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MathType 6 equation editor adds Leopard support

08/20, 10:35pm

MathType 6 equation editor

Design Science says its released a "major upgrade" to its professional equation editor that includes support for Mac OS X 10.5. Tex/LaTeX document preparation for high-quality typesetting. WIdely used in the academic and scientific communities, the app allows users to include mathematical notation in printed documents, presentations and web pages.

Communigate Pro adds ARPU to iPhone

08/20, 9:25pm

iPhone ARPU app

Communigate Systemshas announced a new capability added to Communigate Pro that allows the iPhone 3G to be used as an "Average Revenue Per User" (ARPU) machine. Mobile network or broadband operators can use this Unified Communications (UC) capability without on-premise hardware. Communigate Systems' Mobility Suite offers "AirSync" connected features including push email, calendar, and contact information, without needing to install software on the iPhone.

Apple: iPhone 2.02 fixes some 3G glitches

08/20, 9:10pm

Apple: 3G problems reduced

Apple say its latest iPhone update partially fixes connection problems with high-speed 3G networks that have sparked complaints from users around the world. Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock said Tuesday the v2.0.2 update "improves communication with 3G networks," according to USA Today. Such a statement is uncommon from Apple, which rarely comments on software updates and has been largely mum on recent problems with the iPhone 3G.

Apple makes CUDA 2.0 kit download available [u]

08/20, 9:05pm

Apple adds CUDA dev kit

Apple has updated its download site with the latest version of the NVIDIA CUDA development kit. CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) allows users to crunch mathematical formulas using the GPU resident inside a computer, speeding up otherwise lengthy tasks, such as encoding video or other rich media, as well as scientific and design uses. The kit will allow developers to tweak their code to run optimally on systems such as the MacBook Pro, and its GeForce 8600M graphics chipset.

Web Help Desk 9.0 offers cross-platform support

08/20, 8:55pm

Web Help Desk 9.0

MacDesign Studio has released Web Help Desk 9.0, the latest update to its cross-platform support tool. The company says it added a number of user-requested features, including plug-in support for third party asset management tools, an Ajax-enhanced user interface and rules-based voting and approval for change requests. The product includes installers for Mac OS X Server as well as WIndows, Linux and Unix servers.

Corsaire offers Leopard security, hardening tips

08/20, 8:45pm

Leopard security guide

The name Corsair is probably best known as a company that supplies memory chips for Macs, but there's another Corsaire -- spelled with an "e" -- that researches computer security issues. The latter is out with a new "Security White Paper" targeting Mac OS X Leopard users. The 54-page report goes into extensive detail on best practices for "hardening" individual machines and Mac Networks. The company says the guide may be useful for system administrators wishing to "enforce an organization-wide desktop security policy."

Users note iTunes downgrade helps with iPhone crashes

08/20, 8:25pm

iTunes downgrade iPhone

With all of the buzz and tension surrounding problems with the iPhone/iPod touch 2.0+ software updates, some users have reported a unique solution, according to posts on Apple's support forums. One common malfunction is crashing of the system or apps after upgrading the software to the new 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 versions, both of which Apple claim include bug fixes. Users have reported that iTunes v 7.7.1 might have something to do with the problems.

Apple sued over iPhone 3G performance

08/20, 6:25pm

Apple sued over iPhone 3G

Apple is facing the first of what could be many lawsuits over the iPhone 3G's performance and reliability. According to Ars Technica, Jessica Alena Smith filed a complaint against Apple Tuesday, seeking class-action status. The complaint reads that the Birmingham woman's text messages, data and e-mail were slower than she had expected since Apple had been advertising the 3G as "twice as fast for half the price." She said her iPhone would only connect to AT&T's 3G network less than 25 percent of the time.

iPhone 3G briefly sold on Fido without contract

08/20, 6:20pm

iPhone without contract

A screenshot leaked on showed selling the 16GB iPhone 3G without a contract. The price was listed as $730. Although there was a claim of a phone being purchased from for that price without a contract, it appeared to be a glitch that was corrected within 12 hours from the original leak. Fido now just lists the phone with a three year contract.

Current iPod line seems to be on the way out

08/20, 5:55pm

iPod line to be refreshed

iPod retailers are indicating most of the current line of iPods are being discontinued in favor of a new lineup, according to a report by Apple Insider. All iPods at US Target stores have been switched to "discontinued" status in the inventory system. Similar things are happening in the UK; retailer Argos will be presenting new displays and wall graphics announcing price reductions, scheduled for late August or early September.

Comcast to switch to time-based throttling

08/20, 5:40pm

Comcast Time Throttling

Comcast's proposed software-independent throttling method will involve time-based slowdowns of Internet service, company senior VP Mitch Bowling says in an interview with Bloomberg. The new method will actively monitor subscribers' overall cable Internet connection use and slow it down for between 10 to 20 minutes if a user is creating a problem on the network, returning to slow it again if their particular habits continue to affect others in the area.

