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Toshiba bows 256GB, 3mm thick SSD

09/25, 11:55pm

256GB Toshiba SSD

Toshiba on Thursday unveiled a 256GB SSD in a 2.5-inch format, offering users a maximum of 120MB per second read speeds, and 80MB per second write. The announcement comes shortly after Samsung unveiled some low-cost and high-performance SSDs, with the Toshiba drives edging out over the Samsungs in terms of speed. Three flash modules for UMPCs and other handhelds were also unveiled, featuring read and write speeds of 80MB per second and 50MB per second, respectively, available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB sizes.

Simplifi features iPod dock, USB hub, flash reader

09/25, 10:50pm

Simplifi USB hub for iPod

Griffin Technology today announced Simplifi, a desktop device that combines functions of an iPod/iPhone dock, USB hub, and media card reader. iPods can be docked, charged, and synced with the Simplifi, and two additional USB 2.0 ports are available for other devices. Various digital media cards are supported, including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, SDHC, xD, and CompactFlash.

Report: mobile computers are now the majority

09/25, 10:35pm

Mobile computers majority

Mobile computers now account for the majority, according to a MetaFacts report. Their research found that 53 percent of computer-using adults were using mobile platforms including notebooks or tablets. Consumers have been accounting for a larger portion of overall use, accounting for 44 percent of the mobiles used more than forty hours per week. Large businesses represent 30 percent of the computers, while small and medium businesses, education, and government usage sits at 25 percent.

Chronos releases F10 Launch Studio 2 launch manager

09/25, 10:00pm

F10 Launch Studio 2

Chronos has released F10 Launch Studio 2, an application and document launch manager for Mac. When the program is started, 'Zero Setup' automatically finds new applications, with relevant documents displayed on a side bar. Users can configure multiple docks with different favorites, or edit the shortcuts. The user interface is now animated and has been redesigned to be streamlined.

iPhone shortage preceding its launch in Brazil Friday

09/25, 9:30pm

iPhone shortage in Brazil

Claro will begin selling the iPhone in Brazil on Friday, but does not expect to have enough to meet demand, according to Reuters. The first shipment from Apple only included 30,000 devices, while the list of Claro subscribers signed up for the phone exceeded 100,000 by late July. The phones will not come cheap, priced between $550 and $1,400 depending on the model and contract. Claro is the Brazillian branch of Mexico's America Movil carrier.

Macvide releases standalone Flash Player 1.7 for Mac

09/25, 7:25pm

Macvide Flash Player 1 7

Macvide today announced Flash Player 1.7,the latest version of its standalone Flash utility for Mac OS X. The application allows users to play Flash content while offline, including games or videos. All Flash formats are supported, including SWF and FLV files. Content can be dowloaded from sites such as YouTube to be played anytime. Manual time line control is provided while watching videos.

BlackBerry Storm screens reveal interface, more

09/25, 6:50pm

BlackBerry Storm photos

Screenshots and photos of Verizon's new BlackBerry Storm have been posted, offering users a glimpse of the full touchscreen RIM handset. As seen on StormReviews, the Storm offers a very similar interface to the BlackBerry Bold, albeit with a touchscreen-based keyboard, previously revealed to operate using a combination of touch and pressure levels. When used vertically, the keys join together, similar to how other smartphone keyboards are presented.

Mudbug Software unveils Webify image editing utility

09/25, 6:25pm

Webify image editor

Mudbug software today introduced its new image editing utility, Webify 1.0. The new software is intended for users that prepare content for internet publication. Groups of images can be simultaneously resized, flipped, scaled, or rotated, saving time over single image editing. Webify works as an image browser, with a drag-and-drop interface claimed allow for faster work.

Workamajig to include a drag-and-drop calendar

09/25, 5:55pm

Drag and Drop Calendar

Creative Manager, Inc. has announced the inclusion of a drag-and-drop Flash calendar in its upcoming Workamajig software release. The improved interface will allow information to be added or edited from within a graphical calendar view. Personal meeting entries are only accessible by attendees, while public meetings are visible to anyone with permission to the calendar folder. Multiple users can combine or filter entries to show timelines for each client's project.

iPhone 2.2 firmware released into beta

09/25, 5:30pm

iPhone 2.2 in beta

Apple today released iPhone 2.2 firmware into a first stage of beta testing, according to Gear Live. Background push notification is rumored to have returned in this version; Apple pulled background push from the fourth beta of v2.1, and left it out of the official release. The technology allows apps such as e-mail or instant messaging clients to receive messages, or other information, without requiring constant operation and/or draining a phone's resources.

