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ProPack adds QuarkXPress 8 compatibility

08/25, 11:50pm

ProPack update adds tools

GLUON has released its ProPack for QuarkXPress v8. The new update folds in some tools (TableMaker 8 and QC 8) that were previously available separately, while upgrading for QuarkXPress version 8 compatibility. TableMaker 8 provides formatted tables using tabbed text or table cells, while QC 8 adds a quality control tool that looks for and fixes editing problems.

USBfever ships iPhone 3G dock, screen protector

08/25, 10:50pm

Usbfever dock, protector

USBfever has announced two new accessories for the iPhone 3G: an Anti Glare Screen Protector and a Sync and Charge Dock with AV Output. The new dock outputs an iPhone's music, photos and video to a TV, and can charge and sync the phone as well. It has a 3.5mm AV Line out, and receives power over USB. Available now for $30, it is compatible with the iPhone 3G and 2G, the iPod touch, the iPod Classic and iPod Nano 3.

MiTimeZones tracks time zones in one window

08/25, 10:20pm

JS8 launches MiTimeZones

JS8 Media has announced MiTimeZones 1.0, an application for tracking time zones across the world. The software presents multiple time zones in a single-window interface, highlighting user-chosen major cities in each zone. The single-window approach features eight sub-windows, America, Atlantic, Europe, Asia, Pacific, Africa, India and Australia. Each can hold multiple cities or countries within its individual window, chosen from the region, providing constant time-readouts. MiTimeZones 1.0 is available now for $15, and works with Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

iDrive offers 2 GB of free online storage

08/25, 10:15pm

iDrive moves out of beta

Pro Softnet has announced that its iDrive for Mac software has moved out of beta, and is ready for commercial distribution. iDrive acts as an automated backup application that saves data to an online storage account. Users are able to define a backup schedule and also select which files they want to backup. When completing backups iDrive uses data compression to speed up the process, the data transfers are also secure as 128-bit SSL encryption is used. A plugin for the Finder is also available which mounts the backup s[ace as a volume in Mac OS X; this allows users to interact with the storage space through a familiar interface and provides drag and drop support.

Sony PS3 Wireless Keyboard priced, dated

08/25, 9:50pm

PS3 wireless keyboard

Sony has released a wireless keypad for the Playstation 3, available for pre-order now and due to ship in november. The device is designed to mount directly onto a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis controller and offers two shortcut buttons for switching quickly to message boxes or other communication fields with less interruption of gameplay. The surface of the keyboard can be switched to become a touchpad with the press of a button, enabling a finger moving across the keys to direct the pointer on the screen.

Firefox 3.1 to see speed bump with TraceMonkey

08/25, 9:30pm

TraceMonkey adds speed

Firefox developers have been working on a new project, labeled TraceMonkey, that is poised to push JavaScript speeds even faster, according to team member Mike Shaver. By including improved JavaScript engines, most browsers have seen significant performance gains. Speed of certain processes in Firefox jumped two or three fold just between v2.x and v3.x. The new project, although new, has shown increases of 20 percent over v2.x already.

M-Audio adds flagship Studiophile DSM monitors

08/25, 9:00pm

M Audio Studiophile DSM

M-Audio, in collaboration with Digidesign, has announced the addition of two new reference monitors to its line of tools for musicians, the Studiophile DSM1 and DSM2. These new monitors include DSP engines for crossover and EQ control. The DSM1 features a 6.5=inch aluminum cone low frequency driver, while the DSM2 uses an 8-inch driver. Both monitors support analog XLR or 1/4-inch inputs and digital signals up to 24-bit/192kHz.

Browser share dominated by Nokia, Openwave

08/25, 8:00pm

World browser market share

Nokia and Openwave dominated the global mobile browser share with 34 percent and 29 percent, respectively, according to an AdMob report showing data from July. Microsoft Mobile, Safari, Palm and Blackberry all had shares less than five percent. Globally Nokia also lead for devices with 33 percent followed by Motorola with 16 percent. Phones from Research in Motion held a 2.8 percent share, and just one percent for Apple.

