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Adobe unveils Creative Suite 4, 13 updated apps, more

09/22, 11:15pm

Adobe debuts CS4

Adobe on Monday unveiled Creative Suite 4, a major update to its collection of graphical editing tools that offers users enhanced performance, new and improved tools, as well as improved interoperability for apps in the suite. In addition, the release marks Photoshop CS4's entry into taking advantage of the GPU for drawing with tools and effects, as well as the application of filters and zooming.

T-Mobile G1 to carry Amazon media store?

09/22, 10:30pm

T-Mobile Amazon Rumor

T-Mobile's first Android phone could have the surprise of a built-in music and video service on launch, if a tip sent to VentureBeat proves accurate. An example of the G1 was reportedly seen in San Francisco carrying an Amazon music and video store client that would give it access to both services, pitting the device against the music-only iTunes Store on iPhones. It's unclear whether the G1 would have access to the store over the cellular network or if it would share Apple's limitation to Wi-Fi networks.

'I'm a PC' ad pictures made on a Mac

09/22, 10:10pm

Im a PC pics made on a Mac

Several photographs posted on Microsoft's website from its 'I'm a PC' ads were made on Macs, according to Flickr member LuisDS. A look at the metadata from the "stereotyped PC user" photo revealed that its creation software was Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Macintosh. Ad agencies undoubtedly use a variety of products and operating systems for creating material, even if it happens to be from a competitor of their client. There is extra attention on Microsoft's ads, however, because they are clearly focused on defending its image against Apple's commercials.

Aleratec announces RoboJet robotic color disc printer

09/22, 9:45pm

RoboJet disc printer

Aleratec has announced the RoboJet AutoPrinter 100, an automated color disc printer for CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. An HP engine and standard inkjet cartridges are used to print up to 100 discs at a time. The disc handling is all integrated with the printer; blank discs loaded in the top with finished discs ejected from the tray, without the need for an external moving arm or other apparatus.

Xerox announces two new business printers

09/22, 9:15pm

Xerox business printers

Xerox today announced two new desktop printers, the Phaser 3300MFP and WorkCentre 4260MFP. The Phaser serves as a printer, copier, scanner, or color fax machine, with a claimed speed up to 30 pages per minute. Pages can be scanned directly to a USB storage device or exported to a PC desktop. Designed for small to medium sized businesses, the Phaser will hold up to 50 sheets in its tray and automatically print double sided pages.

Papaya 1.2 adds uploading, enhanced user interface

09/22, 8:40pm

Papaya update

Lighthead Software today released Papaya 1.2, the latest version of its file transfer program. This version now includes uploading, allowing two way transferring by supporting file transfers to a Papaya server through a web browser. Color labels have also been added and improved access to recently added items through the dock menu.

MyWeather Mobile 1.1 expands content, forecasting

09/22, 8:15pm

MyWeather Mobile update

MyWeather has released the latest version of its iPhone app, MyWeather Mobile 1.1. Current conditions have been expanded to include precipitation total, humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill, and wind speed. When the phone is turned horizontally, a forecast view now shows detailed information projected to 36 hours with graphics for precipitation, temperature, and wind speed or direction.

Apple adds free education iPhone developer program

09/22, 6:15pm

Apple higher ed SDK

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone Developer University Program, a free service allowing higher education institutions that allows upwards of 200 students to collaborate on iPhone applications. The iPhone Developer University Program is full featured, offering students the ability to create and test applications, before adding them to the application store. Apple is making the program available today, with sign-ups hosted at its website.

First Look: FM Transmitter for iPhone/iPod

09/22, 6:05pm

FM Transmitter

The iPod has made it easy to take your music wherever you go. While most people listen to their iPod through ear buds, there may be times when you want to broadcast your favorite songs so others can hear it as well. Since carrying extra speakers with your iPod is impractical, try a simpler solution and use the FM Transmitter from USBFever.

Unsanity updates WindowShade X, adds Leopard support

09/22, 5:35pm

WindowShade updated

Unsanity has released WindowShade X 4.2, an update to the Mac OS X window-resizing tool, adding support for Mac OS X 10.5, dropping support for OS X 10.3, and bringing Firefox 3.x support. The update also adds MIP (Minimize-In-Place) recognition for Leopard's dock and screen bottom and eliminates subjugation problems with World of Warcraft. It fixes an Infinite recursion problem, nicknamed the SUIS problem, and removes Custom Shadow support, which was unmanageable in Mac OS X 10.5.

