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iPresentee ships iWeb Themes for Business 2.0

10/29, 11:05pm

iWeb Themes for Business 2

iPresentee has released iWeb Themes for Business 2.0, featuring five new themes. The new geared-for-business themes include Target, City, Clarity, Rainbow and Tomorrow. Each theme includes seven templates, including Home, About Us, Services, Support, Clients, Contact Us and Blank. The themes and templates are customizable, and iPresentee is now offering custom-design services as well.

New MacBook design presents FireWire challenges

10/29, 10:25pm

MacBook FireWire issues

The "unibody" aluminum housing on the new MacBooks might have been a contributing factor to the designers' decision to not include a FireWire port, according to Rainier Brockerhoff's analysis. The new internal layout of components aligns each peace to eliminate any overlap, except for the keyboard. This contributes to the strength of the design and the compact form-factor. The motherboard remains on one side, while the SuperDrive sits on the other.

Sonic Lighter 1.2 adds red, blue themes for politics

10/29, 9:45pm

Sonic Lighter for politics

Smule has released a special edition of its lighter app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Sonic Lighter 1.2, that can be registered as Sonic Red or Sonic Blue to show user support for either side of the presidential campaign. Users can view which flame is stronger in different parts of the world, with the ability to pinpoint the flames to a city or road. The app interacts with other "combustible applications" on the iPhone including Sonic Boom.

iSkin introduces iSkin fuze case for iPhone 3G

10/29, 9:20pm

iSkin fuse case for iPhone

iSkin has released its latest case for the iPhone 3G, the iSkin fuze. The case features a dual-layer design with a soft inner-layer and a hard polycarbonate exterior. The rear of the hard shell is covered with rubber and the front offers a gloss finish. A docking port protector has been integrated, with complete coverage of all device buttons while the silence switch remains unobstructed. The area covering the sensor is transparent to retain functionality.

New Apple ads see 70% of MS ad views online

10/29, 8:55pm

Mac PC Viral Video

In the ongoing competitive ad campaign battle between Microsoft and Apple, the recent "Get a Mac" ads have achieved nearly 70 percent of the "I'm a PC" online views, according to Visible Measures viral video research that compared numbers only from the first week after each launch. The Apple ads achieved twice as many placements with distinct URLs than the Microsoft campaign in the same period of time.

Ramjet offers 6GB RAM upgrade for new MacBook (Pro)

10/29, 8:35pm

Ramjet 6GB Macbook RAM

Ramjet now offers the capability to expand memory to 6GB in any new aluminum MacBook or black bezel MacBook Pro. The kit uses one 4GB DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM module to fill one slot, combined with a 2GB module in the second slot to bring the system RAM up to 6GB. The modules fit the 204 pin SO-DIMM slot and are claimed to be compatible with the latest Apple firmware and ship pre-configured for the particular MacBook.

OpenMoko to explore Android handsets

10/29, 7:00pm

OpenMoko explores Android

Open source handset manufacturer OpenMoko is expected to unveil plans to adopt the Linux-based Android as early as November, under an alleged project name called GTA02. AndroidGuys reports that the project will launch on a similar handset to the Neo FreeRunner, offering users a 400 to 500 MHz processor, with 128MB of SDRAM and 256MB of NAND Flash, as well as A-GPRS and a four-in-one "laser pen".

Audio Recorder 2.0 update fixes AMR, AC3 recordings

10/29, 6:00pm

Audio Recorder 2.0 ships

Macvide has released Audio Recorder 2.0, a bugfix update that fixes problems with two recording formats. Audio Recorder captures voice, music and other audio sources for use in podcasting or presentations. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and Wave encoding between 6KHz and 196KHZ in PCM. Version 2.0 fixes recording problems with AMR and AC3 formats, bringing full support for both.

GagaMarkets provides world markets as desktop display

10/29, 5:35pm

GagaMarkets tracks stocks

GagaFactory has released GagaMarkets, a desktop display of stock markets in 30 countries. The display shows a flat earth map or a rotating 3D globe, with indices displaying for each country. The market numbers are color coded to reflect positive gains or negative losses in real-time. Users can choose which financial market to track in each country and set the display type in the preference-pane application.

