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InQuery RSS add-on for K4 now supports Mac

10/16, 11:30pm

InQuery RSS now for Mac

Managing Editor has announced that InQuery RSS, its new add-on for the K4 Publishing System, is now available for Mac. The tool allows users to preview and check the status of items in the K4 database from any internet-enabled device with an RSS reader. The feeds can be accessed from a variety of mobile platforms including Palm, BlackBerry, and the iPhone.

Dell launches Covet edition M6400 Precision notebook

10/16, 10:50pm

Dell Covet M6400 notebook

Dell has launched the M6400 Covet notebook, an addition to its Precision series. The Covet ships already configured with many of the high end options available in the Precision line, including a 17 inch LED backlit display that presents the full Adobe RGB gamut for color precision while editing videos or images. The NVIDA Quadro FX 3700M 1GB GPU also comes installed, stepping up from the 512MB model that comes in the base model M6400. The exterior is orange anodized aluminum, which gives the product a visual distinction from the rest of the series.

Line 6 intros POD Studio USB interfaces, new plugins

10/16, 9:30pm

POD Studio and Farm

Line 6 has unveiled a new series of USB recording interfaces, the POD Studio family, and two recording plug-ins, POD Farm and POD Farm Platinum. The POD Studio series of devices offers 44.1/48KHz, 16/24-bit recording for guitars. The entry-level GX model features a basic 1/4-inch input; the UX1 offers one 1/4-inch input, balanced XLR input with preamp, and two 1/4-inch analog outputs. The high-end UX2 model features two 1/4 inch inputs (one normal, one pad), two XLR inputs with preamps and phantom power, S/PDIF digital output, and a pair of assignable VU meters.

Speculation arises after Jobs shares stage at event

10/16, 8:30pm

Jobs event speculation

Apple's inclusion of executives alongside Steve Jobs at the MacBook presentation has incited speculation that the company is preparing for his departure, according to CNET News. In the past, many Apple events have primarily focused on the famous CEO, who has been able to speak for hours and cover all of the details. Although some of the previous keynotes have been shared with other executives, the inclusion of the company COO, Tim Cook, and Senior VP of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive, in the most recent event has drawn particular attention.

Network Magic 5.0 updates interface, adds network map

10/16, 6:35pm

Network Magic 5.0 ships

Cisco has released Network Magic 5.0, upgrading its home-networking software that manages access, connects printers, diagnoses connections and optimizes performance on a user's network. Version 5.0 adds a reworked interface with an interactive network map and wizards to aid users in various set-ups. The security has been improved, adding network health upgrades and security alert capabilities, along with encryption support for WPA and WPA2.

Report: Notebook market outlook positive through 2009

10/16, 6:00pm

Notebook market strong

DisplaySearch, a marketing forecast company, anticipates the notebook PC market to remain strong for the remainder of 2008 and into 2009, while other industries will struggle through the economic slump. Many customers have been replacing their desktop systems with notebooks, creating a trend that the analysis expects to continue. Another primary factor, the popularity of mini-notebooks, has been figured into the numbers. The company expects the mini devices to grow by 23 percent quarter to quarter and 38 percent year to year for the third quarter of 2008.

MacBook vs. rivals shows edge in features

10/16, 5:35pm

MacBook Comparison

Apple's new MacBook may be the first to take the system upscale, but the system is ultimately entering an increasingly crowded marketplace of high-end, 13.3-inch notebooks that all carry features normally left out of small systems for the sake of a low price. With that in mind, Electronista looks at the MacBook and three of its most obvious rivals in the marketplace -- Dell's XPS M1330, HP's dv3500t and Sony's VAIO SR -- to see whether any one notebook has a clear advantage and whether stereotypes of Macs as more expensive hold true.

