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Amazon Kindle 2 leaked to the web

10/03, 10:20pm

Amazon Kindle 2 Leak

Amazon's second-generation Kindle reader has already surfaced in a new leak to BGR this evening and promises to solve many of the first-run issues with the e-book device, which was nicknamed the "iPod of reading" in its first generation. The new model appears to have a similarly sized, high visibility e-paper screen as the original but has the promised rounder styling, albeit in a slightly larger form; this extends to the narrower but taller keyboard and iPhone-like metal back with conspicuous grills for speaker vents.

BuildMate 1.0 automates REALbasic build process

10/03, 7:50pm

BuildMate 1.0 ships

Ekim Software is shipping BuildMate 1.0, a cross-platform build process automation tool for REALBasic. It allows users to set properties and constants, with static and dynamic values, in a project, moving the resulting application build to a builds directory. BuildMate 1.0 helps users with scheduling nightly builds and simplifying the build process into one command. The software can build multiple projects from a single configuration file, set the constant and property values prior to building, and copy resource files into the built application package.

CyberPower unveils Gamer Xtreme XI desktop system

10/03, 7:45pm

Gamer Xtreme XI system

CyberPower has unveiled its latest desktop system, the Gamer Xtreme XI, for gaming or other high performance needs. Although the company leaves almost all of the hardware options open for customization, the standard package features a quad-core Intel Core 2 Extreme processor overclocked to 4GHz at 1600FSB, with 12MB L2 cache. CyberPower claims the overclocking can be used by games that put heavy loads on processing power, or HD video encoding or editing. The EVGA nForce 790i SLI mainboard provides 7.1 channel audio output.

Microsoft XP downgrades extended to July?

10/03, 4:55pm

XP Downgrades until July

Microsoft has extended its Windows XP downgrade program for six months past its original cutoff date, according to an email reportedly circulating among system builders. Though the company had originally set the XP pre-install option to shut down as of January 31st 2009, the new message is said to extend that deadline to July 31st. The official goal is to transition businesses, which were the original targets of the extension, over to Windows 7 by allowing them to buy new XP-based systems up to a point where the subsequent upgrade would demand Windows 7.

Briefly: Playwatch sale, apps bootcamp, iTrip Auto

10/03, 4:40pm

Briefly: Playwatch sale

In brief: Playwatch, an iTunes controller, has been reduced to nearly half-price, dropping from $13 to $7 for the month of October. Meanwhile, Big Nerd Ranch Europe is offering an iPhone Bootcamp for developers who want to learn iPhone app development. It will run December 8-12 near Frankfort, Germany. MacNN has reviewed the Griffin iTrip Auto SmartScan FM Transmitter, commenting favorably on its performance, but questioning the high price.

Samsung intros two eco-friendly desktop PCs

10/03, 4:35pm

Samsung intros green PCs

Samsung Korea has unveiled it will soon begin shipping two ultra-low power desktop PCs, the MV100 Tower and the MZ100 Slim Tower. Both will use Intel's G43 chipset with support for Intel's Core 2 Duo, Quad and Celeron processors, though exactly which CPUs Samsung will ship the PCs with is unknown. The desktops' main selling point, however, should prove to be their low power consumption ratings of just 1W while in stand-by mode and 60W while operating in power saving mode.

Note2Self 2.0 adds a WiFi server, auto pause

10/03, 4:30pm

Note2Self 2 update

WebIS has announced the latest version of its audio recorder application for the iPhone, Note2Self 2.0. The release offers improvements including a WiFi web server, automatic level pause, multi-note delete, audio scrubbing, and three defaults emails with contact pictures for sending mail. Voice notes can be recorded, saved, and automatically sent to an email address, without pushing any buttons.

Toshiba interested in buying Fujitsu HDD unit

10/03, 4:20pm

Toshiba Fujitsu HDD unit

A Toshiba executive on Thursday said the Japanese electronics company would consider purchasing Fujitsu's hard-disk drive unit if Fujitsu approached Toshiba, says a Friday WSJ report. The news comes after last month's rumored bid by Toshiba to acquire flash-memory maker SanDisk, in an attempt to stop its sale to competitor Samsung, which Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida denied at an industry event, according to the same report. Nishida feels the current relations between Toshiba and SanDisk are fine.

