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YouTube integrates Amazon, iTunes links

10/07, 11:50pm

YouTube offers legit links

YouTube is integrating functionality for and Apple's iTunes Store into YouTube partner video pages, allowing users to purchase related content from record companies like EMI, or various software packages, books, and other media. The move comes in response to many users' requests of where to find a particular song, or when a game would be released. YouTube says the feature is designed to provide users with a non-obtrusive way to obtain legitimate copies of content.

Brother intros new line of multifunction printers

10/07, 10:30pm

Brother ships new printers

Brother has launched its next generation of inkjet printers, with printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities on all three new models. Its flagship MFC-790CW also includes a 4.2-inch touch screen and wireless networking. The 790 model includes 802.11 b/g wireless network support for printing without wires and supporting multiple PCs at once, direct printing from media cards and through its PictBridge interface and a 15-page automatic document feeder. It also has front-loading inks, a telephone handset with a digital answering machine built in and prints at a 33 page per minute rate.

NetSketch 1.3 adds tabbed colors, improved email

10/07, 10:00pm

NetSketch 1 3 update has introduced the latest version of its collaborative drawing app, NetSketch 1.3 for the iPhone or iPod touch. Updates include a tabbed color picker to make transitions faster while drawing. Each tab can be assigned to a particular color and brush size, allowing users to quickly switch between options. The email interface has also been improved, claimed to be more reliable when sending large files and now included a progress indicator.

Vodafone makes BB Storm official, giveaway offer

10/07, 8:15pm

Vodafone BB Storm official

Vodafone recently launched an official website for the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 9500 handheld for its customers in the United Kingdom, offering users a 360 degree view of the device, as well as views of several of its features. While Vodafone is silent on when to expect shipment (a notice on the page merely says "Coming Soon"), the company highlights a promotional give-away, in which there are 20 of the devices for users to win before October 25th.

imageSynth 2 image processing tool released

10/07, 7:50pm

imageSynth 2 tool released

Luxology has announced the availability of imageSynth 2, the newest version of its image processing tool that can run as a standalone program or plugin for Adobe Photoshop. The release is claimed to offer speeds up to ten times faster than previous versions. The tool is designed for processing images into new seamless textures, synthetic images or backgrounds, and generating high resolution tile-able images from low resolution sources.

Sketches 1.4 for iPhone adds eraser, email, text

10/07, 7:20pm

Sketches iPhone update

LateNiteSoft has introduces Sketches 1.4, the latest update to its drawing app for the iPhone or iPod touch. The new version includes new options and tools including support for text input, an eraser tool, and additional clipart shapes. An integrated web server allows users to download images from the device in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats. An email function has also been added, expanding the export options even further.

Piper: Apple gaining in teen preferences, purchases

10/07, 6:50pm

Piper survey Apple teens

Analyst firm Piper Jaffray recently completed a national teen survey of buying habits and preferences, and the results show Apple's lead pushing ahead even further. Of the questioned high school students, 22 percent planned on buying an iPhone in the next six months, a significant jump from nine percent in the spring survey. Eight percent already own the phone, up from six percent in the previous report. Of the students that plan on buying a mobile phone, 33 percent named the iPhone as their choice.

Grafly graphical calculator introduced for iPhone

10/07, 6:20pm

Grafly graphical calc

Em Software has introduced Grafly, a graphical calculator application for the iPhone or iPod touch. The program provides equation graphing interactivity, touch-based zoom and scroll for arbitrarily complex graphs, and a "live gravity" mode that allows the graph to be viewed from different angles by moving the device "around the figure." Both 2D and 3D equations are supported, with shading, lighting, and inside/outside distinctions.

LaCie unveils 5big Network 5-bay RAID, up to 7.5TB

10/07, 5:55pm

LaCie 5big Network RAID

LaCie has unveiled its latest storage device, the 5big Network, featuring five RAID drive bays and capacity up to 7.5TB. The drives can be configured across seven RAID modes including RAID 5 and RAID 6 which protect the data from the failure of one or two disks, respectively. An aluminum housing protects the hot-swappable drives that can be locked into place for added security. Various network protocols are supported for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems, with a maximum capacity of 25 concurrent users.

Tranquility iPhone app offers relaxing audio, visuals

10/07, 5:35pm

Tranquility for iPhone

Freeverse has unveiled Tranquility, an iPhone application for relaxing or meditating. Audio tracks and visuals are provided for "aural landscapes" that include Zen Meditation, Flowing Water, Ocean Waves, White Noise, Rain, Thunderstorms, Mechanical Hums, and more. The user interface is simple, offering volume controls and settings to turn the sound off after a period of time.

