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BlackBerry Bold due on AT&T Oct. 27th?

10/17, 11:55pm

BBerry Bold ATT 27th Rumor

AT&T's long-delayed version of the BlackBerry Bold could finally be available before the end of the month, a leaked e-mail obtained by BGR indicates. The internal message points to the first HSDPA BlackBerry for the US having a "latest ETA" of October 27th and thus sets a relatively firm date for its launch. However, the note leaves room for a potential last-minute delay or other factors that could push a release into November or later. Pricing still isn't set in the document but is commonly thought to hover at $300 with a two-year contract.

MacBook Air delayed to November in US

10/17, 7:55pm

MacBook Air delayed in US

Users ordering the new MacBook Air may be in for a small delay, with some shipment notifications indicating that the orders will ship in early November. AppleInsider reports that a user who purchased a CTO MacBook Air, with the 1.86GHz processor, 128GB solid state drive, and Mini DisplayPort to DVI adaptor, saw his order jump to November 5th for shipping. The customer is expected to receive the order by November 10th.

Mac data recovery software adds iPod, LaCie support

10/17, 7:35pm

Recovery app updated

Stellar Data Recovery has released Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery 3.0, with new support for LaCie hard drives and iPods. The software supports finding lost or deleted files like video, audio, photos and documents (supports 61 file types), recovers the original names and creation times, and works on HFS, HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper volumes. It also offers file mask and file filter options for recovering specific file types.

Speck unveils Fitted fabric iPhone case, hard shell

10/17, 7:00pm

Speck Fitted iPhone case

Speck on Friday unveiled the Fitted case for iPhone 3G, offering users a polycarbonate shell, wrapped in one of several patterned or styled fabrick. The Fitted case is a two-piece unit that snaps together around the iPhone, but leaves all ports and buttons open for use. Speck is offering Fitted in tan houndstooth check, black-and-white plaid, and black herringbone with pinstripes, selling each for $30. Speck has plans to add styles and patterns for various seasons.

DealNN: iPod accessories, bargain Macs

10/17, 6:05pm

DealNN: iPod accessories

Bargain Mac models and iPod gear are currently featured at DealNN. The iPod accessories set, from AV Lab, is available at for $22 and includes an iPod FM transmitter, a five pack of skin cases for the iPhone and an arm band for the 3rd generation iPod nano. is offering the Altec Lansing inMotion iM3C portable audio system for iPod for $45, a price cut of $134.91 off the list price of $179.65. A set of four cables for connecting an iPod to a home theater system, or stereo by XtremeMax are available at for $8.99. Get a brand new black 2.4GHz MacBook from for $1,193 after mail in rebate. The refurbished MacBook Air is available at Apple's online store for $1,349.

Apple deals: refurb iPods, mobile Macs

10/17, 5:45pm

Apple deals: refurb iPods

Apple's online store is currently offering great deals on refurbished previous generation iPods and portable Macs. At the bottom of the pricing scale is the 1GB iPod shuffle for $39 and the 2GB model for $59, both come in silver, blue, green and purple. Next up is the 8GB iPod nano for $99 in silver, blue, green, black or pink. The iPod classic is priced at $169 for the 80GB model and $249 for the 160GB model, both come in silver or black. Finally is the iPod touch in three configurations 8GB for $179, 16GB for $219, and 32GB for $319.

Jobs 1.0 app tracks job times, e-mails invoices

10/17, 5:25pm

Time tracker app available

Bjango has released Jobs 1.0, a time-tracking iPhone app. It tracks time spent on projects, calling them jobs, and supports tracking multiple jobs at one time. Each job tracks time at an hourly rate, supports client associations and gives total time readouts. As clients are added Jobs remembers them as iPhone contacts, for easy recall of previously entered information with regular clients.

Forum roundup: MBP vs. Dell M6400, iPhone bubbles

10/17, 5:20pm

Forum roundup: MBP vs Dell

Forum roundup: Today in the MacNN forums goers discuss the differences between the new MacBook Pro lineup compared to other high end notebooks such as the Dell Precision M6400. A poll has been started to determine what new system would prove to be a better deal, the MacBook or the MacBook Pro. Strange bubbles have begun to appear under the glass of some forum goers iPhones and they converge to discuss possible solutions. A list of the best sites to find music can be found in this thread. One Senior User of the MacNN forums recently began experiencing slow network speeds with their Mac Pro and turned to the forums for assistance in resolving this issue.

