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DealNN: memory upgrades, cameras, printers and more

10/31, 6:55pm

DealNN: memory upgrades

Today's deals at DealNN include a range of products from bargain priced RAM and printers to digital cameras. First up is the Kingston ValuRAM 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 SDRAM memory module kit priced at $34.99 after mail in rebate at Next up is the refurbished Epson Stylus CX4450 all-in-one color printer for $29, a price cut of $20 off the original price of $49.99 at J& The refurbished Kodak EasyShare C613 6.2MP digital camera is available at for $59. For one day only (10/31/08) is offering the Griffin Amplifi 2.1 sound system for iPod for $78, a savings of 48% off their regular price of $149.99. Lastly, Apple's online store has the refurbished AirPort Express base station with 802.11n and AirTunes for $79.

Forum roundup: iMac vs Mac Pro, text issues, more

10/31, 6:35pm

Forum roundup: iMac

Today in the MacNN forums members discuss different kinds of non-Apple backup software in response to one members question. One forum goer is considering upgrading to a new MacBook from their PowerBook G4 and has some questions. One Fresh-Faced Recruit finds advice from other forum members on which new Mac model to get, the MacBook or MacBook Pro. A comparison of the iMac and the Mac Pro can be found here in response to one possible new Mac owners question. Text issues with one members system are addressed in this thread.

Apple deals: refurb MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, more

10/31, 6:15pm

Apple deals: refurb Macs

Currently the Apple store is offering some great deals on refurbished Mac models from the MacBook to the Mac Pro. Starting at $849 is the base model MacBook with 2.1GHz processor, 1GB of memory and a 120GB hard drive. The base level 20-inch iMac is currently priced at $999 with 1GB of memory, 250GB hard drive and 2.4GHz processor. The MacBook Air with 1.6GHz processor 2GB of memory and 80GB PATA hard drive is $1,349. A wide selection of 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro configurations are also featured starting at $1,499 and $1,899 respectively. Last on the list is the Mac Pro 8-core with 3.2GHz processor, 2GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive for $4,099.

Intel gains processor market share in Q3

10/31, 6:00pm

Intel Q3 market shair gain

Intel gained market share in the global microprocessor segment for the third quarter of 2008, comparing year-over-year numbers, according to iSuppli analysis. The company grew 1.7 percent from last year and .3 percent from the previous quarter this year. In contrast, AMD has been losing market share at a similar rate of 1.8 percent from 2007. The research covered the whole range of microprocessors including x86, RISC, and other general purpose products.

FastMac iV for iPhone 3G charges multiple devices

10/31, 5:30pm

FastMac iV ships

FastMac has launched the FastMac iV, a charger and extended battery for the iPhone that also adds a built-in flash and can charge USB devices concurrently. The iV triples the iPhone's talk time to 24 hours, as well as 31 days of standby, over 20 hours of video or 70 hours of audio playback. The battery inside the iV is rated at 3100mAh and can power and charge the phone at the same time.

Jailed customer sues ASUS back for false accusation

10/31, 5:10pm

ASUS customer jailed

A Monday report in the Beijing Times daily has shed light on an ongoing case between a young woman who was accused of extortion by computer maker ASUS back in 2006 and, as a result, jailed for 10 months, according to a recent report. Huang Jing, whose legal troubles with ASUS began in February of 2006 when she bought an ASUS V6800V notebook which had constant problems that included freeze-ups. After spending 10 months in jail, Huang Jing is now countersuing ASUS for defamation, false accusation and selling defective products.

Live life on the farm in Pony World Deluxe

10/31, 5:05pm

Pony World Deluxe ships

Anawiki Games has released Pony World Deluxe, a game featuring the adventures of ponies. Gamers create their own pony and decide the roles it will play in life, whether it is family, work, farming or fun. Pony World Deluxe includes mini-games that allow ponies to compete in races, beauty contests and memory games. The game challenges players to earn money for building and decorating the farm, and offers other diversion for having fun after work, like theaters, discos and fireworks.

