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Jobs' travel expenses continue to rise

updated 03:00 pm EST, Wed November 5, 2008

Jobs' travel expenses rise

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is continuing to spend high amounts of money on private jet travel, figures from the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal. The company is required by regulations to show how much money Jobs was given in compensation for using his Gulfstream jet; for the most recent quarter, the figure is listed as $189,000. This represents a substantial escalation over the June quarter, when the figure was just $102,000, and even more compared to the quarter prior to that, when costs were $30,000. Jobs' peak expenditure period is said to have been the December 2007 quarter, with a total over $500,000.

Although a burden to Apple, Jobs' flights are considered by some analysts to be a sign of corporate health, indicating increased dealings with the likes of phone carriers and supply chain links. It is suggested by Silicon Alley Insider, however, that this view may ignore critical factors, such as the percentage of commercial flights Jobs takes, and how many deals are negotiated by lesser bosses.

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  1. rytc

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    So how much has his CO2 footprint increased with all these flights, time Jobs took stock and decided whether private jet travel really is worth the environmental costs.

  1. bfalchuk

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    Fuel Prices

    This article is meaningless without fuel price adjustments. 102 and 189 are likely not that different from each other.

  1. Guest

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    Apple logo'd jet

    I love it! How "un"Original!

  1. manleycreative

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    Al Gore's gonna be so mad!

  1. Constable Odo

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    Is Steve Jobs really on

    the jet? Couldn't it be any Apple executive onboard? What's odd in this world of high-speed communications and teleconferencing is why they would have to travel as much as they do.

    They always show these Cisco commercials about how everyone sits down and completes all the deals without anyone leaving corporate headquarters. I've never been that high in management, but wouldn't teleconferencing be more practical?

  1. bleee

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    189K pennies

    Isn't that considered a drop in the bucket compared to how much he brings in???

  1. smashedbanana

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    What a lame story.

    A gulfstream is mimiumum $30k (might be as high as 50k) per flight (there and return). Staff, maintanence, storage, fuel, etc. etc.

    So while 30k to 189k sounds crazy its really only like 7 or 8 trips....

    Private plane are EXPENSIVE

  1. chas_m




    The article is pretty meaningless without comparison figures from other private CEO jet flights for comparison. Is $189K a lot when you're travelling around the world securing iPhone/iTunes deals worth billions? Is Steve flying more or less alone or does he have his whole entourage with him?

    As for how "green" this may or may not be, as the old Star Trek computer used to say "Insufficient data, Captain." It's almost always "greener" to just stay home, but that's not business gets done. Let's factor "reality" into those "green" calculations, mmkay?

  1. Flying Meat

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    Steve Job's expenses are down by more than $300,000 from 11 months ago?

    Industry worries illness may be interfering with his work!

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  1. Guest

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