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miniSynth synthesizer released for iPhone, iPod touch

10/01, 11:00pm

miniSynth for iPhone

Yonac software has released miniSynth, a synthesizer app for the iPhone or iPod touch. The tool attempts to recreate the sounds and look of vintage analog synths, allowing for a range of adjustments and sound manipulation to recreate the futuristic sounds of old wood panel transistor machines. Two variable range oscillators are used, with triangular, sawtooth, sine, and square waveforms, individual LFO switches, and six stops for a range of approximately 5-7000 Hz.

Luminair 1.1 for iPhone adds XY focus controls

10/01, 10:30pm

Luminair update for iPhone

Synthe FX has announced the latest version of its lighting control software for the iPhone and iPod touch, Luminair 1.1. User can now use the touch pad to control XY focus for pan/tilt functions on moving fixtures. The app is designed to control, view, and manage DMX lighting fixtures and consoles from the mobile device interface.

Gene Construction Kit 3.0 adds three new modules

10/01, 9:55pm

Gene Construction Kit 3

Textco BioSoftware has released the latest version of its DNA plasmid mapping software, Gene Construction Kit 3.0 (GCK). Three new modules are included with the program, PCR Analysis, Shotgun Cloning, and Database Search. The PCR Analysis module lets users select a section of DNA, choose from different amplification parameters, and the program suggests the closest matching primers around that area. The regions can also be copied to the clipboard and pasted in other constructs.

Write Brothers releases Streamline for Screenwriter

10/01, 9:20pm

Screenwriter software

Write Brothers has released Streamline, a plug-in for Movie Magic Screenwriter that scans a script document and identifies primary words, lines, and paragraphs that affect page count. The product was designed to provide an automated solution to problems associated with reducing word count. The program analyzes full length screenplays and displays a list of suggested edits.

JSS Mobile for iPhone allows access to Casper Suite

10/01, 8:45pm

JSS Mobile for iPhone

JAMF software has announced the availability of JSS Mobile for the iPhone or iPod touch, an app that allows users to access their Casper Suite server from the mobile devices. Information from any computer in the organization networks can be accessed, including hardware information such as serial numbers, MAC addresses or processors. Operating system versions and updates are also monitored.

LightSpeed 2.7 adds QuickBooks support, more

10/01, 7:25pm

LightSpeed 2.7 update

Xsilva Systems on Wednesday unveiled LightSpeed 2.7, a major update to its point-of-sale system for the Mac, which adds compatibility with QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac, among other features. Users are able to now send POS data from LightSpeed to QuickBooks to simplify the accounting process. LightSpeed also ensures that duplicate entries do not populate in QuickBooks, with full history and archiving. LightSpeed 2.7 is available starting at $1100 with a tech support package.

MacLockPick II forensics utulity now cross-platform

10/01, 5:30pm

MacLockPick II now for Mac

MacForensicsLab has released MacLockPick II, the latest version of its forensics triage utility that is now compatible with Mac OS X. The program, originally only available to law enforcement, is now offered to the public. MacLockPick allows users to capture data for preservation as evidence. Information regarding computer details, activities of the system user, and online history are claimed to be extracted in minutes.

Visionman launches budget water-cooled gaming PC

10/01, 5:10pm

Visonman intros gaming PC

Server, notebook and desktop and gaming PC maker Visionman on Wednesday introduced a new water-cooled gaming PC to its comprehensive range of gaming PCs, with the Widow Red Blizzard. The latest PC runs a dual-core Intel 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo, which gets cooling from a quiet liquid CPU cooling system that, Visionman is quick to point out, lends itself well to overclocking the CPU. As such, there is also no need for a noisy fan and heatsink combination. The system also includes 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive from Western Digital.

Dates for Verizon Moto VU30 and Samsung U650 leaked

10/01, 5:00pm

Verizon new handsets

A Wednesday leak reveals the first photos of what is Motorola's Rapture VU30 handset and confirms it is coming to carrier Verizon on October 14. The same day will see the release of the Samsung Sway U650 handset in Verizon stores, which was previously seen only on a Verizon rebate sheet.

