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Report:LCD-TV to dominate consumer electronics market

10/09, 11:55pm

LCDTV to dominate market

The Global LCD-TV market is expected to become the dominant segment in the consumer-electronics industry by 2012, according to an iSuppli report. Strong continued growth is anticipated for the industry in the coming years, even through difficult economic situations, as analyst Sheri Greenspan said "consumers want their electronics, in good times and in bad." LCD-TV revenue is even set to exceed the strong numbers from appliances, a segment that has held the top position for years.

Replacement iPhone power adapters shipping

10/09, 10:55pm

iPhone adapters shipping

Apple has begun shipping replacement iPhone 3G power adapters slightly ahead of schedule to customers that possess one of the recalled versions. The exchange program website claimed the adapters will be available starting Friday, but in line with Apple's tendency to slightly under-promise and over-deliver, many customers have already received theirs. The redesigned adapters are arriving in robust, fully padded packaging, which may seem like overkill but the company commonly reuses parts boxes and packing materials for efficiency.

Mac compatible USB-GPIB controllers released

10/09, 10:20pm

USB GPIB controllers

National Instruments has released two new GPIB controllers, including a Mac compatible USB controller, the NI USB-GPIB-HS, and a Windows compatible low profile (LP) PCI Express controller, the NI PCIe-GPIB. The USB device is claimed to offer speeds up to 1.8MB per second using IEE 488.1 or 7.2MB per second with HS488. The cable can be connected directly between any GPIB instruments and a computer running Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems.

Jumsoft releases All-in-One business template packs

10/09, 9:50pm

Jumosft business templates

Jumsoft has released a series of All-in-One template packs for businesses. Three themes are available, Craft, Elite, and Rich, with each offering templates for web sites, documents, e-mails, and presentations. The iWeb templates include designs for welcome, about me, photos, albums, movie, podcast, blog, and blank pages. Brochures, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, and more document templates are provided along with two types of mail stationary and 16 keynote layout masters.

Hawking ships Wireless-300N Range Extender

10/09, 9:25pm

Hawking Range Extender

Hawking Technologies has begun shipping the HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender. The device takes the signal from any 802.11b/g/n access point or router and tr-transmits it at a higher rate, claimed to double the effective distance on a wireless network. Users can place the HWREN1 at the midpoint between the original access point and the area with poor connectivity. A setup wizard helps users configure the system by automatically detecting all nearby wireless networks.

MacWay unveils 1.5TB SilverDrive Quattro external HD

10/09, 8:50pm

MacWay TB external HD

French company MacWay has unveiled the SilverDrive Quattro 1.5TB quad interface external hard drive. The new drive offers the highest storage capacity of the SilverDrive Quattro series, and supports USB 2.0, FireWire 400/800, and eSATA connections. The 7200RPM single disk drive is housed in an aluminum housing that allows for passive cooling, eliminating the need for a fan, which the company claims significantly reduces operating noise.

Fabrix offers artistic iPhone, iPod sleeves

10/09, 8:15pm

Fabrix artistic sleeves

Fabrix has unveiled a new series of three limited edition sleeves for the iPhone, iPod touch 2G, and iPod classic. Each sleeve features colorful artistic illustrations, born of collaboration with various designers. The contemporary appearances exhibit a unique artistic style and technique from each artist. The iPhone or iPod is protected with a soft outer shell and a quilted interior lining that will hold the device snugly, protecting against shock or scratches.

RocketRAID 2600 series launches supporting Mac RAID 5

10/09, 7:50pm

Mac RAID controllers ship

HighPoint has released a series of SAS Connectivity Plus RAID 5 capable PCI-Express controllers. The three new models are the RocketRAID 2644x4, RocketRAID 2640x4 and RocketRAID 2640x1. The 2644x4 connects externally, while the 2640x4 (a four-lane PCI card) and 2640x1 (a one-lane card) offer internal connections and all three connect to both SAS and SATA hard disks. The controllers offer RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5 and JBOD.

Security Update 2008-007 goes live

10/09, 6:20pm

Security Update 2008-007

Apple on Thursday unveiled Security Update 2008-007, resolving numerous holes in the system that mainly allowed for arbitrary code execution, but also pertains to several other vulnerabilities. The Weblog server was patched to fix an issue where users with multiple short names on the access control list would cause the server not to observe access rules properly. Security Update 2008-007 is available for both Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger and 10.5.5 Leopard.

