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Azada: Ancient Magic coming to the Mac soon

09/01, 7:35pm

Azada coming soon

Big Fish Games has announced the release of Azada: Ancient Magic, currently only available on the PC, with a Mac edition in the works that should be released within the next month. Azada: Ancient Magic is the sequel to Azada, which was the first puzzle adventure game to be released through online digital distribution. The game allows players to interact with some of the most famous characters from literary history including Dracula, Rapunzel and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. In Azadad: Ancient Magic players arrive via a mysterious transport to an enchanted mansion, in the library of Uncle Argus. Titus, the guide from the original Azada, explains that a deeper, darker magic threatens their survival, and only a Master Puzzler can break the powerful spell. Players are encouraged to explore the shelves and books that contain Argus's life work which includes more than 20 puzzle books containing classic tales.

Google pulls plug on "Green" search engine Forestle

09/01, 7:30pm

Google loses Forestle

Google has ended its affiliation with Forestle, the search engine that promised to donate all of its proceeds to save rainforests, according to Ars Technica. Google claimed offered "incentives to click artificially on sponsored links" despite a disclaimer at the top of the page telling visitors to "only click on Google sponsored links if you are really interested in them."

Intel still not meeting demand for Atom chips

09/01, 7:20pm

Intel Atom supply problems

Intel is facing difficulties meeting the demand for its Atom processors, according to InfoWorld. In the emerging market for low-cost mini-notebooks, many manufacturers have been scrambling to get designs to production very quickly. The Atom chip has been heavily marketed by Intel this year, and the response from customers seems to have exceeded not just its expectations, but also its production capacity.

Explore subliminal imaging with new Mac app

09/01, 6:55pm

Subliminal imaging Mac

Custom Solutions of Maryland has released a new Mac app, Subliminal Image Pro. Images can be flashed on the display for 1 to 50ms every 5 to 60 seconds, a range that allows adjustment to the threshold of visual perception. While the user works in other programs, Subliminal Image Pro will display the chosen sequences, either randomly or in specified order.

Clipboard utility Shadow public beta

09/01, 6:35pm

Shadow released for beta

The Escapers has announced the release of Shadow, a clipboard management program, into free public beta. The new utility allows clipboards to be available across networks. Any number of clipboards can be shared or password protected for limited access. Shadow uses caching to retain speed on slower networks, and multi-thread server processes to allow quick access to clipboards that are being used by multiple users.

DealNN: iPods, iPod accessories, iMac

09/01, 6:05pm

DealNN deals iPods

Today's deals at DealNN include a selection of low priced products from Apple. Starting at $1.99 is the Apple iPod nano (1st & 2nd gen.) arm bands for $1.99 in pink, blue, green or red from For $35 is the iWork '06 software package that includes Pages 2 and Keynote 3 from Two refurbished iPod models are also featured, the 4GB iPod nano for $98 at the Apple store and the 32GB iPod touch for $455 from Also available from the Apple store is the 20-inch iMac with 2.4GHz processor and 1GB of RAM for $1050.

MobileFamilyTree 1.2 features new search, graphics

09/01, 6:00pm

MobileFamilyTree update

Synium software has announced the latest version of its genealogy software, MobileFamilyTree 1.2 for the iPhone. Added features include search for quick information reference, sorted lists for organization, and a graphical family chart. Details can all be edited, including partners, families, children, events, and notes. The app can be synchronized with MacFamilyTree on a home computer. MobileFamilyTree 1.2 for the iPhone is available for $5 from the app store, and requires a licensed version MacFamilyTree 5.2.5, available for $50 from Synium.

TranslateIt! update adds hover support, dictionaries

09/01, 5:50pm

TranslateIt! 9.7 update has updated TranslateIt! for Mac to v9.7, adding hover support, full text translation and new dictionaries. Hover support will allow users to translate a word by moving the pointer over an unfamiliar word (in any Cocoa application), with the translation in a pop-up window. Version 9.7 also adds morphology support, a multilingual user interface and custom dictionary building capabilities.

