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Marware unveils new cases for iPod touch 2G, nano 4G

10/06, 11:45pm

New Marware iPod cases

Marware has unveiled several new iPod cases, including the Glide and Sportsuit Convertible for the Touch 2G, and the Sport Grip and Sportsuit Convertible for the Nano 4G. The Glide case is made from textured Nappa leather with a microfiber interior. A recessed pull-tab is designed to allow the iPod to be pulled out easily, and the case works with either the second-generation Touch or the original. The Glide is shipping now, and available in black, blue, purple, or pink colors for $25. Included is a clear protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Zoho DB produces reports for iPhone app developers

10/06, 11:05pm

Zoho DB developer reports

AdventNet has announced that its Zoho DB & Reports tools can be used by developers of iPhone applications to translate iTunes Connect CSV files into charts and reports that offer more depth. Users can import the daily reports into a database on their Zoho accounts. The Application Daily Sales tool produces a graph that breaks the number of sales by each day. The data can be filtered to show only the downloads that have been purchased, preventing the free versions or updates from being added.

Dream Capture 2.2 adds auto focusing, H.264 encoding

10/06, 10:35pm

Dream Capture update

The Dream Apps has released the latest version of it s video recording utility, Dream Capture 2.2. Features new to the update include an automatic focusing feature, support for H.264 encoding, meta data support for iTunes 8, and DreamSync audio compression. Users of MacBooks and MacBook Pros will now be able to record longer than five seconds, now that the relevant bug has been fixed. Video that is saved during recording is saved in a temp folder, and the preview window changes size with the display window.

iPhone SMS security bug still present

10/06, 10:00pm

iPhone SMS security bug

After being slammed by numerous security interests, it appears that the emergency all feature on the iPhone still allows users to compromise the security of text messages sent to the device. Blogger Karl Kraft recently discovered, through his 12-year old son, that if the device is placed in emergency call mode, full text messages are viewable, even when SMS preview is turned off. Kraft notes that the issue exists all the way up to firmware v2.1 (5F136), under the bug ID 6267416.

PalaeoGraphics Apple reseller opens Melbourne store

10/06, 9:40pm

Palaeographics Melbourne

PalaeoGraphics, an Australian authorized Apple reseller, has recently opened a new store in Melbourne. Apple also has opened a Melbourne location earlier in September in the Chadstone Shopping Center. Both the manufacturer and resellers have been expanding locations in Australia this year. Analyst firm Gartner reported earlier this year that the Mac platform has achieved a 52 percent gain in market share in the country since 2007.

Drawit 3.6 offers improved speed, lower memory usage

10/06, 9:05pm

Drawit 3 6 update

Pieter Omvlee has released the latest version if his vector-drawing application, Drawit 3.6. This latest version is claimed to offer significant increases in speed and decreases in memory usage. Bitmap layers can now be exported for editing in other applications. Drawit includes a vector tool for creation and editing, along with a number of template shapes including shapes, circles, stars, rounded rectangles, polygons, and more.

ImageTouch for iPhone allows editing, effects

10/06, 8:20pm

ImageTouch for iPhone

Intellicore has released ImageTouch, an image editing utility for the iPhone and iPod touch. The program uses the multi-touch functionality of the device screen for input. Users can take pictures from the iPhone or Touch libraries to be resized, moved, or rotated individually or in batches. A double tap will switch between images, while a long tap will change the background color or add a frame or shadow. Users can choose from 16 stamps for adding decorations to photos.

Apple fails to dismiss iPhone class action suit

10/06, 7:50pm

Apple dismissal rejected

A federal court in Northern California has rejected most of Apple's motions to dismiss monopoly claims that have been filed against it in a class action lawsuit inspired by issues with the iPhone, according to InternetNews. The suit, filed last year, makes several claims against the iPhone manufacturer and AT&T, accusing the companies of illegally closing the platform to any software or modifications that they consider competitive.

G-Map for iPhone works stand-alone without internet

10/06, 5:40pm

G Map for iPhone, Touch

XROAD has developed G-Map, a GPS mapping application for the iPhone. The program is stand-alone, allowing users to find their location outside of internet connections and in complete dead zones. A "Real 3D View" is provided for major intersections and highway junctions. POI information includes restaurants, hotels, and leisure destinations, with the ability to edit entries and add personalized memos.