Toshiba announces 400GB external HDD

09/22, 5:05pm

Toshiba 400GB external HDD

Toshiba Storage Device Division today announced its latest offering, a 400GB external drive. The drive connects via USB 2.0 and offers an 8MB buffer. The overall dimensions are 0.65 inch by 3.2 inches by 5 inches with a weight of 6oz. NTI Shadow software is preloaded, allowing automatic backup of documents and files. Shadow runs in the background and detects new or edited files, then saves them to the drive without any need for user action.

Emporio Armani dresses up Samsung Night Effect

09/22, 4:30pm

Emporio Armani Samsung

Samsung and Italian designer Giorgio Armani have once again collaborated on creating a fashionable handset, although this time the Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani Night Effect candy bar cellphone is branded under the Emporium Armani sub-brand. Apart from the Italian design house's logo engraved on the side and rear of the handset, the Night Effect features a customized ringer sound. The name is derived from the phone's heavy use of LED lights that make it stand out at nighttime.

DLO announces cases for Nano 4G, Touch 2G

09/22, 4:25pm

DLO's new iPod cases

DLO has announced new cases for the iPod nano 4G and Touch 2G. The new Action Jackets and Jam Jackets will ship for both the Nano and Touch, while a new HipCase folio has been crafted for the Nano. The original HipCase for the Touch 1G remains compatible with the 2G.

New camera module hints at future 9MP cellphones

09/22, 4:25pm

DIS 9MP camera module

Digital Imaging Systems has recently announced it will soon begin shipping its new, 9-mega pixel camera module to interested handset manufacturers. Called the DIS6931, the module is created with mobile devices in mind, and will be able to capture images at 3488x2616 resolution. Other specs that allow users to capture high-res images include a fast, under 300ms auto focus and less than 200ms of delay between when the shutter button is pressed to when the image is captured.

Toshiba shows iPhone-sized projector

09/22, 4:20pm

Toshiba tiny projector

At a recent product showcase held in Japan, Toshiba showed off a prototype projector about the size of Apple's iPhone that is capable of throwing up images up to 50 inches in size at 480x320 resolution. The projector's DLP Pico chip was sourced from Texas Instruments and the optical module uses red, green and blue LEDs for the light source. There is a price to pay for the diminutive size, as the brightness, at just 7 lumens, makes the projector usable only in very dark environments, while the built-in battery's life is rated at less than an hour when fully charged.

HP launches 15.6-inch notebook without fanfare

09/22, 4:05pm

HP intros 15.6-in notebook

An online Circuit City sales listing shows Hewlett-Packard has introduced a new notebook that is already on sale. The HP G60-120US is built around a 15.6-inch widescreen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio that's good for 1366x768 resolution. For processing power, the new notebook sports AMD's Turion 64 X2 processor rated at 2.0GHz along with 3GB of DDR2 memory. NVIDIA's GeForce 8200M integrated video card performs video processing duties. The 250GB hard drive will come pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, and a DVD burner is standard fare.

Groqit barcode scanner tracks DVDs, books, music

09/22, 4:00pm

Groqit barcode scanner

Groqit has introduced a barcode scanning device for keeping track of books, movies, or music. The Groqit scanner is portable, allowing users to take it with them while shopping to check titles against home inventory or create wishlists for friends to view. Scanned information can be uploaded to and translated into detailed listings that include titles, authors, and more. Backups of inventory are also kept on the servers.

Leisuresonic launches Cosmovox synth for iPhone

09/22, 3:55pm

Synthesizer app for iPhone

Leisuresonic has launched Cosmovox, a motion-controlled musical instrument for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app utilizes the accelerometer in the iPhone and Touch to control a synthesizer, which features 32-bit floating-point rendering, capable of over 30 different musical scales from different parts of the globe. Nine controls are present for synthesizer adjustments, and users play through hand gestures.

BlackBerry Storm due late October for UK?

09/22, 3:55pm

BBerry Storm UK Late Oct

The BlackBerry Storm should arrive in the UK to challenge the iPhone roughly in sync with its American counterpart, according to sources speaking to Pocket-lint. Validating some of the oldest leaks about the Storm (then called the Thunder), the tip says Verizon's stakeholder Vodafone will be the sole carrier to offer the Storm in the UK. RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry will also reportedly have a near-simultaneous introduction with the US model and receive an announcement at the start of October with an actual launch before the end of the month.

Partnership adds Intego software to LaCie products

09/22, 3:30pm

Intego/LaCie partnership

A new partnership has been formed that will see Intego's backup software included with all of LaCie's new storage devices. Intego will be providing two backup programs, Backup Assistant and Backup Manager Pro, both derived from Personal Backup X5. Assistant will be included with all LaCie hard drives and some of its network storage devices, and Manager Pro will be provided with LaCie's professional network storage devices.