Commodore is alive, introduces 10-inch netbook

09/01, 5:30pm

Commodore intros netbook

Proving not to be a former household name, Commodore has come back and introduced the UMMD 8010/F netbook at the IFA 2008 show in Berlin. The new Commodore netbook is built around a 10-inch screen, with processing power coming from a 1.6GHz VIA C7-M CPU. While full specs are not known, including the operating system, an 80GB hard drive is to be part of the picture, along with 1GB of RAM.

iPhonexe tracks, categorizes iPhone apps

09/01, 5:00pm

iPhonexe tracks apps

A new website says it provides an alternate means of searching iPhone apps on the iTunes Store. iPhonexe claims to list all the apps on the iTunes App Store, incorporating some 3,000 titles. Apps are further broken into categories, such as education, entertainment, finance, photography, social and more. Clicking on a listing brings up a page devoted to the chosen app, with full iTunes information and screenshots. Distinguishing the site is a "jailbroken" category of apps, for some of the numerous unofficial titles available.

LG Display and Amtran partner up on LCD plant

09/01, 4:30pm

LG and Amtran partnership

A Monday report has LG Display and Amtran - maker of Vizio LCDs - agreeing to set up a joint production plant to manufacture LCD panels and TV sets for their brands in China. Under the agreement, Amtran's existing facility in Suzhou, China, will see a $20 million initial investment. The new plant, due to commence operation early next year, will produce 3 million LCD modules along with 5 million LCD TV sets.

Leak: HTC Touch Pro coming to Sprint by October 19

09/01, 4:00pm

HTC Touch phones at Sprint

A Web-wide leak showing pricing and availability information for Sprint's upcoming handsets reveals when both the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro will see release, according to a recent report. The Diamond will be available around the middle of September, while its QWERTY-equipped counterpart - the Touch Pro - will make its Sprint debut on October 19th.

Saturn offers DRM-free Universal MP3 catalogue

09/01, 3:30pm

Saturn sells DRM-free MP3s

Users who download music from German retailer Saturn's online music store will now be able to share and use their purchased music without the usual restrictions associated with Digital Rights Management (DRM). The company made the announcement on Monday, in the process becoming the first European reseller to offer all of the songs in Universal Music Entertainment library DRM-free. Universal itself is pushing for the move to DRM-free files, with the recent launch of its LostTunes music store.

Tri-BACKUP 5.1 aids FTP backup, e-mail notes, more

09/01, 12:40pm

Tri-BACKUP 5.1 update

TRI-EDRE has announced Tri-BACKUP 5.1.0, an update to its backup software for the Mac. The new v5.1.0 adds FTP backup enhancements, improvements to e-mail notifications, a check-settings function and a simple mode for quick backups. It also adds special alerts for any time the free space on a start-up or destination volume falls below 10 percent.

Fujitsu LifeBook P1630 undergoing testing at FCC

09/01, 12:30pm

Fujitsu LifeBook at FCC

Fujitsu will soon be adding a new ultra-portable LifeBook notebook PC to its range, according to an FCC filing online. The P1630 would effectively replace the current P1620 but retain the former's 8.9-inch touch-screen display good for 1280x768-pixel resolution. It will, however, use a new ultra low-voltage processor, Intel's Core 2 Duo SU9400 running at 1.4GHz.

CapsuleNeo offers 7-point protection for iPhone 3G

09/01, 12:25pm

CapsuleNeo for iPhone 3G

SwitchEasy has announced the CapsuleNeo for iPhone 3G, a new mixed-material hybrid case. The case combines an outer polycarbonate shell with a thin silicone layer on the inside, meant for scratch protection. The shell uses an H-frame design with a seven-point locking mechanism, which the company claims can offer impact protection for all of an iPhone's stress points.

Gorenje releases officially licensed iPod fridge

09/01, 12:10pm

Gorenje intros iPod fridge

Slovenia-based Gorenje used IFA to introduce the first refrigerator to feature an iPod and iPhone dock. The product is officially endorsed by Apple, and offers a docking port that will stream music from the personal Apple devices. In addition to playing the content of and charging the devices, users who plug their Wi-Fi-equipped iPhones or iPod Touch devices into the dock will be able to control their appliances' operation via a network and the iGorenj software.