Yamaha intros pair of iPod-ready mini systems

10/03, 4:05pm

Yamah iPod mini systems

At the CEATEC show earlier this week, Yamaha's electronics arm introduced two new mini audio systems with integrated iPod/iPhone docking stations, the TSX-120 and TSX-130. Both systems also share a built-in FM radio tuner and the same 15WRMS x 2 amplifier to drive the pair of 3.1-inch speakers. The main difference between the two is the TSX-130's inclusion of a CD drive, USB port for reproducing audio files from flash drives or other MP3 players, along with a black color option that includes a darker wood grain finish as well. The TSX-120 replaces the USB port with a more common 3.5mm stereo jack.

New ASUS EeePC 904HA breaks cover in red and green

10/03, 3:55pm

EeePC 904HA unveiled

ASUS on Friday has added yet another portable notebook model to its EeePC line-up of netbooks with the 904HA. The newest notebook packs a 1.6GHz Atom CPU along with 1GB of RAM for processing power, and includes a 160GB hard drive for storage. It includes a 6-cell battery and, as the photos reveal, will be available in red and green in addition to the already offered black version. It includes the same 8.9-inch display as the smaller EeePC offerings, with a 1024x600 resolution.

Kid Rock snubs iTunes, turns to Rhapsody

10/03, 3:55pm

Kid Rock picks Rhapsody

Popular rap-rocker Kid Rock has chosen Rhapsody as the exclusive online sales venue for his music, the owner of latter party has announced. Real notes that Kid Rock's albums have not been available online in any legal manner in the past, whether for download or streaming; as of today, the artist's entire collection should be available for purchase or streaming through the subscription version of Rhapsody.

Nintendo pedometer add-on for use with DS game

10/03, 3:40pm

Nintendo pedometer confirm

Some questions regarding the leaked pedometer from Nintendo have been answered on Friday, as multiple reports reveal the device will ship with the game entitled Your Life Rhythm for the existing Nintendo DS and upcoming DSi portable gaming console. Judging from the game's screen captures, the game will keep track of not only how many steps users have taken and when or how often, but also how much energy they have used and therefore calories burned.

GPS-enabled Motorola V9x shipping to AT&T stores

10/03, 3:25pm

Moto V9x ships to AT&T

Motorola has quietly began shipping its V9x RAZR2 clamshell to AT&T stores, though the handset is not offered on the wireless carrier's website. The handset differs from the currently available V9 in two key ways, most noticeably the black color instead of mahogany and the inclusion of GPS functionality via AT&T's Navigator service. The GPS directions can be delivered either via the large internal screen or the smaller external display, albeit with less detail. Motorola and its competitors are adding GPS functionality to more affordable, non-PDA phones.

First Class Flurry flight attendant game released

10/03, 3:00pm

First Class Flurry

Viqua Games has released its latest casual game, First Class Flurry. Players take on the role of a flight attendant, Claire, who must help bring a bankrupt airline to success through making passengers happy. She must serve drinks, prepare meals, hand out pillows, and usher people to their seats.

Fusion-io preps 700MB/sec home flash drive

10/03, 2:55pm

Fusion-io 700MB sec SSD

Normally known for its business storage, Fusion-io today provided a glance at an upcoming solid-state drive built for very high-performance home systems. The ioExtreme card will hold just 80GB but switches from SATA to PCI Express and is tuned for sheer transfer rate above all else: data reading speeds hover between 500MB and 700MB per second, or about five times as quick as current SSDs. The extra speed is pitched as ideal for particularly disk-heavy tasks such as compiling code, content editing or large games.