Buffalo intros two MediaStation 8x Blu-Ray drives

09/22, 3:25pm

Buffalo 8x Blu-ray drives

Buffalo Technology on Monday introduced two of the fastest Blu-ray drives for PCs on the market, with the MediaStation 8x External Blu-ray Drive and MediaStation 8x Internal Blu-ray writers and recorders. The external drive connects to PCs via a USB 2.0 port or eSATA interface, while the internal device has a SATA connection. No drivers are required to use the drives, both of which can read from and write to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, making them ideal for backing up user systems.

Apple sales staff steer clients to MacBooks

09/22, 3:20pm

Reps push MacBooks

JMP Securities analyst Samuel Wilson is reporting that Apple sale representatives are steering customers from MacBook Pros to MacBooks. Barron's Tech Trader Daily is reporting that Wilson's survey of 30 stores (20 Apple stores and 10 Best Buys) found most of the sales force steering customers to the MacBook, away from the more expensive MacBook Pro, calling the Pro a designer's laptop. Wilson said, "We were repeatedly told that that Pro is designed for the design community, with a high-end video card and large screen, and that we would be better with a MacBook for the cost."

Oracle will ship three iPhone apps for business sales

09/22, 3:20pm

Oracle expands Apps

Oracle has announced Oracle Business Approvals, Mobile Sales Assistant and Mobile Sales Forecast for the iPhone, coming in November. Oracle Business Approvals includes Oracle Business Approvals for Managers and Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers, each providing actionable intelligence for on the go decisions, including info on expenses, purchase requisitions, HR vacancies and job offers for managers and sales info such as pending sales quotes.

Fruux syncs contacts across many Macs, more coming

09/22, 3:15pm

Fruux moves to public beta

A new option for syncing data across several Macs has recently moved into public beta. Fruux currently synchronizes Address Book files across each computer a user owns, but the app's developers hope that the next release will add iCal support. By the time the software finishes its beta stages, support for syncing bookmarks as well as system preferences is anticipated.

Fujifilm to intro 3D image technology, new sensor

09/22, 3:00pm

Fujifilm 3D tech, sensor

Fujifilm on Monday said it is developing 3D image technology that would include a digital camera with two lenses, spaced like the human eyes, as well as a new Real Photo Processor 3D chip to process and combine the still and video images captured by the twin lenses and sensors. The technology would produce three-dimensional images users can see with their naked eye, and not rely on 3D glasses like some other systems. At the same time, Fujifilm announced it is working on a new sensor, the Super CCD EXR. It promises to combine high-resolution, high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range.

Sync'Em nearing end of beta

09/22, 2:50pm

Sync'Em final beta

New software for syncing Exchange, Google and Apple contact and calendar information has moved into its final beta stages. In its current state, Sync'Em can sync Exchange contacts with Apple's Address Book, or across several Exchange accounts. A recent update added support for Mac OS X 10.4, as well as unidirectional syncing and extended status reporting. The update also added an on-demand "check for new version" feature.

Sony VAIO TT to bring Blu-ray to ultraportables

09/22, 2:50pm

Sony VAIO TT Early Specs

Sony's upcoming VAIO TT should be one of the first ultraportable notebooks to sport Blu-ray as a feature, the company has unintentionally revealed in advance. The company's advisor system shows a top-range version of the 11.1-inch notebook with a built-in Blu-ray burner, making it one of the smallest notebooks to handle the 50GB disc format. Sony's slip also reveals dual 128GB solid-state drives in a fast RAID stripe as well as 4GB of memory and a new 1.4GHz ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo.

iLovePhotos releases public beta, Flash version

09/22, 2:40pm

iLovePhotos public beta

Blue Lava has announced that its iLovePhotos application has moved into a public beta. As photos are imported, iLovePhotos automatically detects individuals' faces. The user can then add tags to the faces, and in future imports, people will be recognized and properly tagged automatically. After the process is complete, individuals can choose to filter their library to only show photos of specific people. The software further uses the tags to pull information from Address Book, relying on this to set up automatic sharing feeds. Photos can thus be set to upload automatically, and trigger e-mail notices with links.

Samsung outs point-and-shoot with 10X zoom

09/22, 2:10pm

Samsung HZ1 Camera

Samsung preceded Photokina with the launch of a new camera that straddles the lines between regular compacts and ultrazoom models. Currently known under the working name of the HZ1, the camera is as small as many point-and-shoots but claims a 10X zoom factor. The Korean company also combines this with a 24-240mm wide-angle lens that should still suit it to close-ups, group portraits and other difficult shots.