Apple: No evidence yet for Mac Pro toxins

10/01, 4:55pm

Apple on Mac Pro toxins

There is no evidence so far that Mac Pros are emitting dangerous chemicals, an Apple spokesman claims. Reports recently emerged from France of scientific testing, which suggested that Mac Pros were regularly emitting several toxic yet not immediately threatening kinds of fumes, including benzene, propanal and acetic acid. The major concern is said to be long-term exposure, as benzene, for example, is known to be a carcinogen.

Barcode Automater batch plugin for Barcode Producer

10/01, 4:55pm

Barcode Automator

Intelli Innovations has introduced Barcode Automator, a plug-in for Barcode Producer that allows batch creation of thousands of barcodes. The new offering is designed for designers, small businesses, or inventory control specialists. The included Symbology Guide encyclopedia helps users find the right format, offering previews, Spotlight search, and descriptions. Various barcodes are supported including UPC, EAN, Code 128, GS1-128, Iof5, and more.

Best Buy leak reveals G1, Flip, Treo Pro ship dates

10/01, 4:50pm

Best Buy leaks phone dates

Some leaked screenshots of Best Buy's inventory system reveal the ship dates for a few upcoming smartphones, including an unlocked Palm Treo Pro, T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 in red and the T-Mobile G1. All three are listed as arriving in Best Buy stores as of October 26, though the T-Mobile G1 will apparently not be sold by the electronics retailer until November 16th.

Fujitsu spices up new LifeBook with color lids

10/01, 4:45pm

Fujitsu Life Book A1110

Fujitsu on Wednesday has launched interchangeable color panels for its newly released 15.4-inch LifeBook A1110, which let users customize and bring life to their notebook. Thus far, three standout colors are available apart from the standard black LCD cover, including patterned blue, pink and green colors. The covers are meant to snap on and off easily and repeatedly. Apart from the colorful covers, the A1110 also features a more functional removable dust filter that traps dust and larger particles before it enters the notebook and can be removed to facilitate its cleaning.

HTC predicts 400 to 500K G1s sold in 2008

10/01, 4:35pm

500K G1 to sell by 2009

Taiwan based smart phone maker HTC said it estimates T-Mobile will sell between 400,000 and 500,000 G1 handsets, with its Android platform developed by Google, before the end of 2008. According to a Wednesday report, the smartphone's exclusive US carrier, T-Mobile, will order between 1.5 and 2 million units in total, sales of which are estimated to add NT$7 billion (the equivalent of about $218 million) to HTC's fourth quarter revenue or NT$18 billion (about $566 million) to the company's bottom line in 2009.

HP's 18-inch entertainment notebook launches

10/01, 4:15pm

HP 18-inch notebook launch

HP's newest notebook, featuring an 18.4-inch LCD with a 16:9 native aspect ratio, the HDX18t is now available for sale on the company's web store. The previously introduced entertainment notebook can be outfitted with a choice of five Intel Core 2 processors, ranging from a 2.26GHz chip in the basic configuration to a 2.8GHz dual-core CPU or 2.53GHz quad-core. The standard 2GB of RAM memory can be optioned up to 3GB or 4GB.

AT&T: 3G to hold out for 2-3 more years

10/01, 4:00pm

ATT Says 3G Lasts 2-3 Yrs

Those expecting AT&T to make a quick transition to 4G are likely to be disappointed, AT&T's Architecture VP Hank Kafka said yesterday at the 4G Executive Summit. The executive says there is no immediate urge to transition to the Long Term Evolution standard, as the company's current HSPA and upcoming 20Mbps HSPA+ 3G networks should provide good coverage for the next two to three years by building on top of an existing legacy network rather than reworking service from the ground up.