First Look: Microsoft Arc Mouse

10/09, 4:50pm

Arc Mouse

Laptop computers must rely on trackpads to save space. While many people are perfectly happy using a trackpad, many more prefer using a mouse for greater control and comfort. Carrying an ordinary desktop mouse can be cumbersome due to its size and cord length, while special mice for laptops are often compressed in size to make them easier to carry. If you prefer to use a mouse with your laptop without making any compromises, consider Microsoft's Arc Mouse.

Boris FX releases Continuum Lens Flare Unit

10/09, 4:45pm

Boris Lens Flare Unit

Boris FX has released the Continuum Lens Flare Unit, a new plug-in for Adobe CS3 and CS4, as well as Apple's Final Cut Studio 2. The program simulates the streaks and spots of light that end up on film due to reflections inside of a camera lens. Flares can be added either to a source image, or else a completely synthetic creation. Special filters are provided, meanwhile, which allow users to create a variety of effects.

AMD: company split does not violate Intel patents

10/09, 4:30pm

AMD: Intel deal unviolated

One day after Intel voiced concerns over patent violations, AMD has made an announcement on Thursday hoping to put them to rest. AMD previously said it will split its operations and enter into a joint manufacturing venture, prompting the worries from Intel. Intel said it would review its processor licensing agreement with AMD, though AMD maintains there is no need, as the new deal will not violate any agreements between the two. The two chipmakers currently have a deal in place that has AMD pay Intel royalties in exchange for use of its x86 chip instruction set.

Voice commands coming to iPhone, iPod touch?

10/09, 4:30pm

Voice commands on iPhone?

Apple may be seeking to introduce voice recognition as a standard option with iPhones, iPods or even the Apple TV, a new patent application suggests. Published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the filing concentrates on the concept of an iPhone supporting the technology, but notes that it could be applied to other devices as well. They key addition to Apple's hardware would be the presence of a "voice-to-command analyzer," which would determine whether audio is meaningless or represents an action request. This would save other processors the burden of deciphering speech.

Orange drops BlackBerry Bold due to quality

10/09, 4:25pm

Orange Drops BBerry Bold

Cell carrier Orange is dropping the BlackBerry Bold due to quality issues, according to a leaked internal memo at the company's UK division. The provider says that reports of chronic software flaws from a "variety of mobile operators" have prompted it to remove the phone from the market entirely until it can be promised a definitive fix from Research in Motion. The latter is said to be fixing the glitch and promises extra testing to prevent such a problem from reoccurring.

Fujitsu ST6000-series tablet PC spotted at FCC

10/09, 4:00pm

Fujitsu tablet PC spotted

The Fujitsu ST6000-series Internet tablet PC first unveiled late last month has been spotted again, undergoing testing at the FCC, suggesting the product is that much closer to production. According to the included owner's manual, the 12.1-inch tablet will sport a maximum 1600x1200 resolution and not, as previously advertised on the company website, 1920x1200. Other specs, however, such as its 1GB of RAM expandable up to 4GB and choice of two hard disk drives or a solid-state drive, are confirmed.

T-Mobile gets entry-level Nokia 1680

10/09, 3:50pm

T-Mobile adds Nokia 1680

T-Mobile has recently added the affordably-priced Nokia 1680 dual-band handset to its line-up. The handset's features include the basics such as a VGA camera that will take stills and video, built-in speakerphone functionality and text and picture messaging support. The handset will support T-Mobile's myFaves service that includes unlimited calling to a set amount of contacts.

Onkyo launches 2.4GHz wireless headphones for iPod

10/09, 3:40pm

Onkyo intros headphones

Onkyo has unveiled a new set of wireless headphones meant for use in fourth-generation and newer docking iPods. The MHP-UW2 headphones rely on the 2.4GHz radio frequency to transmit signals between the adapter that plugs into the iPod and the headphones themselves. The headphones sport iPod controls that include play, pause, and track forward and back buttons. The transmitter also has a stereo input that allows the headphones to be used with other MP3 players or iPods without docks.

Toshiba launches lighter R600 notebook, intros Tecra

10/09, 3:20pm

Toshiba intros notebooks

Toshiba Canada recently bolstered its notebook lineup with four new products, including an all-new Tecra R10 premium notebook meant for business users, which the company is touting as the fastest and most secure Toshiba notebook to date, a Wednesday report reveals. The remaining three include updated ultra portable Portégé-series notebooks with the A600 and an update to the R600, while a new M750 Tablet PC was also introduced.