Kodak adds two entry wireless AiO inkjets

09/22, 1:30pm

Kodak intros AiO printers

Kodak on Monday announced it will soon ship the new ESP 9 and ESP 7 all-in-one printers, both of which, the company claims, offer significant savings in ink replacement costs compared to competitors. The ESP 9 will let users print, scan, photocopy and fax documents via its 10-inch touch control panel that includes a 3-inch LCD for previewing documents. Either sports a Wi-Fi connection to allow wireless-free printing from any networked computer, as well as an Ethernet port for a wired network connection.

Wolfire announces Lugaru sequel, Overgrowth

09/22, 1:25pm

Overgrowth announced

Wolfire Games has announced Overgrowth, a 3D action-adventure game serving as a sequel to an earlier title, Lugaru. Overgrowth is set in a world of anthropomorphic rabbits and wolves, which battle each other with medieval weapons. The game will feature a new graphics engine, with new animation and rendering technologies. The company has few other details to offer, except that pre-orders will begin soon.

MercuryMover 2.0 adds customizable hotkeys

09/22, 1:25pm

MercuryMover 2.0 ships

Helium Foot Software has released MercuryMover 2.0, the latest update to its keyboard-based window modification software. Users can now move and resize windows using configurable hotkeys, which can be set to shift windows in increments of 1, 10 or 100 pixels. A new heads-up display has also been added, which shows the current window's width, height and distance from the top-left corner.

GL Golf 2.17 adds new courses, conditions

09/22, 1:15pm

GL Golf updated to 2.17

Nuclear Nova has released GL Golf 2.17, an update to its golfing game for the Mac, adding numerous replica and original golf courses, with new course conditions and real-time shadows. Also added in the update are round and hole-in-one tracking, a recent best-scores list, dynamic water, and numerous fixes.

Leica prepping professional-level DSLR

09/22, 1:00pm

Leica S2 DSLR camera

Leica is preparing an unexpected new camera, writes Professional Photographer. Better known for its rangefinder cameras like the M8, Leica is said to be working on a new DSLR, the S2. The camera is being targeted exclusively at the professional market, and should have a 37-megapixel full-frame sensor, 56 percent bigger than that of its competitors. This may theoretically put the S2 in competition with medium format cameras like the H3D-II, rather than DSLRs like the Sony A900.

Sony, Toshiba to build 45nm Cell chip in 2009

09/22, 12:30pm

45nm Cell PS3 Chip in 2009

Sony and Toshiba today said they would start producing 45 nanometer versions of the Cell processor next year. The process is 50 percent more complex than the 65 nanometer process used for most current Cell chips and will allow the PlayStation 3 to use both a much smaller and cooler-running processor but also to cost less. Versus the current manufacturing process, the two companies' new technique can produce about 50 percent more chips at a time, reducing the cost for each processor.

Trism developer claims $250,000 in income

09/22, 12:10pm

Trism dev pulls in $250K

Trism -- a puzzle game available on iTunes' App Store -- has proven to extremely profitable, its developer claims. Steve Demeter says that in just over two months of sales he has already accumulated $250,000 in profits, based on a price of $4.99 per download. The figure is notable in that it is on top of just $5,000 in development costs, and already accounts for Apple's 30 percent revenue take.

AT&T intros land phone with visual voicemail

09/22, 12:05pm

AT&T intros HomeManager

AT&T on Monday announced the introduction of the AT&T HomeManager home phone service that includes many features users have to expect from their cellphones. This includes Internet access that brings quick weather reports, e-mail access and local news, as well as access to visual voicemail to users; a color 7-inch touchscreen frame from Samsung lets users pick and listen to calls out of order as with the iPhone. The frame acts as a cordless phone as well thanks to its built-in speaker.

iRex makes 3G-ready e-book reader official

09/22, 11:50am

iRex Digital Reader 1000

iRex on Monday kicked off the debut of its promised e-book reader updates with the launch of its new Digital Reader 1000 series devices. With a 10.2-inch e-ink display, the readers are built to read very large documents and can handle letter-sized documents without resizing or having to scroll the text. A top-end version is also the first to bundle both 3G and Wi-Fi into one reader and can download or share books without having to be close to a hotspot.

Palm's Nova OS now set for first-half 2009

09/22, 11:30am

Palm Nova OS in Summer 09

Palm might not have a finished device based on its new operating system until several months into 2009, according to statements made during the company's results conference call last week. Although the company still says it's on track to finish its next-generation "Nova" mobile operating system by the end of 2008, the company now gives a larger release window that has extended from the previous early 2009 to the first half of that year, hinting at a release as late as June.