D90 official specs, new gallery of pictures leaked

08/25, 7:30pm

D90 pictures specs

In addition to preliminary sales information spotted at retailers Circuit City and Best Buy, details of the next-generation Nikon entry-level DSLR system have been revealed. According to Digital Photography Review, pictures of the new D90 were temporarily leaked on Additional details regarding the final specs were posted on Nikon Rumors. The camera is said to capture 12.3 Megapixels with a standard ISO range of 200-3200 and additional single ISO modes of 100 or 6400. Live-view is supported from a 900,000 pixel 3" LCD used for the rear display, quite an upgrade in resolution from the 230,000 pixel display of the D80.

Infrastructure to blame for poor 3G speeds

08/25, 7:05pm

Poor global 3G speeds

In light of a large roundabout of finger-pointing, a study reveals that the slow iPhone 3G speeds are stemming from poorly implemented carrier networks, rather than reported firmware issues with the device. Wired offered its Gadget Lab test results, collected from over 2600 international users, showing that Apple's highly-coveted iPhone is limited by overall network performance, rather than being susceptible to poor performance, due to its firmware or hardware components.

LG launches first NAS with Blu-ray writer

08/25, 5:25pm

LG intros NAS with Blu-ray

LG Electronics announced over the weekend it will soon bring to market the first Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with an integrated Blu-ray drive to consumers. Meant for home and small business users, the four-bay NAS not only gives users support for hard drives with up to 4TB of storage but also the option of backing up data onto Blu-ray discs regardless of where they are at home.

Samsung intros 40-, 46-inch LED-backlit HDTVs

08/25, 5:15pm

Samsung 40-inch LED LCD

In its effort to maintain a market share in the global sales of HDTVs, Samsung demonstrated three new HDTV lines utilizing the company's backlight LED technology. With the release of the PAVV Bordeaux 780, the Korean company is bringing its second-generation LED backlight technology further downmarket, as the LCD TV is available in 46- and 40-inch sizes. In the fall of 2007, the company released 52- and 57-inch LED-backlit LCD HDTVs, and a 70-inch version before that, in June.

iRiver set to unveil multi-featured P20, M3 PMPs

08/25, 5:05pm

iRiver to show new PMPs

In addition to the Spinn recently unveiled by iRiver, the company is also getting ready to show off new devices at the upcoming IFA 2008 exhibition in Berlin, introducing the P20 and M3 in the process. The Korean consumer electronics maker's P20 packs a 16 million color 4.1-inch AMOLED touch-screen display and 80GB or optional 120GB capacity drive.

Panasonic set to launch DIGA-series Blu-ray DVRs

08/25, 4:50pm

Panasonic Blu-ray DVRs

Panasonic updated its DIGA-series Blu-ray DVR recorders, which were released late last year, announcing today it will soon launch the three recorders that include the 1TB capacity DMR-BW930, 500GB DMR-BW830 and 320GB DMR-BW730. All will support the web-based BD Live bonus content, record HD programming onto their onboard hard disk drives and be able to burn Blu-ray AVCHD format (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) videos onto blank Blu-ray discs at 6X speeds.

MathMagic 5.8 adds QuarkXPress 8 support

08/25, 4:45pm

MathMagic 5.8 ships

InfoLogic says it has released v5.8 of MathMagic, its equation-editing software for the Mac, intended for teachers, researchers and students. The software comes with numerous symbols and templates, and produces files in formats such as JPEG, PDF, EPS and TeX. The update allows the Pro Edition of the software to create and edit equations within the QuarkXPress 8 graphics suite, bypassing any need to import MathMagic files later.

Telus pushing unlimited PC data users out?

08/25, 4:35pm

Telus Pushes UL Data Users

Canadian cell provider Telus is attempting to upsell or drive out customers taking greater advantage of the company's unlimited PC data services, according to separate reports. User posts at HowardForums as well as separate claims from individual users allege that Telus is either demanding that customers of its legacy Connect 75 Unlimited service pay for a capped $65 plan with 1GB of data or else is canceling their accounts without warning, giving them in some cases as little as 30 days' advance notice before the account shuts down.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption comes to Mac

08/25, 4:10pm

PGP platform upgrades

PGP has announced an upgrade to its self-titled Encryption Platform, used to provide enterprise security. The platform consists of NetShare 9.9, Universal Server 2.9 and Whole Disk Encryption 9.9, including Whole Disk Encryption for Mac OS X. The upgrades allow PGP users to centrally manage and automate data security policies for each application, as well as multiple locations regardless of where the data is.

