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Canon China leaks details of EOS 50D

08/21, 11:45pm

Canon leaks 50D details

Canon's Chinese branch has leaked details for the EOS 50D, the latest in the company's sport and high-speed photography camera line, offering user anti-shake technology in the camera hardware, among other features. The new model is based around 15.4 Megapixel DIGIC 4 sensor, but experiences a miniscule drop in framerate (6.3 frames per second, versus a former 6.5). Light sensitivity should also be enhanced, running from ISO 100 to an extremely high ISO 12800, while the 50D's buffer is able to store up to 16 RAW images, or 60 JPEGs.

SoHo store flagged noisy neighbour, residents upset

08/21, 11:15pm

SoHo store inconsiderate

Apple's SoHo store in Manhattan is getting a bad rap with its neighbors for creating an uncomfortable business environment, with supposedly irresponsible staff, high noise levels, and Apple's infamous concert-style events. According to CNN Money, complaints have been directed at the location since it opened six years ago, earning the reputation of being "the worst neighbor in SoHo." Residents are upset even with features of the building itself, saying the bright lights on top of the store shine into their homes.

HSC Edit 1.3 for Aperture reduces noise

08/21, 10:00pm

HSC Edit adds denoising

HumanSoftware today announced the latest release of its HSC Aperture plug-in, version 1.3. This latest release includes a module to automatically denoise images. HSC Edit is a suite of 13 separate modules that add a wide variety of editing capability to Aperture. Different modules can be purchased individually or as a whole bundle.

Audi A4 Driving Challenge added for iPhone

08/21, 9:20pm

Audi A4 Driving for iPhone

Audi of America has created Audi A4 Driving Challenge for the iPhone. Gamers navigate the A4 through a series of courses. Five courses are included, each one more difficult than the last. The driver runs three laps on each course, lap time and course time being displayed. Controls for accelerator and brake are located on the touch screen, steering uses the accelerometer to turn the car as the user tilts the phone. Braking increases steering response for the more challenging parts of courses.

RapidWeaver 4.1 adds previews, auto image resizing

08/21, 5:40pm

RapidWeaver new release

Realmac Software today announced the release of RapidWeaver v4.1, the latest version of its website creation software. New features include Quick Look Previews of saved projects, automatic image resizing for images dragged into text areas, improved MobileMe publishing, and bug fixes. RapidWeaver was designed for users to create anything from small, simple sites, to complete, in-depth business sites. Templates are based on XHTML or CSS, and the code generated is standards-compliant.

AT&T offers tech support for home theater, PC, TV

08/21, 5:35pm

ATT home tech support

AT&T on Thursday announced the launch of ConnecTech, a tech support program that attempts to cover a broader base of in-home needs. Services such as home theater or TV equipment installation, PC or home network set-up, and a broad range of repair services are now offered, even for non-AT&T customers. Support can be obtained over the phone or in home, AT&T claims next day installation seven days a week.

Kodak bows low-cost touch photo frame

08/21, 5:00pm

Kodak P520 Photo Frame

Kodak on Thursday pushed the cost of digital photo frames down slightly courtesy of the EasyShare P520. While small with just a five-inch 4:3 screen, the photo screen has the American camera maker's touch-sensitive border controls for changing settings without dirtying the screen. It also permits swappable borders to match the look of a given home with a less artificial look than some devices.

Imprint Studio prints posters on standard printer

08/21, 4:55pm

Imprint Studio poster app

Axamblis on Thursday announced its new application Imprint Studio 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The program allows users to break up a poster into tiles that can be printed on a standard printer. The tiles can then be physically reassembled into the full size poster, with an option to print watermarks or logos in each corner. Indicators and marks are added to assist with precision cutting of the tiles.

Viliv shows Atom-based S7 UMPC, S5 MID

08/21, 4:45pm

Viliv shows UMPC, MID

Multimedia player and navigation device maker Viliv unveiled a couple of interesting portable consumer devices at the Intel Development Forum this week, including the S7 UMPC and S5 Mobile Internet Device (MID). The 7-inch S7 features a swiveling touch screen with a resolution of 1,024x600 resolution and packs Intel's Atom processor in either 1.3GHz, 1.6GHz or 1.86GHz guises along with 1GB of RAM memory. The specs get even better, as Viliv promises a choice of 30GB or 60GB hard disk drives, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR support, with a battery life rated at over eight hours.