Apple EPS to beat predictions in September: Piper

09/22, 11:10am

Apple EPS predictions

Apple is likely to surpass earnings-per-share expectations for its September quarter, say analysts from Piper Jaffray. The research group says that it is raising its both its EPS and revenue predictions, from $1.04 and $7.9 billion to $1.17 and $8.37 billion. The Street, by contrast, is said to have adopted a middle view, of $1.11 EPS on $8.07 billion. The new Piper estimate is based on deeper analysis of NPD data.

Verizon heats fight with contract-free plans

09/22, 10:50am

Verizon Month to Month

Verizon today set itself up to better compete against AT&T by announcing the option of month-to-month cellphone service. The carrier is one of the last to adopt the recently leaked policy but now lets customer buy phones and start service without the requirement of signing up for at least one year or else facing an early cancellation fee. This will also let customers bring over unlocked CDMA and EVDO devices rather than having to buy one of Verizon's own products when switching providers.

Comcast to replace throttling with priority filter

09/22, 10:20am

Comcast Priority Traffic

Comcast this morning obeyed FCC mandates today by publishing info regarding its replacement for its controversial BitTorrent throttling system. The cable Internet provider now says it will use a Quality of Service (QoS) system that adjusts the priority of data packets for the most frequent users: if a network is congested, a new filter will automatically lower the priority of their data packets until the congestion passes.

Limited form of in-home iPhone activation to return?

09/22, 10:05am

In-home iPhone activation?

In the near future, potential iPhone buyers may once again be able to handle some of the activation process at home, according to an anonymous Apple Store worker. The new process would not be a resumption of the one for the first-generation phone, which let users sign up for a new carrier subscription from within iTunes; due to people bypassing this en-masse for the sake of unlocking, Apple has settled on requiring iPhone 3Gs to be activated before leaving a shop. This resulted in massive wait times and activation delays during the initial launch weekend.

Olympus preps Micro Four Thirds, full DSLRs

09/22, 9:45am

Olympus M43rds Prototype

Olympus preceded the Photokina expo today with two prototypes of its future camera technology. The first, unnamed device is the company's first example of a Micro Four Thirds model and uses the smaller, mirrorless design to replicate the look and short, swappable lenses of a vintage rangefinder camera but with the large sensor of a digital SLR. The new design would drop any separate viewfinder altogether in favor of the preview LCD and would have simple navigation and mode dial controls.

Analyst: Power adapter recall should not hurt Apple

09/22, 9:20am

AmTech on adapter recall

Apple's ultra-compact power adapter recall should not substantially affect either the company or the iPhone 3G, says Shaw Wu of American Technology Research. The analyst comments that while the threat of electric shock is a "negative" with the potential for "headline risk," the number of people likely to be affected by the faulty adapters is believed to be minimal. Apple is also said to be doing the "right thing" by offering a free exchange and keeping its customer service standards up.

Intel readying very low-power Celeron M?

09/22, 9:05am

Intel Celeron M 45nm Leak

Intel is developing a Celeron M processor with the performance of a regular notebook processor but the extremely low energy use of an Atom, a leak from CHW suggests. The 1.2GHz Celeron M 722 would be one of Intel's first budget notebook processors to be built on a 45 nanometer manufacturing process and would consume just 5.5W of typical power, putting its performance closer to that of the 4W but simpler and slower 1.6GHz Atom N270.

Pentax brings K-m entry DSLR to US as K2000

09/22, 8:15am

Pentax K2000

Pentax this morning quickly followed up its European launch of the K-m with an American equivalent, the K2000. The camera is Pentax's attempt at competing against beginner-friendly DSLRs like Nikon's D40/D60 and, as with the European K-m, is much more compact than most such cameras. The help button is now said to be programmed by the user to pop up certain relevant information in addition to context-sensitive help. All settings info shows on the rear LCD rather than on the secondary top displays from larger but more complex DSLRs.

Labels, SanDisk try hard media with slotMusic

09/22, 7:45am

SanDisk slotMusic

The major music labels and SanDisk today tried to revive physical music with slotMusic. The concept is aimed at music phone users who want quick access to music as though it were a CD, but also to users who prefer to have a physical backup of digital music: each 1GB microSD card comes with an album's worth of music in 320Kbps MP3 files, enabling the music to be played right away or transferred to any computer through a bundled USB adapter. The extra space allows special features such as videos and can be used as storage space of its own.


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