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DropCopy 1.5 now compatible with iPhone version

10/21, 11:40pm

DropCopy 1 5 update

10base-t has released the latest version of its file copying utility, DropCopy 1.5. The update offers usability improvements, enhanced graphics, and compatibility with the version for the iPhone and iPod touch. The program uses Bonjour technology to allow file transfer between multiple Macs across a network. The files are dragged into the Finder where they can be dropped onto a target destination and automatically sent.

Squaresville iPhone app features picture puzzles

10/21, 11:10pm

Squaresville iPhone app

Rusty Ross has released Squaresville, an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that features picture puzzles. The images are scrambled and then reassembled using the touch screen interface to move the tiles to the appropriate spots, using just the single empty space to slide a piece into. The app allows for the user's photos to be used, or one of the built-in game images that include a dog, ocean scene, geometric shapes, alphabet, and more.

Ramjet offers 4GB DDR3-1066 kits for new MacBooks

10/21, 10:40pm

4GB RAM for new MacBook

Ramjet now offers ram kits for the new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks. The upgrade fills each of the two available slots with a 2GB module, for a total of 4GB. The DDR3-1066 PC3-8500 RAM fits in the 204 pin SO-DIMM slot and is claimed to be compatible with the latest Apple firmware and ships pre-configured for the particular MacBook.

MacCase unveils Flight Jacket leather MacBook cases

10/21, 10:10pm

Flight Jacket MacBook case

MacCase has unveiled the Premium Leather Flight Jacket case designed for Apple MacBooks. In contrast to many other cases, the notebook is held vertically inside the padded leather enclosure. Several carrying positions are possible, either by using the removable shoulder strap, top-side carrying handle, or backpack straps provided with a specific version. Front and rear flat pockets hold extra accessories, with a location provided for the A/C adapter. A Super Drive pouch attaches to the front but can be removed if unneeded.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG multimedia iPhone app released

10/21, 9:50pm

Airport Extreme update

Mercedes-Benz and 29HD Network have released a multimedia app for the iPhone or iPod touch that features the new C63 AMG. Although the app doesn't provide the driving game features of its competitors, such as the Audi A4 Driving Challenge app, it does offer a unique mix of media content including videos of drag races, laps around a speedway, and a run down the Vegas strip. The company even provides GPS based directions to the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Jobs speaks during Q4 call, iPhone passes RIM sales

10/21, 9:25pm

Jobs speaks on Q4 call

Apple on Tuesday released its third quarter financial results call as a stream on its website, surprising some with the presence of company CEO Steve Jobs, who even stuck around to answer some questions towards the end. Jobs expressed his excitement over a number of accomplishments; most notably that Apple has surpassed RIM in unit sales for the quarter, with over 6.9 million units shipped, versus 6.1 million shipped by RIM.

Enfocus introduces PitStop Extreme PDF editor

10/21, 8:55pm

PitStop Extreme PDF editor

Enfocus has introduces the latest addition to its PitStop line of PDF editing tools, PitStop Extreme. The program is a standalone editor that is intended to allow files to be quickly checked and corrected. The interface provides a view of the document claimed to exactly match the printed version. Controls allow for unlimited zoom to view the file details such as separations, transparencies, overprints, and total area coverage. Any objects can be moved, scaled, or rotated at each level.

Eee PC S101 ships in US on November 1st, costs $699

10/21, 8:30pm

Eee PC S101 coming Nov 1

News about ASUS' Eee PC S101 reported earlier this month was updated today, with the company pricing the new, stylish netbook and releasing a definitive US ship date. The S101 will be priced at $699 when it hits store shelves on November 1st. It will include a new slimmed down body that measures just 0.75 inches thick and is accented with other dress-ups. The specs include a 1.6GHz Atom CPU along with 1GB of RAM, both standard fare for netbooks. The 10.2-inch netbook's LED screen has a 1024x600 resolution.

Craft Director Tools released for Autodesk Maya

10/21, 8:05pm

Craft Director Tools

Craft Animations has released its Craft Director Tools animation plug-in suite for users of Autodesk Maya on the Mac platform. Three primary sets of plug-ins are offered, including Craft Camera Tools, Craft Vehicles, and Craft Accessories. A variety of camera functions are available, including controls for automatic zoom, camera movements, simulated human interaction, and real time camera perspective and angle adjustments. Other tools include a stabilizer for cameras attached to animated objects, spherical path utility, spline speed controller, and a zero gravity environment replicator.

