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iPhone apps: FingerPiano, Bongo Bongo, Creation

updated 07:45 am EST, Tue November 4, 2008

Virtual Deck, Bloom

  • FingerPiano ($3) allows users to learn and play famous compositions with little to no musical knowledge required. Instead of reading a musical score the notes fall over the keys that should be played, at the time when they should be played. Not dissimilar from the way popular games like Guitar Hero are played. The application includes both two handed songs, and one handed songs for those with less dexterity.

  • Bongo Bongo ($1) gives users the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of bongos on their iPhone. Like with a real set of bongos these digital ones react differently depending on where you hit them, from the rim to the center. The application also features two tambourine sounds and two woodblock sounds. The application can be run while music is playing, meaning users can groove along to their own music.

  • Creation - Gig Bundle ($6) contains three of the developers top music apps, Bedrum, Destiny and DigiDrummer. Bedrum is a classic drum machine that features four different drum sets and multiple patterns. Destiny is a piano and synth simulator with five different sound settings. DigiDrummer allows users to play drum sets with the touch screen and features seven different drum sets to choose from.

  • VirtualDeck ($5) mimics a turntable and allows users to fast-forwared, fast-rewing, beatmix and tune an audio sample, just as a DJ would on a real turntable. The application supports various major audio file types including, Ogg/Vorbis, AIFF, Wav and unprotected MP3's. Additionally if a WiFi network is present users can upload their samples to save for later.

  • Bloom ($4) lets users create music on their device with simple and innovated controls. A generative music player takes over when the program is left idle, creating an infinite selection of compositions and accompanying visualizations.

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