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NetGear unveils dual-band firewall with VPN security

10/09, 12:00am

ProSafe WirelessN firewall

NetGear has unveiled the SXRN3205 ProSafe Wireless-N Virtual Private Network (VPN) firewall, which the company claims is the first to combine dual band 5.0/2.4GHz Wireless-N with SSL and IPsec VPN. The product is designed for small businesses that require increased wireless performance and high security. The company has integrated its Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN firewall with a dual-band Wireless-N access point, which is also backwards compatible with 802.11g on the 2.4GHz band.

LG KC780 slider unveiled with 8MP camera

10/08, 11:20pm

LG KC780 adds 8MP camera

LG on Thursday unveiled the KC780, confirming earlier reports of the slim slider phone with a built-in 8 Megapixel camera and 2.4 inch widescreen LCD. LG advertises a Schneider-Kreuznach lens, which it says enhances clarity and sharpness of images. Also present in the camera are face and smile detection features, which puts the focus of the image on people's faces. The camera can also be configured to fire when a subject smiles, while a Beauty Mode removes subtle blemishes from a subject's face.

Apple receives Dock patent after 9 years

10/08, 10:00pm

Apple gets Dock patent

Apple has finally obtained a patent on the Dock - a holder for open or commonly used applications, documents, folders, and more in Mac OS X - according to a new document found by AppleInsider. The patent, titled "User interface for providing consolidation and access," was originally filed on December 20th, 1999, and covers actions such as fade-in rates, icon and cursor positioning, as well as the magnification factor when the cursor hovers over icons present in the dock.

Klipsch and Best Buy collaborate for Icon V speakers

10/08, 9:10pm

Klipsch Icon V speakers

Klipsch has debuted a new line of speakers, the Icon V series, born out of collaboration with Best Buy. The new speakers include the VF-35 and VF-36 floorstanders, VB-15 bookshelf, VC-25 center channel, and VS-14 surround models. The slim solid black cabinets and simple exterior give the speakers an understated aesthetic appearance. The new X-Tractrix tweeters are claimed to offer a smoother dispersion pattern and wide sound presentation, while still horn-loaded for use with standard A/V receivers.

Rhinoceros file translator available for modo users

10/08, 6:30pm

Rhino translator for modo

Luxology has released a .3DM file translator that will allow modo 302 users to exchange files with Rhinoceros software. Rhino files can be imported to modo and use its multi-threaded rendering engine to create walk-through or fly-by animations. Alternately, a design created using modo's organic modeling, 3D sculpting, or painting tools can be saved for final technical surfacing in Rhino, while all of the original materials and surface mesh details are retained.

Apple stops Colorado call center plans, 500 jobs lost

10/08, 5:55pm

Apple nixes call center

Apple is scrapping a Colorado Springs call center, which was going to handle increased call volume related to the iPod and iPhone, citing economic uncertainty and a higher level of product quality after the iPhone OS v2.1 update. An ex-potential employee tells The Gazette that the planned 500-worker site, operated initially by Volt Information Sciences, had already brought on employees with the understanding that the call center would commence training activities on October 13th.

Undercover 2.5 lowers network usage, memory footprint

10/08, 5:55pm

Undercover stolen Mac app

Orbicule has released Undercover 2.5, an update to its theft-recovery program for Mac OS X platforms. The new release now only connects to the internet when a network change occurs, claimed to reduce network traffic while making the recovery system more effective. The memory footprint and CPU usage have also been reduced by up to 75 percent. The program offers various tools to help recover a stolen Mac notebook or desktop computer.

Circuit City listing unveils new 17-inch HP notebook

10/08, 5:15pm

HP 17-inch notebook unveil

A Circuit City webstore listing is showing a new HP notebook, the 17-inch Compaq Presario CQ70. The previously unannounced notebook PC is part of HP's expansive CQ70 range, and uses Intel's Pentium dual core processor rated at 2GHz along with 3GB of DDR2 memory. Graphics for the 1440x900 resolution display come via the integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics processor.

Shuttle brings small X2700N nettop PC to the US

10/08, 5:10pm

Shuttle intros small PC

Shuttle PC has recently introduced its newest mini-desktop, the X2700N to the United States market. Like many netbooks, the small PC uses Intel's 1.6GHz Atom CPU paired with an onboard GMA 950 graphics processor and 1GB of DDR2 RAM memory. Wireless Internet access comes via a standard 802.11b/g card. The PC's standard 80GB hard drive comes preloaded with the Foresight Linux operating system, while a DVD burner is optional.

Navigon 5100 max with Bluetooth, more, coming soon?

10/08, 5:00pm

Navigon 5100 max coming?