Apple, Snow Patrol collaborate on iPhone album app

09/01, 12:10pm

Snow Patrol album app

Northern Irish rock band Snow Patrol is collaborating with Apple on an app for iPhones and iPods, reports say. Music Week writes that the app will be released in advance of the band's fifth studio album, and will work as a sort of interactive booklet, containing videos, artwork, photos and lyrics. The band's label, Fiction Records, will use the app as a promotional tool.

Leaked Verizon rebate sheet reveals upcoming handsets

09/01, 11:55am

Verizon rebate sheet leaks

A rebate sheet from Verizon that was leaked on the Internet recently reveals the cellular phone provider's upcoming handsets customers can find at Verizon dealers in the next month. While the sheet conspicuously leaves out anticipated handsets such as the BlackBerry Storm, it outlines in detail several mid- and low-range devices likely to appear at the carrier in the near future.

Project Calculator 3.0 adds Quick Filters, menu bar

09/01, 11:35am

Project Calculator 3.0

blue banana software has released Project Calculator 3, a major update to its project time-tracking software. The new upgrade features Quick Filters, a single-click option for frequently-used filters, as well as a menu bar icon, for quick access to the software without its main window. Also present are Growl notifications and a pause-period editor.

CTL vows $149 Atom, Linux-based desktop

09/01, 11:30am

CTL 2go Nettop

Classmate PC reseller CTL plans to set a new floor for desktops with a nettop that shares the same design philosophy as Intel's portable. The 2go pc nettop will cost as little as $149 thanks to its use of a 1.6GHz Atom processor but desktop-oriented parts. The price undercuts ASUS' Eee Box in part by introducing the entry-level model as a barebones kit: the system comes without its own hard drive and leaves the user to pick the default storage as well as an operating system. This entry system will also have 1GB of memory.

O2 UK posts Pay & Go iPhone 3G pricing

09/01, 11:10am

O2 Pay & Go iPhone pricing

UK carrier O2 has announced its special Pay & Go pricing for the iPhone 3G, a match to contract plans which have been available since July. The Pay & Go options will only become available on September 16th, and will cost 350 for an 8GB phone, or 400 for a 16GB model. Each choice will get users a free year of web browsing and Wi-Fi hotspot access, after which point data will cost 10 per month.

Sony Ericsson denies XPERIA delay rumors

09/01, 11:05am

S Ericsson Denies X1 Delay

Sony Ericsson today denied claims that its XPERIA X1 smartphone has been pushed back as far as early 2009, contradicting claims from its own employees at IFA as well as brief status updates on its own website. The firm now maintains that it has always kept its first Windows Mobile device to a fall 2008 launch and refutes claims that the software was too unreliable.

Intel launches three budget desktop processors

09/01, 10:50am

Intel intros processors

Chipmaker Intel has quietly released three new desktop processors, according to a Monday report. The new quad-core Q8200 and dual-core E5200 share a more modern 45 nanometer architecture, while the Celeron D 450 is made on the older 65nm topology. The new quad-core chip is meant as a true entry-level quad-core chip and runs at 2.33GHz with a simpler 4MB of L2 cache along with a 1,333MHz front system bus.

Twittelator Pro adds copy/paste, multiple accounts

09/01, 10:45am

Twittelator Pro ships

Stone Design has released Twittelator Pro, a paid version of its normally free Twitter app for the iPhone. The Pro edition adds several features, most notably the ability to access multiple accounts, and quickly switch between them. Users can also pick from three different themes, and the interface has been altered to use scaling fonts, confirmation before each tweet, and limited copy/paste functions.

Meizu demos iPhone clone on video

09/01, 10:35am

Meizu M8 Video

Meizu has demonstrated a working example of its long-delayed M8 cellphone in action, courtesy of a new video posted by company founder J. Wong. The nearly four-minute clip confirms that the device closely mimics the iPhone's interface down to its home screen, media player, and photo management app; a relatively new addition seen in the software is a file browser for navigating content outside of what's immediately recognized by the touchscreen device.