Curve blows past iPhone, others, in September sales

10/16, 5:25pm

Survey shows top 10 phones

A list that ranks the 10 most popular handsets in the United States for September has been released recently. The list, compiled by Avian Research, is based on the firm's Monthly Retail Store Survey that polls 100 service reps at retail stores of the four major wireless providers, reveals some unsurprising trends, including the domination of Research In Motion products. The BlackBerry Curve is far and away the most popular handset, holding down the top spot since May. Back in April, the BlackBerry Pearl was at number one.

Phiaton enters US market with MS400 headphones

10/16, 5:00pm

Phiaton enters US market

Phiaton, maker of premium personal audio gear and accessories, recently announced it will begin to offer its products in the US market, beginning with its flagship, studio-grade MS 400 headphones. From the company's Moderna Series, these headphones are loud both visually and aurally, due to their bright-red finish and 40mm (about 1.6 inches), 32-ohm Electrodynamic drivers that can take a maximum input of 1,000mW. Each speaker is housed in a lightweight yet stout carbon graphite fiber pod, with the total weight coming in at 0.4lbs.

Nikon's expected MX press event delayed until Nov

10/16, 4:45pm

Nikon MX event delayed

Nikon's expected MX press event delayed until November Just one day after an announcement of a planned press launch of what many expected to be Nikon's new MX format comes news that the event has been postponed. Originally scheduled for October 22nd at Danish photographer Steen Evald's photography studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, the event is now on for November 20th, though no location has been announced and may point to a location change.

Pioneer intros revised ProDJ headphones

10/16, 4:35pm

Pioneer ProDJ headphones

Pioneer Electronics on Thursday announced an addition to its ProDJ line-up of gear with the HDJ-2000 reference-grade headphones. Pioneer developed the headphones after receiving requests from professional DJs who demanded high-quality sound reproduction combined with a comfortable fit and durable design. To address these wishes, Pioneer used thick 35μm Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) for the construction of the diaphragm to provide a solid base necessary to create a powerful lower frequency response and get rid of unwanted resonance. Pioneer then filled each diaphragm with a large 50mm (nearly 2-inch) dome driver.

NI previews Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro

10/16, 4:20pm

NI debuts Traktor Pro

Native Instruments has announced an upcoming expansion to its Traktor DJ software, Traktor Pro. Pro utilizes an updated interface with four decks, specifically improved for live performers; the layout is said to be high-contrast and scalable, with cue and looping controls altered to be easier to use on the fly. Native has likewise added the Crate Flick feature, which lets DJs browse music files as if they were in a typical record crate.

22Moo ship Bluetooth dongle for iPhone, iPod

10/16, 4:05pm

22Moo Bluetooth dongle

22Moo has released an A2DP Bluetooth dongle for the iPhone and iPod, the BD-906. The device connects to the 30-pin dock connector, and transmits a wireless stereo audio signal to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. AVRCP protocol is supported, which allows remote control of playback functions, along with independent volume controls on the front of the dongle. Users can still charge their device with a USB power passthrough.

Fujitsu intros LifeBook T2020 convertible tablet PC

10/16, 4:00pm

Fujitsu LifeBook T2020

Fujitsu has announced the launch of its new 12.1-inch LifeBook T2020 convertible tablet notebook on Thursday. Chief among the upgrades compared to the T2010 model it replaces, the new notebook includes a choice of 1.2GHz or 1.4GHz ultra low voltage Core 2 Duos and an eventual solid-stage drive option. Standard RAM is set at 1GB, but it can be upgraded to 2GB or 4GB. The 1280x800 display can be swapped for an outdoor viewable panel of the same resolution.

KavaTunes 3.5 web jukebox adds video playback, more

10/16, 3:05pm

KavaTunes 3.5 update

KavaSoft has launched KavaTunes 3.5, an update to its web-based music jukebox. KavaTunes creates websites that behave similarly to iTunes, allowing users to browse, search and play music, and now in v3.5, play videos and download music. The jukebox can be used to share music with friends and family, and links back to iTunes, should a visitor want to purchase a song or album.

