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Apple, AT&T hit with another iPhone lawsuit

09/23, 11:45pm

Apple iPhone lawsuit 4

Another lawsuit against Apple and AT&T is hitting the courts, with New York resident Jai Sen crying foul over both companies' advertising of the iPhone 3G, software problems, and cracks in the device's chassis. The lawsuit comes through the US District Court for the Eastern district of New York, and encompasses a class-action perspective, with other plaintiffs simply referred to as "others similarly situated."

Nokia rumored to launch Tube on October 2nd

09/23, 10:35pm

Nokia to launch Tube soon

Nokia is allegedly preparing to globally launch Nokia Tube on October 2nd, said to be announced at an event in London, an insider tells Pocket-lint. The insider reveals that an impending announcement is due to occur simultaneously with Comes with Music, under the XpressMusic sub-brand. The potential launch date lines up with an earlier promise from Nokia that would have them offer touchscreen phones by the end of the year.

Griffin Technology retools the iTrip Auto

09/23, 7:50pm

iTrip Auto updated

Griffin Technology on Tuesday announced the availability of an updated iTrip Auto FM transmitter for iPods. The form factor has been changed to a more modern look, and the display has reverted back to a black-on-white LCD. The iTrip automatically optimizes the volume without need to adjust the iPod controls, allowing the user to adjust levels from the car stereo.

Apple bars direct iPhone app distribution

09/23, 6:50pm

Apple bars app sharing

Continuing the ongoing drama revolving around the iTunes App Store, Apple recently announced it is blocking developers' abilities to distribute iPhone applications outside of iTunes. PhoneNews reports that Apple previously allowed developers to distribute apps directly to users by binding the software to the serial number of their iPhone. While Apple is within its rights to moderate the iTunes sales channel, moderating all venues of application deliver could land Apple in legal trouble over monopoly concerns.

Drive Genius 2.1 adds DriveSlim feature

09/23, 6:30pm

DriveGenius update

Prosoft Engineering has released the latest version of its hard drive optimization software, DriveGenius 2.1. A new feature, DriveSlim, searches for duplicate files, removes them, and puts aliases in their places. Large files are located and presented for review. Extra unused language information is also targeted for deletion. Applications can also be trimmed to remove files that are only necessary for running on old systems.

Another MobileMe credit card phishing scam surfaces

09/23, 5:25pm

MobileMe phishing scam

Malicious users are again targeting MobileMe customers with a phishing ploy geared towards obtaining credit card information. According to UGN InfoManager, the scam comes in the form of a billing verification email from Apple, which leads users to an official-looking website. The site is hosted on a fraudulent web server, the domain name being, despite the visual resemblances to Apple's MobileMe account page.

Apple extends iPhone NDA, rejects Gmail app

09/23, 5:00pm

Apple extends iPhone NDA

Apple is looking to keep developers quiet on the subject of App Store rejections, according to claims. Reports say that Apple is now adding more labeling to rejection letters, appending them with the clause that "the information contained in this message is under non-disclosure." While discussion of details in iPhone development is generally restricted, numerous developers have complained publicly about rejections without repercussion.

Lexar increases Pro CF memory card speed to 233x

09/23, 4:55pm

Lexar intros 233x CF cards

Portable memory media manufacturer Lexar at the Photokina show on Tuesday revealed it has made its Professional line of Compact Flash memory cards 75 percent faster, increasing their transfer speeds from 20MBps (133x) to 35MBps (233x). The new, faster cards are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities. Each card is also Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) compatible, and the company has introduced UDMA high-speed card readers along with the new products to take advantage of their faster download speeds.

DealNN: Bose sound dock, AirPort Extreme, iPod nano

09/23, 4:50pm

DealNN Bose sound dock

Current deals at DealNN include a selection of iPod gear and discount Apple products. The Bose sound dock in black is available at for $199.90. Also at Buy is the Teac 2.1 speaker system for iPod that includes a powered subwoofer and wall-mountable speakers for only $80. The refurbished AirPort Extreme base station with Gigabit Ethernet is currently at the Apple store for $149. Get a FREE Dr. Bodelin silicone iPod case with the purchase of the 3rd generation 8GB iPod nano in black at for $139.98. is offering the 2.4GHz 20-inch iMac for $1129.