IK Multimedia unveils accessories for StompIO system

09/25, 5:00pm

Accessories for StompIO

IK Multimedia has released a range of accessories for StompIO, its guitar and bass amp and FX system. A GPU Stage Case, Expression Pedal, Double Switch, Gig Bag, and Tour Rack are now available. The GPU (Guitar Processing Unit) Stage Case is a metal shell that protects a Mac Mini or mini PC that is plugged into the StompIO floor controller on stage. The Expression Pedal can be connected to any MIDI-controllable equipment, allowing "wah-style" action and featuring metal construction.

RIM earnings up, 6.1m BlackBerries miss target

09/25, 4:55pm

RIM Summer 08 Results

Research in Motion today reported one of its better quarters in memory with earnings of $495.5 million over its summer quarter, which ended in August. The figure is a significant 72 percent spike versus the same three-month timeframe a year earlier and is credited primarily to the momentum from the company's expansion into mainstream-oriented phones, which included early sales of the BlackBerry Bold.

NVIDIA to rebrand, update GeForce in winter

09/25, 4:30pm

NVIDIA GeForce Update Q109

NVIDIA today is said to be planning a substantial upgrade to its hardware at the start of 2009 that will also significantly overhaul its years-old naming scheme. A series of video chipsets built on a smaller, 45 nanometer manufacturing process should run faster and cooler than existing 55 nanometer and larger parts. As hinted by the launch of the GTX 200, however, the company will reportedly drop its increasingly complex scheme used for the 8- and 9-series cards to more clearly reflect the intended performance level of each card.

iPDA 4.2 adds support for iPod nano 4G

09/25, 4:20pm

iPDA update supports Nano

ZappTek has released iPDA 4.2, its latest PDA emulator for the iPod that now supports the new Nano 4G. The app transforms an iPod into a replacement PDA, allowing users to import Entourage information, Stickies, mail messages, address book contacts, iCal calendars, and To Dos. Google calendars, Gmail conversations, RSS feeds, weather forecasts, driving directions, or news can also be accessed. Word, PDF, RTF, and text documents can all be viewed as well.

AKVIS Coloriage 6 adds manual correction brush

09/25, 4:20pm

AKVIS Coloriage 6

AKVIS Software has released Coloriage 6, the latest version of its black-and-white photo coloring tool. A manual correction brush has been added, and EXIF or IPTC data formats are now supported. To add color, the user selects a hue from the palette and draws a rough outline within the area to be colored. Coloriage automatically detects the borders and adds color while preserving the tone graduation.

Apple puts unlocked iPhone on sale in Hong Kong

09/25, 4:00pm

Unlocked Hong Kong iPhone

The iPhone 3G is now on sale directly from Apple in the city of Hong Kong, despite no prior announcements, listings reveal. An 8GB phone is selling for $5,400 HK ($692), while a 16GB model costs $6,200 HK ($794). Notably, iPhones in the region can be "activated with any wireless carrier," according to Apple, and require only that a carrier's SIM card be installed prior to sync with iTunes 8.

SanDisk outs 16GB microSDHC, M2 cards

09/25, 3:50pm

SanDisk 16GB microSDHC

SanDisk today quietly confirmed the imminent launch of new capacities to its microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) lines. Both are doubling in capacity to 16GB and are targeted at cellphones and portable players that can use the format as their only or primary source of storage. The update gives the T-Mobile G1 as much potential storage as the iPhone and Nokia N96, while SanDisk's own Sansa View can hold as much as 48GB with the microSDHC option. Certain newer still cameras also support the format.

Hitachi intros resolution enhancement technology

09/25, 3:30pm

Hitachi upconverting tech

Hitachi is expected to demonstrate a new video up-converting technology at the CEATEC show in Japan due to start next week, according to a Thursday report. The company claims its super resolution technology will not only convert DVD and SDTV images into near 1080p HD resolution, but it also has the capability of improving the way HDTV broadcasts look. While no specific information on how the process works was revealed, a Hitachi researcher explained it analyzes the luminance signals of input images before processing multiple regions at a time.