AirPort Extreme update fixes roaming issue

10/21, 5:35pm

AirPort Extreme roam fix

Apple has released a minor software update for its AirPort Extreme router, 2008-003. The update is a 2.2MB download, and is said to fix problems with AirPort connections when roaming within larger Wi-Fi networks. The code is specifically said to benefit owners of Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5.5.

Apple posts $7.9 billion in revenue for Q4 2008

10/21, 5:20pm

Apple Q4 2008 results

In an announcement of results for its fourth fiscal quarter for 2008, Apple has posted revenue of $7.9 billion, generating profit of $1.14 billion, or $1.26 per diluted share. Apple contrasts these figures with numbers from the same quarter last year, when the company recorded $6.22 billion in revenue, and net profits of $904 million. Gross margins for Q4 2008 are said to have been 34.7 percent, an increase from those of 2007, which were only 33.6 percent. International operations are said to have accounted for 41 percent of quarterly revenue.

Dell's multi-touch screen still has teething issues

10/21, 4:45pm

Dell tablet PC problematic

Dell's multi-touch screen is still undergoing teething issues According to an online report published on Monday. The N-Trig digitizer used in Dell's multi-touch Latitude XT Tablet PCs has issues that, nearly seven months since the products' launch, have not been resolved. According to users, some of the problems include errors that prevent the digitizer software from being found, making the tablet useless in auto and dual modes. While this problem goes away after a couple of reboots, many see it as frustrating and counter-productive. The report goes on to name an additional flaw that has the digitizer clicking items while the stylus is hovering when the tablet is exiting standby mode.

Nokia 1606 flip phone now shipping at Cricket

10/21, 4:35pm

Nokia 1606 at Cricket

Unlimited wireless services provider Cricket Communications on Tuesday announced it is now offering the Nokia 1606 flip phone handset. As an Advanced Wireless Services (AWS)-capable device, the 1606 is able to take advantage of Cricket's unlimited data plans. Users can browse the net on the 1606's internal 1.8-inch 128x160-pixel display. The tri-band CDMA phone has a 96x32-pixel monochrome external display for displaying basic call information.

VIZIO Java-series 1080p LCD HDTVs now available

10/21, 4:35pm

VIZIO ships Java HDTVs

VIZIO announced on Monday it has shipped its VO-series 1080p HDTVs, including the newly styled 32-inch VOJ320F and 37-inch VOJ370F as well as the 32-inch VO32LF-32 and 37-inch VO37LF-37 with more traditional styling. The VOJ models are the first in VIZIO's line-up to feature the Java-colored bezel accents and redesigned stand and cabinet. All sets share the same 6,500:1 contrast ratio, 6.5ms refresh rate and 500 nits of brightness, coupled to 178-degree vertical viewing angles. The VOJ models add picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-outside-picture (POP) viewing options.

School of Rock app released for iPhone, iPod touch

10/21, 4:35pm

School of Rock for iPhone

Paramount Digital Entertainment has launched the School of Rock app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The program is based on the School of Rock movie, and teaches users about the principles of music, while focusing on four main areas, divided into the School of Drums, School of Keys, School of Guitar and School of Bass. Classic rock tracks are provided to play along with, from bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Scorpions and Royal.

SanDisk, McAfee intro secure USB drives

10/21, 4:30pm

SanDisk McAfee USB drives

Flash memory maker SanDisk and software security developer McAfee have teamed up on a new USB drive, the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise, that automatically scans for, detects and keeps harmful malicious software, or malware, out. The secure USB drive is being demonstrated this week at the Foucs 08 security conference and promises to prevent file transfers to the drive when it detects the PC it is connected to is infected, even without a firewall. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malicious software, for which the Cruzer Enterprise scans and keeps from being copied onto the drive.

ARM, Huawei, Visa, nine others set to join Symbian

10/21, 4:30pm

Symbian Foundation grows

The list of supporters for the Symbian Foundation is set to grow yet again, with credit card company Visa, British chip designer ARM, Chinese technology group Huawei and nine other, unnamed companies planning on joining the group to get access to its software, according to a Tuesday Reuters report. The Symbian Foundation, a not-for-profit group started by cellphone maker Nokia to promote the Symbian operating system for mobile devices, is growing and includes all the major mobile phone makers, giving it an edge over rival Google and its upcoming Android operating system.