Samsung intros 14.1-inch X460 slim notebook

09/23, 4:45pm

Samsung 14.1-inch notebook

Samsung on Tuesday introduced a new notebook computer, the X460, which combines a 14.1-inch, 1280x800 LCD screen with a weight that is just under 4.2lbs. Other key specs of the X460 include a 45nm Intel Centrino 2 CPU of various processing speeds and support for up to 4GB of RAM memory. The smallest hard drive is sized at 120GB, while the largest optional HDD is 320GB in capacity. Samsung is trying to position the X460 as a stylish offering users would want to be seen with, and to this end, included a magnesium alloy casing offset with a brushed aluminum panel on the lid that is available in a choice of colors.

GE sets up venture to make Internet-ready HDTVs

09/23, 4:30pm

GE to get into HDTV market

GE announced on Tuesday it will start selling GE-branded HDTVs as part of a joint venture with Taiwan's Tatung Company. The newly formed venture is called General Displays & Technologies (GDT), and will produce GE-branded HDTVs with Internet connectivity via an Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) connection. Eventually, say GDT executives, the idea is to allow users to download widgets and services straight to their HDTVs.

TomTom ONE XL II revealed in FCC filing

09/23, 4:25pm

TomTom ONE XL II unveiled

Portable GPS device manufacturer TomTom will soon release a new GPS system, if a filing with the Federal Communications Commission is to be taken as an indication. The new model, expected to be called the ONE XL II, should add Bluetooth functionality for hands-free cellphone use to specifications and features otherwise shared by the existing ONE XL-S. In the process, the XL II becomes the first navigation device from the ONE line to include Bluetooth.

HP intros photo printer, scanner at Photokina

09/23, 4:10pm

HP intros scanner, printer

At the Photokina 2008 show on Tuesday, Hewlett Packard introduced a number of products aimed for the digital photography and publishing markets. Chief among the releases were the Scanjet G3110 photo scanner and B8550 photo printer. The latter features a five-ink system and extra large feed tray and printing area that lets users to produce photos as large a 13x19 inches. The printer's USB port and multi-format memory card reader work with a 2.4-inch LCD screen for PC-free printing of documents and images.

Apple launches buy-at-home program for iPhone 3G

09/23, 4:05pm

iPhone 3G buy-at-home

Confirming anonymous information from yesterday, Apple has officially announced the introduction of a buy-at-home scheme for the iPhone. The Begin at Home program allows buyers to enter billing information through Apple's website, check eligibility and costs, and then pick a carrier plan. Once billing and eligibility are cleared, people can then travel to an Apple Store and pick up their iPhone.

Sony intros internal 8x Blu-ray writer for desktops

09/23, 4:00pm

Sony intros 8x Blu-ray

Sony Electronics on Tuesday announced it will soon launch the BWU-300S internal Blu-ray Disc drive for desktop computers. The company's third-generation BD reader and writer will ship with the Men In Black blockbuster movie on Blu-ray, and can burn single- and dual-layer BD-R or BD-RE discs at 8x speeds, enabling users to fill up 25GB discs in 15 minutes and 50GB dual-layer discs in 30 minutes.

Piper: Android will not affect near-term iPhone sales

09/23, 3:55pm

Piper on Android iPhone

Apple and Google are aligned to lead mobile computing, however Android will not likely have an effect on iPhone sales in the near future, according to a Piper Jaffray report. Android has the potential to take significant market share from the iPhone in the long-term, depending on how both companies evolve their platforms.

Sprint WiMAX to go live Oct. 8

09/23, 3:50pm

Sprint WiMAX Live Oct 8

Sprint's Xohm WiMAX network will have its formal debut on October 8th, according to an invitation sent to the media. Company executives along with those from WiMAX developer Intel will host an event that day in Baltimore's Bond Street Wharf Park to unveil the service, which is planned as one of the first truly national 4G wireless Internet services for the US. Follow-ups expansions are also known to be in effect for nearby Washington, DC as well as Chicago in the near term and will spread next to Dallas and New England cities in the weeks following the rollout.

H2O Audio unveils Surge waterproof headphones

09/23, 3:25pm

Surge waterproof headphone

H2O Audio has unveiled the latest addition to its line of amphibious audio equipment, the Surge waterproof headphones. H2O claims improved clarity and bass response from the 8mm neodymium drivers. Five different sizes of ear inserts provided with the package, which should improve sound isolation and comfort across a wider range of people.

You Control: Desktops 1.3 adds Leopard compatibility

09/23, 3:20pm

You Control updates

You Software has released You Control: Desktops 1.3, an update featuring Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility for the workspace-management application. You Control: Desktops allows users to set up multiple desktop configurations, switching easily between them. In addition to compatibility with Leopard, the update also adds new options for customizing how desktops behave.