Byline 2.0 adds notes, web browser, new interface

10/16, 2:50pm

Byline 2.0 for iPhone/iPod

Phantom Fish has released Byline 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch, adding a new interface, notes creation and more. The RSS newsreader, which supports offline browsing, works with Google Reader to gather and sync news content. The new interface allows users to star, share and create notes from news stories. A new web browser allows users to navigate the web within the app, and supports embedded images which can be viewed online and offline.

Microsoft facing Xbox 360 "red ring" lawsuit

10/16, 2:50pm

Microsoft faces X360 Suit

Microsoft is facing a class action lawsuit for the Xbox 360's chronic breakdown problems, a summary notes. Although the company has already extended warranties to account for the "red ring of death" -- a failure where regular overheating loosens chip connections and usually ruins the system -- a Sacramento County complaint accuses Microsoft of not only manufacturing a known defective product but of deliberately hiding the failure rate, encouraging customers to buy without warning them that their system will likely fail.

AMEX intros slim Blu-ray burner for Macs, PCs

10/16, 1:50pm

AMEX intros Blu-ray burner

Hong Kong-based AMEX Digital on Thursday announced the release of a slim Blu-ray drive for Mac computers. The Portable Blu-ray Super Multi Drive is styled like the MacBook Air's Superdrive and allows users to read and write Blu-ray discs, including BD-R and BD-RE formats in both full 12cm and mini 8cm sizes. Dual-layer Blu-ray media is also supported, allowing users to copy up to 50GB of data at once. Power and interfacing with the computer comes via the drive's USB port.

Ballmer talks Windows 7 upgrades, Yahoo deal [U]

10/16, 1:30pm

Ballmer on Win 7, Yahoo

(Updated with official statement on Yahoo) It is alright if corporate buyers choose to skip Windows Vista and wait for Windows 7, claims Microsoft's Steve Ballmer. The CEO made the statement at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, shedding Microsoft's typical position of insisting on the value of Vista. The OS has received considerable criticism from businesses and the public, mainly over issues such as driver compatibility and User Account Control. Ballmer suggests that the OS is nevertheless doing well, with an adoption rate twice that of Windows XP despite being available for just two years.

Panasonic officially prices Lumix G1, lens

10/16, 12:30pm

Lumix G1 officially priced

Panasonic on Thursday announced more details regarding its Lumix DMC-G1 digital camera, first introduced last month. The Lumix G1 is the world's first Micro Four Thirds System camera, meaning it offers interchangeable lenses and certain functions that are similar to digital SLR cameras. The electronics maker revealed the camera will cost nearly $800 bundled with a 14-45mm Lumix G Vario lens when it ships to stores in mid-November. Around the same time, Panasonic will release a telephoto lens for the camera, in the form of a 45-200mm Lumix G Vario, which will be priced at about $350.

MacBook teardown reveals 'beautiful' internals

10/16, 12:25pm

New MacBook teardown

A teardown of Apple's new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro systems reveals a "beautiful" layout, according to iFixit. Both computers are said to have extremely well-arranged interiors, which in the case of the Pro is said to be "cleaner" and with much better flow than previous versions. Regarding the basic MacBook, iFixit claims that Apple may be right to promote the workers involved in its new manufacturing process.

NEC joins netbook market with 8.9-inch LaVie Light

10/16, 12:20pm

NEC intros first netbook

NEC on Thursday announced its entry into the netbook market with the introduction of its 8.9-inch LaVie Light, which like many is powered by Intel's Atom processor running at 1.6GHz. NEC's first netbook will also include a hard disk drive with a class-leading 160GB capacity, while its 1GB of memory is on par with competitors. The screen's 1024x600 resolution is governed by a graphics processor that's part of the Intel 945GSE Express mainboard.

