iPod touch has been denied, despite the acceptance of earlier versions, its developer notes. return7 observes that CastCatcher 1.3 has been denied permission for posting at the App Store, even though three previous versions of the app were accepted and the most recent one, v1.2, is still on sale. A message from Apple is claimed to say that v1.3 transfers "excessive volumes of data over the cellular network," which is forbidden under Section 3.3.15 of the iPhone SDK.

Optoma iPod mini-projector due for Apple Japan

11/11, 9:50am

Optoma PK-101 for iPod

Optoma today said it has struck a deal with Apple Japan to launch its version of Texas Instruments' DLP Pico projector in the country under the PK-101 name. The pocket-sized unit will support both the headphone jack-mounted video output of the fifth-generation iPod but will come with a Dock Connector kit that handles video from iPhones and all video-capable iPods that support TV out, creating a picture as large as 60 inches for Apple's mobile devices.

Sigma buys 3-layer sensor developer Foveon

11/11, 9:25am

Sigma buys Foveon

Kawasaki, Japan-based digital camera maker Sigma Corporation has purchased all stock of Foveon Inc., a company that developed the original three-layer image sensor for digital cameras. Prior to this Tuesday announcement, the two companies have worked together on the Foveon X3 sensors used in all Sigma digital cameras, including the recently introduced SD15 and DP2.

Fujitsu intros green, secure 500GB mobile HDDs

11/11, 9:20am

Fujitsu intros green HDDs

Fujitsu on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of its 2.5-inch MJA2 BH- and MJA2 CH-series hard disk drives, both 5400RPM, SATA units with 500GB of capacity. The MJA2 CH drives sport AES hardware-based full disk encryption (FDE) with a 256-bit key size. This hardware-based encryption offers greater security than software-based protection, as the user password is not obtainable when the drives are powered off.

iTunes Store adopts Movie of the Week sale

11/11, 9:10am

iTunes Store movie sales

Apple has introduced a new discount option in the iTunes Store, found within the Movies section. Joining the company's $0.99 Rental of the Week option, the company is now selling a Movie of the Week for $5, along with nine other movies priced at the same cost per title. The debut Movie of the Week is James Cameron's Terminator 2; some other $5 movies include Total Recall, The Karate Kid and St. Elmo's Fire.

SanDisk ups Sansa Clip to 8GB

11/11, 9:10am

SanDisk Sansa Clip 8GB

SanDisk raised the stakes in its competition against the iPod shuffle and Creative ZEN Stone with a new, 8GB version of the Sansa Clip. The capacity gives it storage for up to 2,000 songs and doubles the capacity of Creative's best ultra-small models and quadruple that of Apple's. It continues to hold the same four-line OLED display that lets it have full control over music while still rendering it small enough to attach to a belt or clothes through its namesake hook.

BlackBerry Storm leak hints pricier than iPhone

11/11, 8:50am

BBerry Storm Price Leak

Verizon's adaptation of the BlackBerry Storm could cost more than its Apple rival when it finally becomes available, a page (since pulled) on Verizon's test website has revealed. The first touchscreen phone from RIM will reportedly cost $220 with a two-year contract versus Apple's $199 iPhone 3G. The price represents a partly negative trade-off where the reduction in storage from the iPhone's 8GB to 1GB is compensated for by a sharper 3.2-megapixel camera, room for microSD cards and support for both CDMA/EVDO and GSM/HSPA in the same phone.

HTC Fuze tips up on AT&T

11/11, 8:20am

HTC Fuze at ATT

After repeated leaks, AT&T today finally but quietly launched the HTC Fuze. The carrier's adaptation of the Touch Pro brings a customized version of HTC's TouchFLO interface with an AT&T icon as well as support for several of AT&T's services over its tri-band HSPA Internet access, including HBO Mobile video as well as Napster Mobile and XM Radio for music purchases and Internet radio streams.

Logitech outs diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition

11/11, 7:40am

diNovo Keyboard Mac

Logitech this morning rounded out its holiday lineup and announced a more Mac-friendly addition to its diNovo range. The simply-titled diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition is a lower-cost alternative to the conversion of the diNovo Edge and drops the touchpad controls but keeps the particularly thin profile (0.87in) and notebook-style keys with a slightly deeper, more comfortable travel. The new keyboard expands on Apple's own designs by including not just shortcuts for Dashboard, Expose and media playback but also Cover Flow, Spaces, and common apps like iChat, Mail and Safari.

Hitachi intros 500GB encrypted notebook drive

11/11, 7:15am

Hitachi Travelstar 5K500B

Hitachi is releasing a new family of Travelstar 2.5-inch drives with improved security features, and reduced power use for longer battery life. The Travelstar 5K500.B line will be available in several sizes ranging from 160 to 500GB operating at 5400RPM with an 8MB cache. Hitachi says it expects the 5K500.B will be the first hard drive line to comply with the new Storage Security specification being finalized by the Trusted Security Group. The optional Bulk Data Encryption feature encrypts data as it is written to the drive and reverses this as information is retrieved, preventing casual data theft online.

Virgin posts profit thanks to Helio buyout, more

11/11, 1:00am

Virgin Mobile posts profit

The formerly ailing Virgin Mobile was able to present a profit on its recent financial quarter, mostly thanks due to its acquisition of US wireless carrier Helio, with operating revenues and net service revenues of $323.2 million and $305 million, respectively. CEO Dan Schulman was also happy to point out that, despite a "challenging economic environment," Virgin was able to increase its customer base by 8 percent from last year, while also increasing services.

Toon Boom releases Animate creation software

11/11, 12:00am

Toon Boom Animate

Toon Boom has released its latest vector-based animation software, Toon Boom Animate, that includes a variety of tools for content creation, animation, and delivery to audiences. Users can create tradigital and bitmap animations, or combine elements of both. Multiple brush tools, textures, and gradients can be used to further develop particular styles. The software also offers morphing, inverse kinematics, and a set of common special effects for advanced projects.


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