Asterope pits iPhone owners against androids

10/09, 3:20pm

Asterope for iPhone/iPod

Niklas Wahrman has released Asterope, a space-based action game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Players have to fight off an android invasion of Earth, using touchscreen controls to fly a spaceship; the "asterope" of title is used to lock onto asteroids for navigation. The game contains over 10 levels, and has an arcade mode for quick games. Asterope costs $4, and is available now at the iTunes App Store.

iDayZ tracks birthdays, anniversaries via iPhone

10/09, 3:10pm

iDayZ anniversary app

Tannic has launched iDayZ for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app keeps track of birthdays and anniversaries in a user's contact list, listing upcoming events by age, name or event type; further details are provided by tapping on a given contact. Also present is a "celebrate" button for each contact, with a pop-up screen supporting e-mail and Amazon gift links.

AT&T readying Samsung Eternity to rival LG Vu

10/09, 3:10pm

Samsung Eternity ATT Leak

AT&T plans to add a second TV-ready touchscreen phone within the space of a month, a leak from Engadget would reveal. Tentatively nicknamed the Eternity, the Samsung a867 will have a touchscreen and a MediaFLO digital TV tuner like the LG Vu but should improve its predecessor on several fronts. A sharper three-megapixel camera, a microSDHC slot and a native 3.5mm headphone jack should suit it more as a media player than the Vu; assisted GPS is also slated for the Eternity.

Google's Android may lead to major market changes

10/09, 2:55pm

Android could signal shift

Google's Android platform could be the cause of a major concept shift in the smartphone market, not because subscribers call for features, but because wireless operators and phone makers see the value of standard platforms, argues ABI Research. The firm predicts that the success of Android rests with the ability to first convince phone builders that they need to replace the operating systems shipping in today's phones, and second, convince wireless operators that having numerous phones in a line-up, with each running a standardized operating system, is the best business model. For wireless carriers, the positive side of a standard operating system is simplified technical support and marketing.

Piper: new MacBooks may hit $899 mark

10/09, 2:25pm

Piper on New MacBooks

The MacBooks at Apple's special notebook event next week may drop even further than anticipated, Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster says. Having already predicted $999 models earlier, the researcher now estimates that the new models may dip as low as $899. This will reportedly come despite apparent moves to more upscale components, including a switch to aluminum; Munster anticipates a multi-touch trackpad similar to those given to the Air and Pro.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 slips on T-Mobile Germany site

10/09, 1:55pm

BBerry Curve 8900 Leak

The BlackBerry Curve 8900, previously known as the Javelin, has surfaced today through a product page posted at T-Mobile Germany ahead of any official launch. Its product page confirms features that have been widely rumored for the device, which should drop the Bold's 3G but carry the same GPS, Wi-Fi and 480x360 display. A relatively large 1,400mAh battery is onboard but should give the phone just four hours of battery life.

Bell announces BlackBerry Storm coming soon

10/09, 1:20pm

Bell confirms Storm launch

Following yesterday's report of Canadian wireless provider Telus receiving the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, Bell has made a virtually identical announcement on Thursday that takes advantage of Telus' non-exclusivity for the first BlackBerry touchscreen device. Features are identical between the two providers, including the 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, hybrid 3G network access, GPS mapping and a microSDHC card slot supported by 1GB of internal memory.

Details emerge on MSI 's U120 Wind netbook

10/09, 1:20pm

MSI U120 netbook details

Some initial photos and specifications have slipped out for MSI's promised U120 netbook, a report claims. As previously suggested, the U120 should retain a 10-inch screen, but add a 3G modem complete with its own SIM card slot. New information indicates that it will use a 120GB hard drive, with the option of a 20 or 40GB SSD drive being offered sometime after launch. Other wireless technologies should include 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Apple confirms October 14th notebook event

10/09, 12:40pm

Apple's Oct. 14th event

Apple has confirmed some earlier rumors through an invitation sent to the press on Thursday, announcing an event for next Tuesday, October 14th. The accompanying image depicts a Mac illuminated by a single shaft of light, with text underneath that reads "The spotlight turns to notebooks." The location for the event is said to be the Apple Town Hall, situated at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

AT&T joins Apple in online iPhone ordering

10/09, 12:00pm

AT&T online iPhone orders

Complementing a similar program from Apple, which involves the Apple Store, phone carrier AT&T has announced its own online ordering system for the iPhone. The program is designed to cut down on excessive wait times, generated by mandatory in-store activations; through the online service, people can perform a credit and eligibility check in advance, leaving only the purchase and activation to complete in an AT&T outlet.