Bernstein analyst pushes for Apple stock buyback

10/29, 5:15pm

Bernstein on Apple reserve

Apple should be using its massive cash reserve for a stock buyback, argues Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research. The analyst notes that Apple stock is trading at approximately 15 to 18 times earnings -- an unusually low ratio for the company -- and it thus has the rare opportunity to create a substantial EPS payoff for investors. "Mathematically," says Sacconaghi, "share buybacks boost EPS only if a stock's P/E multiple is lower than the reciprocal of the after-tax interest rate earned on cash."

Studiometry 6.0.5 revises Employee Permissions

10/29, 5:10pm

Studiometry 6 0 5 update

Oranged Software has released Studiometry 6.0.5, an update to its client and project management software. The company has reworked the Employee Permissions, allowing administrators to have more control over the content that each employee can view or edit. Many existing permissions have been split and new items added, with the ability to copy them between employees. The company recently released version 6.0, which added a SQL database and itemized project estimates.

Kenwood intros Prodino mini audio system

10/29, 5:00pm

Kenwood Prodino minisystem

Kenwood on Tuesday announced the introduction of its new mini audio system, the Prodino, or CORE-A55. The 20W system does not have an optical drive or an FM tuner, relying on a wide range of external connections for its source files. Digital audio files stored on an SDHC, miniSDHC or microSDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity, where applicable, can be played back thanks to the Prodino's front-mounted SD card slot, while the back panel has a USB connection for linking to personal music players, USB flash drives and Windows PCs.

Sony game sales up 10 percent, loss more than halved

10/29, 4:45pm

Sony game sales up 10%

Sony on Wednesday announced its second-quarter fiscal results, ending on September 30, revealing an upward trend in the company's video game operations. While the giant company was down overall by 0.5 percent from the same time period in 2007, its gaming division showed a positive trend upwards. Overall sales were up by more than 10 percent and the arm's quarterly loss was halved to $379 million. The disproportionate change can be partly attributed to the decreasing costs involved in making the PlayStation 3 gaming console as production and sales volumes go up.

Lenovo intros ThinkCentre M58/M58p PCs

10/29, 4:30pm

New Lenovo ThinkCentre PCs

Lenovo on Wednesday announced the launch of its M58 and M58p desktop PCs from the ThinkCentre series which, the company claims, are its most secure and manageable ThinkCentre desktops to date. Both include ThinkVantage's Power Manager technology that allows users and system administrators to monitor or control the power consumption of the new PCs remotely by setting up daily or weekly shut-down times, especially when configured in a fleet. Available processors for either desktop will include the Intel E8000-series Core 2 Duos and Q9000-series Core 2 Quads, while the M58 will come with an Intel Q45 mainboard.

CMEL demos 25-inch, millimeter-thick OLED panel

10/29, 4:10pm

CMEL shows 25-inch OLED

At the FPD International exhibition in Japan on Wednesday, Taiwan-based Chi Mei EL (CMEL) demonstrated a 25-inch Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display that is less than 0.04 inches thick (under one millimeter) thick, according to a report. It was the largest such display at the show, sporting specs that include 1366x768 resolution and the ability to display 16.7 million colors.

ooma adds multiple phone lines, reduces costs

10/29, 4:00pm

ooma adds new features

On Wednesday, VoIP phone line provider ooma announced it has enhanced its phone system by adding features while reducing costs. The service now allows users to add as many as nine virtual phone numbers, each with their own area code, giving users the option to assign a new number to a user's home office business and assign a specific number to each member of the family. Ringtones for each phone number are customizable so users know which number is being phoned, or each virtual phone line can be assigned to a specific phone in the home. Each number has its own voicemail inbox with individual settings, including those outlined below.

iPhone apps: Kana Quiz, Kanji, iVocabulary, Blanks

10/29, 4:00pm

German Word of the Day

Kana Quiz ($5) is an application for people in the process of learning Japanese. The application allows users to test themselves anywhere, on customizable content. The user can set up the symbols they would like to test themselves on and each symbol includes an audio sample spoken by a native Japanese speaker.

MemeoPhoto brings photo sharing to, from iPhone, Macs

10/29, 3:50pm

Memeo ships MemeoPhoto

Memeo has released MemeoPhoto, an iPhone app that allows users to share photos and videos directly with friends and family. The app works in tandem with Memeo's new Memeo Share Mac software; users create sharing circles through the latter program, and MemeoPhoto in turn uses the data to distribute photos directly from a phone, while receiving media from other members of the circle at the same time. Memeo Share is also available for Windows.