Android has kill switch; G1 review mixed

10/16, 12:10pm

Android Kill Switch

Google has implemented the same sort of remote shut-off feature for rogue Android apps as with the iPhone, according to the search engine producer's notice in the Android Market user agreement. The company claims the right to "sole discretion" for remotely removing any app from phones that violate the Market's distribution agreement, such as malware or other potentially damaging software. Google attempts to reassure users by noting that customers should be refunded for any paid app revoked in this way.

iBeer developer sues over copycat iPhone app

10/16, 11:15am

iBeer dev sues over iPint

Brewing giant Molson Coors has been targeted with a $12.5 million lawsuit related to the App Store, according to reports. Hottrix, developer of the iBeer app for the iPhone and iPod touch, has accused Molson Coors of copyright infringement through the creation of iPint, which mimics iBeer in letting users pretend to drink a glass of frothy beer. Although a complaint from Hottrix to Apple led to iPint being removed from the US App Store, it is still available in other regions.

Asus to intro full touch notebooks early 2009

10/16, 11:00am

Asus touch panel notebooks

ASUS plans to launch touch panel notebooks in addition to touch panel Eee PC netbooks revealed last week, according to a Thursday report. The notebooks are due for a first or second quarter release, claim panel makers that will supply the new notebooks. The notebooks will have limited touch support at first but will exploit Windows 7 on its planned launch in late 2009 or early 2010.

Dell outs Vostro 220, 220s, 420 towers

10/16, 10:35am

Dell Vostro 220 and 420

Dell on Thursday marked the low-key launch of a new round of tower desktops all aimed at SoHo or just desktop buyers hoping to get better support. The Vostro 420 mid-tower is the company's performance option and comes with many of the better options normally reserved for faster Inspiron systems, including the choice of up to a 2.83GHz Core 2 Quad for the processor, a 512MB GeForce 8800 GT for video and Blu-ray burners for movies and storage. Extra space in the chassis also allows for dual optical drives and up to four hard drives.

HP touchscreen notebook due by year's end

10/16, 10:05am

HP Touch Notebook Due Soon

HP's promised touchscreen notebooks could be available by the end of this year, say sources of the Wall Street Journal. Similar to the company's recent TouchSmart desktops, at least one unnamed portable will come with HP software specifically made to use a touchscreen interface. The system will join what HP hopes will be a whole family of touchscreen devices, the newspaper says.

iTunes HD TV offerings expand to four major networks

10/16, 9:55am

iTunes HD for four majors

Apple has announced that all four of the major basic-cable TV networks -- ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC -- are now selling shows at the iTunes Store. During the initial launch of HD programming on iTunes, most content was limited to NBC. ABC material in HD now includes the likes of Lost, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives; CBS shows include various versions of CSI, plus NCIS and Numb3rs.

Alltel launches music-oriented LG Rhythm

10/16, 9:35am

Alltel lauches LG Rhythm

Alltel Wireless along with LG Electronics announced the availability of the LG Rhythm music phone at the cell provider on Thursday. As its name suggests, the handset is intended for audiophiles as it comes equipped with a DSP and graphic equalizer tuned by home theater audio system designer Mark Levinson. An FM transmitter allows users to stream their music to nearby devices with FM tuners, or listen to their collections personally via a 3.5mm stereo headset connection. The included headset includes a microphone that allows for making and receiving phone calls without fishing the phone out of a pocket.

Dell slips Inspiron Mini 12 on site

10/16, 9:20am

Dell Slips Mini 12 Netbook

Dell today inadvertently spoiled some of its plans for its larger netbook by posting early information on its own website. Both driver and manual pages have appeared for the Inspiron Mini 12 and now confirm the final name of the company's new Mini 9 alternative, which was previously known primarily under its E Slim codename and is believed to be a step sideways towards a larger screen rather than a deluxe model.

