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PowerEasy Distribution manages inventory, more

09/11, 10:25pm

PowerEasy Distribution

Effigent on Thursday unveiled PowerEasy Distribution for Mac, offering users a suite of modules for tracking, managing, and replenishing inventory levels, as well as overseeing the distribution cycle from purchasing and stocking, to sales. Users are able to process sales and purchase orders, manage inventory, and create visual charts for company progress, which can be shared across networks, or interface with spreadsheet, analysis or presentation software.

iPhone's Korea launch delayed, no time frame set

09/11, 9:05pm

iPhone Korea delayed

South Korean customers anticipating the iPhone launch in their country will be disappointed to hear that the popular device will be delayed, according to the Korea Times. Significant hurdles for the launch have been regulations designed to protect Korean produced handset manufacturers from foreign competition. Apple has been negotiating with KTF, the second largest wireless carrier there, regarding a launch of the 3G phone.

Apple notebook share growing, now fourth overall

09/11, 8:35pm

Apple 4th in laptop share

Apple has increased its market share as a home notebook PC, now fourth in ranking, according to a MetaFacts report. It has also become a more popular choice higher income, younger, and more highly-educated users. The self-employed are also increasingly turning to Macs as their next PC. For households with a second or third computer, Apple holds 8 percent of the market.

Yahoo music site to include info from iTunes, Amazon

09/11, 8:05pm

Yahoo opens up music site

Yahoo is planning on allowing information from outside services including iTunes and to be featured on its music site, according to Reuters. This is a step in the broader plan of opening up its sites to content from beyond Yahoo's own portfolio. The company plans to publish partner content on its popular news page, along with opening up its email system to include functions like Netflix.

Macworld 2009 registrations open, new social network

09/11, 8:00pm

Macworld registration open

Registrations for the Macworld Conference & Expo 2009 are now open, with show organizer IDG creating a brand new web site that offers enhanced Web 2.0 compatibility. The new website allows users to interact with Macworld attendees and other Mac users through Facebook, MySpace, and the Expo's own proprietary social network. The 2009 Expo will run from January 5th to the 9th, and several different passes available for varying schedules and event privileges.

Unboxing: iPod touch v2, 4G iPod nano

09/11, 6:05pm

Unboxing of new iPods

With the release of the new iPod touch 2nd generation and iPod nano 4th generation, Apple has chosen to refine the form factor for both devices. The unboxing pictures show the new shape of the nano; a case that curves around the front and back, wrapping around the device as an ellipse, and slightly thinner than previous models. The rectangular design is reminiscent of the second generation.

Apple HP Printer Driver update adds models

09/11, 5:55pm

HP Printer Driver 1.1.1

Apple on Thursday unveiled HP Printer Driver 1.1.1, a set of updated printer drivers for a vast array of HP printers, weighing in at a total of 405MB. While the complete set of drivers is immense in size, when obtained through Software Update, only the printers attached to or used by the system in the past will be downloaded, easing the strain on users' internet connections. The full HP Printer Driver 1.1.1 update is available for download through Apple's support website.

Abaltat Express 2.0 soundtrack creation app released

09/11, 5:25pm

Abaltat Express update

Abaltat has released the latest version of its soundtrack creation tool, Abaltat Express 2.0. This version includes a new composition and analysis engine from Muse 2.0, seven stylized bands, and a fresh user interface with dials and prompts. Soundtracks are created using the Mac's audio engine and edited with tools contained in the program. The composition can then be exported to other applications including Apple Logic, Garage Band, and ProTools.

Runtime Revolution 3.0 improves script editor

09/11, 5:00pm

Revolution 3 released

Runtime Revolution has released Revolution 3.0, the latest version of its application programming tool. The script editor for the app has been redesigned, and is said to be more efficient and easier to learn for newcomers. Many visual enhancements have been added as well, including nested arrays, object improvements, and native gradient support for seven different fills with complete programming control. A new polygon editor has been integrated, and rotation has been bolstered.