First Look: iTrip Universal, FM Transmitter

08/21, 4:40pm

iTrip Universal

The biggest problem with digital music players is that you can't always listen to your music wherever you go. While you can carry your digital music player on a belt and listen to your favorite songs through ear buds, this isn't always practical while driving or entertaining guests at your house. One solution is to buy an FM transmitter that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter so you can listen to your music over your car radio. Then buy a second home stereo that lets you plug your digital music player into speakers so you can blast your tunes all over your house. Rather than buy two separate devices, consider saving money and just get the iTrip Universal from Griffin Technology instead.

DAZ motion capture plug-in, 8-core upgrades

08/21, 4:35pm

News from SIGGRAPH 2008

In SIGGRAPH news, DAZ 3D has announced its ARENA Real-Time Mocap plug-in for DAZ Studio, bringing motion capture to the 3D animation tool. Also at SIGGRAPH, Andersson Technologies' camera tracking software SynthEyes 2008 has been upgraded for 8-core compatibility.

Fusion head unit first with internal iPod dock

08/21, 4:35pm

Fusion iPod head unit

Australia-based Fusion electronics announced it will soon release its CA-1P500 automotive head unit that is unique thanks to its internal iPod docking station. The head unit's faceplate tilts open to reveal an open space that will house the iPod touch, fifth- and sixth-generation iPod classic as well as the second and third-generation iPod nano. Users will be able to control their tucked-away iPod via the head unit's controls and view current artist and track information on the head unit's OLED display while their portable music players are charged.

Lines awaiting Poland iPhone just paid actors

08/21, 4:35pm

Polish iPhone lines fake

A Polish carrier of the iPhone is faking interest to attract publicity, says Reuters. Although enormous American interest in the iPhone has resulted in long lines, the Polish division of Orange is said to be using reverse logic, intentionally staging lines in front of its stores in order to attract people for Friday's iPhone 3G launch. Instead of genuine customers, the people in line are actually actors, hired as part of a promotional campaign.

Kodak places OLED panel order for digital photo frame

08/21, 4:30pm

Kodak places OLED order

Kodak has placed an order with Chi Mei EL (CMEL) for 7.6-inch OLED displays for use in the company's digital photo frames, according to today's report. CMEL specializes in manufacturing OLED panels and is owned by LCD maker Chi Mei Optoelectronics. The supplier is expected to start production of the 7.6-inch panels in September and ship them to Kodak in time for sale during the holiday shopping season.

Peek set to offer affordable email-only device

08/21, 4:25pm

Peek to offer email device

New York-based Peek will launch a mobile device that will act as a sort of modern-day pager with the ability to send and receive emails exclusively. Peek will partner with T-Mobile to provide the data service to deliver and send emails via Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL and other popular email services. The email device will sport a full QWERTY keyboard, but not bring with it any other features users have come to expect from cell and smart phones, such as a web browser, digital camera, text messaging or music support.

Intel developing tech to allow cord-free charging

08/21, 4:15pm

Intel cord-free charging

Chipmaker Intel has made an important step forward in its development of wireless charging technology, increasing the efficiency of the system, according to a Thursday report. The technology involves a magnetic field emitted by a desktop counter, which can then send 60 watts of power up to two or three feet, using 25 percent of the energy in the process.

Newertech unveils hicap iBook batteries, lower prices

08/21, 4:05pm

Newertech new accessories

Newertech today announced new additions to its line of computer accessories, and lower prices on some of its established products. New items include NuPower iBook batteries; a 4400mAh battery for PowerBooks, said to boost capacity by 37 percent over its OEM counterpart; and a 4400mAh version for the 14-inch iBook G3, which boosts lifespan by 18 percent.

Planar intros its first 3-chip DLP HD projector

08/21, 4:00pm

Planar DLP HD projector

Planar on Thursday announced it is now shipping its first 3-chip HD projector based on DLP technology. Called Viper, the projector features a 1,280x720 native resolution and can throw up images in excess of 110 inches. It was designed with custom home theater applications in mind and uses one of Texas Instruments' higher-end DLP chipsets.