Roku to make set-top box open source

09/25, 3:20pm

Roku opens set-top box

Roku executives recently announced they will make the company's sub-$100 Roku Netflix player open source, allowing developers to create software for the device. As per a Wednesday report, Roku CEO Anthony Wood made the pledge, which would see the company release the software development kit in the next few months. This will allow developers to publish any channel, while users could even surf the Internet via their existing devices, no longer limiting them to content from Netflix.

Dell launches 7609WU HD DLP projector

09/25, 3:10pm

Dell launches HD projector

Dell recently and quietly launched its 7609WU DLP projector, which is capable of creating 1920x1200 native resolution images with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Its 2700:1 contrast ratio and 3,850 lumens brightness help to make the projected images legible in lit rooms, such as during presentations. The projector can be mounted on desktop or ceilings, and supports both front and rear projection configurations, and is capable of creating images up to 301 inches in size.

First photos of Motorola Q11 smartphone surface

09/25, 3:05pm

Motorola Q11 photos leak

Photos of the upcoming Motorola handset have surfaced on the Internet on Wednesday, revealing what the smartphone will look like and shedding some light on its specs. Despite bearing a close resemblance to the handset maker's Q 9c, the Q11 adds a Wi-Fi module, and ups the integrated camera's megapixel count to three from 1.3, as well as including an 8x digital zoom.

Rivet 1.3 upgrades podcast support, makes fixes

09/25, 3:05pm

Rivet 1.3 update

Cynical Peak Software has released Rivet 1.3, the latest version of its tool for streaming content from a Mac to an Xbox 360. The updated release can be configured to only show unplayed podcasts, and better handles network connections while sleeping. Numerous bugs have been fixed as well.

ViewSonic intros 22-inch LCD HDTV with DVD player

09/25, 2:50pm

ViewSonic intros LCD HDTV

Earlier this week, ViewSonic unveiled its latest LCD HDTV, the 22-inch N2201w. The HDTV's most notable feature is its built-in DVD player, with a side-loading slot. ViewSonic is also touting the 1080i-capable HDTV as a three-in-one display, as it can connect with PCs to act as a monitor in addition to its TV and DVD functionality. The 1680x1050 panel itself features a 5ms average response time and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. The 16:9 aspect display also features brightness of 300cd/m2.

Marware adds new iPhone 3G case, adapts Sport Grip

09/25, 2:45pm

Marware case updates

Marware has announced the release of a new iPhone 3G case as well as the adaptation of another case for both the iPod nano 4G and the Touch 2G. The Flexi-Shell is a hard plastic case that encloses an iPhone, and protects it from bumps and scratches. The case can be purchased in black or white to match the colors of a device, or alternately in a clear version. The case can also be used alongside the Sidewinder Deluxe holster, used for adding a belt clip and headphone cord organizer. A Flexi-Shell costs $25, and comes with a protective film and cleaning cloth.

China to get iPhone minus 3G, Wi-Fi?

09/25, 2:20pm

China Custom iPhone Rumor

China's version of the iPhone could be significantly stripped down from the model available everywhere else, a report in the South China Morning Post. Citing Daiwa Institute of Research analyst Calvin Huang, the newspaper claims that the large scale Taiwan-area manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry has been prepared to make an iPhone without either a 3G connection or Wi-Fi and is primarily waiting on approval from China Mobile, which has long been speculated as the target carrier for a Chinese launch.

PhotoPRINT 6 improves speed, adds new user interface

09/25, 1:55pm

PhotoPRINT 6 released

SA International has released the latest version to its digital printing software, PhotoPRINT Family 6. This version offers a redesigned user interface, new drivers for printers and cutters, improved preset management, and higher processing speed. The PhotoPRINT product family includes Server-Pro, Server, DX, and SE. Server Pro is a client-server package that includes an editor station for layout and design and "Color Profiler" for making and editing output profiles.

Art Lebedev Studio designs WiMAX cellphone

09/25, 1:40pm

Lebedev shows WiMAX phone

OLED keyboard and keypad maker Art Lebedev Studio has developed a cellphone concept for Russian network provider Scartel. The device would be one of the few to carry WiMAX for 4G-level Internet access but would also have an unprecedented 850x480 resolution touchscreen. Users will also be able to connect to the Internet via a built-in Wi-Fi module and make calls on tri-band GSM.