OCZ outs first 15" Centrino 2 DIY gaming notebook

10/31, 4:55pm

OCZ intros 15" DIY laptops

OCZ on Thursday announced the introduction of its first 15-inch Gaming Notebook based on an Intel Centrino 2 platform. As with the company's previous DIY (Do It Yourself) products, the idea is to let users spec their own systems for their own applications. All of the new 15.4-inch, 1280x800 notebooks include an ATI Radeon HD 3650 GPU with 512MB of dedicated memory and DirectX 10.1 compatibility. There is also a choice of optical drives, ranging between a dual-layer DVD drive or a slower multi-drive that includes Blu-ray support. CPU support includes Intel's range of Core 2 Duo and Extreme processors, ranging from 2.0 GHz to 2.6GHz.

Jumsoft offers free Goodies themes for customers

10/31, 4:45pm

Jumsoft Goodies available

Jumsoft has announced Goodies, a new product line of themes and animations for Apple software. Goodies will be free downloads for customer, including infrequent customers, featuring a variety of themes or animations for Keynote, iWeb and Mail. They will be available around national holidays. The first three goodies are Halloween and Teddy, for iWeb, along with ten Mail Stationery designs. Each theme arrives with page layouts for different needs, such as Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Podcast, Blog and more.

FCC reviews Verizon-Alltel deal, warns T-Mobile

10/31, 4:35pm

FCC warns T-Mobile of deal

The FCC investigation into the Verizon Wireless and Alltel Corp. tie-up and therefore foreign-controlled assets in other telecommunications companies, which could spell trouble for T-Mobile for something it has done back in 2001, according to a WSJ report. On October 17, the FCC sent a warning letter to T-Mobile, advising it that the acquisition by Germany's Deutsche Telekom was not performed under the mandated 20 percent voting stock threshold. The FCC found Deutsche Telekom has a 30 percent, non-controlling stake in T-Mobile, and the letter is asking T-Mobile to come up with a solution that would comply with the 20 percent limit within 30 days.

Vodafone announces BlackBerry Storm pricing

10/31, 4:25pm

Vodafone prices Storm

UK wireless voice and data service provider Vodafone on Friday announced the pricing and availability for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphone, according to news today. The Storm is available for pre-order on the provider's site now, and will be delivered on November 11th. Buyers get several purchase options, including paying 300 (about $480) for the handset when also signing up for a 12-month contract that costs 40 ($64) per month. With the same monthly plan that includes 600 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages, although with a longer 18-month contract, the device is free.

Sharp demos 14.1-inch LCD with memory

10/31, 4:15pm

Sharp demos memory LCD

At the currently ongoing FPD International show in Japan, Sharp demonstrated a 14.1-inch monochrome LCD panel with 1030x606 resolution that has the ability to "remember" the image displayed even after power has been cut off. In this fashion, it is similar to e-paper displays. Sharp also had other sizes on display, including 6.1-, 2.4- and 1.7-inch black and white LCDs, along with 14.1- and 6.1-inch eight-color displays. While specific information on the technology behind the display was not revealed, it is known to use a cholesteric LCD design and that power consumption for saving the image is relatively large.

Conference Call for iPhone shares call info

10/31, 4:15pm

Conference Call for iPhone

Ifbyphone has released its latest app for the iPhone or iPod touch, Conference Call, that allows users to schedule outbound conference calls from their mobile device. After the invited contacts and time are chosen, the app will call the attendees and automatically connect them as they answer instead of waiting for them to dial in. The app shares contact groups and account minutes with Ifbyphone's Voice Broadcast app.