Apple files to dismiss Psystar countersuit

10/01, 3:55pm

Apple files dismiss suit

Apple has formally filed to have a District Court Judge dismiss Psystar's monopoly countersuit, according to a ZDNet blog. This marks the latest move in the ongoing legal battle between the two companies. The court papers ask Judge William Alsup to dismiss the counterclaims with prejudice, which would protect Apple against the lawsuit and prevent Psystar from filing another similar suit in the future. The initial hearing is scheduled for November 6th.

T-Mobile expands 3G network to San Francisco

10/01, 3:45pm

T Mobile 3G San Francisco

T-Mobile has announced the expansion of its 3G voice and data network to include the San Francisco area. The company claims that it will add at least 20 more markets by the end of the year. Customers with 3G handsets can expect faster data speeds in the areas with the new service. Users in the SF area will be able to use the full network capabilities of the upcoming G1 smartphone, right next door to the iPhone manufacturer's headquarters.

Screenium 1.0 records multi-resolution screencasts

10/01, 3:35pm

Screenium 1.0 ships

Synium says it has released the completed version of Screenium, its screencasting utility. The program lets users record video of a person's actions on the desktop, in resolutions scaled from the size of an iPhone display to HD quality. The software also supports multi-channel audio including external inputs, and is able to capture just select portions of a screen, including the cursor area or an individual window.

New Nintendo DS due tomorrow?

10/01, 3:10pm

New DS May Show Tomorrow

A known Nintendo event scheduled tomorrow is said to include a redesigned DS handheld, according to MCV. Reportedly coming from an "impeccable" source, the report asserts that the camera-equipped DS will be announced at the event and will also include built-in music playback. Whether the change will include extra features or a cosmetic redesign isn't known at this stage, though multiple past claims have suggested Nintendo may scrap the legacy GBA slot for cost and size reasons.

Mitek application to let iPhone make check deposits

10/01, 3:00pm

ImageNet Mobile iPhone

Mitek has announced that its ImageNet Mobile Deposit application (site down at press time) will be coming to the iPhone. The software is a mobile banking tool which allows banks to accept paper check deposits from users with camera-equipped mobile phones. To make a deposit, a user must open the application, type the deposit amount, and snap a photo of the front and back of the check.

AMD demos Mobility Radeon HD 4000 chip

10/01, 2:30pm

Mobile Radeon HD 4000 Demo

AMD is tipping its hand early at the CEATEC technology show by showing a pre-production version of a Mobility Radeon HD 4000 chipset. Although AMD has yet to publicly discuss the hardware, the company's booth at the Japanese expo contains a clearly identified test bed with the notebook-oriented chipset demonstrating its full hardware Blu-ray video decoding.

ViewSonic releases three business DLP units

10/01, 1:55pm

ViewSonic DLP projectors

ViewSonic on Wednesday released three new portable DLP projectors, the PJD6220, PJD6230 and PJD6240. The 62-series projectors sport a native resolution of 1024x768 and 4:3 aspect ratio as well as a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, with the 6220 offering a britghtness of 2,300 lumens, the 6230 rated at 2,700 and the 6240 at 3,200. Meant as presentation projectors in classrooms and boardrooms, the three share the same pair of 5W speakers, supplanted by a closed captioning system for viewers who are hearing impaired.

Netflix to offer Starz, Mac streaming coming [u]

10/01, 1:45pm

Netflix Starz, Mac support

(Updated with Starz TV info) DVD rental service Netflix and broadcaster Starz Entertainment on Wednesday announced a new partnership, one which will see Netflix offer access to the entire Starz library via Internet-connected computers, and the Xbox 360 when its enhanced interface launches later this fall. Specifically, the Starz Play broadband movie service will be included in all unlimited Netflix subscriptions, giving users access to the instant streaming of about 2,500 movies, TV shows and concerts.

Samsung debuts dual-screen flip phones

10/01, 1:20pm

Samsung dual-screen phones

Samsung has introduced two new flip-phone designs, the SCH-W570 and SPH-W5700. The phones are unusual for both relying on twin 2.2-inch LCDs; while a standard display is located on the inside, a screen of the same size is located on the outside, with its own touch-based interface used for accessing functions like video and music playback. This also enables use of the phones while closed.