Big Bang Board Games released for iPhone

09/11, 4:55pm

Big Bang Board Games

Freeverse has released its latest game collection for the iPhone and iPod touch, Big Bang Board Games. Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi, 4-in-a-Row, Mancala, and Tic Tac Toe are all included in the package. The game is set in a 3D environment, with characters Sol and Luna reacting to the gamers' actions with encouragement, taunting, or anger.

Peek email device now available for purchase

09/11, 4:45pm

Peek email device launches

The previously introduced Peek device has now officially gone on sale on Peek's web store. The device will not feature phone functionality, instead acting only as a device capable of receiving and sending unlimited emails via select services, including Gmail, Yahoo mail and AOL, among others via the GPRS data network. Onboard storage is 8MB, and there is no expansion options via memory card slots, which may restrict users who want to keep attachment-heavy emails.

EWOO unveils three new iPod docks

09/11, 4:40pm

EWOO iPod docks

EWOO has unveiled three new iPod docks: the HandMusic, eFizz, and eFizz Travel. The HandMusic can be used to connect the iPod to AV equipment, allowing the user to browse content with an included remote control. The interface on the remote has been designed to match the player, with similar control layout and a 1.8-inch color LCD for viewing playlists, menus, and album art. Its 2.4GHz RF transmitter will also work through walls, at a range up to 500 feet, according to EWOO. Video output is sent using S-Video, with analog connections for audio.

Official photos of Samsung’s netbook revealed

09/11, 4:40pm

Samsung netbook photos

Official photos have been released to an online UK publication of Samsung's upcoming netbook. While even basic information such as the device's name are not yet known, the 10.2-inch netbook will be available in white, black or blue and, as seen from the photos, the keyboard spans nearly the entire width, relegating the power key to the side of the netbook. Other connections include three USB ports, an Ethernet jack as well as one audio jack and video jack.

ASUS intros heat-efficient, screwless PC case

09/11, 4:30pm

ASUS heat-efficient case

ASUS recently introduced the VENTO TA-M1 chassis designed with thermal efficiency and ease of use in mind. The PC case can accommodate a front-mounted fan, another one on the rear and two more on the sides, all up to 4.7 inches (120mm) in diameter. Additionally, the side-mounted fans attach to a movable plate, which can then be slid to adjust their output where it is necessary, with an emphasis on the CPU and graphics cards. The front, top and side panels are made with an all-mesh design for maximum ventilation while venting holes in the HDD rack free up more space for air to move around in.

Lightsaber Unleashed adds official Star Wars content

09/11, 4:25pm

Lightsaber Unleashed

TheMacBox, developers of PhoneSaber, has announced the impending return of the gadget app under the name Lightsaber Unleashed, featuring characters and more from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game. The app displays a virtual lightsaber that makes noises mimicking the motions of the weapon from the Star Wars film. The app was pulled from iTunes after THQ Wireless spoke with TheMacBox about copyright, and the potential of a branded app in its place.

ION intros LP 2 Flash Direct to Thumbdrive turntable

09/11, 4:20pm

ION intros new turntable

ION Audio recently announced the release of its LP 2 Flash USB turntable that allows users to copy audio tracks onto SD cards or USB flash drives from vinyl to the digital domain with or without a PC. The LP 2 Flash is also capable of separating tracks thanks to its silence-sensing software and has an LCD display that, along with the controls, lets users pick the recording quality. An analog input allows other devices to be connected to the turntable, including tape decks, CD players or digital audio devices, allowing their contents to also be copied onto the digital storage media.

Apple: No concessions made to bring back NBC

09/11, 4:20pm

Apple refutes concession

Apple did not make any concessions to NBC in order to get the network back on iTunes, says Apple's vice president for the iTunes Store. Eddy Cue refutes claims from NBC digital head JB Perrette, who on Tuesday suggested that Apple tailored its new pricing specifically to lure NBC. "Frankly, ever since we dropped our relationship with Apple last fall, they have made a gradual progression culminating in [Tuesday's announcement]," Perrette added.