Next-gen Eee Top to get battery, wireless input

10/31, 4:00pm

Second-gen Eee Top details

The next version of the previously-announced ASUS Eee Top desktop PC will sport battery-powered portability and have wireless accessories, says a Friday report. Not only will the second-gen Eee Top have a wireless keyboard and mouse, it will also sport an internal battery, enabling its use as a portable media center around the house or beyond its walls.

Sprint committed to Nextel, revises iDEN business

10/31, 3:50pm

Sprint committed to Nextel

Wireless voice and data network provider Sprint on Thursday announced it will extend its long-standing partnership with Motorola and enhance its unique iDEN network. Upgrades will include a greater network and infrastructure support along with software upgrades. In addition to Nextel Direct Connect's push-to-talk (PTT) service that relies on the iDEN network, Sprint will continue to offer its Sprint Mobile Broadband PTT service that uses the newer, faster EVDO Rev. A network to connect users instantly and without associated billable minutes.

Microsoft appoints new head of MacBU

10/31, 3:50pm

New MacBU GM

In the latest staff restructuring at Microsoft, Eric Wilfrid has been appointed to be the new general manager of its Mac Business Unit (MacBU), as announced on the Mac Mojo blog. He will serve as a replacement for Craig Eisler, who has been promoted to a new position within Entertainment and Devices. Eric was one of the original team members of MacBU that helped build Mac software after the unit's inception in 1997.

Windows 7 beta already runs well on Eee PC

10/31, 3:45pm

Win 7 Beta on Eee PC 1000H

Microsoft's vaunted Windows 7 netbook performance is already said to be proving valid in a Laptop test. Running the pre-beta version of the operating system, an ASUS Eee PC 1000H with a standard 1.6GHz Atom and 1GB of RAM boots the operating system in about one minute and performs roughly as well as Vista Home Basic despite the rougher state of the newer software and glass effects; claims that it would use 512MB or less of memory are accurate with a relatively modest 485MB in use without extra running apps.

Tunewear releases new colors for leather iPhone cases

10/31, 3:20pm

New tunewear case colors

Tunewear has announced new colors for its Prie Ambassador and Leathershell case lines for the iPhone 3G. The Prie Ambassador case is constructed from nappa leather, with a removable hook placed at the top for attaching the phone to belt looks or bags. A side latch holds the phone, allowing it to be released when needed. The Prie Ambassador is now available with white leather and white stitching or brown leather with yellow stitching, in addition to the black, gold, and silver colors already offered, with a suggested price of $60.

New MacBook Air arriving, unboxing photos

10/31, 2:50pm

MacBook Air unboxed

Apple's recently upgraded MacBook Air is now arriving at customers' doorstops, a week earlier than originally promised. One reader has sent in unboxing photos of the notebook, showing new packaging, a new video out port and two disks, one featuring the Mac OS and one full of applications.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 slips in AT&T guise

10/31, 2:45pm

BBerry Curve 8900 ATT Leak

A hands-on from Gizmodo on Friday has revealed that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will be available from AT&T in the near future. Showing the same default home screen as for the Bold, the device should now be a lower-cost alternative to the $300 flagship with 3G access dropped in favor of both a lower price and a smaller shape while the 480x320 screen, GPS and Wi-Fi still carry over.

Microsoft puts "I'm a PC" kiosk near Apple store

10/31, 2:00pm

MS Kiosk Near Apple Store

Microsoft has taken to placing its own physical presence in front of Apple's retail stores to drive home its "I'm a PC" marketing campaign, an AppleInsider reader has shown through a photo. The Windows developer has put a kiosk in front of at least the Apple Store Bullring in Birmingham, UK that lets users record their own "I'm a PC" segment for contribution to the campaign, which is entering a new phase as it accepts user uploads and submissions rather than just professionally-chosen spokespeople.