Sleek Audio and Kleer unveil wireless adapter

10/07, 4:45pm

Sleek and Kleer adapter

Sleek Audio and Kleer have collaborated on bringing a wireless music streaming adapter for use with Sleek Audio's SA6 in-ear headphones. The Sleek Wireless adapter uses Kleer's 2.4GHz radio link, which is said to achieve 10 times more battery life than a comparable Bluetooth headset, to deliver CD-quality sound. The adapter replaces the cable of the headphones by plugging into the SA6 earphones' 3.5mm stereo jack, and features a built-in battery rated for 10 hours of listening time, outlasting many of the source players' battery ratings.

Investor: MS has "Google-envy," distracted

10/07, 4:45pm

Investor on MS Distraction

Microsoft has distracted itself to where it's no longer a viable investment, Greenlight Capital investor David Einhorn says in a comment on the results of his company's summer quarter. He accuses the Windows developer of an "overaggressive and almost panicky" approach to competing with Google, at first launching an attempt to buy Yahoo only to overcompensate for its unsuccessful deal by spending large amounts of money on its own efforts to compete with Google in search and web ads.

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab available for iPhone

10/07, 4:35pm

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

Freeverse has released its latest application for the iPhone and iPod touch, Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, which offers five different puzzle modes. Gamers must help the Burning Monkey, Monty, clear the game board of puzzle pieces. The Color Reaction game requires matching colored balls; Hex Bonding involves assembling falling pieces into rows, and Test Tube has gamers rotate balls in-line to create matches. The remaining two modes, Zen and Mission, are simply rearrangements of the previous ones.

Best Buy Mobile leak shows dates of future handsets

10/07, 4:35pm

Best But Mobile lea

A leaked Best Buy Mobile presentation slide that surfaced on Monday has revealed ship dates for a few upcoming handsets from various carriers. The leak revealed the Verizon Blitz in Titanium, which is priced at $300 on Best Buy's site and only marked as Coming Soon, will ship on October 26th. Other handsets set to ship on the same date according to the slide include the HTC Touch Pro with Sprint, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 with T-Mobile and the Samsung M540 Rant from Sprint in black, an exclusive-to-Best Buy purple or red.

Logitech launches Wireless Microphone

10/07, 4:30pm

Logitech intros microphone

Peripheral maker Logitech on Tuesday announced it will soon release the Logitech Wireless Microphone for avid gamers. The microphone connects to PCs and is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 as well as the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming systems thanks to a USB port. The microphone relies on the 2.4GHz frequency to provide the wireless connection to its USB base which doubles as a holder, with range of up to 30 feet. Logitech claims the two included AA batteries will last more than 20 hours.

Samsung adds ultra-fast 22X DVD burners

10/07, 4:20pm

Samsung intros DVD burners

Samsung on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of three new DVD burners to add to its Super-WriteMaster series with the SH-S223Q SATA internal drive and the SH-S222A and SH-S222L PATA internal drives. All are capable of writing at 22X speeds, which translates to about 29.7MBps and, Samsung claims, is among the fastest speed currently available in commercial burners. The SH-S223Q and the SH-S222L also feature LightScribe technology that allows users to engrave CDs and DVDs with labels, photos and other designs.

Toshiba launches portable projector with USB port

10/07, 4:15pm

Toshiba portable projector

Toshiba on Tuesday announced the release of its portable TLP-X150U projector, which features a USB port that allows users to make presentations without the need for a PC and has closed captioning capabilities. The slim 3LCD projector features a native resolution of 1024x768 and 2600 lumens brightness along with a 600:1 contrast ratio. The projector weighs in at 4lbs, is less than 3 inches tall and comes with a carrying bag to promote its portability. Toshiba's Natural Color Enhancer5 software sharpens up the colors.

Free training pack offered for ConceptDraw Office

10/07, 4:15pm

ConceptDraw training pack

CS Odessa has released a training pack for ConceptDraw Office, offering numerous instructional videos for ConceptDraw Office users. The training packs include user scenarios, tips and tricks, samples and other training tools. The new training pack is a free service to customers.

ExactScan 2.1 offers improved speed, scanner support

10/07, 4:00pm

ExactScan 2 1 update

ExactCODE has released an upgrade to its scanning software, ExactScan 2.1. The latest version is claimed to offer speed improvements, and support for scanners with TWAIN drivers. Copies can now be made using a scanner and printer, and a new option automatically detects and removes blank pages, with adjustable sensitivity settings. ExactScan uses image enhancement algorithms to detect and correct cropping and skewing of pages, with automatic thresholding to adjust the darkness of black-and-white documents.