BMO analyst cuts stock target for Apple

09/25, 1:20pm

BMO cuts AAPL stock target

Expectations should be lowered for Apple stock, even though the company is doing well in many regards, argues BMO Capital's Keith Bachman. The analyst has reduced his price target from $190 to $180, citing a "weak economy" that has "started to take a toll on Apple's systems business." BMO's estimate for September-quarter Mac shipments has shrunk from 2.86 million to 2.71, and in FY09, the firm is predicting shipments of 12 million Macs instead of 12.6. Total revenue expectations for FY09 have been reduced to $40 billion from $40.6.

Dell, HP look to slash R&D costs for 2009

09/25, 12:40pm

Dell, HP to cut R&D costs?

Worldwide economic crises are beginning to have serious impact within PC builders Dell and HP, claims DigiTimes. The publication cites sources inside Taiwanese channel distributors, who say that both companies are looking to cut back on research and development for notebooks, which usually entails testing the performance and endurance of new parts. Because this is also done by the actual manufacturers (ODMs), sources say, Dell and HP believe they can scale back without hurting future products.

MacBook Pro to drop full DVI, FireWire 400?

09/25, 12:25pm

MacBook Pro Port Changes

Apple's anticipated MacBook Pro revision might sacrifice some of its now-traditional ports in the name of space, says a relatively new but allegedly accurate source for AppleInsider. Although Apple has included a full-sized DVI port on every 15-inch or larger notebook since a mid-cycle update to the titanium PowerBook G4, the new model is now claimed to drop this in favor of a smaller port to maximize the use of space in the system. Apple's proprietary Mini DVI adapter is described as most likely, though the company recently introduced a smaller-still alternative known as Micro DVI for the MacBook Air.

Turkey joins list of iPhone launches for Sept. 26

09/25, 12:05pm

Turkish iPhone on Sept. 26

Though having confirmed in mid-August that it would carry the iPhone, Turkcell has only just announced that the phone is to launch in Turkey tomorrow, September 26th. Three pricing options are available with an 18-month contract: at a cost of 75 YTL per month, the small package includes a phone starting at 279 YTL, along with 150 minutes of voice and 150 text messages. Data use is listed as "unlimited," but in fact includes just 100MB of free data in the first month, a 3GB bundle costing extra. The first three months of the bundle are half-price.

NVIDIA teams with MotionDSP to boost video

09/25, 11:40am

NVIDIA, MotionDSP team up

NVIDIA on Thursday announced it has partnered up with digital video software creator MotionDSP to provide users with a way to enhance the quality of personal videos created by their cellphone cameras, point-and-shoot digicams, camcorders or video captured from the Internet. Written using NVIDIA's CUDA general-purpose computing technology to take advantage of the GPUs' abiilities to handle non-graphics tasks, MotionDSP's codenamed Carmel software tracks every pixel from tens of video frames before reconstructing high-quality video from low-res sources.

Panasonic G1 gets $800 price, HD in spring

09/25, 11:20am

Panasonic Lumix G1 Pricing

Panasonic's Lumix G1 Micro Four Thirds camera will carry the price of a full entry-level DSLR when it launches in the near future, company executive Yasunori Takase says in an interview with Adorama. Although Panasonic has publicly said it would only expand on its launch details next month, Takase now says the camera plus its 14-45mm kit lens will cost nearly $800 in the bundle when they reach US shores. Pricing for the optional 45-200mm lens isn't available.

Mozilla, Apple fix potential graphics exploit

09/25, 11:15am

Mozilla, Apple fix exploit

Crash errors in Mozilla's Firefox browser have been fixed with help from Apple, the organization says. Bugs in earlier versions of Firefox 3 were said to have been crashing the software, sometimes generating memory corruption at the same time; Mozilla comments that while no threats have emerged, the potential existed for launching arbitrary code, such as malware. Two of these bugs -- found in the image rendering code -- were discovered by Drew Yao of Apple Product Security.

Apple ponders history, plug-in upgrades for Safari

09/25, 10:40am

Apple Safari patents

Newly-published patent applications may point to enhancements in Safari 4 or other versions of Apple's web browser. Originally submitted earlier this year, the filings depict two different browser-based technologies, beginning with the concept of a visual history. Apple notes that most browsers display history as a straight list of pages, something which may be "confusing." The company also comments that relying on forward and back buttons can be "cumbersome," and that histories may incorporate files not meant for web browsers.

ASUS Eee PC adds HSPA-based 3G access

09/25, 10:35am


ASUS on Wednesday said it will add HSPA wireless data network access to its Eee PC range of portable notebook PCs, starting with the 8.9-inch Eee PC 901. The newly added feature will enable users to access the Internet from anywhere a supporting wireless data network is available, allowing them to reach download speeds as high as 7.2Mbps and upload speeds of 2Mbps.