First Look: Simplifi, dock, card reader, and USB hub

10/31, 1:20pm

Simplifi, dock/reader/hub

One of the biggest flaws of Macs is that they don't include built-in media card readers. This makes sense, given the bewildering array of different media cards available and the fact that media card readers offer more slots than anyone could possibly want or use, hence wasting space and marring the uncluttered appearance of the computer. Another problem with any computer is the limited number of available USB ports. If this problem of media card readers and USB ports sounds familiar to you, then consider Griffin Technology's Simplifi.

ASUS to introduce $200 Eee PC in 2009: president

10/31, 1:15pm

ASUS to intro $200 Eee PC

At an analyst meeting that predominantly dealt with sales, revenue and profit numbers for the quarter and the year, ASUS president Jerry Shen also announced the company aims to bring a $200 Eee PC model to market next year. A Friday report also reveals that Shen expects the 7- and 8.9-inch Eee PCs will be discountined and replaced by 10-inch models, although he doesn't give any timelines, so it is unknown but also unlikely that the $200 netbook will sport a 10-inch display. The move is part of the company's larger adjustment to the pricing structure and market positioning of its entry- and mid-range Eee PC range.

Spector Pro for Mac 2009 adds password capture

10/31, 12:40pm

Spector Pro for Mac ships

SpectorSoft has announced Spector Pro for Mac 2009, its surveillance and monitoring application for the Mac. Intel support and password capture have been added in the most recent update. The software takes hundreds of snapshot hour-to-hour, creating a video-like playback of what is taking place during a user's session. It also records each website visited, keystrokes, chats instant messages and e-mail.

iSkin releases Vibes and Duo cases for iPod touch 2G

10/31, 12:10pm

iSkin cases for iPod touch

iSkin has released its latest cases for the iPod touch 2G, the Vibes and Duo. The vibes case is constructed of a soft, high-gloss material featuring several artistic pattern options. All buttons and controls are protected without inhibiting function. A docking port protector is included with the package to keep out dirt or dust and a clear film screen protector is also provided. The Vibes case is available in red, blue, black, purple, and clear color variations for $30.

Sprint details pro-rated early termination fees

10/31, 12:05pm

Sprint details ETFs

Sprint on Friday announced details of changes to its early termination fees (ETFs) first introduced last week, which are due to come into effect on November 2nd. Sprint will reduce customers' $200 ETF by $10 for every month past the sixth month of their contracts, hitting $100 in the 15th month of a contract, which is the lowest pro-rated ETF in the industry, the wireless provider is quick to point out. Before a user's contract expires, the fees could dip to as low as $50.

Bell intros HTC Touch Diamond with custom front-end

10/31, 11:50am

HTC Touch Diamond at Bell

Bell Canada today opted for an unusual introduction of its version of the HTC Touch Diamond by announcing that its version of the Windows Mobile smartphone will have a custom interface. Nicknamed the Bell Experience, the software drops HTC's own TouchFLO front-end used on the Sprint and Telus versions in favor of an icon-driven interface that provides both mini panels with their own information (such as news and weather) as well as customizable shortcuts to different Windows Mobile features.

Classics app for iPhone launched with 12 novels

10/31, 11:45am

iPhone book reader ships

Software reading platform Classics has been launched on the iTunes App Store. The bookshelf and novel reader features 12 literary classics, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Gulliver's Travels, the Time Machine, Alice in Wonderland, Robinson Crusoe and others. The app remembers a user's place in the book and notes progress in the top bar as the user reads the story. Other books in addition to the first 12 will be added through updates.

iPhone apps: ZeusDraw Mobile, Blackboard, Trace

10/31, 11:05am

Comet Cowboy, DrawR

ZeusDraw Mobile ($10) is a drawing and painting program which works for anything from doodling on a photo to serious drawing. Users are provided with various input options including free hand drawing, pre-defined shapes, and images. All of these items can be resized, moved or rotated allowing users to achieve desired effects.

BlackBerry Bold dips $100 CDN to fight iPhone?