A new Navigon portable GPS system is expected to come to market in the next few weeks, as it has been spotted undergoing testing at the FCC on Wednesday. The new unit, to be dubbed the Navigon 5100 max, is expected to include Bluetooth connectivity, a 4.3-inch screen and text-to-speech capability. A lifetime traffic update service is also to be part of the feature-set, along with Zagat ratings for restaurants stored in the point-of-interest database.

Photo of alleged 'brick'-based MacBook Pro emerges

10/08, 4:55pm

'Brick' MacBook Pro photo?

A photo of a new, upcoming MacBook Pro has been leaked online, a report claims. The model is described by Engadget as part of an upcoming refresh, and said to be based on a rumored "brick" manufacturing process, in which notebooks would be formed out of a single block of metal, using water and lasers to carve out details. This would potentially have a number of benefits for Apple, including greater durability and a reduced need for seams and screws.

Best Buy intros Blue Label products based on input

10/08, 4:50pm

Best Buy intros Blue Label

Electronics retail chain Best Buy on Wednesday announced the launch of its Blue Label range of products that have been developed based directly from consumer feedback. The retailer takes the input from its customers and works with hardware manufacturers to deliver what the customers want. Thus far comprised of just a pair of laptops based on feedback from customers about what their "ideal laptop" would include, the 13.3-inch HP Pavilion dv3510nr and 14.1-inch Toshiba E105-S1402, the Blue Label line is set to expand. Both notebooks are available exclusively through Best Buy.

Broadcom sues Qualcomm for misuse of patents

10/08, 4:35pm

Broadcom sues Qualcomm

Chipmakers Broadcom and Qualcomm are taking their fight to court yet again, as a Wednesday report has the former filing a patent misuse complaint in federal court against the latter. This is the latest development in the ongoing legal battles that date back to 2005 over mobile phone technology licensing between the two wireless device chipmakers. Broadcom claims Qualcomm's misuse of patents allows it to collect double the royalties it is entitled to, hurting the wireless industry and its consumers. The filing was made in a San Diego, California US District Court on Tuesday.

BenQ adds flagship 10MP DC C1060 to lineup

10/08, 4:15pm

BenQ adds 10MP DC C1060

BenQ on Tuesday unveiled its newest digital camera, the DC C1060, which features a 10-megapixel sensor and 3X optical zoom when recording 720x400 videos in 16:9 format or 640x480 videos at 30fps in the Motion JPEG format. For added grip and an upscale look, BenQ equipped the DC C1060 with a leather grip, while users view and frame photos via a 2.7-inch LCD screen. The digital camera also sports an ISO setting of 3200 for use in low-light environments.

Over half of 2009 cars will offer iPod connectivity

10/08, 4:05pm

More cars iPod capable

For customers wanting a car that communicates with their iPod, 2009 is going to be a good year to shop for a new car. Over half of the 2009 model-year cars sold in the US will offer at least optional support for Apple's iPod, according to research by iSuppli. The trend reflects automakers' desire to increase sales by offering popular technological features. iSuppli notes that American consumers have been demanding connectivity between their vehicles and their electronic equipment, especially iPods. The demands have pushed automakers to increase iPod compatibility heavily. In 2008 39-percent of vehicles shipped in the US had iPod compatibility, and iSuppli forecasts a jump to 58-percent in 2009.

GL Golf Lite introduced for iPhone, iPod touch

10/08, 4:00pm

GL Golf Lite for iPhone

Nuclear Nova Software has introduced GL Golf Lite, a free version of its 3D golfing game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game includes obstacles such as water, sand traps, trees and bushes, with an aim towards providing challenges similar to the real game. The Lite version offers four ad-supported courses, though these can still be played an unlimited number of times. In the full version, up to four players are supported, with five different 18-hole courses to choose from.

Netflix to charge $1 extra for Blu-ray rentals

10/08, 3:50pm

Netflix intros Blu-ray fee

Netflix on Wednesday announced it would make begin charging its subscribers an extra $1 and related tax for access to its Blu-ray movie library. The change is set to take place starting on November 5th, with Netflix citing the extra cost of Blu-ray movies compared to those on standard DVD as the reason for the change. Previously, users could pick either DVD or Blu-ray movies as part of their regular monthly rates, which begin at about $5.

Xplorer for Mac takes players on global treasure hunt

10/08, 3:45pm

Xplorer for Mac launched

The baKno game development studio has released Xplorer for Mac, a global treasure hunt title that features 10 different adventures. The game contains a list of hidden objects that gamers have to locate, while simultaneously working against the clock and traveling the world. Players can activate tools like a magnifying glass and an electronic detector, and be asked to find over 500 different items.