AT&T launches A-GPS network, navigator apps

09/11, 4:10pm

AT&T intros A-GPS network

Network provider AT&T on Wednesday announced it now added assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology for its subscribers that will enhance the functions of A-GPS capable devices. Thanks to A-GPS, a user's location check will now be performed much more quickly. Instead of relying on satellites alone to determine the position, A-GPS will use cell sites to find the appropriate satellite much more quickly. AT&T claims the process, which previously took as long as several minutes, can now be done in about 20 seconds.

Nokia Comes With Music may demand $150 premium

09/11, 3:55pm

Nokia music service costs

A recent report hazards some educated guesses at the price of Nokia's recently announced Comes with Music audio track download service. While a direct conversion has the 5310 and N95 8GB phones bundled with the Comes with Music service cost $120 and $150 more than the handsets themselves, the actual price difference in North America is likely to be closer to $100, as Nokia devices traditionally sell for less stateside. The numbers come from UK smartphone retailer Expansys, which has published pre-order pricing for the Nokia handsets.

Velocity ships inaugural V103 smartphone

09/11, 3:45pm

Velocity launches V103

Velocity Mobile on Wednesday announced its first touchscreen cellphone, the Velocity 103, is now available for sale. The smartphone, along with the V111, was introduced earlier this year, and uses a custom Odyssey interface on top of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. The quad-band device's software can be navigated via what Velocity claims is a simple to use 640x480 touchscreen. Software updates will also be simpler to download through a Velocity Over The Air (VOTA) program.

Sony preps large iPhone, iPod clock radio

09/11, 3:30pm

Sony S4iP Leak

Sony is preparing at least a third iPhone and iPod speaker dock for its lineup, says a leak from Sony Insider. In contrast to the CD3iP, the S4iP would be larger than any of Sony's iPod-oriented speaker docks to date and would use a vertical tray reminiscent of cassette decks and a handful of other iPod speakers. The load method would protect touchscreen Apple devices but appears to potentially hide the home button.

Lightsoft offers software for weather monitoring

09/11, 3:25pm

Lightsoft Weather Center

A new application for logging and displaying real-time weather data has been released by Lightsoft. Lightsoft Weather Center maintains a weather database for analysis, and is capable of generating and uploading weather webpages via FTP. The generated pages can contain items such as current conditions, graphs, gauges, statistics, webcam images or timelapse movies. The software is also able to display weather gauges on computers attached to a local network.

Greenpeace lauds new iPods, asks for more efforts

09/11, 3:10pm

Greenpeace on new iPods

Apple has made yet more environmental progress with its latest iPods, but still has more to accomplish, claims Greenpeace. The activist organization notes that the latest iPod nano has a number of positive checkpoints, such as arsenic-free glass, and a complete lack of mercury, PVC or brominated flame retardants (BFRs), all of which are said to be toxic in varying degrees. Though not immediately dangerous, the chemicals can form a cumulative threat when deposited en-masse in landfills.

BlackBerry Javelin photos show 3.2MP camera

09/11, 3:00pm

BBerry Javelin Photos

Updated photos have been posted today of RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Javelin that confirm both some of its hardware features as well as carrier details. The device is considered a replacement for the Curve and will be limited to EDGE data versus the Bold's 3G, but is now known to have a once-rumored 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The design also supports claims that it should keep the 480x320 display of the Bold.

BlackBerry gets Slacker, MySpace, Live Search

09/11, 2:10pm

BBerry Slacker and MySpace

Research in Motion continued a string of announcements today by revealing that the BlackBerry would get extra media and Internet features through a trio of new deals. In addition to the earlier TiVo deal, RIM today said that Internet radio outlet Slacker would release an app that streams audio from both its free, limited-control service and its paid Premium subscription service. Users will have the ability to favorite or turn down tracks and skip a varying number of times depending on their service level. The download itself should be free and will appear in October.