Apple deliberately softening stance on leaks?

10/06, 5:05pm

Apple softening on leaks?

Apple is softening its stance when it comes to product leaks, argues Nicholas Ciarelli. The writer, whose Think Secret rumor site was shut down due to an Apple lawsuit, observes that Apple is no longer attacking any and all attempts to reveal company products, as it was infamous for in the past. He notes for instance that although photos of the iPhone 3G and fourth-generation Nano were spread wide and early, many of the sites involved were never even approached by Apple lawyers.

Digital Foci intros 140PPI 5.7-inch photo frame

10/06, 4:50pm

Digital Foci intros frame

Digital Foci on Monday unveiled its Image Moments 6 high-resolution digital frame built around a 5.7-inch, 640x480 LCD screen with a 300:1 contrast ratio. What the company claims is the highest pixel density (at 140ppi) digital photo frame on the market is also dubbed as The Executive, and features an LED backlight that delivers more colors than other technologies. The frame is also unique in that it allows users to display photos and play music or videos at the same time and from multiple sources, be it the internal memory or any one of the seven supported memory cards.

First Look: iStock 1.5, portfolio management

10/06, 4:40pm

iStock 1.5

If you own stocks, or just enjoy tracking the market performance of major companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, you may glance at a financial website or The Wall Street Journal to see the latest stock prices. Of course rising and falling prices mean little if you don't also keep track of which stocks you've bought, how many shares you own, and what price you paid. To track this type of information, many people type this information in a spreadsheet and then create charts and formulas to track their profits and losses. For a much simpler solution, consider tracking stocks using a product like iStock 1.5.

Specs, product page suggest BenQ S6 MID going global

10/06, 4:35pm

BenQ S6 MID going global?

The previously announced BenQ S6 mobile Internet device (MID) that launched in Italy will be making its way to other markets soon, as indicated by BenQ's global product page for the gadget. The device uses an Intel Atom processor running at 800MHz and a 4.8-inch, 800x480 touchscreen for data access that is faster than 3G but not quite up to 4G network speeds. A video user guide has also surfaced, showcasing the device's Free Surf user interface.

Sega Vision a multimedia player, not gaming device

10/06, 4:15pm

Sega Vision not a DS rival

Late last week, rumors started appearing, touting a new portable gaming device is being brought out by Sega, following up its Genesis portable gaming system from the '90s. The device, to be called the Vision, would compete with the likes of Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP, many believed. But another Friday report dispelled the misconceptions, by getting confirmation from Sega USA itself that, while the device is indeed real and coming to market in 2009, it will not aim to compete with the DS or PSP. Instead, the Vision is an MP4 video player capable of entertaining users with basic Java games like ones users can find on cellphones.

iSquint developer ceases operations, may release code

10/06, 4:10pm

Techspansion closes

Techspansion, creator of the media conversion applications iSquint, VisualHub and AudialHub has closed down. The developer, Tyler Loch has updated the companies website which notes that the decision to close down was a personal one but promises to keep the support forum and email available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues. The site also explains how to back up the applications so that they can be saved and used again in the future. Loch believes that the software will continue to work in Snow Leopard but is unsure of how long after that each application will continue to be supported.

AT&T to stop pre-paid unlimited GoPhone data plan

10/06, 4:05pm

AT&T to stop GoPhone data

A recent report reveals AT&T will stop offering its $20 per month prepaid unlimited data plan on November 12. As part of the wireless network provider's GoPhone service, the plan was the cheapest offered anywhere for access to unlimited data on fast 3G networks. AT&T officially explains the discontinuation as the end of a trial and the company is now looking into other prepaid data offerings. Critics argue that AT&T was losing data plan subscribers, who saved money by switching to the pre-paid GoPhone option.

MSI Wind to land in US Best Buy shops

10/06, 4:05pm

MSI Wind at Best Buy

MSI today said that its Wind netbook is shipping to Best Buy, marking one of the first times the portable has been available in a major US retail chain. The netbook ships in just one configuration for the store and comes with Windows XP pre-loaded as well as the necessary 1GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive; MSI keeps pricing under check by using the stock three-cell battery rather than the larger six-cell pack.