Apokalypse Software acquires Simply Elegant Sales

10/03, 2:45pm

seSales rebranded

Apokalypse Software has acquired Simply Elegant Sales from Zarra Studios, rebranding the Mac point-of-sale application as Merchant Wisdom. Apokalypse claims that the aim of the buyout is to deepen its reach into to the small- and home-business markets.

aniMate plug-in for DAZ adds drag-and-drop actions

10/03, 2:45pm

aniMate for DAZ Studio

GoFigure has released a plug-in for DAZ Studio, aniMate, that allows users to animate 3D characters with drag and drop modules, referred to as 'aniBlocks', into any DAZ project. Actions including dancing, walking, fighting, or gesturing can be initiated by dragging the appropriate aniBlock from the library and placing it in the timeline. Users can also create their own aniBlocks with DAZ PuppeteerT or Lip Synching technologies.

LightWorks 7.9 adds ambient occlusion, new shaders

10/03, 2:35pm

LightWorks 7 9 update

LightWorks Design has released the latest version of its rendering engine, LightWorks 7.9. The new version includes an ambient occlusion feature, said to further enhance the intelligent addition of ambient lighting to models for improved depth and realism. The specular final gather feature has been refined as well, in order to function faster when working with smoother surfaces.

UFSD chosen for FCP Digital Cinema Package drives

10/03, 2:20pm

UFSD allows Ext2/3 drives

Paragon Software's Universal File System Driver (UFSD) has been chosen for use in the QuVIS Wraptor Digital Cinema Package for Apple's Final Cut Studio. The Mastering plug-in for Final Cut will allow users to create a digital cinema content distribution Ext2/3-formated hard drive. UFSD technology was developed by Paragon to provide cross-platform access to volumes of major file systems (ext2/3, HFS+, NTFS, FAT32) under multiple platforms like the Mac, along with Windows and Linux. The UFSD format, embedded into the Wraptor plug-in, allows Mac users to deliver an industry standard hard drive for distribution.

ASUS releases high-end S101 netbook

10/03, 2:05pm

ASUS S101 Official

ASUS on Friday began formally releasing details for the S101, its first upscale netbook. The PC builder characterizes the 10.2-inch portable as both a designer item with brown, champagne gold and graphite gray outer shells but also gives it features that would previously have been considered off-limits to some netbooks, ranging from solid-state storage up to 64GB, 802.11n Wi-Fi and a four-in-one card reader. A 1.6GHz Atom and 1GB of memory are its key ties to regular netbooks in the class.

Apple deals: refurb Macs $1,500 or less, more

10/03, 2:00pm

Apple: Macs $1500 or less

Apple's online store is currently offering a range of refurbished Macs priced at $1,500 or less. Three MacBook configurations are available: for $899 is the 2.1GHz model with 1GB of RAM and 120GB hard drive; for $1,099 is the 2.4GHz model with 2GB of RAM and $160GB hard drive; and for $1,299 is the black 2.4GHz model with 2GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive. The MacBook Air with 1.6GHz processor 2GB of RAM and 80GB PATA hard drive is priced at $1,499. Four 20-inch iMac configurations are also available: starting at $949 is that 2.0GHz model with 1GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive or $999 for the 2.4GHz model; $1,049 for the 2.4GHz model with 1GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive and finally $1,299 for the 2.66GHz model with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

DealNN roundup: deals for $20 or less

10/03, 1:30pm

DealNN: $20 or less

Today's deals at DealNN include a variety of great products for $20 or less. First off is the Philips portable stereo ratdio with digital FM tuning and a hands free adjustable sport armband that was reduced to $19.99 from $39.99. Also for $19.99 is the refurbished Logitech right handed three button USB mouse with trackball and scrolling wheel. The Sonic Impact portable speakers and alarm clock for iPod have been reduced by $80 from $99.99 to $19.99 at Next up is the Lexar FireFly USB 2.0 JumpDrive that was originally priced at $36.99, but was cut by $25 to $11.99. Finally is the Kingston 4GB SDHC memory card priced at $10.99, a price drop of $6 off the original price of $16.99.

MLB updates At-Bat iPhone app for post-season

10/03, 1:15pm

MLB At-Bat update has updated its At-Bat iPhone/iPod touch app to include post-season schedules. The software should allow fans to track each post-season game live, with a pitch-by-pitch view through Gameday. Users also have access to video clips including previews and highlights, for which the app automatically detects connected networks, and plays video tailored to EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi bitrates. At-Bat also provides up-to-date box scores and game summaries.