Motorola shows Wi-Fi-equipped Q 11

10/08, 3:40pm

Motorola Q 11

Motorola today quietly revealed its third major Windows Mobile smartphone update in the form of the Moto Q 11. The handset serves as a alternative to the Q 9 that drops the earlier phone's 3G link, keeping to quad-band GSM and EDGE in this particular version. In exchange, the new model gets Wi-Fi that boosts speeds above 3G and fills in coverage indoors. Motorola says it has struck a deal with Boingo to automatically link up with the provider's hotspots.

MBS 8.5 for REALbasic improves Java, adds classes

10/08, 3:30pm

MBS 8.5 update

Monkeybread software has launched version 8.5 of its MBS plug-ins for REALbasic, a collection of extensions for the development software. The plug-ins carry over 1,000 classes and 22,000 functions, and require a minimum of REALbasic 5.5 or later. MBS 8.5 adds an improved Java database and Phidget classes, as well as WindowsBurnMBS, WindowsProxyMBS, SignalHandlerMBS, NSAutoreleasePoolMBS, WindowsFolderChangeMBS and WindowsListMBS classes.

Suspect wanted in fraud of Apple, Fry's stores

10/08, 3:25pm

Apple Store fraud

A suspect is on the loose in the case of a fraud targeting Apple and Fry's Electronics stores, according to reports. The San Jose Police Department and the US Secret Service are said to be after Ernesto Ignacio Madrigal, a man accused of obtaining over $75,000 worth of electronics through the use of dubious credit cards from France and Germany. The crime spree is said to have occurred throughout California's Bay Area between November 8th and March 26th.

Apple unveils 'Field Trip' program for kids

10/08, 3:20pm

Apple 'Field Trips'

Apple has unveiled its latest campaign aimed at marketing to children, inviting teachers to bring groups of students to Apple Stores for a field trip. Some of the activities that the students will be guided through include creating photo albums, editing movies, building websites and making music, all on Mac computers. Apple will bring in specialists and trainers for the program, and provide free t-shirts as well as personalized invitations.

Babelingo 1.3 iPhone translation utility released

10/08, 3:00pm

Babelingo 1 3 update

Alta Vida has released the latest version of its translation utility for the iPhone and iPod touch, Babelingo 1.3. The update includes support for Portugese, and enables users to view phonetic phrases for Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi. Other languages that can be translated (to and from) include English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Czech.

ASUS takes own turn with WiMAX notebooks

10/08, 2:50pm

ASUS WiMAX Notebooks

Joining with Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba, ASUS on Wednesday became the latest to unveil its first notebooks specifically capable of using Sprint's new Xohm service. The 14.1-inch F8Va-C2WM is billed as the true mobile WiMAX system of the collection but carries a comparatively high-end 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive that amount to a $1,599 price point.

BurnAgain FS 1.1 update adds Tiger support, more

10/08, 2:45pm

BurnAgain improves erase

Freeridecoding has released a v1.1 update to its multi-session CD/DVD burning utility, BurnAgain FS. The patch adds Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger support and a German localization, as well as improvements to the software's file-removing feature. FS treats CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs like hard drives, mounting them as a volume on the desktop for adding files, changing disc titles and "erasing" files by making them inaccessible. The discs can be read on any platform, but still retain Mac resource forks.

EMI to launch own-label online music store

10/08, 2:05pm

EMI Launching Own Store

EMI is planning to launch an online music store of its own rather than just depend on outside stores, a claim from the Financial Times says [registration required]. The record label began developing the store earlier this year and will let users buy music and videos directly from EMI's site. Formats, pricing and a launch date are still unknown, though at least a small amount of content will be free. EMI was also one of the first major labels to accept unprotected formats.

Kingston ships new 32GB DataTraveler

10/08, 1:15pm

Kingston 32GB flash stick

Kingston Technology says it is shipping a new USB flash drive, the DataTraveler 150. The drive is available solely in a 32GB capacity, and is distinguished by its bright orange coloring and a removable cap which can attach to its rear while in use. Though it supports Windows Vista and its ReadyBoost memory expansion technology, the 150 is also compatible with Windows XP and 2000, Mac OS X 10.3 or better, and versions of Linux past v2.6. It is on sale for $139.

Super Talent intros Mini PCIe SSDs for ASUS Eee PCs

10/08, 12:55pm

Super Talent Mini PCIe SSD

Super Talent on Tuesday announced the release of a line of mini PCI-Express SSD memory for use in the ASUS Eee PC lineup that includes the Eee PC 701, 702, 900, 901, 903, 905 and 1000. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, the three SSDs read data at 40MB per second and write back at 15MB per second while also offering a quick way to upgrade the maximum built-in 20GB of storage of the supported Eee PC netbooks. Each PCIe SSD memory card can be had in either NAND MLC or NAND SLC versions.