Intel shows new Classmate 3 educational notebook

08/21, 3:55pm

Intel intros Classmate 3

At the Intel Developer Forum late on Wednesday, Intel showed off its newest Classmate PC, which is due to complement and not necessarily replace the company's current educational notebook. Unlike the current offering, the new Atom-powered notebook will feature a touch-screen that allows it to be used as a tablet. The PC will compete with the upcoming dual touch screen educational notebook from OLPC, though it will beat it to market by at least one year.

Cyan developers planning iMyst for iPhone

08/21, 3:50pm

iMyst for iPhone

Three UruLive developers are in the process of porting the original Myst game to the iPhone as part of a side project. While details are sparse, a Cyan employee with the moniker of Chogon reveals that the so-called iMyst is an outside project, independent of Cyan. Chogon notes that while some may roll their eyes, the project is responsible for keeping several developers employed, while also allowing Cyan to expand its reach to other platforms.

Games Con reveals 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack

08/21, 3:35pm

Xbox Live 60GB Pack Slips

Microsoft's rumored Xbox Live Starter Pack has already turned up through a flyer advertising the bundle to guests at this week's Leipzig Games Convention, including members of NeoGAF's community. The pack is as predicted in earlier leaks and would include the 60GB hard drive otherwise available only with the new Xbox 360 Pro, an Xbox Live wired headset, and a three-month pass for Xbox Live Gold.

MacTV coming to Japan later this year

08/21, 3:30pm

MacTV USB tuner

I-O Data has announced that it will be releasing a device called the MacTV before the end of this year. The MacTV is a small, digital USB tuner, designed to fit in with the current Mac line of products, and is currently only clad in white. It has three connections: a USB port, an antenna input and a B-CAS card slot, the last of which is required to decode digital broadcasts in Japan. The menu interface of the software is a translucent cube, which can be controlled via an Apple Remote and rotates, spins or rolls when shifting from menu to menu.

India's Bharti Airtel reveals iPhone details

08/21, 3:15pm

Airtel ups iPhone 3G price

Bharti Airtel, one of two iPhone 3G carriers in India, has announced new details on its iPhone 3G launch Friday. All three variants (8GB black, 16GB black and 16GB white) are expected to be available, with the 8GB model retailing for Rs 31,000 ($716), and the 16GB versions selling for Rs 36,100 ($830). The prices are substantially higher than previously anticipated.

Asus prepping N series netbook with 320GB disk?

08/21, 3:10pm

ASUS N Series Netbook Leak

ASUS is gearing up for a new netbook that would borrow some aspects of larger notebooks, say alleged contacts in the distribution chain for the company's native Taiwan. The N series would have a 10.2-inch LCD like the Eee PC 1000 or the upscale S101 and would still use an Intel Atom processor, but would be capable of running Windows Vista and carry up to a 320GB hard drive versus the 80GB maximum of most netbooks.

Apple launches 'Off the Air' Get a Mac ad

08/21, 2:40pm

Fourth Get a Mac ad

Apple has launched another new Get a Mac TV ad, Off the Air. The ad is in fact Apple's fourth of the week, joining three others launched Tuesday. The new one sees PC panicking, trying to force the ad off the air after hearing from a Mac Genius that as a free service, they take care of transferring files from a purchaser's PC. "Fear of switching is the foundation of customer loyalty for PCs," the character says, before attempting to pull down a TV test pattern.

ZN5, Tocco due on T-Mobile in Nov.?

08/21, 2:20pm

ZN5 and Tocco on T-Mo Nov

T-Mobile is planning to escalate its competition significantly in November with not just its primarily iPhone rival the HTC Dream but also two other devices, a release schedule leak at TmoNews shows. The carrier is now believed to be picking up Motorola's ZINE ZN5 on November 3rd as one of its best camera phones, with a Kodak co-designed five-megapixel camera. It will lack support for T-Mobile's 3G but will have Wi-Fi for faster short range access. No word has been given as to whether it would support the provider's HotSpot@Home VoIP calling feature.

Decreased iPhone speeds caused by 2.0.2 firmware?

08/21, 1:20pm

iPhone speed issues

The iPhone 2.0.2 update that was supposed to improve 3G connectivity may have had an unexpectedly negative effect on download speeds, accounts say. Test My iPhone is a site that allows users to test their iPhone's download and upload speeds, and also keeps track of average speeds recorded in the last 24 hours. The site has completed just over 600,000 speed tests, and has previously shown an average speed of around 2,224Kbps; in the last 24 hours however, this has fallen 30 percent to 1,578Kbps.