G1 limits: data throttled, no earphone jack

09/23, 3:20pm

T-Mobile G1 Limitations

T-Mobile's heavily-touted G1 will carry multiple crucial limitations that may put it out of direct contention with the iPhone, a closer inspection of the Android phone shows. Notably, the company includes a disclaimer on its product page that warns T-Mobile's described unlimited plan only offers its full speed for the first 1GB of data transfered in one month. Service past this cap is throttled back to 50Kbps, making it difficult to use video and most other data-intensive services.

iBlogger for iPhone allows mobile blogging

09/23, 3:10pm

iBlogger for iPhone/iPod

illumineX has released iBlogger for the iPhone and iPod touch. The new app allows for mobile blogging, and is compatible with Blojsom, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, TypePad and MovableType, among other formats. iBlogger also supports taking pictures, and adding text, tags, categories and Google Maps links, the latter with a user's current location. The app is based on the Mac-based blogging application Ecto, recently acquired by illumineX.

Pretec claims record with 100GB CF card

09/23, 2:40pm

Pretec 100GB CF Card

Pretec today said it has reached a new limit in flash storage with the launch of two CompactFlash cards. Its 64GB and 100GB cards have the most capacity ever and are designed for photo and video professionals who need exceptionally large room for RAW photos or uncompressed digital video. Both are also relatively fast at 233X and transfer at up to 35MB per second, rendering either fast enough for burst shots.

GSM-only BlackBerry Storm spotted

09/23, 2:10pm

GSM BlackBerry Storm Leak

Research in Motion's launch of the BlackBerry Storm on both Verizon and Vodafone will require two separate models, a product sheet leak at BlackBerry News appears to show. Simply labeled as the BlackBerry 9500 versus the 9530 moniker for Verizon's device, the phone would have the same 3.2-megapixel camera, click-feedback touchscreen and GPS of the earlier device but drop CDMA from the design. This would leave only GSM and its related data, including an advanced 7.2Mbps HSDPA link as well as EDGE.

Adobe CS4 focuses on workflow, time saving

09/23, 1:50pm

Adobe CS4 unveiled

Adobe is calling the latest release of its ubiquitous Creative Suite a milestone -- but users expecting a radical change will probably disagree. CS4 is less about fancy new features, and more about workflow -- that is, making the products work better together. The Suite, officially unveiled Monday night, contains hundreds of refinements designed to "bring down the walls" in the creative process, by making it easier to move content between applications and by adopting a consistent user interface across the entire suite. Adobe has also added more web-accessible content and Connect Pro meeting software for instant communication between artists and developers. There are new features as well, but the real meat in this release is the improved integration, efficiency and collaboration tools.

Device Central CS4 adds online library, auto-testing

09/23, 1:40pm

Device Central CS4 info

Adobe has provided details on another component of its newly-announced Creative Suite 4, Device Central CS4. The software is used to test and preview "rich" CS4 content meant for cellphones and other mobile hardware, such as Flash-compatible videos. Over 450 continuously-updated device profiles are included, with access to an online library containing information from handset makers.

Motorola intros WiMAX USB adapter for notebooks

09/23, 1:30pm

Motorola WiMAX USB adapter

Motorola on Tuesday announced the launch of the first ever USB adapter for notebook computers that allows access to the WiMAX 4G wireless broadband data network. Called USBw 100, the thumb-drive sized device can be had in the three versions for use around the world, including with the 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands. The adapter will give users access to the Internet at speeds traditionally reserved for high-speed wired connections on desktops, and do so indoors or outdoors, in metropolitan areas or out in the suburbs.

Apple Stores for Calgary, Honolulu, Geneva, Bristol

09/23, 1:00pm

Apple adds five stores

This week marks a slew of Apple Store openings, as Israel's first Apple location, launched by iDigital, opened Sunday, Geneva and Bristol open Thursday, Friday sees Zurich's Glattzentrum shopping center open and Honolulu's third store arrives Saturday alongside Calgary. Geneva opens four days earlier than originally predicted, and will be located on the Rue de Rive. Geneva and Zurich's Glattzentrum are the second and third Swiss Apple Store.

Sigma reveals SD15 DSLR, DP2 compact

09/23, 12:55pm

Sigma SD15, DP2 cameras

Lens and camera maker Sigma has announced the existence of two new cameras hinted at earlier in the year, the SD15 and the DP2. The former is a DSLR, and a successor to the SD14, which originally premiered two years ago. The 15 makes use of a 14-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor, and a new image processing engine, TRUE II. Few other details available, though Sigma says it will have a three-inch LCD.