Smoothstone: iPhone call-center management

08/25, 4:00pm

iPhone manages callcenters

Smoothstone has announced a mobile version of its Smoothstone IP Communications phone-management system for the iPhone and iPod touch. Smoothstone's Intelligent Call Control (ICC) suite, an enterprise-level call-center management system, now communicates with the iPhone. It allows managers to arrange call queues over multiple locations, reroute calls to different agents or call centers and transfer calls via drag-and-drop. Users can also track call statistics and analyze activity and performance. Recording and reviewing client calls will also be possible over the iPhone interface.

iLuv unveils dual-dock iMM173 alarm clock

08/25, 3:40pm

iLuv dual-dock alarm clock

iLuv today unveiled a new alarm clock, the iMM173, which is capable of docking both an iPhone and an iPod simultaneously. Alarms can be set to play from either of the docked devices, or else a buzzer, FM tuner, or any device with a 3.5mm output. The sleep command has similar functionality. Sound is reproduced through two 5W speakers, complemented by equalizer controls.

ViewSonic demos 120Hz computer LCD

08/25, 3:40pm

ViewSonic VX2265wm Demo

Helping to kick off NVIDIA's NVISION graphics expo, ViewSonic today revealed a prototype of one of the first computer-oriented LCDs to claim a 120Hz panel. The 22-inch VX2265wm borrows the same philosophy as for HDTVs and doubles the 60Hz refresh rate of most LCDs to eliminate the blurring, ghosting, and other effects that crop up in games and other fast-moving scenes. The panel is also fast outside of this and has an average pixel response time of 3ms versus the 5ms more common at the LCD's size.

New Kensington gear certified for iPhone

08/25, 3:30pm

Kensington ships new gear

Kensington has announced "Works with iPhone" certification from Apple for its line of battery packs and chargers for the iPhone 3G. The line includes full-size and miniature battery packs, car chargers and September arrivals for an International Travel Charger and a Power and Sync Cable. The products work with the Apple iPhone 3G, 2G and iPod touch.

Piper: Early results point to high Mac, iPod sales

08/25, 3:15pm

Piper on Q4 Macs, iPods

Early predictions can now be made for the number of Macs and iPods Apple will ship in its fourth financial quarter, according to Piper Jaffray. The firm's analysts say they have NPD figures from the first month's worth of Apple product sales, and believe that the company will ultimately ship between 2.7 and 2.9 million Macs, versus The Street's consensus of 2.65 million. This also translates into year-over-year growth of 25 to 29 percent, instead of The Street's 23 percent.

AMD sells off digital TV team to Broadcom

08/25, 3:10pm

AMD Sells DTV to Broadcom

AMD today said it would sell off the digital TV portion of its business to Broadcom. The $192.8 million deal gives Broadcom access to all of AMD's digital TV processors made under its ATI label, including the Theater and Xilleon processors for tuning and processing HDTV images as well as a raft of smaller circuits and processors designed for common TV tasks such as scaling and converting video. The deal also gives the roughly 530 workers at the group the option of working for Broadcom.

ASUS unveils five WiMAX-ready notebook lines

08/25, 2:05pm

ASUS intros five notebooks

ASUS on Friday announced the release of five new notebooks or entire lines, including the 14.1-inch F8 series, 15.4- and 15.6-inch F6 series and 15.4-inch B50A. The notebooks vary greatly in specifications and their missions in life, with the G-designated notebooks made specifically for gamers. Both models join ASUS' Republic of Gamers line-up, and either model brings NVIDIA's GeForce 9700M GT graphics card with 512MB of RAM for more desktop-like 3D performance.