OZAKI announces IP858 clock for iPhone, Touch

10/17, 4:55pm

IP858 iPhone/iPod clock

OZAKI has announced the IP858 iMini Timber 3G iPhone Speaker, a portable wooden case design with a mirror-coated casing. The device is actually an alarm clock, which lets users wake to music from an iPhone or iPod touch, FM radio, or a straight buzzer. The LCD display on the clock is backlit, and a USB connection can be used to sync with a computer, unlike many such devices. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

AirGrab unveils WiFi Radar network tool

10/17, 4:35pm

AirGrab WiFi Radar tool

AirGrab has unveiled WiFi Radar, a tool for the Mac that gathers network information. The program displays information about any 802.11b/g/n access points, such as Apple's AirPort base stations. Problems on a network can be detected for troubleshooting, and encryption status can be monitored and managed. The tools can also be used to optimize a network for regular use, and generate reports on several hotspots for comparison.

ASUS Eee PC offered by Best Buy for less than $300

10/17, 4:30pm

ASUS Eee PC for under $300

While it may not be the promised new Eee PC model, an online Best Buy listing shows the first recent netbook from ASUS priced at just below $300. The listing is for the 1024x600 8.9-inch Eee PC 900A which comes with Intel's 1.6GHz Atom processor and features 1GB of RAM. To meet the low price point, the listed netbook's 4GB solid state drive is preloaded with the Linux operating system.

Apricot intros 8.9-inch PicoBook Pro with WiMAX

10/17, 4:20pm

Apricot WiMAX netbook

Apricot Computers has recently announced it will return to the UK market with its 8.9-inch PicoBook Pro netbook, which is powered by a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M ultra low voltage processor sitting on a VIA mainboard that also houses integrated graphics processing. The company promises a WiMAX module will be an available option for the netbook, which would make it among the first, if not the very first, netbook to offer access to the wireless high-speed broadband network.

passPORT charges iPhone, 2G Touch, 4G Nano

10/17, 4:15pm

passPORT charging adapter

Scosche Industries has launched a new adapter, the passPORT, which allows charging of iPhones, the second-generation iPod touch and the fourth-generation iPod nano from previously incompatible chargers. The technology functions by means of a female passthrough connection, which bridges iPhones and iPods with a variety of charging hardware. The gear is officially approved by Apple, and costs $30. It is available now at the Apple Store.

Newman PMP offers ultra-wide audio file support

10/17, 4:10pm

Newman PMP introduced

Chinese brand Newman, a subsidiary of Newsmy recently announced the release of its latest portable audio player, the MP5 Manman-A2. The player sports a 3-inch screen and touch-sensitive controls for file navigation, and can be had in 4GB and 8GB capacities. Apart from its comprehensive audio and video file support, the device has a built-in FM tuner and a microphone for recording voice files. Users can even plug the player into a TV with a dedicated output to allow stored file playback on the larger display.

LG Display shows 15-inch double-sided LCD

10/17, 3:55pm

LG Display dual-sided LCD

LG Display is demonstrating a 15-inch double-sided reflective display at International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2008 show that kicked off on Tuesday in Korea. The reflective LCD (RLCD) has a resolution of 512x384 and features a 14:1 contrast ratio. The prototype is an ECB-mode display that is white when no power is applied to it, and it has a 46 percent aperture ratio, along with a 20 percent reflectance ratio and 12 percent color gamut. The display uses ambient lighting to illuminate its image, making it ideal for use in outdoor, daytime environments.

E-on introduces Vue 7 line of 3D environment tools

10/17, 3:50pm

Vue 7 3D tools released

E-on Software has introduced the Vue 7 line of 3D environment tools, bringing in two additional packages including Vue 7 Complete and Vue 7 Pioneer. Complete is intended for 3D artists and small studios, offering more popular features -- such as 3D export, EcoSystem painting and wind and breeze effects -- without some of the extra capabilities intended for larger operations. The set also costs less than alternatives such as Vue Infinite.

MSI launches 16-inch, 16:9 VR630 notebook

10/17, 3:40pm

MSI launches 16-inch VR630

MSI has released a new 16-inch notebook, the VR630 for the European market, which features a 1366x768 16-inch screen with a movie- and gaming-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio. The notebook can be had with an AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual-core processor or Sempron CPU, with RAM that can be optioned up to 4GB. The notebook includes MSI's ECO Engine power management function that lets them choose from Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office and Turbo Battery modes to balance performance with battery life.