Intel touts SSDs for battery life gains

10/29, 3:50pm

Intel on SSDs and Battery

Intel today hoped to drive home the secondary advantages of its solid-state line by presenting a case for the battery life of the new storage. Although speed has already been cited as an example for an incentive versus notebook drives, company storage director Knut Grimsrud argues that the flash-based technology is also better for notebook batteries and uses an example data transfer test where rotating hard drives and a slower, competing SSD lasted for four hours. An Intel SSD, however, lasted for four hours and 32 minutes performing the same task.

KavaSoft releases KavaMovies movie database software

10/29, 3:25pm

KavaMovies 1.0 ships

KavaSoft has released KavaMovies 1.0, a program which organizes movies into a single database. The software connects to the Internet to download information about movies, while providing a way to track which titles have already been watched, and which ones the user wants to see. Movies can be browsed by criteria such as actors, genres, keywords, languages or years; similarly, a list of recommended films can be generated.

FCC official "optimistic" white space gets OK

10/29, 2:45pm

FCC White Space Optimism

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell on Wednesday said he was "very optimistic" that his organization would vote in favor of allowing unlicensed white space frequencies to be used for wireless Internet access across the US. The official touts the airwaves as a potential springboard for innovative technology and believes enough support exists that the vote among FCC commissioners could be unanimous, creating a quick path to greenlighting white space for real-world use.

Password Repository 2.5 adds print, PDF generation

10/29, 2:25pm

Password Repository update

Tension Software has released the latest version of its password management utility, Password Repository 2.5. The update offers an improved search function along with password print, preview, and PDF generation. Print settings can be customized to include only particular columns, with adjustments for the width. The main password table has been expanded to include additional columns and users can choose to show or hide passwords.

Samsung ups 40in OLED prototype to 1080p

10/29, 1:45pm

Samsung 40in OLED 1080p

Continuing a set of display announcements today, Samsung SDI today edged closer to a full-size production OLED TV with a new prototype 40-inch set. A cousin of an early set first shown in 2005, the 2008 model has jumped in resolution from 1280x800 to a full 1080p (1920x1080) resolution that puts it on par with modern LCD TVs but also puts it in front for sheer image quality: the newer OLED set generates a claimed 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio versus the 50,000:1 or less seen on most better HDTVs and the 5,000:1 seen with the 2005 example.

AT&T, Starbucks resume free iPhone Wi-Fi

10/29, 1:45pm

Starbucks iPhone Wi-Fi

AT&T has finally resumed its free Wi-Fi service for iPhone owners visiting Starbucks Coffee shops, according to an announcement. American iPhone owners are said to be receiving text messages, informing them of the expansion of hotspot service to include Starbucks; other locations include places such as airports, hotels and restaurants. Gaining access requires picking the "attwifi" network, entering a phone number, and waiting for a text message with a 24-hour link.

Tom Bihn launches 2 cases for new MacBook Pro

10/29, 1:15pm

BIHN cases for MacBook Pro

Accessory maker TOM BIHN has introduced two new cases sized for the updated MacBook Pro. The Checkpoint Flyer briefcase carries notebooks in a custom-sized insert, which is now available for the new Pro, and the Brain Cell case has been resized. The Checkpoint Flyer is an airport security-friendly design, which opens butterfly-style with the computer separated from other items for quick x-ray access. Inserts for different notebooks can be interchanged, and feature nylon construction with molded foam and splash-proof zippers.

Iomega intros ScreenPlay Pro HD Multimedia drives

10/29, 1:00pm

Iomega ScreenPlay drives

Iomega on Wednesday announced it is launching a new addition to its multimedia drives, with the 1TB ScreenPlay Pro HD drive, meant to bring users' photos, music, standard- and high-definition videos from the computer to their home theater set-ups. The drive sports a 10/100 Ethernet connection for network access and includes a wireless remote that allows users to access their networked files without turning to a computer. Iomega has integrated a basic video recording capability from a connected set-top box into the new drive, letting users save a standard-definition clip directly to the drive.

Intel, ASUS launch 'community-designed' PC concept

10/29, 12:35pm

Intel/ASUS 'community' PC

Hardware makers Intel and ASUS have announced a new project, which the two companies say is designed to foster a "community-designed" PC. Through the creation of a website called WePC, the corporations say they hope to gather suggestions for the ideal qualities of a new computer, to be produced at an unspecified point in the future. Some participants are expected to be awarded prizes, but neither the prizes nor their criteria have been formalized.