Spell Catcher X 10.3 improves suggestions, vocabulary

10/07, 3:45pm

Spell Catcher X 10.3

Rainmaker Research has released Spell Catcher X 10.3, the latest version of its spellchecking and writing tools. The DirectConnect function instantly displays errors as they appear, allowing for immediate correction or continued working with all of the catches being saved for later fixing. The software is configurable to auto-correct common mistakes, such as inverting two letters in a word.

First Look: SyncMate, Mac/Smartphone Synchronization

10/07, 3:40pm


So many people store crucial names, addresses, phone numbers, and documents on mobile devices such as smart phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Storing this information on a mobile device is easy, but the hard part comes in synchronizing this data with your Macintosh. Sharing and synchronizing contact information with a Macintosh may be easy using an iPhone and the process isn't too much more difficult when using a Palm device. However, the real problem comes when you use a Mac as your main computer, but use a Windows Mobile device as your mobile device. Since the Mac won't recognize a Windows Mobile device, you need an additional program to link these two devices together. One such solution is SyncMate.

BlackBerry Storm due Wed. at London event?

10/07, 3:35pm

BBerry Storm Tomorrow

The BlackBerry Storm should finally receive a more formal announcement as early as tomorrow, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky claims in an investment note issued today. The researcher expects RIM's first touchscreen smartphone will be announced this week and may appear on Wednesday in London. The venue would likely be used chiefly for the phone's launch on Vodafone but should be accompanied soon if not immediately by news of a Verizon model for the US.

New partnership brings iPhone award to IGF Mobile '09

10/07, 3:25pm

iPhone at IGF Mobile '09

Think Service and ngmoco have established a new partnership that will add a $10,000 "best iPhone game" prize to the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile. The partnership also includes a Gold Sponsorship of the IGF Mobile event, which is now entering its second year. iPhone developers who enter a game will be eligible for all of the IGF Mobile categories, including design, art, technical and audio awards, a Best Game award as well as a few other major prizes. This year will also allow developers to enter their games free of charge.

Mozy launches Mac-based, business-level online backup

10/07, 3:15pm

MozyPro for Mac launched

Mozy has launched a new online backup service intended for businesses, MozyPro for Mac. It is currently in beta form, offering backup services for businesses that rely on Mac desktops, notebooks and servers. It represents an extension of MozyHome, and allows businesses using either Mac OS X or Windows to backup all computers while managing both backup and restore processes from a web-based administration console. MozyPro also supports iCal Server, Mail Services and Directory on Mac OS X Server and Exchange, and SQL Server and Active Directory on Windows Server.

DVDO ships EDGE 1080p video upscaler

10/07, 3:15pm

DVDO ships EDGE upscaler

Anchor Bay Technologies has begun shipping its DVDO EDGE video processor that upscales and deinterlaces signals to 1080p for HD home theater systems. The device offers six HDMI inputs, including one on the front panel for gaming consoles. Two HDMI outputs are provided, one for audio and video for connecting to an HDTV, and one that offers only audio signal for connecting to an A/V receiver.

Forum roundup: G5 controversy, Firefox fan, more

10/07, 3:05pm

Forums: G5 controversy

Forum roundup: A hot topic of conversation in the MacNN forums recently was started by one user who believes that their G5 Mac is still able to compete with more modern models. One forum member has switched to Firefox instead of Safari and sparked a lengthy debate and comparison of the two browsers. A discussion about the lack of basic functions in the iPhone is the topic in this thread. One forum goer looks for help getting their newly installed Facebook app to work on their iPod touch. One member is new to Mac and is looking for the best way to keep their system secure.

Trans International launches Pro Drive for Mac Pro

10/07, 2:55pm

Pro Drive 2.5-inch RAID

Trans International has released its new Pro Drive for the Mac Pro. The Pro Drive is a 2.5-inch dual hard drive enclosure, designed to replace a Mac Pro's hard drive. The drive can be setup (via a switch on the enclosure) to run in a RAID 0 or 1 configuration, for speed (RAID 0) or redundancy (RAID 1), while occupying the space of a single 3.5-inch drive. Trans International is promising 400MB per second performance when four Pro Drives are loaded in a Mac Pro and set for RAID 0.

Research turns LEDs into 10Mbps wireless

10/07, 2:55pm

Smart LED Lighting

Boston University says that it has developed the basics of a new wireless data method that would allow computers and other devices to communicate in a room without the traditional weaknesses of Wi-Fi. Instead of using radio waves, the new approach would use an optical wireless system that would translate very rapid pulses in LED lighting into data signals. Each light would be capable of as much as 10Mbps and would effectively serve as an access point for a central network node by broadcasting to network devices with a line of sight.