New FW400-to-FW800, CF Eye-Fi adapters ship

10/17, 3:30pm

Synchrotech adapters

Synchrtotech has introduced two new connectivity products, including a FireWire 800 to 400 adapter and a CFMulti CompactFlash Eye-Fi card. The FireWire adapter plugs into a nine-pin FW800 port and allows a six-pin FW400 device to be connected. The device will allow users of the new MacBook Pro to connect any FireWire 400 devices to their new Mac which now only offers a single FireWire 800 port. The adapter is shielded and is claimed to offer transfer rates up to 400Mbps.

LG unveils Centrino 2-based 12-inch portable

10/17, 3:20pm

LG S210 Notebook

LG used its home country's KES 2008 show to introduce a set of new XNOTE notebooks, including the S210. The system is small and light at 12 inches and 2.2 pounds respectively but packs faster components than usually reserved for its kind, including a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and a full 4GB of memory. Unspecified NVIDIA graphics are also built into the system, which carries HDMI out to play video to HDTVs.

ImageFlow 1.5 improves rendering, adds three plug-ins

10/17, 3:10pm

ImageFlow 1.5 upgrade

CoreMelt has launched ImageFlow 1.5, adding rendering quality improvements and new filters to its photo animation plug-ins package. The plug-ins allow users to generate image montage animations in mainstream video editing applications. The rendering enhancements in v1.5 include a multisampling option that reduces jagged-edges and sparkling artifacts, higher supersampling levels for better final output (at the cost of more rendering time), and improved sub-pixel filtering when downscaling images. Version 1.5 also includes bug fixes and other improvements.

Aerielle releases i2i Stream wireless audio devices

10/17, 2:55pm

Aerielle i2i Stream

Aerielle has released the i2i Stream wireless audio broadcasting and receiving system. The devices can connect to a variety of sources including iPods, computers, entertainment systems, or gaming platforms. The receiver can be worn by the user for headphone listening, or attached to speakers. The system is claimed to offer a range of over 30 feet, using the 2.4 GHz band, and transmits a CD-quality 16-bit 48ksps stream with 75dB SNR.

Jobs responds to no FireWire on MacBooks

10/17, 2:35pm

New MacBooks lack FireWire

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has purportedly responded in a typically brief way to a customer complaint about Apple abandoning FireWire on its new MacBook line. The email communications between Jobs and a customer who wrote to complain, reported by AppleInsider, show Jobs' thought process, looking forward with few FireWire ported High-Definition camcorders coming to market. The approach ignores a heavily established base of FireWire-based camcorders and other devices that depend on the high-speed, low latency aspects of the connector.

Intel Classmate tablet coming to CTL early 2009

10/17, 2:30pm

Classmate Tablet for CTL

Intel's Classmate tablet convertible will make the transition to an individually available model through CTL, the third-party PC builder tells Engadget today. Much like its earlier effort with the non-touch Classmate, CTL will create a 2go PC version tailored more to the average home users than the students which make up the normal audience; the company is likely to use Windows XP or (if necessary) Vista in stores rather than the Linux used on some models and in direct online sales.

Calling Card released in the App Store

10/17, 2:10pm

Calling Card released

A new application for setting up calling cards on the iPhone has become available in the iTunes store. Calling Card 1.0 allows users to set up multiple calling card accounts and then switch between them. The settings allow almost any calling card to be supported, including cards that require the use of a PIN. Users can even set up the cards with pauses to fully automate a process that may require several numerical entries before the call can be made. The developer does note that not all cards will work 100% due to the fact that the iPhone dials numbers rather slowly.

Joybook Lite U101 goes on sale in Hong Kong

10/17, 1:55pm

Joybook Lite U101 ships

BenQ's JoyBook Lite U101 -- only recently revealed -- is now on sale in Hong Kong, reports say. The 10.2-inch netbook was originally expected to ship in November, following the release of an 8.9-inch system. English-language slides from BenQ have meanwhile disclosed some more features, such as the use of a 10.1-inch 16:9 LCD display, rather than one in the 4:3 or 16:10 formats more common to both notebooks and netbooks. The screen is also LED backlit, which provides uniform color and better power efficiency.