Iron Man first on Blu-ray to support iPhones, iPods

10/03, 1:00pm

Iron Man & iPhone/iPod

An upcoming Blu-ray disc will be the first of its sort to support iPhones and iPods, a report claims. The French release of Iron Man is expected to support NetBlender's BD Touch technology, which lets users interact with movies when both the player and the disc are compatible. Through a supporting iPhone app called Remote Haxey, French owners of Iron Man should be able to access trailers, play an original game, and use their handheld as a form of remote, much in the way that Apple's Remote utility controls iTunes.

Delta to filter in-air Wi-Fi

10/03, 12:25pm

Delta to Filter Wi-Fi

Delta will filter the content on its in-flight Wi-Fi service, the airline said today. Although the company has previously been concerned about the ramifications of active censorship on its GoGo-based service and has intended to rely on attendants alone to screen out adult sites and other material that might make some passengers uncomfortable, it now says it will implement a content filter that automatically blocks certain sites before they reach cellphones, notebooks and other devices capable of a Wi-Fi link.

Lacquer expands Conduit to cover Flash Pixel Bender

10/03, 12:15pm

Conduit Flash Pixel Bender

Lacquer has expanded its Conduit platform, which now has software to support the Pixel Bender technology in Flash Player 10. Pixel Bender lets developers bypass Flash's normal effects and blending systems, for the sake of implementing their own shaders. Shaders are also said to enable use of multicore processors, whether for rendering graphics or running other Flash-based processes.

Wii Speak to get own channel for 4-way chats

10/03, 11:35am

Wii Speak Channel

Owners of Nintendo's upcoming Wii Speak won't have to use games just to talk with friends, the console maker's Cammy Dunaway said at its Fall Summit on Thursday. The Wii itself will receive an update that adds a Wii Speak Channel and so allows as many as four friends to join a voice chat at the top-level interface for the system. It's unknown whether any other features will be included or if the Wii Speak can be replaced with a similarly USB-based speakerphone or headset.

Photoboard for iPhone imitates Microsoft tech

10/03, 11:25am

Photoboard iPhone app

Zest Prod has developed a new photo app designed to take advantage of the iPhone's multi-touch capabilities. Photoboard allows users to pick a variety of images to display in the app, and then solely through the use of gestures, manipulate their content. Photos can be resized by pinching, moved around by dragging, or organized by holding a finger on the screen, which bring up a circular menu. The software resembles concepts presented in Microsoft's Surface technology, which looks to make viewing photos more intuitive by using natural commands.

Rogers and Fido introduce new iPhone plans

10/03, 11:10am

Canadian iPhone plans

The end of September has brought an end to a Rogers/Fido iPhone offering of 6GB of data for $30 CAD, which is being replaced with two new subscription options. The revised plans are slightly different than rumored ones, and come at a cost of either $60 or $75 per month. On the $60 plan users will get 250 daytime minutes, 1GB of data, 75 sent text messages, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited evenings and weekends (9PM to 7AM on Rogers, 7PM to 8AM on Fido). Additionally, Fido customers get unlimited network calling and billing by the second.

T-Mobile Shadow II launch info, photos leak

10/03, 11:00am

T-Mo Shadow 2 Launch Leak

T-Mobile's Shadow II is on the verge of launch, a leak of final launch details at BGR would indicate. The carrier's second custom-designed Windows Mobile phone from HTC is now said to be launching in less than two weeks, shipping with the American provider on October 15th. Pricing would increase sharply from the discounted current Shadow and result in a $150 price after signing a two-year agreement.

Kingston teams up with Intel to supply SSD drives

10/03, 10:40am

Kingston to supply SSDs

Memory maker Kingston has joined up with chipmaker Intel to produce flash-memory based drives for popular-brand notebooks and servers, according to a Thursday report. Traditionally, Kingston has made flash memory cards for consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, which make up a quarter of the company's business. Under the deal with Intel, Kingston will resell drives made by Intel, providing technical support and testing to buyers at Dell, HP and IBM, among others.

iTunes nabs prize from UK Digital Music Awards

10/03, 10:40am

iTunes wins at DMAs

The iTunes Store has taken home an award from the 2008 Digital Music Awards in the UK, according to an announcement. The service won in the category of Best Music Store, beating out internationally-known competitors such as eMusic and Napster, as well as ones less known outside of Europe, including 7digital and Music Station. The iPhone also managed to score an indirect victory, as Shazam for the iPhone was nominated for the Best Digital Serivce.