Garmin Nuvifone still on track for 2009 launch

10/29, 11:55am

Garmin Nuvifone due for 09

Portable navigation device maker Garmin said on Wednesday its delayed nuvifone handset is still on track for a 2009 release. The GPS-enabled phone should launch in the first half of 2009, with Garmin announcing it has already signed letters of intent with carriers, but did not provide other launch details. The nuvifone was originally due for a summer 2008 release and feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen as well as 3G HSPA network support. Garmin did post third-quarter earnings ahead of Wall Street's expectations but is below those expectations for all of 2008 to date.

Google, Microsoft help found anti-censorship group

10/29, 11:50am

New anti-censorship group

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are among the founding members of a new anti-censorship group called the Global Network Initiative, reports indicate. The organization also has the backing of investor, human rights and press freedom groups, such as the Center for Democracy and Technology. The GNI is specifically aimed at forming a consistent approach to dealing with countries that block free speech on the Internet, such as China. Many governments around the world filter search results, or simply prevent citizens from accessing certain websites.

HP dv3500t quietly disappears

10/29, 11:35am

HP dv3500t Disappears

HP's dv3500t has already but inexplicably disappeared from the company's online store. The 13.3-inch notebook surfaces in a search of the company's site but results in a dead product link, leaving only the 12-inch tx2500z tablet and the 14-inch dv4 series as HP's smallest mainstream notebooks. The company had only revealed the system on October 1st.

New MacBook Airs begin shipping

10/29, 11:30am

New MacBook Airs ship

Despite indications of delay, Apple's revised MacBook Air is now shipping, anecdotes indicate. A number of shoppers now say their orders are listed as either "prepared for shipment," or already in the middle of shipping. Although one user suggests that in-preparation Airs may arrive as late as November 6th, the ones currently being delivered are expected to arrive by November 3rd at the latest, possibly before Friday.

Extra-thin Pantech Slate lands at AT&T

10/29, 10:35am

Pantech Slate now at AT&T

As promised earlier this month, the Pantech Slate handset is now available for purchase on AT&T's website, with the provider quick to point out it's reportedly the thinnest handset in the world with a QWERTY keyboard at under 0.4 inches thick. The Korean handset is meant for users who send text messages or e-mails heavily but who don't want the price of a smartphone.

Psystar readying Mac notebook clone?

10/29, 10:25am

Psystar Mac Notebook

Psystar is preparing to follow up its recent Blu-ray desktop with a notebook that would also be capable of running Mac OS X, says a message from the company to an AppleInsider reader. Without providing details, the Florida PC builder acknowledges that an Open Computer notebook is "in development" and that the system should follow Psystar's usual practice of trying to undercut Apple on cost with a "very competitively priced" example.

ShareTool 1.2.4 updated with new localizations

10/29, 10:05am

ShareTool 1.2.4 update

Yazsoft has released an update to ShareTool, its Bonjour-based networking utility. The software allows users to access a Mac's Bonjour services via the Internet, enabling functions like printing, iTunes streaming, screen-sharing and filesharing to be performed remotely. All network traffic is encrypted, and any application is supported as long as it is compatible with both Bonjour and TCP/IP.

Apps: TextExpander, PopChar X, iMedia Browser, iStock

10/29, 9:50am

Apps: ResizeMe, PopChar X

TextExpander 2.5 ($30) lets users define abbreviations for frequently used text strings and imagine allowing users to save time by quickly typing words and phrases with a few letters. The update has added a new date math feature that allows uses to create "snippets" that automatically add or subtract hours, minutes or seconds from the current time. [Download - 3.9MB]

Xbox 360 update to add HD Netflix streaming

10/29, 9:45am

Xbox 360 HD Netflix

Microsoft's New Xbox Experience will come with the surprise addition of HD video streaming over Netflix, an early Engadget hands-on shows. While every Netflix-capable device to date has been limited to standard-definition versions of videos, including Blu-ray players from LG Samsung, the Xbox 360 after its November 19th upgrade will get about 300 titles in HD that include both movies and TV shows.

Psystar touts Blu-ray, faster GPU on new Mac clones

10/29, 9:30am

New Psystar Mac clones

Psystar has issued a defiant announcement regarding its Mac clones, claiming an advantage over Apple's own computers. The company says it is now shipping Mac OS X-ready PCs with both Blu-ray drives and GeForce 9800GT video cards, neither of which are available as an option on any official Macs. Psystar is particularly critical of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' comments during the recent MacBook launch, which described the Blu-ray format as "a bag of hurt."

