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New 'greener' MacBooks welcomed by Greenpeace

updated 08:25 pm EDT, Tue October 14, 2008

Green Macbooks

Apple's new MacBooks have been built with environmentally conscious materials and compliance with industry standards, a change that has been welcomed by Greenpeace. The activist group had released a campaign, "Green My Apple," that was designed to put pressure on the computer manufacturer to phase out toxic chemicals, improve recycling programs, and challenge the rest of the industry to do the same. The corresponding Greenpeace website was designed to look like Apple's own, and encouraged visitors to add content.

In addition to meeting the RoHS requirements that insist upon products free of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and certain brominate flame retardants, the new notebooks also feature mercury-free LCD displays, arsenic-free glass, PVC-free cables, and recyclable aluminum and glass enclosures.

The company has achieved compliance with Energy Star 4.0 standards for power consumption and efficiency. Packaging has been scaled down, using a MacBook box with 41 percent less volume than the previous version and includes recycled materials. The smaller size is also claimed to reduce the carbon footprint by increasing the number of units that can fit in a shipping container.

Greenpeace made a statement after the release of the last MacBook Air in January that applauded the company for removing PVCs and BFRs, but pushed the bar higher. "Had [the MacBook Air] been [free of hazardous chemicals,] it would have made Apple an ecological leader."

The pressure won't be taken off right away, as the company recently publicly denied suggestions that its Mac Pro computers release toxic chemicals. A concerned owner allegedly contacted Greenpeace and received a referral to a lab that found a number of toxins in the fumes. The group still desires that the company completely remove any toxins from the computers, including notebooks or desktops.

Apple has created environmental reports for each new notebook, available for download from its website, that detail the changes and statistics. The product marketing also includes references to the environmental enhancements, as the company builds its image and tries to quell future criticism.

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  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    why post this?

    These articles are so tired. Greenpeace just claims that they are the sole reason Apple (and everybody else) is doing anything right, while at the same time making up new claims for how poorly Apple and everybody else is doing.

    Greenpeace would only be pleased if Apple converted all the land they own to farmland, gave it to Greenpeace, and then went out of business.

    Stop giving these idiots free publicity.

  1. stainless

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Did you know...

    Did you know that one of the founding fathers of Greenpeace has not only left them but is not against them!? Says they are driven by money and greed and that at this point they are even making up S*** to black mail corporations into going green. Do your research on these jokers!

  1. eldarkus

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Wake me when something interesting is posted...

  1. Guest

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    I think maybe it's time some of you geeks get your head out of your monitors and stick it back in your pants. Manufacturing processes have had a HUGE impact on the planet and should be of vital interest to anyone with any love for anybody (even if it is only themselves). Apple should be applauded for retaking a leadership role and Greenpeace should be praised for doing their best to keep us aware of the countries, companies and people who's greed and ignorance are depriving future generations of an opportunity to live on a healthy and happy earth.

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  1. Mr. Strat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    So what?

    Who gives a flying f*** what the tree huggers think about anything?

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mr. Strat

    -1 for lack of any indication of a personality.

  1. UberFu

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This was stupid when..

    ...they bitched after Apple released the MBA - iPods and iPhones and said it was a good start BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    Apple could make every product they make bio-degradeable and still some treehugger would b**** because one of their employees took a c*** in a toilet. And we all know how that produces carbon emissions.

  1. bhuot

    Joined: Dec 1969


    no thanks to greenpeace

    I appreciate what Apple has done for the environment and am ashamed of Greenpeace. Its tactics to pick on companies who are already doing better than the industry just because they think they are more open to change, is not fair and I will not support Greenpeace - they make environmentalist look petty.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    you guys are a joke

    wow sweet comments losers. I am glad apple has made gold epeat machines free of most of the harmful chemicals. Not only is this good for our planet but it also will sell more computers and their image will be important in this era of greening, which as an investor makes me happy. Get with the times people, green and business/capitalism are no longer default enemies.

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