Wii with HD, hard storage due by 2011?

10/01, 12:15pm

Wii HD Rumor

Nintendo is determined to make a true next-generation console but ride the existing success of the Wii, according to a new claim made by What They Play. Citing what are only referred to as multiple sources, the publication says the system will still be directly related to the Wii and its motion-based gameplay but at last have the processing and graphics performance necessary to drive HD rather than the Wii's maximum DVD resolution. It would also reflect acknowledgments from Nintendo about the problems with limited storage on the Wii and should include some form of more permanent space to hold downloadable content.

Apple drops non-disclosure from iPhone SDK

10/01, 12:10pm

Apple drops iPhone NDA

Apple has officially dropped a non-disclosure clause from its iPhone SDK, according to an announcement. A new agreement is expected to be sent to developers "within a week or so," the company says, one which will allow people to discuss the code of published iPhone applications. Unreleased software and/or features are still expected to remain outside of public exchanges.

Congress+ adds Congressional contact info to iPhone

10/01, 11:50am

Congress+ for iPhone/iPod

Congress In Your Pocket has released a new iPhone/iPod touch application, one which gives its users access to information on US Congressional representatives. Users of Congress+ can access organized lists of data like contact points and committee assignments, with or without the benefit of Internet access. In addition to contact, biographical, campaign and opponent data, the plus version adds both staff and committee information, and supplies Congressional updates through the 2010 term. Congress+ is currently available in the App Store for $10.

iTaskX 2.5 improves Leopard support

10/01, 11:25am

iTaskX 2.5 update

A new version of iTaskX has been released by Techno-Grafik and Zisser Software. iTaskx is a project management application, meant to organize schedules and tasks in an efficient order. It supports exchanging calendars and resources, as well as more than 60 task fields. Version 2.5 has been programmed as a Universal Binary, and features improved support for Mac OS X 10.5.

KDDI shows DVD-grade, 3.1-inch OLED display

10/01, 11:20am

KDDI 800x480 OLED

KDDI at the CEATEC technology expo today showed two displays that promise to significantly improve the quality of cellphones and other handhelds. A Samsung-made, 3.1-inch display both uses OLED to improve its color accuracy, thinness and the battery life of the attached device but also displays an 800x480 picture. Such resolution is high enough to support viewing some DVD resolution video without shedding pixels and results in near print-quality text.

Hack adds Boxee media player to Apple TV

10/01, 11:05am

Boxee loaded on Apple TV

Developer Scott Davilla has produced an alternative to the Apple TV's factory interface. Through the use of a USB flash drive, users can now add Boxee media player software to the device. Based on the open source XMBC platform, the software allows users view or listen to most forms of digital content, and share recommendations with friends online.

LaCie debuts ultra-color LED-lit displays [u]

10/01, 10:45am

LaCie 700 series displays

(Updated with new pricing) LaCie has unveiled its new 700 series displays designed for applications requiring color accuracy. The 720, 724, and 730 feature 20, 24, and 30 inch screen sizes, respectively. RGB-LED backlighting technology is used in each model, allowing for ultra-wide color gamuts up to 123 percent of the Adobe RGB space with the 724 and 730. ColorKeeper stabilization technology analyzes the brightness and chromaticity of the backlight, constantly making adjustments if needed.

Mac, iPhone gain browser share at expense of others

10/01, 10:40am

Mac, iPhone browser share

The Mac has seen a significant jump in the representation of computers on the web, according to tracking figures from Net Applications. Site visitors browsing from a Mac are said to have amounted to 8.23 percent of the market in September, a rise from 7.86 percent in August. This marks the largest increase during the period, and may have come at the expense of Apple rival Microsoft, as well as several more marginal platforms.