Windows Mobile 7 delayed to late 2009

09/23, 12:25pm

Windows Mobile 7 Delayed

Windows Mobile 7 has quietly been pushed back by several months, according to tips reportedly given to CNET. Microsoft has publicly kept to a goal of launching the major revision to its handheld operating system in early 2009, keeping with the company's yearly update schedule, but is now said to be warning hardware and software partners that the platform won't be ready until sometime in the second half of that same year. The reason for the delay isn't explained.

InDesign CS4 outputs to Flash, interactive PDF

09/23, 12:00pm

InDesign CS4 details

As a part of its Creative Suite 4 announcements, Adobe has revealed details on the next version of InDesign. The publishing tool will add a variety of new features, such as the ability to export to XFL files, and open them up in Flash CS4 Professional for inserting animation and interactions. Simpler interactive documents can be exported directly to SWF or interactive PDF files.

SanDisk intros faster, 16GB CF card, multi readers

09/23, 11:45am

SanDisk faster CF cards

SanDisk on Tuesday announced the launch of a new, faster and more capacious 16GB Extreme IV CF card, as well as the fact that it and the rest of the Extreme IV range is now 12.5 percent faster, with read and write speeds now set at 45MBps, or 300X. Meant for use by professional photographers, all of the Extreme IV cards are also UDMA enabled, allowing the transfer of files to occur faster than before. At the same time, the portable memory maker introduced two ImageMate card readers, the All-in-one and Multi-Card USB 2.0 readers, each capable of transferring 1GB of data in 35 seconds.

T-Mobile G1: $179, October 22

09/23, 11:30am

T-Mobile G1 Official

T-Mobile today announced final details of the T-Mobile G1, the world's first production Android phone and the carrier's first 3G smartphone. The device revolves around its open, Linux-based operating system that allows third-party developers to create apps that can fundamentally change the functionality of the phone and of mobile apps in general. Google itself also gives the device key access to its own software, including a quick jump to Google Search and dedicated apps for Google Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk and YouTube. Access will be built-in for Android Market, an App Store-like portal for downloading and eventually purchasing third-party software.

LIVE: T-Mobile's Android phone event [U]

09/23, 11:20am

Live T-Mobile G1 Event

Electronista has followed T-Mobile's G1 announcement live and provided live updates regarding the New York City event as they happened. News appears in reverse order as it became available, after the story break. Amazon today has already confirmed a mobile Amazon MP3 store for the device. T-Mobile's official announcement has been posted and confirms the device available for $179 on a two-year voice and data contract when it ships October 22nd.

REALbasic 2008 R4 enables digital signing, more

09/23, 11:10am

REALbasic 2008 R4 ships

REAL Software says it has posted Release 4 of REALbasic 2008, its cross-platform development tool. The new version of the software adds several different features, most notably codesign for Mac applications, which allows them to be signed. This in turn lets people trace an application back to its original creator, and avoid authorizing apps installed through Leopard Server every time they are launched.

ShareTool 1.2.3 adds interface enhancements

09/23, 10:20am

ShareTool 1.2.3 released

Yazsoft has posted a new update to ShareTool, its Bonjour-based networking utility. The software lets users access a Mac's Bonjour services across a LAN or over the Internet, enabling tasks such as printing, filesharing or streaming music from iTunes. All network traffic is encrypted, and any application is supported so long as it is compatible with both Bonjour and TCP/IP.

Amazon confirms T-Mobile G1 music store

09/23, 10:20am

Amazon T-Mo G1 Music Store

Amazon today preceded the launch of the T-Mobile G1 by announcing its rumored online music store for the new Android phone, putting the device in close competition with the iPhone. The service gives owners of T-Mobile's imminent smartphone access to the full, unprotected MP3 catalog of Amazon's store and thus lets customers copy tracks back to a computer or another device, including iPods, Macs and Zunes.

Windows 7 to drop e-mail, media editing apps

09/23, 10:00am

Win 7 to Drop Apps

Microsoft will make many of its previously standard bundled apps optional with the launch of Windows 7, the company said late Monday. While Vista came with copies of Windows Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery regardless of the edition, the sequel operating system will now remove those entirely and make available only downloadable versions that can tap into Windows Live. The company argues that the move will ensure a quicker turnaround for the launch of the next Windows version and that it lets Microsoft work with firms in the future to customize the experience.