ATI to ship DirectX 11 GPUs in 2009, more

10/03, 10:25am

ATI to ship DirectX 11 GPU

At a press conference at the CEATEC show currently held in Japan, ATI graphics department senior vice president and general manager Rick Bergman announced the company's products will support DirectX 11 in 2009, hinting at a new range of graphics processing units (GPUs), among other news. Along with support for the new programming interfaces, the update will bring with it more advanced OpenGL 2.x features. The AMD-owned graphics label also revealed it will use a 40nm process to make its chips and use the GDDR5 memory standard more widely, both of which should make for considerably higher performance graphics processors.

Researcher challenges Apple on iPhone bugs

10/03, 9:50am

Aviv Raff on iPhone bugs

Apple has been neglectful in addressing a pair of bugs in the iPhone's operating system, an Israeli researcher claims. Aviv Raff explains that as early as July he warned Apple about problems in Mail and Safari, each representing a possible security threat. Although three separate firmware updates have since been released for the iPhone 3G, Raff notes that Apple has not bothered to address his concerns, even after continual pressure for a timetable.

MS reaffirms porting Zune UI to Win Mobile

10/03, 9:35am

MS Porting Zune to Win Mob

Microsoft is still committed to including aspects of the Zune interface to Windows Mobile devices, company chief Steve Ballmer said in an interview with CIO published late Thursday. The company co-founder supports the public company position and makes no mention of a rumored, internally developed Zune phone but instead says some form of the Zune shell will eventually be ported to Windows Mobile to give the device a better media experience than today's smartphones.

HP Oak, Silver smartphone rumors resurface

10/03, 8:45am

HP Oak and Silver Reappear

HP is nearing the release of two important touchscreen phones previously only hinted at earlier in the year, according to a pair of reports. The Wall Street Journal now hints that one of HP's first true touchscreen-focused iPAQ smartphones is due in Europe as soon as two months from now; the report directly corroborates a leak early in the year of the Oak that reveals a hybrid touch and keyboard design intended for Vodafone. The earlier and more specific leak would give the phone a side-slider design with 7.2Mbps, HSDPA-based 3G as well as GPS and Wi-Fi.

Garmin rolls GPSMAP 600s for driving, boating

10/03, 7:55am

Garmin GPSMAP 600 Series

Garmin finished its week by unveiling a new GPSMAP all-in-one for those boaters who also want to take their GPS navigators on the road. The 600 series has a large, 5.2-inch 800x480 screen friendly to sea navigation with a bird's eye view above the sea as well as 3D underwater mapping; on land, however, it converts into a proper road navigator with spoken street names as well as support for photo-keyed landmarks and custom points of interest beyond those bundled with the map set.

Apple TV 2.2 fixes security, adds Genius support

10/03, 2:15am

Apple TV 2.2 update ships

Apple has released an Apple TV 2.2 update to address security issues with the company's set-top box and media player as well as add a few new features to keep pace with iTunes 8, released last month. Specifically, the update fixes two separate issues where a maliciously crafted movie file could lead to either an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. According to Apple, the update improves both the handling of atom length fields in movie codes and bounds checking of STSZ atoms to resolve the issues. Apple's update also patched an issue where openly a malicious PICT image may cause applications to quit unexpectedly by performing additional validation of PICT images.

Sprint close to finding Nextel buyer, hurdles appear

10/03, 12:50am

Sprint selling Nextel soon

Sprint has discovered several interested parties who wish to purchase its Nextel business unit, but the wireless provider is facing several obstacles before the sale can be finalized. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint's $35 billion 2005 purchase would likely see a deal in the area of $5.4 billion at least, due to the amount of debt that would come with the acquisition. Interested bidders have expressed some resistance to this expense, unless the equity included in the deal were insubstantial in comparison.


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