TMD develops new SMOLED display technology

08/21, 1:00pm

New SMOLED display tech

Toshiba Matsushita Display (TMD) and Idemitsu Kosan say they have devised a new form of screen, one which could substantially improve the performance of cellphone displays. The technology is based on an OLED variant called SMOLED -- Small-Molecule Organic LED -- and in a sample, 2.2-inch QVGA screen, consumes an average of just 100mW of power. Its luminosity half-life is meanwhile rated at 60,000 hours, close to seven years of continuous operation, or 30 times longer than previous TMD designs.

MTS in Russia rumored in iPhone 3G deal

08/21, 12:40pm

Russian iPhone 3G from MTS

Russia may be in line for the iPhone 3g via Mobile TeleSystems, according to claimed "market sources." Reuters is reporting that Apple has agreed with MTS on iPhone 3G distribution in Russia, with sales likely beginning in October. Both parties are declining comment, though Apple is also rumored to be close to a deal with the two remaining major carriers in Russia, Megafon and VimpelCom.

OpenPeak takes iPhone ethos to landlines

08/21, 12:35pm

OpenPeak Home Phones

Newcomer American firm OpenPeak is developing a home phone system that would take many of the design principles of the iPhone to fixed lines, according to a scoop at Wired. The OpenFrame would revolve around a large, portrait-style touchscreen display with some phone functionality built-in but which will also have support for extra functions both out of the box and through third-party apps.

DealNN: MacMini, Apple Display, Mighty Mouse

08/21, 12:15pm

DealNN deals MacMini

Today's featured deals at DealNN include the Kensington LiquidAUX auxiliary car kit for use with iPod and iPhone for $66 at and until August 25th, 2008 get a free set of Kensington earphones (a $65 value) with your order. The Bose Sound Dock for iPod is available at J& for $230.

Apple shipping 'massive' numbers of Macs: 3m?

08/21, 12:10pm

'Massive' Mac sales in Q4?

Apple appears to be doing far better in terms of Mac sales than one might have expected this quarter, says RBC analyst Mike Abramsky. Based on a new technology adoption survey, Abramsky has raised his forecast of Mac shipments during Apple's fourth financial quarter from 2.8 million to 3.04. He describes Mac shipments as "massive," particularly in light of what he calls a "sluggish consumer spending environment."

Samsung's latest Blu-ray player shows up at Best Buy

08/21, 11:55am

Samsung Blu-ray player

Samsung's newest Blu-ray player, the BD-P2550, seems to have gone straight from the electronics manufacturer to store shelves, skipping the pre-release news stage often associated with upcoming consumer electronics. The BD-P2550 can be currently purchased via Best Buy's web store, and sports features such as Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports for firmware upgrades and connection of other devices, respectively. The former will let users to download the BD-Live update when it becomes available, enabling them to download the latest BonusView content such as new movie previews and special features.

Rogers ships Bold at twice iPhone's price

08/21, 11:45am

BlackBerry Bold at Rogers

Rogers today became the first carrier in North America to ship the BlackBerry Bold, RIM's first smartphone to ship with 3G for GSM-based phone networks. Apart from using the faster HSDPA connection to download apps from a Rogers portal, the Canadian edition of the handset follows the reference model closely and centers around a much sharper 480x320 LCD as well as GPS, Wi-Fi, 1GB of permanent, lockable onboard storage and a two-megapixel camera with flash and video capture.

MobileMe lacking in browser security: no SSL

08/21, 11:15am

MobileMe browser security

Apple's MobileMe service is lacking in a useful security measure, a new report suggests. Observers note that while the web component's login process is encrypted, it does not appear to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or any other type of encryption when actually sending data. Theoretically, this means that a hacker sharing the same Wi-Fi hotspot could intercept data a person is sending via their web browser.

Bose intros SoundDock Series II for iPod and iPhone

08/21, 10:45am

Bose SoundDock Series II

Bose on Thursday introduced the second generation of its SoundDock digital music system, the Series II, that becomes the first Works with iPhone-certified product from the company. While the new SoundDock looks only slightly different from the original, it features added functionality and will support both the original iPhone and iPhone 3G without requiring that they use Airplane Mode. A new auxiliary input will allow users to connect other MP3 and CD players as well as music phones to the updated SoundDock.