Apple deals: Mac peripherals, iPods

10/07, 2:20pm

Apple deals: Mac gear

A selection of previous generation refurbished iPods are now available at Apple's online store. The 1GB iPod shuffle is the lowest priced at $39 in silver, blue, green or purple with the 2GB Shuffle a close second at $59 in the same colors as the 1GB model. Next up at $99 is the 8GB iPod nano in silver, blue, green, black or pink. The iPod classic has two color (black or silver) and memory configurations to chose from, 80GB for $169 and 160GB for $249. Last is the iPod touch in 8GB ($179), 16GB ($219), and 32GB ($319) configurations.

DealNN: iPod shuffle, Iomega 1TB, discount Macs

10/07, 2:15pm

DealNN: iPod shuffle

Today's deals at DealNN include iPods, external hard drives and discount Macs. Apple's online store is offering the previous generation refurbished 2GB iPod shuffle for $59 and it is available in four colors silver, blue, green or purple. Save $150 on the Creative Xdock wireless music system for iPod at, it was $199.99, now $49.99. The 1TB Iomega external hard drive in glossy black is available at for $169. For one day only (10/7/08) has dropped the price on the HP Officejet thermal InkJet all in one color printer from $79.99 to $39.99 and included free shipping. Save $110 on the 2.1GHz MacBook in white priced at $979 at

Analyst: NVIDIA to exit chipsets in 2009

10/07, 1:45pm

NVIDIA to stop chip making

According to an analyst with the Pacific Crest Securities, chipset manufacturer NVIDIA will stop making media and communications chipsets in 2009, representing 21 percent of the company's current revenue. While the Tuesday report notes that NVIDIA had flat-out denied similar rumors back in August, its partners AMD and Intel are both are breaking into the mainboard chipset business themselves, Intel with in-house efforts and AMD with the recent purchase of chipmaker ATI.

Apple faces pressure over replaceable batteries

10/07, 1:35pm

Apple battery controversy

Developing European Union guidelines could force Apple to adopt a more user- and environmentally-friendly approach to batteries, reports say. The legal body is currently in the process of drafting a "New Batteries Directive," which would expand on the present set of guidelines designed to make it easier to remove, dispose of and/or recycle old batteries. The present directive indicates that companies must make it simple to remove batteries from electronics; the proposed one would insist that batteries can be "readily removed" for replacement or disposal.

HTC: No Touch HD coming to US

10/07, 12:40pm

HTC: No Touch HD in US

Americans will not have access to the Touch HD phone, maker HTC has announced through its Twitter feed. The company says that although it "looked into it," it has decided that by the time the HD could be converted and imported into the US, the device would be "old news." It is promising "other cool stuff" later down the line, but has not specified what this may mean.

Nintendo dashes hopes of early Wii HD info

10/07, 12:20pm

Nintendo on Wii HD Rumors

Claims of leaked early details for a Wii HD console are false, Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime says in a new interview with VentureBeat. The rumor, which described an upgraded console fast enough to output HD video and with permanent storage, is described as "pure rumor and speculation" by the executive that has been misinterpreted as fact by some outlets. Fils-Aime doesn't deny an eventual update but debunks the notion that Nintendo would gauge first reactions to an update by showing a prototype to developers.

NASA's Picture of the Day viewable on iAPODViewer

10/07, 12:05pm

iAPODViewer for iPhone

A new app has launched for the iPhone and iPod touch, iAPODViewer, which allows users to more easily access the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). The viewer offers an iPhone-optimized interface, with rotated and full-size image viewing -- for zooming and scrolling around -- as well as keyword searches, and the ability to save favorite APODs. The latter are stored in the iPhone's photo library for later recall. Each image features a description of the scene from an astronomer.

Feral to ship ToCA Race Driver 3 on Oct 24th

10/07, 12:00pm

ToCA Race Driver 3 soon

Feral Interactive says that Codemasters' ToCA Race Driver 3, previously released in 2006 for the PC and consoles, should finally ship in a Mac version on October 24th. The game covers 35 different types of racing, including GT, rally, off-road and oval, and is correspondingly said to have some 70 licensed cars, and 80 licensed tracks. A physics engine is claimed to deliver "authentic" handling for each car.

Nikon intros Wi-Fi video player, headset combo

10/07, 11:20am

Nikon UP300x

Breaking out of its normal camera business, Nikon this morning unveiled its unique Media Port UP300x media player. The device mounts a video eyepiece on headphones that supplies a 640x480 picture equivalent to a 50-inch screen viewed from 10 feet away. The unusual trick lets owners watch MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and WMV videos while on foot, on public transit or other areas where users want large-screened video without access to a regular TV. It also builds in 802.11g Wi-Fi and supports not just web browsing with Flash and Javascript but also buying music and video directly from an online store.