Sonnet launches 802.11n wireless PCI adapter card

10/06, 3:55pm

Sonnet 802.11n PCI card

Sonnet Technologies recently launched its Aria Extreme N PCI 802.11n wireless PCI card for Power Mac G4 and G5 as well as Windows desktop computers. The new product has three 2TX/3RX antennas, and the card is backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g routers and related equipment. It connects to any Windows PC via a PCI or PCI-X card slot and supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 security protocols, while network encryption is handled by AES and TKIP standards.

Code Line intros iPhone color identification app

10/06, 3:55pm

Color Expert iPhone app

Code Line has released a new iPhone/iPod touch application, designed for critical color work. Color Expert provides users with tools that help identify and capture colors. Users take a picture containing a desired color, tap on the color specifically, and are then provided with a series of pallets based on it. Color Expert also features tools that allow users to fine-tune their choices, such as a color wheel.

First Look: Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse

10/06, 3:50pm

Microsoft Mini Mouse

Every laptop user needs a built-in trackpad to control the pointer on the screen. While trackpads are adequate when traveling, they're not always as convenient as a separate mouse. If you prefer using a mouse over a trackpad, you could carry an ordinary mouse with you. However, a mouse designed for a desktop computer may be too large and the long cord may be a nuisance to untangle and plug in each time. For a special mouse designed for traveling, consider Microsoft's Explorer Mini Mouse.

Logitech launches Harmony 510 remote

10/06, 3:40pm

Logitech debuts 510 remote

Logitech has recently added another universal remote to its Harmony line with the Harmony 510. The entry-level remote sports 45 buttons and is capable of controlling five different devices. Based on the familiar shape shared with new and old remotes such as the Harmony 550 and Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360, the Harmony 510 has a different color scheme and a slightly different key configuration, including two fewer buttons. Unlike the 550, however, the less expensive 510 includes a battery status indicator and guided online set-up, in addition to what Logitech calls Onboard Intelligence and One-Touch Activity-Based control functions.

QuickerTek releases new MacBook battery/charger

10/06, 3:35pm

QuickerTek MacBook battery

QuickerTek has announced a new external battery/charger for the MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The battery provides users between 8 and 10 extra hours of usage, on top of what a MacBook's internal battery already provides. The casing appears to be brushed aluminum, allowing it to blend in with other Apple products, and features an LED charging status indicator.

Apple, Dell, HP stock forecasts cut

10/06, 3:35pm

UBS on Apple Dell HP

Financial researchers at UBS today helped trigger a major share sell-off at the three top US-owned computer builders by dramatically reducing the institution's target share prices. Company analyst Maynard Um today dropped the expected prices of Apple, Dell and HP from their original $195, $50 and $20 to $125, $48 and $17 respectively and attributed the cut exclusively to poor economies in Europe, the UK and the US having a negative impact on PC buying.

Lotus 1.0 aids meditation with multiple timers

10/06, 2:30pm

Lotus 1.0 released

BravoBug Software has introduced a new meditation aid for the Mac, Lotus 1.0. The software features a three-phase timer designed specifically for meditation practices, with a choice between over a dozen built-in signal chimes, or MP3s provided by the user. Scheduling of the three timer phases can of course be adjusted, and is remembered for future sessions. Lotus requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and is free to download.

AOL, Yahoo to merge by October's end?

10/06, 2:05pm

AOL Yahoo Merger Rumor

AOL and Yahoo have revived and even accelerated merger talks and may be ready to strike a deal by the end of October, say alleged sources of TechCrunch. The claimed proposal would have Yahoo pick up all of AOL's content business as well as a $2 billion cash infusion in exchange for a one-third Time Warner stake in the resulting company.

Sony intros first iPod-ready marine head units

10/06, 1:40pm

Sony iPod marine headunits

Sony on Monday introduced its first marine CD receivers that are able to connect directly to compatible iPod, iPhone and other music players through a USB cable. The CDX-H910UI and CDX-M60UI head units also come with Sony's MemoryBackup and ZAPPIN features, with the former saving radio station presets when the boat is in storage and the latter offering a short preview of a song to allow users to navigate large music collections. At the same time, the company rolled out the Remote Commander RM-X60M remote control, which is compatible with the head units. All three new products were unveiled at the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) show.