ReaddleDocs offers file management for the iPhone

08/21, 10:45am

ReaddleDocs released

Readdle has released a new document and file management application for the iPhone and iPod touch. ReaddleDocs allows users on Windows, Mac or Linux to transfer files over to an iPhone or iPod touch and then view them on the go or send them by email. ReaddleDocs works by giving users a free 512MB of online storage space: the space can be filled with any type of file which can then be accessed on an iPhone.

Apple patent hints eSATA storage for Macs

08/21, 10:35am

Apple eSATA Patent

Apple has been exploring the possibility of adding external Serial ATA (eSATA) to its Mac lineup through a unique method, the company has revealed through a newly published patent filing. The application both references adding the format to a computer for outside storage but also the possibility of an outside computer accessing this storage through a switching mechanism; holding a key on startup or toggling a hardware control on the host computer would start up a low-power mode that makes its internal storage available as though it were external drive attached to the other system.

China blocks iTunes Store over pro-Tibetan content

08/21, 10:05am

China blocks iTunes

The Chinese government is now blocking access to the iTunes Store as a result of pro-Tibetan content, writes the Sydney Morning Herald. The regime recently learned that Olympic athletes have been downloading an album called Songs for Tibet, with tracks by artists like Moby, Sting and Suzanne Vega. While in support of "peace-related projects" associated with the Dalai Lama, the album is also a form of protest against China's 1950 invasion of Tibet, and its continuing suppression of political and religious freedoms.

Logitech puts out force feedback Wii wheel

08/21, 9:35am

Logitech Speed Force Wii

Logitech started Thursday by introducing the Speed Force Wireless, a wheel controller it boasts as the first to support force feedback on Nintendo's Wii console. The feature is officially sanctioned by Nintendo and will first see use in EA's Need for Speed Undercover, which will rumble the wheel based on road conditions and other in-game events. More games should support the feature soon, Logitech promises.

Facebook prepares second iPhone app

08/21, 9:25am

Facebook for iPhone 2.0

Facebook is already preparing a major revision of its native iPhone application, a new preview reveals. Version 2.0 of the software will introduce several important features, most notably an improved News Feed, which will go beyond status updates and photo uploads to show all the items people would normally see on the desktop website. Users will additionally be able to comment on all articles, and filter by apps, categories and friend lists.

Sony Ericsson intros its first T-Mobile USA phone

08/21, 9:10am

Sony Ericsson TM506 T-Mo

Sony Ericsson today broke newer ground with the launch of the TM506, the company's first ever cellphone for T-Mobile's US branch. The clamshell is pitched as a fashion device but is also one of T-Mobile's few 3G phones, supporting faster UMTS data speeds and better call quality over the 1,700MHz band. Faster-still HSDPA access is also promised, though whether this applies to T-Mobile's network or only on the 2,100MHz band is unknown.

Flyer confirms price cuts to all Xbox 360s

08/21, 8:40am

Flyer Shows X360 Price Cut

A new flyer spotted late Wednesday by Joystiq readers suggests Microsoft will slash prices for all its Xbox 360 consoles by $50 or more. Electronics retailer Radio Shack's September 7th flyer is now listing the Xbox 360 Elite for $400, or $50 below its official price today; the just-introduced 60GB Xbox 360 Pro will already be taking a price cut to $300, while the Xbox 360 Arcade would be the first current-generation console to drop below $250 and would sell for $200.

Gates, Seinfeld to appear in MS Vista ads?

08/21, 7:45am

Seinfeld in MS Vista Ads

Microsoft is enlisting celebrity talent and its own co-founder to kick off a campaign to mend Windows Vista's reputation, the Wall Street Journal said Thursday. The newspaper claims to know insiders who say the company has paid Jerry Seinfeld $10 million to appear alongside Bill Gates in Microsoft's widely publicized "edgy" TV ad campaign and will allegedly stress the concept of "Windows not Walls," removing barriers to communication with the operating system.

Microsoft Photosynth offers 3D photo compositing

08/21, 12:45am

Microsoft Photosynth

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a new technology for viewing and relating photographs called Photosynth, offering users a three-dimensional, 360-degree view of almost any environment. Microsoft claims the software provides users with the ability to share "the places and things [they] love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world."


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