PocketMac for iPhone adds Lotus, Entourage sync

09/23, 9:40am

PocketMac for iPhone

A new version of PocketMac, a tool for syncing unsupported phones with a Mac, has been released for the iPhone. In the iPhone's default state it is only able to sync with Address Book and iCal, but PocketMac for iPhone adds additional syncing support for Entourage, Meeting Maker and Lotus Notes. Users can sync contacts and calendars from these applications, and select only the categories of data they would like carried over.

Dell launches Studio, Studio Slim desktops

09/23, 9:20am

Dell Studio Desktops

Hoping to do the same for its towers what it did with the Studio Hybrid mini PC, Dell today launched two new entries to the Studio line for desktops. The Studio Desktop and narrower Studio Slim Desktop both have a sleeker, glossy black design and make features standard that are left out of the similarly-shaped Inspiron line and are suited to home theaters, including HDMI video out and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) input. Blu-ray combo and full burner drives are also available.

Circus Ponies releases Notebook 3.0, adds sketching

09/23, 9:10am

Notebook 3.0 update

Circus Ponies Software has released the latest version of its organization application, Notebook 3.0. The update allows users to create diagrams or sketches on notebook pages. A new PDF annotation feature enables placing lecture slides and class notes directly into notebooks, where text, sketches and diagrams can then be added.

T-Mobile G1 specs leak; no work e-mail support

09/23, 8:45am

T-Mobile G1 Specs Leak

T-Mobile early today unintentionally had most of the details of the G1 spoiled ahead of the company's official announcement later this morning. In addition to a set of photos obtained by BGR from T-Mobile's own website that have since been pulled, TmoNews claims to have obtained full specifications. The rumor site claims to confirm the existence of 3G support, a 3.1-megapixel camera, a 480x320 touchscreen, GPS mapping and up to 8GB of removable storage (likely through microSDHC). Five key Google apps are described as bundled with the phone and include quick access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Talk for IM and a YouTube client.

Adobe: Lack of 64-bit support won't hurt CS4 for Mac

09/23, 8:40am

No 64-bit CS4 for Mac

Though anticipated, some Mac users may still be disappointed at the lack of 64-bit support in Adobe Creative Suite 4. The suite was unveiled late Monday -- and while Windows users will be able to take full advantage of their 64-bit machines, Mac users will have to wait at least until the release of CS5. Still, the company says Mac users will see performance increases in the new version, because of OpenGL support, enhanced interfaces and other improvements.

Sony unveils first true Blu-ray ultraportable

09/23, 8:00am


Sony this morning made official the VAIO TT, a major update to the TZ that marks a number of firsts. The ultraportable notebook is the first to carry a Blu-ray drive and burns at 2X in addition to reading the HD movie format. It's also one of the lightest at just under 2.9 pounds, Sony adds. A carbon fiber case helps reach this target, as does an LED-backlit, 11.1-inch display that the company now says produces a 100 percent color gamut while reducing the display thickness.

iPresentee ships free Keynote Alphabet

09/23, 4:25am

Keynote Alphabet available

iPresentee has released Keynote Alphabet, a Keynote-compatible collection of animated letters and numbers, with all 26 letters of the alphabet, in both capital and lowercase, and numerals from zero to nine. The package allows users to create animated words and phrases with transparent or colored backgrounds. The objects can be changed in size, rotation and opacity and support overlapping one another.

Dreamweaver CS4 adds Live View, code editing

09/23, 2:15am

Dreamweaver CS4

Unveiled as part of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium and other bundles, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 offers users a multifaceted workspace, with improved compatibility for modern website design. Dreamweaver CS4 includes the new Related Files and Code Navigator features, allowing users to quickly access the underlying code of compound documents, including external CSS files, JavaScript libraries, linked files, and server-side code.

Photoshop CS4 adds 3D painting, GPU effects, more

09/23, 1:25am

Photoshop CS4 unveiled

Adobe today formally unveiled Creative Suite 4, bringing with it Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended, the latest versions to the photo editing application, optimized to take advantage of GPUs, along with many more features. Photoshop CS4 also simplifies many tasks, with content-aware scaling, auto-align and auto-blend modes on 360 degree panoramas. Adobe is shipping Photoshop CS4 in October for $700, while Photoshop Extended will sell for $1000.

RED scraps, rethinks Scarlet camera

09/23, 12:40am

RED Scarlet camera redux

Premium camera manufacturer RED recently announced informally it is scrapping current plans for the Scarlet camera, and will reveal a new rethought version, still in 2009. A company rep, Jim, announced that the changes to the platform are taking place due to changes in the marketplace, and RED is looking to position the camera differently overall. Jim hints that the changes are "measurable," and equates the announcement to product development.


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