Sprint slips Xohm launch devices, services

09/01, 10:10am

Sprint Slips Xohm Details

Sprint has already slipped details of what its WiMAX-based Xohm wireless service will feature when it launches later this month, a set of hidden pages show. The company'S device list and FAQs show the firm will have just the N810 WiMAX Edition as its stand-alone device and will primarily rely on PC adapters, including a ZyXEL router as well as a Samsung ExpressCard modem and a ZTE USB modem. Notebooks with WiMAX built-in will also support the service and are known to include an ASUS Eee PC variant and new Toshiba notebooks.

Flux 1.4 web design app adds improved interface

09/01, 10:05am

Flux 1.4 update

The Escapers has announced the latest version of its web design application, Flux 1.4. The new edition incorporates an enhanced user interface, greater speed, and a variety of bug fixes. Komodo can now be used as an external editor, and JavaScript features have been refined to support remote scripts and inline code. Flux is dedicated to CSS or XHTML languages, and is compatible with Yuma, jQuery, and Adobe Spry. Flux 1.4 is available for 40 ($73 USD).

Seismometer app for iPhone plots vibrations

09/01, 10:05am

Seismometer iPhone app

Coneri has developed a new iPhone app, Seismometer, that measures any vibrations or movements, including earthquakes. It relies on a unique application of the phone's built in accelerometer, gathering sensor data from two axes. The information is then analyzed, and the energy measurements are plotted on a rolling logarithmic scale. Seismometer is available for free from iTunes.

MindHabits claims stress, attitude benefits

09/01, 9:50am

Got Game ships MindHabits

Got Game Entertainment has shipped MindHabits, a game that claims to reduce stress and boost optimism after only five minutes of play a day. Based on research from McGill University, the title presents positive state-of-mind challenges, in an attempt to help the user boost self-confidence and improve work performance. A sample challenge finds the user seeking happy faces in a crowd of frowning ones.

Company demos purported Nano 4G cases at IFA

09/01, 9:25am

Nano 4G cases on display

New evidence appears to support the existence of a fourth-generation iPod nano, reports say. A company called Hama is displaying a series of alleged Nano 4G cases at the IFA electronics expo in Berlin, which runs until September 3rd. The cases notably match the design of a Nano revealed by Digg founder Kevin Rose, which would return to a tall shape but with an extended vertical display.

Quanta developing own MID handhelds

09/01, 9:20am

Quanta Develops MIDs

Normally known for building notebooks for other companies, Quanta will start producing Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) under its own name, company chair Barry Lam said on Monday. The executive is short on details but says it will make one of the small devices with a focus on better mobile Internet access than the Wi-Fi that limits most notebooks; past MIDs such as those from GigaByte have often included 3G cellular Internet access and should soon include support for WiMAX and other long-range access.

Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 price in Japan

09/01, 8:45am

Xbox 360 Japan Price Drop

Microsoft today dropped the price of the Xbox 360 in Japan in a bid to capitalize on a sudden surge in console demand that triggered a console shortage. The Japanese system is now the least expensive of all and sees an entry Arcade model selling for the equivalent of $180, or a full $100 less than its current US pricing. The 60GB Pro model also now sells for much less at $275, while the top-end 120GB Elite system now sells for the equivalent of $367.

Creative ups ZEN Mozaic to 16GB pre-iPod

09/01, 8:20am

Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB

Creative has quietly updated its ZEN Mozaic to 16GB, doubling the capacity of the player just a week before observers and inside sources expect Apple to update iPods through a special event. The new model should have the same features as the 2GB through 8GB Mozaic models, including the relatively rare external speaker as well as FM radio, voice microphone, and Creative's newer Centrale software for syncing media more easily than the company's past software.

Microsoft hiring for Win Mobile's app store

09/01, 7:40am

MS Skymarket Hiring

Microsoft is developing its own centralized app store to compete with similar offerings from Apple and Google, the company itself has revealed through a Seattle job listing. The firm is currently searching for a Product Manager for a service known as Skymarket that would become a key aspect of Windows Mobile 7 and launch at the same time. A recruit would effectively head the entirety of the project and set the business model as well as the pricing and other terms.


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