Nokia introduces 2228 CDMA handset

10/21, 4:25pm

Nokia intros 2228 handset

Nokia on Tuesday announced it will soon release the 2228 candybar CDMA handset, which is less than a half-inch thick. The 2228 handset is equipped with a 1.3-megapixel camera and has built-in media player functionality. The handset could double as a modem when connected to a PC, suggesting it does not have mobile browsing capabilities of its own. Users will be able to send text messages to others, along with image and music files. The handset will take voice commands via its handsfree speaker, which also allows for hands- and conference-like conversations.

PixelSkin cases unveiled for 2G Touch, 4G Nano

10/21, 4:20pm

PixelSkins for new iPods

Speck has unveiled new versions of its PixelSkin case, now available for the second-generation iPod touch and fourth-generation iPod nano. The flexible skin features a tile pattern, simulating the appearance of large pixels; the material used is said to be soft, while still offering a solid grip. Access to ports and controls on the device is uninhibited, and the front edge of the case is slightly raised to help protect the screen.

App Store Roundup: Phone Aid, Tee Times, Vocalia

10/21, 4:10pm

Bullfrog Touch, PCalc

Phone Aid ($3) is an application that contains simple spoken instructions and pictures which guide a user through the steps of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or how to act when someone is choking. The application also comes with 24 A-Z First Aid guides that cover the most common injuries and illnesses such as, drowning, convulsions, burn injuries and snake bites. Phone Aid is available for free until October 26th as an introduction offer.

Samsung intros 20,000:1 22-inch LCD monitor

10/21, 4:00pm

Samsung intros 22-inch LCD

Samsung on Tuesday has announced it will soon launch its newest 22-inch LCD monitor, the CX-2233GW. The new screen will boast a 1680x1050 resolution along with 300cd/m2 brightness rating. Its 1,000:1 contrast ratio can be boosted to a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that greatly improves black levels, and Samsung rates the display's pixel response time performance at 5ms. An HDCP-compliant DVI connection is its primary output.

MapQuest aims towards iPhone

10/21, 4:00pm

MapQuest iPhone app

MapQuest, the creator of its namesake mapping website, has debuted a version of the site designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. Whereas Apple handheld users were previously directed towards the desktop pages, the site now presents pages formatted for the size of the iPhone, with special controls and larger buttons and fonts. All features of the regular site are recreated, including traffic, driving directions, local searches and gas price rundowns.

MSI GX630 and GT735 gaming notebooks ship to US

10/21, 3:40pm

MSI gaming notebooks in US

Computer maker MSI on Tuesday announced the availability of two of its newest gaming notebooks, the 15.4-inch GX630 and 17-inch GT735, in the US market. Both share AMD's Turion X2 dual-core processors at 2.2GHz, 4GB of RAM and MSI's overclockable Turbo Drive that allows the chips to run as much as 15 percent faster. Apart from the different display sizes and corresponding resolutions, at 1280x800 for the GX630 and 1680x1050 for the GT735, they also feature different graphics cards, with the former using NVIDIA's GeForce 9600M GT 3D and the latter running ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 3850.

Lala debuts stream-anywhere online store

10/21, 3:20pm

Lala Music Service

Lala today introduced a music service it claims will escape some of the limitations of conventional music stores. The self-titled service functions as a regular online service with unprotected MP3 songs downloadable at a minimum 89 cents per track but also grants customers immediate access to their collections over the web by scanning users' existing music collections in iTunes or other apps, including FairPlay-protected iTunes Store purchases.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith ships with 40 new tracks, more

10/21, 2:55pm

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith out

Aspyr Media has shipped Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, featuring 40 tracks from Aerosmith and artists that either worked with the band or inspired it. The game gives players an opportunity to live the life of the band, progressing through a career, playing original songs and remastered ones. Daryl "DMC" McDaniels guest stars, and the game features historical venues from highlighted moments in the band's history.

H2O Audio iDive 300 lets iPods SCUBA dive

10/21, 2:35pm

H20 Audio iDive 300

H2O Audio on Tuesday announced the launch of its iDive 300 waterproof housing and over-ear speakers made to fit dockable iPods and let them be taken on SCUBA dives up to 300ft (90m) deep. The product includes the waterproof housing that has a cam knob for a sure seal and a built-in amplifier for the included headphones, engineered to produce clear sound deep under water.