Audio-Technica intros new high-end headphones

10/17, 1:50pm

Audio-Technica headphones

Audio Technica on Friday announced the upcoming release of a number of headphones that range from the entry-level earbuds to the ultra high-end meant for audiophiles. Starting at the top is the ATH-A2000X set that includes 53mm (about 2.1in) diameter drivers and deliver frequency response of 5Hz-45kHz. They also share their 42-ohm impedance level and maximum loudness of 101dB with the slightly less costly ATH-A1000X set. Apart from the gold color of the aluminum housings, the lesser headset gives up some fidelity, with a slightly lower frequency response range of 5Hz-42kHz. Either set is intended for use by dedicated listeners.

Call of Duty 4 patch adds brand new multiplayer maps

10/17, 1:45pm

Call of Duty 4 patched

Aspyr Media today released a free patch for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Mac. The 259MB update will bring the Mac version of the game up-to-date with the PC version so users will be able to play cross platform. The update adds four new maps, Creek, Chinatown, Broadcast, and Killhouse. The update has also fixed a few bugs that caused the game to crash or show text in the wrong language. Two new server filters have also been added which allow players to browse for Hardcore and oldschool games.

Brightpoint makes deal with Apple to distribute iPods

10/17, 1:25pm

Brightpoint Apple deal

Brightpoint, a cell phone distributor in Australia saw its shares rise 51 cents on Thursday after it announced its plans to begin distributing iPods. According to a report, this deal could give Brightpoint an opening for a wider relationship with the iPhone maker. Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Ittai Kidron stated that he believes this is the beginning of a broader relationship between the two companies that will in fact see it expanding to include the iPhone and not specifically to Australia but to other regions as well.

Firm warns against fake Mac 'security' tool

10/17, 1:15pm

Fake Mac security tool

Mac users should be on guard against a fake Mac security tool being distributed online, says the Intego security firm. The program, called MacGuard, claims to scan a computer for "adware, spyware and trojans," and then eliminate them; in reality the app is actually a version of existing Windows malware, which has already infected as many as 30 million people worldwide. The latter assumes control of a person's computer, and displays messages warning about a false infection in an attempt to get users to pay money.

Nokia N810 WiMAX starts shipping

10/17, 12:30pm

Nokia N810 WiMAX Ships

Nokia in a low-key move has started shipping the N810 WiMAX Edition in the US, giving Sprint's new Xohm network its first handheld device. Following a long delay from its April launch, the tablet is Nokia's first with long-range wireless and should have broadband-level Internet speeds anywhere in Baltimore and future cities that will get Xohm. Sprint estimates 2Mbps to 4Mbps downstream, which should allow full video streaming, VoIP, and other services sometimes too demanding for 3G.

DisplayLink goes final, enables USB monitors

10/17, 12:10pm

DisplayLink Mac driver

DisplayLink says it has released the completed Mac OS X driver for its display technology. Monitors and projectors that support DisplayLink are able to receive input from a computer's wired or wireless USB ports; up to four displays are supported simultaneously, and some manufacturers of compatible products include LG, Samsung and ASUS. The technology is also present in various docks and adapters.

Microsoft preps astrology-themed custom Zunes

10/17, 11:50am

MS Astrology Theme Zunes

Microsoft will try to spark interest in its newer Zunes this fall with the launch of its first themed Zune Originals set, the company has revealed at a press event attended by SAI. Where the previous custom engravings have largely been isolated efforts, the new campaign will bring a set of artwork for the players' backs themed around the zodiac signs: at least Aries, Leo and Pisces are confirmed but is implied as including the remaining nine signs.

Psystar suit stepping toward resolution outside court

10/17, 11:35am

Psystar suit update

The heated legal battle between Apple and the Mac clone manufacturer, Psystar, has taken an unexpected turn that could lead to resolution without a trial, according to the Mac Observer. An attorney, who wishes to remain anonymous, has reported that the two parties agreed to try an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Although both parties have agreed to start the process, it is unknown which company initiated the action, or if it was a result of a judge recommendation.

Apple posts 2008 environmental update

10/17, 11:15am

Apple 2008 green report

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has issued a new summary letter, describing the company's environmental efforts during 2008. The letter is divided into three different topics, beginning with toxins. Jobs notes that the company has promised to eliminate PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from all hardware by the end of 2008, and that while this has proven difficult, it has so far removed the chemicals from "thousands" of components. Apple is said to be in the final stages of developing and approving PVC-free power cords.

