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Apple drops non-disclosure from iPhone SDK

updated 12:10 pm EDT, Wed October 1, 2008

Apple drops iPhone NDA

Apple has officially dropped a non-disclosure clause from its iPhone SDK, according to an announcement. A new agreement is expected to be sent to developers "within a week or so," the company says, one which will allow people to discuss the code of published iPhone applications. Unreleased software and/or features are still expected to remain outside of public exchanges.

Apple explains that the NDA was put in place to safeguard concepts and inventions in the iPhone OS, which the company was worried would be "ripped off" by its rivals, despite the existence of numerous patents. It admits, however, that the current NDA is extremely restrictive, and may be interfering with progress in iPhone development.

Coders have complained about Apple's NDA for some time, observing that it blocks detailed conversation about iPhone apps outside of a development team, to the extent of barring conferences or even e-mails. Writers note that it has stopped the publication of several guidebooks, which had been planned with the expectation of a time limit on restrictions. Apple is in fact said to have extended NDA terms recently, preventing App Store rejection notices from being shared with the public.

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  1. WiseWeasel

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    Well it's about damn time!

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  1. Guest

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  1. bhuot

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    never ends

    Don't worry, Apple haters will find other reasons to hate Apple. If they hate Apple that much, then why do they develop for them? Apple does not do things the open source way - it is one of the reasons why Apple is able to do what it does. If pure Open Source works for you, then fine, use that, but don't keep berating Apple for not giving more of what they created away for free.

  1. testudo

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    Re: never ends

    Apparently you have no idea what the problem was with developers. It wasn't about 'open source', it was about actually talking to someone else about programming on the iPhone.

    Literally if you found an issue with the OS and came up with a workaround, you couldn't post that on a web site for others to take note of, so you don't have to have hundreds of developers working on the same problem trying to find a solution.

    IIRC, the only problem 'open source' advocates had an issue with was that the NDA kept you from even posting your code (which would also make it impossible to use certain open-source code in your software, because the license requires access to any changes you made).

    But, hey, try to find a reason to slam someone who dares say something negative about Apple. Apparently if you don't genuflect to Steve Jobs daily, you're an Apple hater and should leave the platform. Well, most Mac users don't float that way.

  1. bhuot

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    go away troll

    We don't care what you say about this. And if you knew anything about open source, most projects operate with full disclosure and are open not just in code but in participation and would never have NDA. But great effort in talking about something you know nothing about. No one really care what you have to say. All we need to see is your name and we know you are a troll. Go comment on a Microsoft site about how bad Apple is - no one want you here.

  1. testudo

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    Re: go away troll

    And if you knew anything about open source, most projects operate with full disclosure and are open not just in code but in participation and would never have NDA.

    Apparently you have no clue about open source either. You don't need the OS to be open source to produce open source software.

    And I never said the Open source software would have an NDA. But if the SDK is covered by an NDA, you CANNOT publish your software to make it open source!

  1. UberFu

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    it's about time!

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