WD ships next-gen "green" Caviar drives

10/01, 10:35am

WD Caviar Green 1TB

Continuing its hard drive updates from earlier in the week, Western Digital today has started shipping the next wave of its Caviar Green eco-friendly drives. The upgrades use a smarter seek algorithm and aggressive caching to drop power use by about 20 percent versus the company's regular hard disks. This next update is also about 10 percent faster than earlier Green drives, according to the company's claims, and uses new storage that carries as much as 333GB per platter on the drive as well as 32MB of cache for every model.

NEC readies pro 19-inch, 24-inch LCDs

10/01, 9:55am

NEC EA241WM and EA191M

NEC this morning expanded its MultiSync EA screens for higher-end home and pro users with a pair of slightly smaller models. Headlining the updates, the 24-inch EA241WM has the same 1920x1200 resolution as the 26-inch flagship and finds room for a full pivoting display as well as hidden, chin-mounted stereo speakers, a carrying handle and a four-port USB hub. The panel has a now-typical 1,000:1 contrast ratio but is fairly bright at 400cd/m2.

Citigroup, Goldman Sachs conflict on Apple stock

10/01, 9:40am

Citigroup vs. G. Sachs

New analysis of Apple's difficult financial situation has yielded two significantly different views. Richard Gardner of Citigroup has cut his price target for Apple stock by more than $100, down to $170 from $287. Blame is laid on a 3 percent decline in industry computer sales, and a 12 percent drop in music revenue throughout 2008. Apple's guidance, normally thought by analysts to be too conservative, may in fact prove accurate for the fourth quarter, Gardner suggests.

Motorola's MOTOACTV W450 reaches T-Mobile

10/01, 9:20am


T-Mobile today became the next US carrier to pick up a ruggedized Motorola phone with the MOTOACTV W450. Also called just the Motorola Active, the clamshell phone has a design made for hiking and other exercise with a rubber-like outer texture and a built-in location to clip the phone to a belt. T-Mobile also preloads the phone with Mayo Clinic software to help diagnose medical trouble outdoors.

HP takes on MacBook with dv3500t

10/01, 8:50am

HP dv3500t

HP on Wednesday rolled out its first 13.3-inch home user's notebook and its first more direct challenge to the same-sized MacBook and to Sony's VAIO SR. The dv3500t is one of HP's first systems outside of special editions to focus on style and comes in a unique bronze pattern that extends through to the keyboard. The company also gives it features that have either been off-limits or uncommon to the dv4t, including a dedicated 512MB GeForce 9300M GS graphics chipset as standard, a backlit keyboard and the option of an LED-backlit display for longer battery life and dropping the weight to as little as 4.1 pounds.

Apple ramping up LED-lit display production?

10/01, 8:10am

Apple May Ramp LEDs

Apple is once again scaling up its production of LED-backlit displays and the notebooks to match, if a production forecast today proves accurate. Kenmos, one of Apple's key suppliers of LED backlights, is said to be boosting its production from at most 80,000 notebook lights during the summer to 200,000 for the fall, returning to levels unseen since the start of 2008 and the launch of the MacBook Air as well as refreshed MacBook Pros.

Kelby Training announces the iPhone Photo Contest

10/01, 4:20am

iPhone Photo Contest

Kelby Training has announced that it will be launching an iPhone Photo Contest to celebrate the upcoming release of the second edition of The iPhone Book. All iPhone users are encouraged to submit entries into one of the five categories, including family, friends, pets, fine art, and office. Each entrant may submit up to three photos which will be voted on by the public to determine the winners. The selected winners in each category will win a $100 iTunes gift card and a copy of The iPhone Book. The grand prize winner will be selected by the books authors, and will receive a $500 Apple Store gift card along with a copy of The iPhone Book.

House bill standardizing broadband nears approval

10/01, 12:50am

Broadband bill approval

A bill pertaining to accelerating growth of broadband service was recently passed through both the Senate and the House, and is currently undergoing its final approval at the Senate and the President. PC Mag writes that measure S. 1492 seeks to ensure underserved communities are provided with proper service, as well as updating the government's definition of what broadband service is. The FCC considers 200 Kilobits per second to be broadband, which is not concurrent with modern technology.


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