Orbino launches three leather iPhone 3G cases

10/21, 2:35pm

Orbino iPhone 3G cases

Orbino has launched three new leather iPhone 3G cases: the Strada Tre, the Tasca Pocket and the Pantera Flap. The Strada Tre features Tuscan leather, with an open-face design. It uses hand-lacquered edging and a leather lining, and sports a cutout for the phone's charger. It is available in six colors, and exotic skin types like ostrich and crocodile. It also comes with a belt clip. Prices range from $100 to $370 (Caiman crocodile leather).

PSP's scanlines are feature not fault: Sony Japan

10/21, 2:05pm

PSP scanlines desgined in

Sony's newest portable gaming system, dubbed the PSP 3000, which began arriving at stores last week, has buyers frustrated as they discover its new and reportedly improved screen is afflicted with scanlines and visibly jagged images. Sony has previously claimed the display offers better color reproduction, less glare and pixel ghosting than the version for the previous system.

Apple halting Mac mini shipments?

10/21, 1:55pm

Mac mini Shipments Halt

Apple is currently telling at least some retailers not to expect further Mac mini shipments, according to reports sent to Gizmodo. At least two "major" European outlets say they have been told by Apple not to anticipate more units of the small desktop and get the impression from their Apple sources that the system has been discontinued outright and isn't just encountering a temporary interruption in supply.

Google Android platform goes open-source

10/21, 1:05pm

Android goes open-source

Google's Android software -- intended to provide a universal platform for cellphone development, while promoting Google services -- is now an open-source project, the company has announced. The move has been planned for some time, as it has long been the stated intention of the Open Handset Alliance, the industry organization backing Android. The platform's website now allows developers to explore and modify code at all levels, ranging from the bootloader to applications. The results can be shared and repurposed for use in future Android hardware.

MacFamilyTree 5.3 adds WebKit, Kinship reports

10/21, 12:00pm

MobileFamilyTree updated

Synium Software has launched an update to its genealogy software, MacFamilyTree 5.3, after a month-long beta period. Synium has also updated its mobile version, MobileFamilyTree, to v1.3. The MacFamilyTree update adds WebKit-based reports, for better customization in layout and print output, and a redesigned Kinship system, which improves the visualization of family relations. Family Assistant has been improved with better visibility, and a Bookmarks feature has been introduced, which can be used to mark areas of research or as an alternate navigational tool. The Virtual Globe feature in the software gets a new Events List, allowing direct access to locations for events like births and marriages.

BlackBerry app store to rival iPhone's

10/21, 11:55am

BlackBerry App Store

Research in Motion today confirmed the existence of its rumored BlackBerry Application Center, the company's attempt to parallel the iPhone's App Store. The portal will serve as a central hub for BlackBerry owners looking to download and manage apps instead of the web downloads and separate stores used before. Like Apple's offering, customers can buy directly from the software and apply upgrades; a new twist adds the ability to delete software without finding it in the regular BlackBerry OS layer.

Cronette 1.0 runs Mac tasks automatically

10/21, 11:35am

Cronette 1.0 released

Tension Software is shipping the first version of Cronette, a utility for Macs and Mac servers. The software executes a variety of tasks automatically, without any user input; tasks are organized into a master list, where users select a task to edit details. Actions can be assigned to launch daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, and as frequently as up to 10 times per day.

Samsung Epix lands at AT&T with optical mouse

10/21, 11:15am

Samsung Epix at ATT

AT&T today took the wraps from its spiritual successor to the BlackJack Line. The Samsung Epix has the familiar, fixed QWERTY keyboard design but uses an unusual optical mouse in place of a directional pad, giving it a trackpad-like control scheme for Windows Mobile 6.1 that can also fall back to the D-pad. The nearly 2.6-inch display is larger than on the BlackJack II and also supports touchscreen input of its own through either fingers or a stylus.

Stuf organizes, shares clipboard files

10/21, 10:45am

Stuf clipboard organizer

Developer The Escapers has released Stuf, a clipboard manager for the Mac. The app is used to store and categorize multiple clippings, instead of the single one typically saved by Mac OS X. For convenience, the software installs a menu in the OS' Menu Bar to allow pasting into any app; the primary feature however is the ability to share clippings via LAN, with the option of setting a password so only some people can access clipboard contents, or a privacy mode to block others completely.

Moto intros AURA phone with circular display

10/21, 10:30am

Motorola AURA

Motorola today broke some ground in cellphones today by revealing the AURA, the world's first handset with a full color circular LCD. While small at just under 1.6 inches, the display has a unique, 480-pixel diameter resolution that produces an extremely high 300 dots per inch density and also makes the phone's swivel design possible; unlike a slider or some other swivel phones, the display can stay in a fixed position while the outer cover rotates to reveal the number pad. It generates 16 million colors and so has a photo print-like quality, Motorola adds.