Samsung SGH-a637 available at AT&T

10/09, 11:50am

Samsung a637 now at AT&T

The SGH-a637, an entry-level handset from Samsung, is now available from AT&T. The quad-band phone is one of AT&T's less expensive 3G devices but carries one-way video calls using AT&T's Video Share service. The integrated 1.3-megapixel camera supports video capture and stores either to the integrated 51MB of memory or to a microSD card. Assisted GPS functionality allows users to access the AT&T Navigator service on the phone's relatively small 1.9-inch LCD.

PlayStation Store for PSP due next week

10/09, 11:45am

PS Store for PSP Next Week

Sony in its keynote for the Tokyo Game Show today revealed a pair of new extensions for the PSP that significantly expand its role on the Internet. An impending update will bring the handheld direct access to the PlayStation Store over its Wi-Fi connection rather than having to use a PC or a PS3 as a conduit. The interface will mirror that of the PS3 store and will support downloading both games and content directly to a Memory Stick in the system, reducing the need to carry UMDs or to deal with slower loading times.

iPresentee posts Keynote Themes 3.0, free samples

10/09, 11:20am

Keynote Themes 3.0 out

Add-on producer iPresentee says it is now shipping Keynote Themes 3.0, an updated collection of its themes for Apple's presentation software. New to the pack are 10 more themes: Chocolate, Bloom, Book, Black Sea, Stripe, Blue Curve and Metal Lead, as well as Brown, Blue and Yellow versions of Conformation. Each contains a pre-arranged set of colors, fonts, backgrounds and frames, and can be scaled in resolution steps from 800x600 through to 1920x1080. Animation and effects can be added as necessary.

Samsung t919's T-Mobile name, launch info leak

10/09, 10:55am

Samsung t919 T-Mo Tips

Samsung's t919 for T-Mobile now has a firmer name and launch details, a scoop at TmoNews would suggest. Now called the Behold, the conversion of the Europe-focused Tocco is reportedly shipping on November 10th and would carry a contract price of $149 despite a number of high-end features that include a five-megapixel camera, microSDHC storage and 3G access over T-Mobile's native 1,700MHz band.

Dream Apps produces TaskMagic 1.0

10/09, 10:40am

TaskMagic 1.0 launches

Dream Apps says it has debuted the first version of TaskMagic, a new task management application. The software is based around the concept of grouping, which divides tasks based on difficulty, timeframe, or common topic. Tasks can be added from anywhere in the program, and it is said to use a "minimalistic" interface, in which people can rearrange projects for better efficiency. TaskMagic is available online from Dream Apps for $20.

Casing 'confirmed' as new 15in MacBook Pro

10/09, 10:35am

New MBP Casing Confirmed

The recently leaked new MacBook Pro case is accurate, according to a claim from AppleInsider. The example in the photo is described as a 15-inch model and does illustrate a different assembly technique for the system, though it doesn't appear to fit the "brick" rumor described earlier: where the existing system has a separate palm rest and keyboard area screwed into the top of a single-piece base and sides, the new model inverts the formula to create the top and sides from one piece of aluminum and attaches them through screws to a bottom shell.

ezGear introduces ezView Leather Case for iPhone 3G

10/09, 10:05am

ezView Leather for iPhone

ezGear has released the ezView Leather Case for the iPhone 3G. The case features a velcro band that can be used not only to seal the case shut, but to double as a support for landscape viewing. The case protects the entirety of the device, but still leaves access to all important controls, including the touchscreen, sleep/wake button and volume controls.

FileWave 3.6 expands installation options

10/09, 9:45am

FileWave 3.6 released

FileWave has released FileWave 3.6, an update to its software distribution application, adding two new installation options. FileWave allows users to configure and deploy bootable disk images over a network, complete with pre-loaded software, including software such as Adobe's Creative Suite or Microsoft's Office. The software also has the ability to send out system, security or program upgrades across a network.