OWC ships hard drive kits for new MacBooks

10/17, 10:55am

OWC MacBook HD Upgrades

Other World Computing finished its week today by capitalizing on the launch of Apple's new MacBooks to ship its own set of MacBook drive upgrades. The kits take advantage of recent updates by hard drive makers and, as barebones kits, are normally less expensive than paying Apple's upgrade price. They also let owners keep the factory-stock drive, OWC is keen to add.

Magellan launches flagship Maestro 4370 nav device

10/17, 10:30am

Magellan ships Maestro PND

The Magellan Maestro Elite 4370 portable navigation device is now available on the company's website. The long-awaited GPS, which was originally promised to make its debut during the first quarter of 2008, features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen and includes what appears to be a new interface, with 3D buildings and a lane guidance system. The interface also includes a OneTouch function that can save searches, such as a favorite chain store, fast food place, coffee shop or gas station, then show users the closest one to their location with just one button-press.

Sony Ericsson units drop, losses widen

10/17, 10:10am

Sony Ericsson Q3 2008

Sony Ericsson highlighted the mounting problems for incumbent phone makers on Friday with news of its summer quarter results. The carrier shipped a total of 25.7 million phones in the period, which ended in September; the figure is a slight 5.3 percent boost to its numbers from the spring but a slight loss from the same season a year earlier, dipping from 25.9 million phones in summer 2007.

Apple posts details for Q4 results conference call

10/17, 9:45am

Apple Q4 call details

Apple has published details and a reminder of its fourth-quarter results announcement, still scheduled for Tuesday, October 21st. The conference call will begin at 2PM Pacific time (5PM Eastern), and while only investors, analysts and/or members of the press will be able to dial in directly, a live stream will be open to the public through a special Apple website. Listening in will require a minimum of QuickTime 6. For phone callers, rebroadcasts will be available on a separate phone line beginning at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern), with the last one starting at the same time on November 4th.

Apple releases Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update

10/17, 8:50am

Apple Migration update

Apple has released a Migration DVD/CD Sharing Update that improves the performance of migrations performed over FireWire, Ethernet and wireless networks. The update also includes the previously-released DVD or CD Sharing Setup Update 1.0 software, which allows a computer to host a remote optical drive for MacBook Air systems.

RIM making AT&T Storm, QWERTY/touch hybrid?

10/17, 8:50am

RIM ATT Storm Rumor

Research in Motion is set to significantly expand its touchscreen lineup beyond just the core BlackBerry Storm, early rumors floated by BGR suggest. The Canadian company is reportedly readying a device like the Storm for its Wireless Enterprise Symposium in May and may involve a version of the Storm with HSDPA-based 3G for North American frequencies. Which carriers would receive the example are unknown, though AT&T's exclusivity deal for the 3G-capable Bold and the need to support Rogers in Canada would suggest a model with 850MHz 3G rather than the 1,700MHz used for T-Mobile.

Intel 2.93GHz mobile CPU, more due Dec. 28?

10/17, 8:00am

Intel Mobile Dec 28 Leak

Intel will launch one of its last waves of Core 2 mobile processors just before the end of the year, according to reputed tips from mainboard producers in the Taiwan area. Incorrectly flagged as desktop processors by the source, a December 28th lineup is said to include five generally faster processors that all consume no more than 35W of power, suiting them to most thin-and-light notebooks. This would include the already-rumored 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, or T9800, as well as Intel's first normal-power quad-core processor for notebooks, the 2GHz Core 2 Quad Q9000.

First Look: Samsung Rugby SGH-a837, mobile phone

10/17, 12:50am

Samsung Rugby SGH-a837

Many mobile phones may appear aesthetically pleasing when seen on a store shelf, but they may prove too fragile to deal with the bumps and bruises from everyday life. That's what makes the Samsung SGH-a837 mobile phone so different. With a flip-up, clamshell case that covers the keypad when not in use, this phone is designed to take abuse and keep on working.

NVIDIA Quadro CX boosts Adobe CS4

10/17, 12:20am

NVIDIA Quadro CX for CS4

Following closely on the heels of Adobe's Creative Suite 4 release, NVIDIA on Thursday unveiled the Quadro CX, offering users an optimized GPU for the new software suite's explicit use of the graphics hardware. The Quadro CX is designed to help produce visual effects within Adobe Photoshop CS4, After Effects CS4, Premiere Pro CS4, and several other of the suite's applications. NVIDIA claims the card offers users a "dramatically fast and fluid experience."


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