BMW, NXP to demo smart key with wireless data

10/21, 10:05am

BMW and NXP Smart Key

NXP and German automaker BMW today revealed a prototype of what they claim is the first true smart car key. The pocket-sized device holds both wireless communications and a security chip that let drivers store information that can be sent to nearby devices without much risk of a security leak. Owners could pay for public transit and road tolls or have rented cars that remember a regular driver's preferred settings, NXP suggests.

Cocktail 4.2 adds error lookup, corrupt file hunting

10/21, 9:50am

Cocktail 4.2 update

Maintain has released v4.2 of Cocktail, its general maintenance and tweaking utility for Mac OS X. In particular, the software is said to ease access to some of the more complicated functions available within the Unix shell. The update adds several new features, mainly the ability to search for corrupt preference files and delete them. Users can also run through a database of Mac OS error codes, eliminating the need to look them up online.

NVIDIA intros GeForce 9300/9400 for desktops

10/21, 9:30am

NVIDIA GF 9400 for Desktop

Following last week's introduction of the GeForce 9400M for MacBooks and other notebooks, NVIDIA has also introduced the GeForce 9300 and 9400 for desktop systems. The two not only support the full range of Celeron, Pentium and Core 2 desktop processors but carry roughly the same 16-core graphics processing as the 9400M and thus have much faster 3D performance than Intel's GMA 4500.

Kerio MailServer 6.6 takes on MS Exchange

10/21, 9:05am

Kerio MailServer 6.6 patch

Kerio Technologies has updated its MailServer groupware, taking direct aim at Microsoft Exchange. The company says MailServer 6.6 has two key improvements designed to convince Exchange users to switch. The first is support for managing resources -- the ability to book conference rooms, audio/visual equipment and other assets using online tools. The second addition is a migration tool designed to make it less painful for companies to move their data from Exchange to MailServer. The new release also provides improved e-mail support for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Aperture 2.1.2 fixes print output

10/21, 8:55am

Aperture 2.1.2 fixes print

Apple has posted an update to Aperture, its professional photography workflow software. The v2.1.2 update is a minor one, addressing the print functions of the software; specifically, it is said to improve the printing quality of books, cards and calendars ordered through Aperture's printing service. The download is 48MB, and can be accessed either through Software Update or directly from Apple's website.

Toshiba gives Qosmio X305 quad-core, 9800M

10/21, 8:35am

Toshiba Qosmio X305 Quad

Toshiba this morning gave the Qosmio X305 a major upgrade by updating nearly all its architecture. The 17-inch gaming system's new Q708 variant adds a 2.53GHz Core 2 Extreme quad-core chip and upgrades from the GeForce 9700M video hardware of before to dual GeForce 9800M GTS graphics chipsets that should provide more desktop-like 3D performance than before. Like the MacBook Pro, however, the X305 also uses a GeForce 9400M as its mainboard chipset and so is not only more space-efficient but can switch to integrated video to save power when the system isn't attached to a wall outlet.

App Update: Posterino, MMQuery, GimmieSomeTune

10/21, 8:15am

Diet Sleuth

Posterino 1.4 ($25) is an application designed for creating posters, postcards, photo collages, frames and contact sheets from digital images. Posterino includes a variety of templates which users can fill with random images automatically, or users may also chose to drag and drop images manually. Version 1.4 adds support for iPhone "Events" in the Image Picker as well improved privacy controls dealing with Flickr. Japanese language support has also been added on top of the existing English, French and German localizations. [Download - 9MB]

Mobile Core i7 not due until late 2009?

10/21, 7:45am

Mobile Core i7 Late 2009

Intel's Core i7 architecture may not reach the mobile space until late next year, statements made by the company at the Intel Developer Forum suggest. Known internally as Clarksfield, the notebook processor design now isn't slated to start production until the second half of 2009. The lead time between production and shipping products could result in finished products not appearing until later the same year.

Radiolicious offers local radio streaming, content

10/21, 12:05am

Radiolicious for iPhone

MySimBook on Monday unveiled Radiolicious, a new iPhone and iPod touch application that allows users to tap into their favorite local radio stations, while allowing broadcasters to potentially advertise to millions around the globe. The entire software setup is free to use for both radio stations and users, with MySimBook paying any costs involved, save for a small service fee for the station to be part of the advertising network.


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