New iPhone application helps young children learn

08/25, 1:20pm

KidsCards released

A new flash-card game for children has launched on the App Store. KidsCards is an educational game for children aged 1 to 3, and uses Core Animation to display flash cards on an iPod or iPhone's screen. Cards span several categories, including colors, letters and animals; there are 150 in total in the initial release, each of which has a picture on the front and the spelled-out word on the back. The interface is designed to allow children to easily learn new words, and the developer hopes to improve it through future updates.

Verizon disseminating anti-iPhone tract?

08/25, 1:10pm

Verizon anti-iPhone tract?

Verizon Wireless is distributing a guide to sales agents in a bid to retain customers tempted by an iPhone 3G, a leak claims. The sheet, labeled "3G iPhone Myths," attempts to challenge key selling points of the iPhone, which in the US is carried only by AT&T. The guide notes, for instance, that AT&T's HSPA (3G) network covers "only 40-50%" of Americans, approximately half the amount handled by Verizon's EVDO Rev. A technology. Similarly, while it is now cheaper to buy the actual iPhone hardware, Verizon observes that the extra $10 per month on data plans from AT&T means that, by the end of a two-year contract, the 3G iPhone ultimately costs more than the original 2.5G model, without even the benefit of text messages.

IOGEAR KVM switch allows controlling notebooks

08/25, 12:25pm

IOGEAR intros KVM switch

Interface and network connection device maker IOGEAR on Monday introduced its USB Laptop KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) Switch, which allows users to control two computers, be they desktops or notebooks, or one of each, with one set of peripherals. IOGEAR claims their newest release is the first such product that will allow a notebook to control the whole of a second PC, including its display output. The KVM switch uses a USB 2.0 connection and includes IOGEAR's software that allows users to transfer files between the connected PCs.

Lexar pumps secure JumpDrive to 16GB

08/25, 12:15pm

Lexar JumpDrive Secure 16G

Lexar today gave a shot of additional storage to the JumpDrive Secure II Plus with a new 16GB version. The flash drive holds twice as much as before but holds on to the security software tie-in that allows multiple locked-down storage areas on a given drive, each with their own 256-bit AES encrypted password. The e-ink capacity meter is also onboard to give a quick glance at free space even when the power is turned off, as the display only consumes energy when capacity changes.

iVerse readies comics for iPhone

08/25, 11:55am

iVerse iPhone comics

A new application in development looks to bring the world of comics to the iPhone. iVerse has been working on a comic-reading app, which should let users browse though a list of titles and purchase editions for immediate reading. All of the comics will be specifically-formatted for the iPhone screen, allowing users to enjoy comics without zooming or scrolling; the only necessary action will be flicking, which will move from one panel to the next.

TickerMenu 1.0 offers stock tracking in Menu Bar

08/25, 11:45am

TickerMenu 1.0 ships

The Highly Technical Doohickey Company has launched TickerMenu 1.0, a Mac OS X Menu Bar application that tracks stocks. Users can choose which stocks to track by entering a stock's symbol, and the display is color-coded to instantly show a gain (green) or decline (red) in stock value. Clicking on TickerMenu in the Menu Bar launches a drop-down window, with extended information on a stock's performance and options for switching to other stocks. The window can also launch one of six financial websites for further research.

Apple's Mail gets new Stationery Pack from Jumsoft

08/25, 11:35am

Mail gets Stationery Pack

Jumsoft has announced its Stationery Pack for Mac OS X 10.5 Mail, which adds 50 design options to Apple's Mail. The new designs are accompanied by 50 themes shipped in a an earlier release for a total collection of 100 themes and are grouped within categories, such as 'Family,' 'Invitations,' 'Happy Day' and others, for easier searching. According to the company, the themes are aimed at replacing the need for postcards and provide "the character and expression" of postal mail cards and letters in email form. Users can customize themes by adding photos and graphics via drag-and-drop.

Cycorder offers free iPhone video recording

08/25, 11:30am

Cycorder for iPhone

Jay Freeman, the developer of Cydia -- a popular installer app for jailbroken iPhones -- has released Cycorder (website to come soon), a free native iPhone video recorder. Cycorder is said to use MJPEG compression, the same format used in the majority of point-and-shoot cameras with video support. This allows users to play video immediately after recording, instead of waiting for compression to finish.