More rumors on possible Creative Internet tablet

09/11, 1:40pm

Rumors on Creative tablet

A Wednesday report suggests a patent filed by Creative at the start of 2008 may reveal an upcoming ZEN Internet tablet or ZEN Vision media player. Creative itself describes the device as a media player in the PDF patent document but conspicuously shows features such as a back-mounted camera that aren't normally used in this class of device.

USBfever, Case-mate update iPod protection options

09/11, 1:25pm

iPod protection updates

USBfever and Case-mate have both announced new protection options to coincide with the new iPod releases. USBfever is now offering a new silicone case that has been molded to fit the fourth-generation iPod nano. It is said to protect an iPod's body against bumps and scratches, while not inhibiting the use of any of its controls. It is being sold for $10, and is available in 10 different colors, including: pink, solid white, smokey black, purple, green, red, blue, light blue, light green and solid black.

FlyCast iPhone app allows time-delayed radio

09/11, 1:10pm

FlyCast radio app debuts

FlyCast, formerly known as FlyTunes, has released the first native version of its self-named radio application for iPhones and iPod touches. By default the app lists and streams more than a thousand radio stations, divided between formats such as music, talk and information. Listeners can also access any Internet-only stream listed through Shoutcast, of which there are said to be over 25,000.

AMD readying low-power Radeon HD 4550

09/11, 12:35pm

AMD Radeon HD 4550 Leak

AMD is designing a new graphics chipset that will not only occupy one of its least expensive price rungs but require very little heat and noise, a leaked presentation obtained by Expreview shows. The Radeon HD 4550 would sit below the new 4600 series in performance by cutting the number of visual shader processors down from 320 to 80 on a 64-bit memory bus but would also drop in size and consequently in power; at less than half as many transistors in the chip, a 4550 would consume under 25 watts of power versus 50 for the 4650.

Apple files for patent on iPhone dock

09/11, 12:25pm

Apple iPhone dock patent

Though the device has already been on sale in one form or another since last year, the US Patent and Trademark office today published Apple's patent application for iPhone docks. The filing is specifically titled Personal media device docking station having an acoustic interface, and documents the features that separate iPhone docks from regular iPod ones, which technically accept iPhones but may cause some problems.

T-Mobile app store to pass on Android, limit uses

09/11, 11:45am

T-Mobile App Store Details

T-Mobile's previously rumored self-run app store has been confirmed by the company at the CTIA expo but will be significantly more limited than either previous estimates or versus similar stores from Apple and Google. Company mobile product development chief Venetia Espinoza and devPartner Community Program head marketer Sue Schmitz explain that the software will initially rule out Android and Sidekick phones in a bid to simplify the rollout and see what works.

UK shoppers buying 27,000 iPhones per week?

09/11, 11:30am

High iPhone sales in UK

The UK continues to maintain high sales of the iPhone 3G two months into availability, says Mobile. The publication says it has learned that some 27,000 phones are being sold each week in the region, making for a marketshare somewhere between 4 to 6 percent of cellphones. At times, a source suggests, this number can climb closer to 10 percent, although it has typically settled down within a short space of time.

BlackBerries gain TiVo remote control, more

09/11, 10:45am

BBerry TiVo Support

Research in Motion and TiVo today announced a plan to add control hooks for TiVo's DVRs into the BlackBerry line. A new software add-on will let the smartphones both view a programming guide from the device as well as schedule the TiVo box to record shows away from home, similar to TiVo's existing web feature. Neither company provides more specifics but explains that the necessary software should be available by the end of the year.

iTunes 8 disrupts PwnageTool jailbreaking

09/11, 10:35am

iTunes 8 breaks PwnageTool

Apple has taken steps in iTunes 8 to prevent people from jailbreaking iPhones and iPod touches, claims the unofficial iPhone Dev Team. The group notes that while the jailbreaking component in PwnageTool can never be permanently sabotaged unless Apple changes its hardware, iTunes 8 has been configured to detect the Dev Team's exploit, and trigger error messages if a hacked IPSW file is being used on a device. In theory, this could prevent users from syncing devies properly without restoring firmware.