PBS to host election bios for free on iTunes

10/06, 1:15pm

PBS The Choice on iTunes

PBS says that beginning next week, it will be distributing a free, two-hour Frontline documentary on US Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama through the iTunes Store. Called The Choice 2008, it should be posted on October 15th, and remain available through November. PBS describes the series as a personal and political biography of the two opposing candidates, meant to help voters get to know each candidate prior to the election. The documentary should also be available through YouTube and special on-demand TV channels.

Netflix drops estimates based on economy

10/06, 12:55pm

Netflix lowers estimates

Subscriber numbers for Netflix are on a slight decline, the company has announced. The movie rental outfit says that in figures for the third quarter of the year, it recorded only 8.672 million subscribers, below predictions of 8.675 to 8.875 million. Final revenue figures, which will be announced on October 20th, are expected to end up between $343 and $348 million. CFO Barry McCarthy notes that while July subscriber growth was fine, it dropped significantly in August, only to resume growth in September.

EchoStar, DISH pay TiVo $104m in long patent suit

10/06, 12:35pm

EchoStar and DISH Pay TiVo

EchoStar and DISH today were told by the US Supreme Court to pay TiVo $104 million for allegedly infringing on some of the DVR maker's patents. The decision comes following an unsuccessful appeal of an original 2006 decision by EchoStar and DISH and will potentially increase further if additional patent lawsuits and claims of contempt are decided in TiVo's favor. The set-top box producer last month accused DISH and EchoStar of violating a stop placed on their own DVRs by continuing to sell satellite TV DVRs with software TiVo says copies its features.

iPhone 2.2 to incorporate Street View, more?

10/06, 12:10pm

iPhone 2.2 Street View?

Some heavily-requested features may be among those added to Apple's planned iPhone 2.2 firmware, anonymous developers claim. While the first beta is said to have altered Safari's address bar, and tweaked the App Store interface to include items like a new bug report option, an updated release is said to include hooks for Google's Street View feature, which lets people access ground-level panoramas on particular roads. At present, this can only be accessed through the Google Maps website.

Toshiba’s 14.1-inch E105 coming soon to Best Buy

10/06, 11:55am

Toshiba E105 coming soon

An online Best Buy store listing reveals the specs and prices of Toshiba's new, 14.1-inch Satellite-series E105 notebook. The advertised version sports a backlit keyboard, Intel's dual-core 2.26GHz processor and 4GB of RAM. The laptop includes a 320GB hard drive and is just 1.2 inches thick while weighing in at 5lbs. Graphics processing for the 1280x800 screen is handled by the onboard GMA 4500 MHD chipset that brings with it an HDMI output; an FM tuner is also unusually built-in.

Telstra readies 21Mbps 3G+ in late 2008

10/06, 11:50am

Telstra 21Mbps eHSPA Soon

Australian cell carrier Telstra this morning said it was on track to be one of the first providers in the world to use Enhanced HSPA, or eHSPA. Also known as HSPA+, the feature will give peak Internet download speeds of about 21Mbps per second, or about three times the best 7.2Mbps speed on regular HSPA devices. The move is made possible in part by having a new Ethernet-based network backbone and should supply 'true' mobile broadband across the island country.

Carphone Warehouse rumored to soon carry Macs

10/06, 11:10am

Carphone to sell Macs?

Apple computers may be sold thorough UK phone reseller Carphone Warehouse this holiday season, rumors suggest. AppleInsider is reporting that sources close to the retail company have discovered placeholders in the reseller's inventory system, indicating that some outlets may start carrying Apple computers and accessories for the 2008 holiday shopping period.

Sanyo develops 12X, 100GB Blu-ray laser

10/06, 11:10am

Sanyo 12X Blu-ray Laser

Sanyo on Monday revealed a new Blu-ray laser that could significantly speed up recording while also doubling the amount of available storage. By increasing the power of the laser to about 450mW, the Japanese electronics maker says it can not only produce the pits that hold data at a 12X rate versus the current 8X ceiling but penetrate up to four layers deep, allowing as much as 100GB on one disc versus the 50GB of a current two-layer disc.

iPhone 3G sales hugely surpassing expectations?

10/06, 10:50am

Huge Q4 for iPhone?