10/31, 11:00am

BBerry Bold Price Drop

Rogers or Research in Motion could be allowing major price cuts to the BlackBerry Bold in a bid to improve the smartphone's competitiveness against the iPhone, if a new update is an indicator. Best Buy Mobile Canada's listing for the 3G BlackBerry now shows the device dropping from its official $300 Canadian ($248 US) contract price to about $200 ($165), or a full third discount. The deal lasts until November 27th and also bundles in a $50 Best Buy gift card.

Apps: Sound Byte, iArchiver, Jade

10/31, 10:30am

iBank, Easy Translator

Sound Byte 3.7 ($39) allows users to select up to 75 recordings for a group and then assign each to a button. Clicking the button provides quick access to that sound sample, and multiple sounds can be layered. The latest improvements include: an added option to automatically display playlist windows, an option to lock settings, implementation of the arrow keys as volume controls and other various bug fixes. [Download - 3.7MB]

Nintendo: DSi likely for US by summer

10/31, 9:25am

Nintendo DSi US by Summer

Nintendo today set expectations for the launch of the DSi in the US that suggest a summer or earlier release for the new take on the game console. Company president Satoru Iwata notes that individual regions have their own discretion as to when they release the dual-screen system but that a launch in fall would "probably be too late," steering any potential release outside of Japan towards the middle of the year.

Some HSPA, Wi-Fi forced out of Storm by Verizon?

10/31, 9:15am

Verizon Axed Storm Wi-Fi

Verizon's edition of the BlackBerry Storm was intentionally stripped of 3G and Wi-Fi features, according to a claim by "top-level" sources for BGR. Although it would have technically been possible to include tri-band HSPA 3G to allow true world roaming, the American carrier has reportedly had all HSPA frequency support pulled save for its partner Vodafone's 2,100MHz band to discourage buyers from unlocking the phone and using it with AT&T or other carriers.

Dell S2209W, S2309W 16:9 LCDs now official

10/31, 8:25am

Dell S2209W and S2309W

Dell today formally rolled out a pair of new wide-aspect displays that were previously leaked online. The 22-inch S2209W and the 23-inch S2309W look to reduce the size of the company's 16:9 aspect ratio displays but do so without compromising on resolution. Both output at full 1080p and so can play Blu-ray and other HD video without the black bars that often appear with a 16:10 ratio LCD attempting to fit the same clip.

New Sony battery recall hits Dell, HP, more

10/31, 8:05am

New Sony Battery Recall

Sony on Friday said it would back a voluntary recall begun by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission that asks customers to replace over 35,000 lithium-ion notebook batteries included in US systems from Dell, HP and Toshiba, as well as 65,000 worldwide. The Japanese PC builder believes that batteries using 2.15Ah cells made during a production transition between October 2004 and June 2005, as well as some with a change in raw material, carry the risk of overheating and catching fire. At least 40 incidents involving the batteries have surfaced, a small portion of which have resulted in burns and property damage.

Apple hires ex-IBM chip designer/blade guru, IBM sues

10/31, 3:00am

Apple hires IBM chip exec

An ex-IBM chip design expert is expected join Apple next month, but is facing a lawsuit from his former employer that could block his employment with the Cupertino-based company. According to the complaint, former IBM executive Mark Papermaster will join in Apple as a senior executive in what could be an attempt to make new inroads into the server market and/or bolster the company's Xserve line up. Papermaster, expected to work closely with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is being sued by IBM to block his employment at Apple and prevent him from divulging trade secrets related to IBM's Power chips and server products.

Report: Lower income groups lead iPhone sales growth

10/31, 12:00am

Low income iPhone buyers

Lower income groups account for the most significant growth in iPhone sales, showing a 48 percent three month increase in the $25,000 to $49,999 household income bracket, according to a comScore report. Households with income above $100,000 still account for the biggest share of ownership, at 43 percent, but with a growth of only 16 percent across the three month period. The device also showed significant growth of 46 percent in the $50,000 to $74,999 income category.


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