Judge tosses out RIAA win in Thomas case

09/25, 10:30am

Mistrial in RIAA Thomas

Minnesota US District Judge Michael Davis today dismissed a Recording Industry Association of America victory in its controversial anti-piracy case against Jammie Thomas, declaring a mistrial. The move at least temporarily eliminates the $220,000 fine demanded by the music label representatives for claims that she pirated 24 songs by making them available through the KaZaA file sharing service. The call for a retrial comes after Judge Davis reversed his position and said a jury was no longer required to consider hosting songs enough of a legal grounding to find against Thomas.

Metadata group intros first digital photo standard

09/25, 9:20am

Metadata group standard

The Metadata Working Group on Wednesday announced the introduction of its first standard for the preservation of metadata, or 'data about data' in digital photographs at the Photokina 2008 show. The specification is meant to make organizing, sharing and searching for digital photos quicker and easier, as well as make working with digital photos compatible across all applications, devices and services. Current metadata standards typically overlap and do not provide interoperability options.

iTunes to host unsigned tracks from Pure Play

09/25, 9:20am

iTunes/Pure Play deal

Apple has signed a deal which should see over 1.5 million new songs added to the iTunes Store, reports say. The company has forged an agreement with Pure Play Music, a site which specializes in hosting artists that are otherwise unsigned. The site currently lists a roster of over 6,000 artists from around the world, who operate under a set of non-exclusive rights agreements.

Sling ships Slingbox Pro-HD

09/25, 9:10am

Slingbox Pro-HD Ships

Sling this morning began shipping its long-promised Slingbox Pro-HD, the company's first true HD streaming device. The device carries its own ATSC and ClearQAM hybrid tuner and will pick up either 720p or 1080i TV from cable, satellite and over-the-air broadcasts that can be shared either at home or online; on the local network, computers can watch and control the TV feed at its native resolution. Dual component video connections also help the Slingbox receive HD without disrupting other devices that might need the signal.

Casio develops 960x540, two-inch LCD

09/25, 8:35am

Casio 546DPI 2 inch LCD

Casio on Thursday unveiled what it says is the sharpest display yet and took significant steps towards making HD video possible on mobile devices. Although measuring just two inches diagonally, the display uses a new hyper amorphous silicon LCD with an extremely small pixel structure and 15.5 micron dot pitch that lets Casio produce a 960x540 resolution. The output is a full quarter that of 1080p HD and results in an extremely dense 546 dots per inch, generating a near print-like quality to the final image.

Panasonic readies 8-series Toughbooks

09/25, 7:50am

Toughbook F8 W8 and T8

Panasonic early today revamped its semi-hardened notebooks with the launch of its 8-series Toughbooks. The 14-inch F8, 12-inch W8 and the similarly-small T8 are all the first in their particular class to carry a Qualcomm Gobi chipset that gives access to 3G cellular Internet access over either EVDO or HSPA with supporting providers. They also take advantage of Intel's newest low-power Core 2 Duo chips and the newer GMA 4500MHD graphics and 802.11n Wi-Fi to match.

First Look: Drive Genius 2.1, disk utility

09/25, 3:45am

Drive Genius 2.1

Every hard drive will eventually fail. Backing up your data can protect you against a hard disk crash, but you can often prevent minor hard disk problems through proper maintenance with special disk utility programs such as DriveGenius 2.1.

Future Shop POS shows six reserved Apple SKU entries

09/25, 12:30am

Future Shop slips new Macs

Some placeholder SKUs in Canadian retailer Future Shop's computer system could be a clue to impending Mac revisions, according to a screenshot supplied by an anonymous employee to MacRumors. A total of twelve spots entitled "APPLE MAC PLACEHOLDER" exist in the system, six each for English and French, all numbered accordingly. Futureshop and Best Buy have typically been privy to past Apple releases, most likely due to the close nature of their relationship.

MySpace launches DRM-free music service

09/25, 12:00am

MySpace Music

MySpace tonight kicked off the formal appearance of MySpace Music, its first commercial music service. The feature takes advantage of existing hooks for streaming music to offer on-demand, ad-subsidized playback of full tracks from the website but also lets members purchase unprotected MP3s of songs through an Amazon MP3-supported system with similar prices; the normal MySpace Flash player now includes links to buy songs or add them to a playlist.


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