Flow updated with Multi-Touch support

10/29, 9:20am

Flow 1.1 update

ExtendMac has announced an update to its FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and .Mac client, Flow. The software is designed to streamline certain tools that are normally excluded from FTP clients. Flow features a code editor that can be used for writing things such as HTML, and also includes features like tabs, colored syntax and code completion suggestions. Version 1.1 includes some of the most requested advancements, while also improving overall stability: it offers improved error-handeling, public iDisk support, as well as more secure WebDAV and MobileMe iDisk authentications.

Bang & Olufsen backs out of cellphones, more

10/29, 9:10am

Bang Olufsen Out of Phones

Danish luxury device maker Bang & Olufsen is already exiting the cellphone business as well as other fields, the company has revealed. Although the company has only released two products, the Samsung co-developed Serenata and the earlier Serene, company chief Karl Kristian Hvidt Nielsen explains that B&O will have to leave the market as collapsing property values have made it harder for buyers to afford its products in general. The company instead plans to focus on "core products" such as TVs and speakers and will also drop DVD players and other non-essential devices.

Samsung shows 0.05mm thick OLED display

10/29, 8:35am

Samsung Flapping OLED

Samsung SDI today revealed one of the thinnest displays ever at the FPD display expo. By using low-molecular organic substances, low-temperature polysilicon transistors and a special membrane sealing method, the company has developed a four-inch OLED display that measures just 0.05mm (0.002in) thick; the display is so thin that Samsung nicknames it the "flapping display" for its ability to flap in the wind.

ASUS getting into Android smartphones?

10/29, 7:55am

ASUS Android Enroute

ASUS could be the next Asian cellphone maker after HTC to make Android phones, according to claims by reported market insiders. The company until now has made Windows Mobile devices almost exclusively but would launch a device based on the Google mobile OS sometime within the first half of 2009, releasing self-branded models first in its Taiwan-area home and later customizing the devices for "overseas" regions. No technical details have been released, though ASUS focuses heavily on 3G data and regularly adds GPS.

ReignCom unveils iriver NV mini with GPS

10/29, 1:00am

iriver NV mini GPS device

Korean company ReignCom has unveiled the iriver NV mini, a personal media player with integrated GPS functionality. The device offers a 3.5 inch 320 by 240 pixel screen for viewing maps or video content. The internal memory offers 4GB, with optional expansion to 8GB. The system runs on Windows CE 5.0, with GPS software provided by Korea-based software company Gini. The battery life of 2.5 hours falls below what would be expected from a navigation aide that is designed more for the pocket than a vehicle dashboard.

Microsoft releases 60GB Xbox Live starter pack

10/29, 12:30am

60GB Xbox live package

Microsoft is set to release the rumored 60GB Xbox LIVE starter pack, as revealed by GameStop's pre-order page. The package would include all tools needed for running the Live system, including a 60GB hard drive, headset, and 3-month free Live Gold subscription. The package will allow users to save games and profiles or download additional content. Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Original game titles are available for download, along with demos, extra game content, or HD videos.

iPhone 2.2 adds podcast downloads, subscribing?

10/29, 12:20am

iPhone 2.2 adds podcasts

The upcoming iPhone OS 2.2 update is expected to offer quite a few new goodies, with the latest rumor being direct podcast downloading, revealed by The Unofficial Apple Weblog The rumor indicates that users will be able to subscribe to and download podcasts from the iTunes Music Store, albeit with a currently non-functional "Get More Episodes..." button in the current build. Apple recently ejected the Podcaster application, this feature being the likely reason for the move.

HP unveils consumer netbooks running XP, Linux

10/29, 12:05am

HP intros three netbooks

Days after a posting a picture of the device on its website, HP is rolling out not one but three consumer netbooks in the Mini 1000 series. Users can choose between 8.9- or 10.2-inch 1024x600 LED-backlit displays, 8GB or 16GB SSDs or a conventional 60GB hard drive. All models ship with built-in Wi-Fi, and 3G versions are expected in December. The 1000 marks a sharp break from the Mini-Note 2133's VIA C7M processor and instead uses a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor with between 512MB and 2GB of RAM; the combination lets HP keep the price down while still providing headroom for better performance.


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