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First Look: SteelSeries 5H V2 headset

updated 12:05 am EDT, Sat August 23, 2008

SteelSeries 5H V2 headset

When listening to music or playing video games on your Mac, you could blast the sound across the room. However, out of consideration of others and for your own privacy, you might consider using a headset. While there are plenty of headsets to choose from, one headset specifically designed for gamers is the SteelSeries 5H V2 headset.

Like most headsets, this one offers large cushions to completely cover each ear for maximum comfort. Surprisingly, the headset doesn't completely block out background noise, which allows you to carry on a conversation without having to shout or yank it off your head to hear somebody talking to you. When you remove the headset, the sound remains muffled so that nobody can hear what you're listening to unless they put on the headset too.

Although you can hear everything around you while wearing this headset, the audio quality is remarkably crisp and clear when listening to music or playing video games. Since this product is geared specifically for gamers, it has been optimized for enhancing common game sound frequencies, such as footsteps or gunfire, found in first-person shooter games . If you play a game like Call of Duty, you'll be able to hear enemies sneaking up on you that you might otherwise miss playing the game through ordinary headsets or speakers.

Even if you just use the product for listening to music, you'll notice a startling difference between the Mac's built-in speakers and the much richer audio quality through this headset. You may be surprised to hear instruments in your favorite songs that you may never have known existed.

To plug into any Mac, this item offers a braided cord with a built-in volume control wheel. The cord is approximately three feet long, but includes an even longer extension that you can attach to create a ten foot long cord, which allows you to comfortably plug this device into any computer and wear the headset while moving your head freely.

The braided cord contains two 3.5 mm plugs for connecting into the microphone and headphone jack of any Mac. The microphone is especially useful. While other headsets provide a microphone on a fixed rod that swings down, this headset's microphone is completely retractable and adjustable.

When you need the microphone, pull it out of its enclosure in the headset and you can adjust its length. After extending the microphone, you can twist or turn it to further adjust the sound quality. If you enjoy chatting with your friends or co-workers through Skype or iChat, you'll find this retractable, adjustable microphone far easier to use than the standard headset microphone.

To accommodate frequent travelers, this headset even breaks down into three separate pieces, which makes it easy to pack in a standard laptop carrying case. For $99.99, the SteelSeries 5H V2 headset is for anyone who demands high audio quality with the convenience of an adjustable and retractable microphone whether they're listening to music or playing their favorite video games.

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