AKVIS Sketch 8.0 adds EXIF info, preview

10/07, 11:20am

AKVIS Sketch 8.0 released

AKVIS has posted v8.0 of Sketch, one of several photo utilities the company produces. Sketch is used to transform photos into mock pencil, charcoal or watercolor illustrations; users can additionally choose vary degrees of conversion, and introduce effects such as motion, swirl and/or selective blur. Selection is handled by special pencil tools which omit or include parts of an image.

MS Surface SDK available later this month

10/07, 10:40am

Surface SDK available soon

Microsoft will release the long-promised Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Surface tabletop computer at its Professional Developer Conference set to begin on October 27. according to a Tuesday report. Apart from distributing the SDK to developers other than current partners AT&T and Starwood hotels, both of whom have been using Surface computers in their retail and hotel locations, the software giant will hold a tutorial on how to take advantage of the new platform when writing Surface applications.

Apple too conservative on margins?

10/07, 10:40am

Piper on Apple margins

Apple's predictions on future gross margins may be overly conservative, say analysts with Piper Jaffray. The group notes that Apple has warned people of lower margins for its September quarter, guiding them down 330bps to 31.5 percent; the average sequential decrease over the past two September quarters is said to have been 220bps. Piper suggests that the new figure is too low, and is keeping to its estimate of 32 percent.

Chumby gets Pandora Internet radio, more

10/07, 10:20am

Chumby Gets Pandora

Chumby today added support for a new set of features on its namesake customizable Internet media device. The updates are headlined by the addition of Pandora's radio streams; users can now listen to their personal Internet music feeds on the device and flag songs as they would on a computer or cellphone to favorite certain music styles or exclude others. Pandora can also be used as the default alarm along with other usual sources. Using the new stream on the Chumby is free.

HP moving industry to 13in, 16:9 notebooks?

10/07, 9:45am

HP and shift to 13in 16-9

A design decision from HP could lead much of the notebook business to making small 16:9 aspect ratio displays, according to alleged tips from manufacturers. The American PC builder is purportedly set to focus much of its energy on portables with 13- to 13.9-inch LCDs in the significantly wider proportions starting from the fall, pulling much of the industry with it by making the extra-wide displays common. The shift is said to be prompted by the lower price of making 13-inch screens versus 14-inch equivalents with the same ratio.

Pro Tools 8 to host new interface, effects

10/07, 9:30am

Pro Tools 8 preview

The Avid-owned firm Digidesign has revealed some of the details of Pro Tools 8, the next version of its music production suite. The major focus of the software will be its interface, which is firstly being given a more cosmetically "modern" look, but also adjustments to windows and options. The Edit window toolbar can now be configured, for instance, and Editor windows are dockable, including new MIDI and Score Editor tools.

ASUS 1st with true quad-core gaming notebook

10/07, 8:50am

ASUS G71 Quad Notebook

ASUS on Tuesday set out to claim a first for notebooks by launching the 17-inch G71 notebook. The system is the first gaming-oriented notebook to have the option a true mobile quad-core processor rather than using a large, hot-running desktop part. The shift not only lets ASUS produce a reasonably-sized system but also removes some of the barriers on performance; although the stock Core 2 Extreme chip runs at 2.53GHz, the lack of hardware restrictions lets owners overclock the processor to levels that more closely match desktops.

AMD splits into design, chipmaking firms

10/07, 8:00am

AMD Splits

AMD this morning took a radical step to improve its fortunes by launching into its promised split into two separate companies. The plan will see AMD break off its semiconductor manufacturing business into a separate company, for now known as the The Foundry Company, and will result in the new company both assuming about $1.2 billion of AMD's debt and the Abu Dhabi-based firm Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) supplying about $2.1 billion to both start up the new company as well as to help earn a majority stake in the project, which will also give it 55.6 percent of shares.

Victoria school forced to change apple logo

10/07, 12:30am

Apple knocks VSBT logo

Apple's legal team is targeting a Vancouver Island college, Victoria School of Business and Technology, over its logo, which bares a slight resemblance to the Cupertino-based electronics manufacturer's famous logo. CBC News writes that the school uses a stylized blue and green apple logo, with the letters VSBT adorning the upper left corner. The positioning of the logo's single leaf is most likely Apple's cause for concern, despite almost 3000 out of 4000 users polled said the logos sufficiently differ.


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