Sling ships SlingCatcher media hub

10/09, 9:45am

SlingCatcher Ships

Sling today at last began shipping the SlingCatcher, its first device designed to bring digital content to TVs rather than the company's usual opposite approach. The hub has a pair of USB ports that allow it to pipe H.264, MPEG-2/4, WMV and XviD video plus related audio-only formats to the TV from an external hard drive or flash drive, up to and including 720p and 1080i HD clips. A sync app bundled with the SlingBox hopes to eliminate some video conversion problems by testing the compatibility of files before they're transferred to the hard drive.

Apple to bring iPhone Tech Talks on tour

10/09, 9:15am

Apple Tech Talk World Tour

Apple has scheduled a worldwide series of Tech Talk events for the iPhone, according to an announcement. Called the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour, the aim is intended to improve iPhone application development through expert help in optimizing code and interface design. Events are set to begin October 22nd in San Francisco and Paris, but will spread to a number of other major cities, such as London, Munich and Rome in Europe, Bangalore and Delhi in India, and Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney in the Pacific.

US judge extends ban on RealDVD sales

10/09, 9:05am

RealDVD ban extended

A temporary ban issued at the start of this week on RealNetwork's sales of its RealDVD software, which allows users to copy DVD movies, has been extended until a hearing is held to decide whether or not to make the ban more permanent. The stop in sales was ordered by a US federal judge after Hollywood studios, represented by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), sued RealNetworks over copyright issues. The extension came just one day after the original temporary ban, on Tuesday, according to a Thursday report.

ASUS plans touchscreen, dual-core Eee PCs

10/09, 9:00am

ASUS Touch Eee PCs Enroute

ASUS plans at least a pair of hardware upgrades to its Eee PC line that will point to the future of netbooks, the company's division manager Samson Hu said today. The executive now says the PC builder plans to unveil touchscreen Eee PC models at the Consumer Electronics Show in January; no details are available, but the company expects them to be catalysts for sales. It's unclear whether they would be tablet models or traditional folding designs, though Fujitsu and GigaByte both already have early models of their own.

MS sets X360 Experience date, adds new bundles

10/09, 8:05am

MS X360 Exp and Bundles

Microsoft today at the Tokyo Game Show set an official launch date for its New Xbox Experience. The revamped interface is now due to go live as of November 19th and is the first major change since the Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005. As shown at E3, the new design uses a much simpler panel interface instead of the usual blades and introduces Nintendo Mii-like avatars that represent users both in the friends list and in newer games. It also adds Netflix support and the ability to create parties of players that can chat and ensure they stay together through games.

MacBook case shots, $800 price claims appear

10/09, 7:35am

More MacBook Case Shots

Following an earlier leak of an alleged MacBook Pro case, new shots have surfaced today of what appears to be a new 13-inch MacBook through the same Taiwanese site that has carried earlier leaks. The new images show an aluminum casing reminiscent of a MacBook Air but which is just thick enough to include a full range of ports (similar to those of the current MacBook) as well as a slot-loading optical drive. It also shows a space for a larger trackpad.

iPhoneLive conference preview scheduled next week

10/09, 12:50am

iPhoneLive conference

O'reilly Media has scheduled a preview of its iPhoneLive conference, to be web-cast on Tuesday, October 14th at 10:00AM PDT. Program co-chairs Bill Dudney and Raven Zachary will be offering a glimpse of their presentations that will take place at the formal conference taking place on November 18th in San Jose. Bill's topic is Introduction to iPhone Development, a discussion aimed at getting people started with app creation for the device.

HistoryHound 1.9.5 offers improved search speed

10/09, 12:30am

HistroyHound 1 9 5 update

St. Clair Software has released the latest version of its web page history search tool, HistoryHound 1.9.5. The company claims improvements in search speed by a factor of 10. Another new addition is date specification to narrow queries. File downloading has been improved to avoid unsearchable items and pages larger than 2MB. Many user interface enhancements are offered, including a more attractive RSS feed display and resizable preference window and mini search palette.

NetGear unveils dual-band firewall with VPN security

10/09, 12:00am

ProSafe WirelessN firewall

NetGear has unveiled the SXRN3205 ProSafe Wireless-N Virtual Private Network (VPN) firewall, which the company claims is the first to combine dual band 5.0/2.4GHz Wireless-N with SSL and IPsec VPN. The product is designed for small businesses that require increased wireless performance and high security. The company has integrated its Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN firewall with a dual-band Wireless-N access point, which is also backwards compatible with 802.11g on the 2.4GHz band.


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