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Android apps may not have Bluetooth support

08/23, 10:25pm

Android missing Bluetooth?

Android developers may be missing the ability to include Bluetooth functionality when creating new applications. According to the release notes that came along with the most recent Android SDK, a "comprehensive" Bluetooth API (application programming interface) will not be possible or present in Android 1.0. Some developers contributing on Google's Android forum find it hard to believe that Android 1.0 won't support Bluetooth, even though it is one of the most common mobile phone features. Google will likely build support for common Bluetooth gear, such as ear pieces to the phone; but a lack of APIs would prevent developers to build third party applications that use Bluetooth.

Digg head leaks 4th-gen iPod nano, iTunes 8?

08/23, 11:20am

iPod nano 3G Leak

Claims of a tall iPod nano are accurate, Digg founder Kevin Rose says as part of a detailed rumor report. Providing what appears to be photographic evidence, Rose says the portable music player will switch to a tall screen ratio but also a heavily redesigned shell that returns to wrap-around aluminum in a tapered, curved design. The click wheel will remain and switch to dark gray on the silver model, though it's what treatment would apply to different-colored models.

Apples posts Macbook Air Update 1.0

08/23, 12:30am

Macbook Air Update

Apple has released MacBook Air Software Update 1.0, which addresses issues with video playback and core idling. It is warned that third-party software that modifies processor operating characteristics such as frequency and voltage is not supported and should be removed before installing the update. The Mac OS X 10.5.4 update is required before installing the MacBook Air Software Update 1.0.

First Look: SteelSeries 5H V2 headset

08/23, 12:05am

SteelSeries 5H V2 headset

When listening to music or playing video games on your Mac, you could blast the sound across the room. However, out of consideration of others and for your own privacy, you might consider using a headset. While there are plenty of headsets to choose from, one headset specifically designed for gamers is the SteelSeries 5H V2 headset.


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