Apple may have dramatically exceeded predictions for iPhone sales during its fourth financial quarter, writes Bullish Cross. The site quotes an unofficial tracking of IMEI numbers for the iPhone 3G, which it says suggests that some 7 to 7.5 million phones were shipped in the quarter. In particular, it is noted that Apple is already in the eight iteration of the TAC code found within each IMEI ID, each modification of it indicating 1 million phones.

iPhone 3G now 17% of US smartphone market

10/06, 10:25am

iPhone 3G Tops BBerry

The iPhone 3G's launch propelled Apple to the top of the US smartphone market in the summer and near the peak of the smartphone ranks in the US, according to NPD Group data. The phone outsold the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and Palm Centro in the June through August window and used the spike generated by the launch to give all iPhones about 17 percent of the US smartphone business from January through August, or more than one in six smartphones sold in the country.

Verizon outs Moto Rapture VU30, VU204

10/06, 9:55am

Moto VU30 and VU204 at VZW

Verizon today continued its phone launches with a pair of Motorla phones as well as a Bluetooth headset. The Rapture VU30 carries the partly touch-sensitive external display concept of the RAZR2 flip phone to a lower-cost device while sacrificing few of the features from the earlier designer phone; it too carries a two-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, assist-only GPS and a microSDHC slot for its storage. EVDO provides direct access to Verizon's online music store.

Telcel offers iPhone 3G without contract in Mexico

10/06, 9:35am

Contract-free Mex. iPhone

Telcel is now offering a contract-free version of the iPhone 3G in Mexico. The cost of an iPhone under this scheme is $7,899 MXN ($708 USD) for a 8GB model, or $9,199 MXN ($817 USD) for a 16GB model. Telcel also notes that users who choose this option are being given $500 MXN ($45 USD) worth of talk time, and 30 days of unlimited 3G browsing. In order to receive the fulal value of the promotion, however, people must use $100 MXN worth of talk time in a month. If this requirement is met, their account will be credited with an additional $100 MXN renewable up to a total value of $500 MXN.

AT&T picks up $29 Pantech 3G phone

10/06, 9:25am

Pantech C610 at ATT

AT&T this morning set a baseline for its faster 3G network with the launch of the Pantech C610. The clamshell gets faster browsing and access to music downloads, media streaming and one-way video calls through HSDPA. In return, Pantech uses a handful of minor hardware choices to save on the final cost. A 1.3-megapixel camera and assist-only GPS help keep the price down, though the C610 still supports stereo Bluetooth audio and microSD Storage.

Full iTunes Store en route to Russia for 2009?

10/06, 9:10am

Russian iTunes Store

At least some Russians could finally have normal access to the iTunes Store in 2009, reports say. While Macs, iPods and now iPhones are on sale in the country, Apple's online media storefront has been conspicuously absent, with the exception of the App Store. Music and/or video could be coming soon through an unusual deal with one of Russia's iPhone carriers, writes RBC Daily.

Samsung Sway music phone hits Verizon

10/06, 8:50am

Samsung Sway at Verizon

Verizon this morning added an unusual slider media phone that combines some budget and mid-range features in the same device. The Samsung Sway is capped at 1X RTT for data and so needs to use USB to sync with Verizon's V CAST Music store rather than download over EVDO. However, the phone counters this with a two-megapixel camera that supports video capture, full Bluetooth with stereo audio and a microSDHC slot that holds up to 8GB of music and other media.

BlackBerry Storm gets copy/paste, app store

10/06, 8:30am

BBerry Storm Copy Paste

RIM's BlackBerry Storm will try to better the interface of the iPhone as well as emulate it, a pair of leaks show. A BGR scoop shows that the cellphone maker's first touch device will still include a copy-and-paste function despite the absence of typical controls; a multi-touch input lets users tap the ends of text to highlight the relevant sections; users can then refine where the text starts and copy it to paste it later.

Judge temporarily blocks RealDVD sales

10/06, 7:30am

Judge Temp Blocks RealDVD

A judge today issued a temporary ban on sales of RealNetworks' RealDVD as part of proceedings for major movie studios' copyright lawsuit against the video software firm. The move, which officially lasts until Tuesday, is primarily to give the judge an opportunity to review filings made in the case but may be extended if more time is needed or the court decides to support a longer injunction against sales until the end of the case.


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