Apple patent would lock Nike+iPod, add GPS

09/11, 10:10am

Apple Nike Plus Patent

Apple is investigating putting more stringent controls on the Nike+iPod system used for the iPod nano and now the iPod touch, according to a new US patent filing. Expressing concern that customers might buy the Nike+iPod kit but use it with non-Nike shoes or in different locations, the patent describes using RFID tags and similar sensors built into shoes or other clothing to pair the transmitter with its intended destination. The device would refuse to work unless close to authorized clothes.

Wayne, New Jersey store to join Sept. 13th openings

09/11, 9:45am

Wayne, New Jersey store

Another location has been added to the list of Apple Stores opening this weekend, Apple has announced. In addition to stores in Ohio, Maine and Melbourne, a new one will be launching in Wayne, New Jersey on September 13th, beginning at 10AM. The shop is located within the Willowbrook Mall, and will supply all of Apple's normal services, although no workshops have yet been scheduled.

Sony shows new wireless OLED TV prototype, more

09/11, 9:10am

Sony OLED TV, display

At its dealer convention held in Japan on Wednesday, Sony introduced a new Organic LED (OLED) TV prototype that uses batteries for installation or mounting flexibility along with a wireless connection to its tuner. While speakers are built-in and must therefore be powered by the battery as well, Sony executives say the lower power consumption of an OLED panel make batteries a viable solution to powering the TV, though they did not reveal battery life or more details on the wireless HD video and audio signal transmission.

New MacBooks due on October 14th?

09/11, 9:00am

MacBooks on Oct. 14th?

An anticipated redesign of the MacBook line will not be announced until next month, anonymous sources claim. The sources, described as "familiar with Apple's hardware plans," say that the new MacBooks will be revealed on October 14th, despite the publicity opportunity presented by the September 9th event. Daring Fireball observes, though, that Apple has not traditionally combined Mac and iPod announcements in its September presentations.

Zune nears Xbox tie-in, "competitive" with iPod

09/11, 8:45am

Zune and Xbox Union Close

The underlying architecture for the Zune Marketplace and the Xbox 360's Video Marketplace are close enough that integrating the two is only a relatively short step, Zune development chief Joe Belfiore says in an interview published today. The executive tells CNET that the technical layers for both online stores are fundamentally the same and that the primary obstacles are licensing content to be shared across the platforms and adoption rates of two or more necessary devices, both of which Belfiore hints may be resolved soon.

SanDisk unveils 32GB, 30MB/sec CF card

09/11, 8:00am

SanDisk Extreme III CF 32G

SanDisk today upped the threshold for its Extreme III CompactFlash cards with a new 32GB card that meets its expectations. The new storage doubles the previous storage limit but still promises at least 30MB per second in read and write speeds. The combination suits the two to professional photographers and HD video capture; most still cameras can shoot in full-quality RAW without running out of buffer space or bogging down in transfers, while HD videographers can record in full 1080p while still having enough room for 80 minutes of footage on a single card.

AMD takes Radeon 4K graphics to FirePro line

09/11, 7:55am

AMD FirePro V8700 V3750

AMD today updated its FirePro workstation-class cards to include the same technology as its Radeon HD 4800 series cards. The V8700 uses the same 800 shader (effects) processors and GDDR5 memory as the Radeon HD 4870 but tunes the peripheral for digital video editing, CAD, and other professional work with 30-bit color rendering. The new architecture equates to an approximately 40 percent boost in performance over the earlier V7700, especially for memory-sensitive apps, according to the company.

Altec Lansing debuts new iPod-ready speakers [photos]

09/11, 12:55am

Altec Lansing revamp

Altec Lansing on Wednesday unveiled its new corporate logo, and the first offerings with its new industrial design ideals, including three mobile audio speaker systems, and a peculiar-looking set for computers. The FX3022 Expressionist Bass speaker system provides users with two 10-inch high speaker towers, with 1.5-inch drivers and 4-inch woofers built into each. Audio controls sit on top of the left speaker. The FX3022 speakers will sell for $130 in October, and will be available in either black or white.


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