MacBook and MacBook Pro gallery

10/16, 8:50am

MacBook, MacBook Pro pics

Apple's new line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros are already arriving at retail stores across the world. Featuring an aluminum unibody enclosure, glossy LED backlight display and glass trackpad, users will find plenty new to love and hate. Both systems are now shipping in much smaller boxes, which is a part of Apple's move to create a much smaller environmental footprint. Upon opening the box users will notice very little excess around a notebook's enclosure, along with a small tab for helping to lift the computer out. Within the box, users will also find a MagSafe power adapter, AC wall plug, power cord, install/restore DVDs as well as printed and electronic documentation.

Nokia smartphone share tumbles post-iPhone

10/16, 8:45am

Nokia Q3 2008 Results

Nokia today reported mixed results for its summer quarter that show an increasing shift away from the company's high-end devices. The cellphone maker saw modest gains and shipped 117.8 million devices of any kind between July and September, which was down three percent compared to the spring but up five percent over summer the last year. However, the company also reversed course versus the industry and predicts the wider cellphone business will have climbed two percent from the spring to 310 million units, dropping Nokia's market share to 38 percent from 40 percent at June's end.

Gateway intros LX-6200 and FX-6710 desktop computers

10/16, 7:25am

Gateway LX and FX PCs

Gateway has introduced two new desktop systems, the LX-6200 geared for consumers and the FX-6710 designed for gamers. The LX-6200 uses the AMD Phenom X4 9500 quad-core processor, running at 2.2GHz with a 3.6GHz HyperTransport bus. Graphics are provided from an integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200. A 750GB hard drive provides permanent storage. Four 2GB DDR2 memory modules are provided with the basic system, totaling 8GB. Other features include a 15-in-1 card reader, a TV tuner, HDMI output and Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

Best Buy to offer Alienware Aurora desktop

10/16, 6:40am

Best Buy to sell Alienware

Dell has announced that its subsidiary, Alienware, will be offering a version of its Aurora gaming desktop computer at Best Buy stores. Although the Aurora systems are considered entry level for the company, the particular version to ship to the retail stores will include many of the improved components above the base model available directly from the manufacturer. Best Buy hopes to drive sales by letting consumers "experience Alienware first hand," according to Keith Bryan, director of desktop computing.

Apple sued for media player monopoly

10/16, 12:50am

Apple sued for monopoly

Another lawsuit has been stacked onto Apple's list of current legal battles, with another filing in Arkansas from a Taiwanese media player manufacturer, Luxpro, that accuses the company of monopolizing the player market, according to documents posted on Justia. The suit alleges that Apple controls 80 percent of the music downloads through iTunes, selling songs that can only be played on its own product, while at the same time closing the iPod platform from playing music purchased from other online sources.

Sonic Studio introduces media server Amarra

10/16, 12:35am

Amara works with iTunes

Sonic Studio has demonstrated its new Amarra music server at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver. Amarra is a FireWire-based media server handling PCM audio with up to a 192KHz bitrate that uses a Sonic Studio soundBlade derivative on the software side. The Amarra technology is similar to what is used to produce CD master files, promising audiophile-level music playback. It uses hardware side processing for sample-rate adjustments, equalization and volume control, and the server will integrate with both iTunes and Mac OS X.

New MacBooks, Pros sold out at several Apple stores

10/16, 12:20am

New MacBooks sold out

Apple's newly-released MacBooks and MacBook Pros are allegedly selling out globally, if sales are as brisk as they have been in at least four Apple retail stores, according to The Apple Blog. So far three flagship stores have reported outages - London's Regent Street, Toronto's Eaton Center, and San Francisco - as well as the Manchester Arndale store. Comments on the page indicate that outages are spreading to a few other stores, or at least short supplies.

First Look: PuzzleManiak, iPhone/iPod Touch game

10/16, 12:00am

PuzzleManiak game

Games have always been part of every computer from the simple Solitaire and Minesweeper program that comes with Windows to the more sophisticated chess program that comes with the Macintosh. Curiously, the iPhone/iPod Touch lacks any such built-in programs so if you want to play games, you'll have to visit the AppStore and download them yourself. While there are plenty of games you can choose, one of the more interesting apps is PuzzleManiak.


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