Lenovo adds WiMAX options for ThinkPads

10/08, 12:25pm

Lenovo WiMAX ThinkPads

Lenovo says it has added an option for Intel's long-range wireless technology, WiMAX, to several of its ThinkPad notebooks. The computers are specifically intended to coincide with Sprint's new Xohm WiMAX service, and include variants of the X301, T400, Sl300 and SL500. The option will become available on the W500, W700, SL400 and X200 later this year, and plans are in the works for the IdeaPad Y530.

Acer intros first Xohm-friendly notebooks

10/08, 12:20pm

Acer intros WiMAX laptops

Acer on Wednesday announced the launch of its first notebooks that support Sprint's 4G Xohm WiMAX network, which officially debuted just over a week ago in Baltimore. The Acer Aspire 4930-6862 and Aspire 6930-6771 are identical in pricing and specs, with the exception of the latter's 1366x768 16-inch LCD over the former's 1280x800 14.1-inch display. The pair will use Intel's combined WiMAX/Wi-Fi module, which is part of the Intel WiMAX/Wi-Fi Link 5050 Series. Either new notebook will also use the same 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 3GB of RAM, with graphics processing handled by the onboard Intel GMA 4500MHD.

iWeb SEO Tool 1.0 optimizes search engine results

10/08, 11:50am

SEO Tool preps iWeb pages

Rage Software has launched iWeb SEO Tool 1.0, a utility that optimizes a user's website for search engines. In addition to search engine optimization, it offers the ability to add title pages, metatags and alternative image text, all without delving into HTML code. Rage claims that Apple's iWeb-based pages are not designed to rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Live, and the SEO tool can gear the pages for better results.

Toshiba outs U405 as first WiMAX notebook

10/08, 11:45am

Toshiba U405 for WiMAX

Toshiba helped kick off a special event for Sprint's Xohm service by launching its first official WiMAX-equipped notebook. The 13.3-inch Satellite U405 now has one of the 4G adapters built-in and so can pull roughly 2Mbps to 4Mbps most anywhere in Baltimore and other cities soon to get the 4G-level wireless access. Toshiba's implementation also uses Intel's "Echo Peak" adapter to include Wi-Fi without adding to the system's bulk.

Scosche announces new iPhone/iPod products

10/08, 11:40am

Scosche announcements

Scosche has announced the upcoming release of several new cases, chargers, in-vehicle mounting devices and clock radios, designed for the iPhone 3G and Apple's newest iPod models. The kickBACK is a hard shell case for the iPhone 3G that features two interchangeable back panels, one smooth and one with a hinged kickstand for landscape viewing. Each case also comes with a screen protector, and two additional sets of rubber traction feet. The case can be pre-ordered for $30.

Moto RAZR outselling iPhone 3G in US

10/08, 11:15am

RAZR Still Outsells iPhone

Despite four years on the market, Motorola's RAZR V3 is still the best-selling cellphone in the US, the NPD Group says. While exact market share isn't published, the researchers put the clamshell design above the second-place iPhone 3G as well as the BlackBerry Curve, LG Chocolate and BlackBerry Pearl in the top five. The RAZR earns its position primarily through its sheer availability, as the device sells through nearly all major and minor carriers in the US and is often available for free or at a low price on a contract.

Sync'Em v1.0 released with Google contact support

10/08, 11:10am

Sync'Em v1.0 released

New software for syncing Exchange, Google and Apple contact and calendar information is said to have reached the end of beta testing. The completed release of Sync'Em has received support for syncing Google contacts, beyond those found in Exchange and/or Address Book. Support for syncing Google and iCal calendar events is still in development, but the developers say they hope to have this added by mid-November.

Opera 9.6 intros optimized mail options

10/08, 10:55am

Opera updated to 9.6

Opera Software has released the latest version of its web browser, Opera 9.6. The update enhances the performance of Opera's built-in e-mail client, and also adds new features to Opera Link, a free browser synchronization service. Opera Link now lets people synchronize custom search engines and typed history, meaning visited websites will be available across all of a user's computers. A new feed preview has been added as well, permitting users to see RSS feeds before subscribing to them or creating bookmarks.

VNC Enterprise adds support for iPhone, others

10/08, 10:40am

VNC Enterprise update

RealVNC has announced an update to VNC Enterprise Edition, its remote access software for Mac, Windows and Unix systems. The program is used to assume (authorized) control of another computer, regardless of its operating system. The upcoming release introduces support for a variety of cellphones, including the iPhone, all of which will be able to control a computer. Moreover, system administrators will be able to manage a corporation's phones through VNC.