Mac clone maker goes up for sale

08/25, 11:15am

Open Tech up for sale

Despite having been in operation for just three weeks, a company specializing in Mac clones is already putting itself up for sale, according to a website notice. Open Tech says it is now willing to sell the entire company, including branding, trade secrets and website, for a price of just $50,000. This amount can even be paid via PayPal, an extremely unusual move in the business world.

Verizon makes Blitz messaging phone official

08/25, 11:05am

Verizon Blitz Official

Verizon this morning switched its attention to non-smartphone messaging with the formal rollout of the Blitz. The UTStarcom-made device has a traditional feature phone interface but a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that speeds up responding to e-mail as well as instant messaging. The change also has the upside of keeping the closed phone short at 3.5 inches tall and allowing room for a 2.2-inch LCD.

Olympus intros new ultrazoom, Stylus, FE cams

08/25, 10:50am

Olympus SP-565UZ and More

Olympus on Monday swept through its camera line with several updates ahead of the Photokina expo. The SP-565UZ ultra-zoom keeps the 20X, 26-520mm equivalent lens range of the 570UZ but is both smaller and lighter than the earlier camera. It makes a few minor sacrifices to reach this goal, including a smaller 2.5-inch preview LCD (down from 2.7); in exchange, the camera gains a microSD adapter to use the normally cellphone-oriented cards to store photos.

iPhone 3G's connectivity put to the test

08/25, 10:15am

iPhone 3G connectivity

In spite of complaints, the iPhone 3G fares reasonably well in terms of reception, says a Swedish firm specializing in wireless test chambers. Bluetest recently used an advanced chamber to test the iPhone 3G's antenna and compare the results with two other popular 3G phones. Each of the three devices -- the iPhone 3G, Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson P1 -- were placed individually placed into a chamber and then monitored. The tests were performed at three different frequencies, and two different values were measured: the total radiated power (TRP), and the total isotropic sensitivity (TIS).

T-Mobile claims over 120,000 iPhone 3Gs sold

08/25, 9:35am

T-Mobile: 120,000+ iPhones

Deutsche Telekom's wireless division, T-Mobile, has sold over 120,000 iPhone 3Gs since the device's launch on July 11th, according to the division's CEO. Hamid Akhavan claims that "expectations were surpassed," and that at least 75,000 of the phones were sold in Germany. Many people wanting one have not yet been able to obtain it though, as Akhavan notes that a backlog exists due to delivery problems.

Nokia unveils N79, N85 smartphones [U]

08/25, 9:35am

Nokia N79 and N85

(Update: official release due tomorrow) Nokia today fulfilled a promise from earlier this month with two new Nseries devices both aimed at driving down the cost of getting into full smartphones. The N85 as flagship appears set to replace the N81 and upgrades the camera from two to five megapixels, also adding GPS both for mapping and for geotagging shots. It also switches to a 2.6-inch AMOLED screen that should supply richer color and as much as 28 hours of music playback on a single charge.

iTunes 8 due Sept. 9, first feature leaked?

08/25, 8:55am

iTunes 8 and Sept 9 Launch

Apple has a more definite release date in mind for its new iPods and iTunes 8, Digg founder Kevin Rose says in the latest episode of This Week in Tech. Coloring in details left out of his controversial blog entry, Rose alleges early on in the episode that the new devices and their companion jukebox software should be unveiled on September 9th, or just two weeks from now.

Cowon launches trio of touchscreen players

08/25, 7:55am

Cowon S9 O2 and L3

Cowon as of Monday launched a concerted campaign to improve its touchscreen players with three new models. Headlining the move is the S9 Curve; the device is the first narrow-format touchscreen player from the Korean company and also the first to use an active matrix OLED (AMOLED) touchscreen. The switch from LCD both improves color output (up to 16 million colors) and also battery life: despite a 3.3-inch display, the S9 is capable of 40 hours of continuous music while remaining slim.


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