Analysts lower phone outlook on economy woes

10/08, 10:25am

Analysts Drop Phone Ests

Rapidly spreading economic deterioration is likely to have a severe impact on the growth of cellphone sales next year, according to estimates published today by analysts. UBS technology researcher Maynard Um is one of the most conservative and now says the phone industry will grow at just half the rate in 2009 as estimated earlier, with shipments moving upwards by just three percent versus an earlier six percent prediction. Um dismisses claims that phones are less likely to be affected and says there should be a direct link between poorer economies and reduced spending on phones.

New iPhone app allows landscape-mode e-mail

10/08, 9:55am

TouchType for iPhone/iPod

An independent app has been released that attempts to a address an underlying problem with iPhones and iPod touches. In regular use of an Apple handheld, the built-in Mail client does not have the option of switching to a landscape-mode keyboard, despite its presence when using Safari. TouchType is a separate e-mail client whose sole purpose is to allow typing in landscape, thereby making the keys larger, and increasing the spaces between them for the sake of accuracy.

iGraffiti 1.1 iPhone app adds color tool, public art

10/08, 9:50am

iGraffiti 1 1 for iPhone

Big Stone Phone has released an update to its drawing and paint program for the iPhone and iPod touch, iGraffiti 1.1. The latest version includes support for viewing public art from within the program, and a color picker to select any color from the picture. Shaking the phone will bring up an erase dialog to select last, all, or cancel. A new menu item allows for easy zoom in or out, with a preference for "Pinch-to-Zoom."

Intel worried patents hurt by AMD split

10/08, 9:35am

Intel on AMD Split

Intel today said it was concerned its patents might be at risk as a result of AMD's manufacturing split. The former company licenses its x86 chip architecture and other key technologies to AMD and has "serious questions" about whether those licenses will be honored if AMD's division into design and manufacturing companies is approved, according to Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy.

Apple pulls in five British Technology Awards

10/08, 9:20am

Apple wins BTA awards

Apple has won five prizes at this year's British Technology Awards, sponsored by a regional publisher. Four of these are for the iPhone, which earned Apple Gadget of the Year, Best Mobile Technology, Most Stylish Technology and Technological Innovation of the Year. The fourth is for the iTunes Store, which won under the aegis of Best Music Technology. The distribution of awards was based on public voting.

Razer makes Arctosa, Lycosa Mirror keyboards official

10/08, 9:10am

Razer Arctosa and Lycosa

Razer today officially released a pair of keyboards aimed at its characteristic gaming crowd. The Arctosa is its first real budget gaming keyboard and is shaped similar to the Lycosa but sheds the backlighting, USB, and audio output jacks that lift the price of the earlier input hardware. It continues to use the short-travel keys and macro programming features and claims to wipe out the "ghosting" effect that hinders movement when using the WASD key layout in many first-person shooter titles. Razer ships the Arctosa in November for $50 with either silver or black lettering on its black keys.

BlackBerry Storm non-exclusive at Telus in Canada

10/08, 8:20am

BBerry Storm for Telus

Quickly following the American launch, Telus on Wednesday also said it would be one of the first to carry the BlackBerry Storm in Canada. Its version is an exact match for the Verizon model and includes both CDMA plus EVDO Revision A for Telus' own network as well as the quad-band GSM plus EDGE and single-band HSPA that let the device roam on world networks. The GPS mapping, 1GB of internal storage plus microSDHC and 3.2-megapixel camera likewise port over to the Canadian edition.

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm takes on iPhone

10/08, 7:25am

BlackBerry Storm at VZW

Verizon and RIM today at last formally introduced the American version of the BlackBerry Storm, RIM's first touchscreen phone and Verizon's most direct competitor to the iPhone. The handset centers on a 3.25-inch, 480x360 display which includes a unique physical "click" to partly recreate a physical button press. In Verizon guise, the smartphone is also special for its inclusion of both EVDO Revision A for cellular data as well as single-band HSPA, giving it 3G access on some networks outside of North America. Calling is also available on CDMA and quad-band GSM/EDGE.

i.TV launches movie and TV guide for iPhone, Touch

10/08, 12:30am

i TV iPhone movie TV guide

i.TV has launched a movie and TV guide for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users are provided with current TV and movie listings that can be separated by categories such as genre, channel, or show. The app can be configured to automatically filter and exclude certain information such as adult content. The information that is sent to the phone is relevant to the user location and customized profile settings.


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