Quad-interface HDD, FireWire 800 PCI card announced

08/20, 5:30pm

Storage options announced

Vantec has introduced two FireWire 800 devices, the NexStar 3 Quad Interface hard drive enclosure and the FireWire 800/400 Host Card PCI FireWire adapter. The NexStar 3 enclosure is a 3.5" enclosure and features a SATA hard drive interface with eSata, FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 ports. It also has a power/hard drive access light and is constructed of aluminum for heat dissipation. The case supports up to 1TB hard drives.

Microsoft confirms revised Xbox 360 controller

08/20, 5:10pm

New Xbox 360 controller

Microsoft has revised the controller for its Xbox 360 controller and will release the new product this fall, according to a Wednesday report. The changes have to do with improving the d-pad's operation and confirm earlier reports of a new controller, though the news comes short of expectations. According to Microsoft staff, the product is available for a limited time and in markets outside of North America.

Toshiba intros Tecra A10 and M10 notebooks in the UK

08/20, 5:05pm

Toshiba intros notebooks

Toshiba on Wednesday announced it is releasing the Tecra A10 and M10 notebooks. While specs are similar, the A10 packs the hardware into a larger chassis with a 15-inch screen, while the M10 features a 14-inch display. Either notebook is rated to withstand drops and shocks while bringing a fingerprint scanner and Toshiba's EasyGuard technology for system security.

New game blamed for Xbox 360 shortage in Japan

08/20, 4:50pm

Xbox 360 sold out in Japan

The release of a new action role-playing game is responsible for the shortage of Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console in Japan, a Wednesday report finds. The console has not traditionally sold in high numbers in Japan, but the platform-exclusive Tales of Vesperia title saw a sudden spike in sales Microsoft did not foresee.

HSBC backs off claim of iPhone switch

08/20, 4:50pm

HSBC backs off claims

Brenton Hush, HSBC CIO for Australia and New Zealand, made comments last week suggesting his company was considering a global switch from Blackberry to iPhone devices. A UK representative countered those claims this week, saying "I don't know if he was miss quoted or if it was made up, but I can put the rumors to bed now and state there is no truth in it at all" according to an interview with Mobile News.

Corkboard 1.1 adds 'visual history'

08/20, 4:45pm

Corkboard 1.1 update

Ayluro today announced the availability of an update to its data management software, Corkboard. The v1.1 release includes bug fixes, and a new feature called visual clipboard history, which keeps track of the last eight pieces of data copied to the clipboard. Corkboard is used to copy data without losing it between saves, quits, reboots or crashes.

Ericsson and STMicro announce joint venture

08/20, 4:40pm

Ericsson, STMicro join

Ericsson and STMicroelectronics on Wednesday announced they are entering into a joint venture to make wireless chips and software, effectively becoming a supplier to four of the major five cell phone makers with its products. The recent acquisition of Dutch chipmaker NXP by ST resulted in the company becoming the world's third-largest chipmaker, while Ericsson is the largest global mobile telecommunications equipment maker.

Toshiba to launch quad-core, WiMAX notebooks in fall

08/20, 4:30pm

Toshiba quad-core, WiMAX

Toshiba on Wednesday announced it would combine Intel's mobile quad-core processors and WiMAX broadband support into one product, launching notebooks equipped with both before the end of 2008. Together, Toshiba believes, the new-generation notebooks will have the processing power to take full advantage of the WiMAX long-range wireless broadband technology, enabling media streaming, live video conferencing and mobile TV at speeds higher than those offered by Wi-Fi connections.

Vodafone posts Indian iPhone pricing

08/20, 4:25pm

Indian iPhone pricing

The Indian branch of Vodafone says it is now taking pre-orders for the iPhone 3G, in advance of its official launch in the country, scheduled for Friday, August 22nd. 8 and 16GB iPhones will be available, and will cost Rs 31,000 ($710) and Rs 36,100 ($830), respectively. These prices are significantly higher than in the US market, where the 8GB model can be obtained for as low as $200.

Hynix intros 16GB, full-speed registered DDR3 memory

08/20, 4:05pm

Hynix intros 16GB R-DIMM

Hynix Semiconductor on Tuesday announced that it will use MetaRAM's new DDR3 technology in its next generation of Registered Dual Inline Memory Modules (R-DIMMs). The company debuted two new memory chips, including what it claims is the world's first 16GB 2-rank DIMM in addition to an 8GB 2-rank DIMM, at the Intel Developer Forum currently being held in San Francisco. Hynix claims the benefits of 2-rank DIMM technology include tripling DDR3 memory capacity in servers and workstations without having a negative affect on performance.

Microsoft moves to block paid Xbox Live iPhone apps

08/20, 4:00pm

MS on iPhone/Xbox apps

Microsoft plans to halt the sale of any unauthorized Xbox Live software at the App Store, one developer claims. 1337pwn says that its Xbox Live Friends Application -- which lets people see what others are playing on their Xboxes of Xbox 360s -- was recently challenged by Microsoft, which is responsible for all facets of Xbox gaming. 1337pwn comments, though, that Microsoft appears only to be concerned about people turning a profit on its technology, as it has given permission for XLFA to be distributed for free.

Apple halts MobileMe blog, adds new help resources

08/20, 4:00pm

Apple adds help resources

Apple on Monday announced it would stop running the MobileMe status blog, in favor of a more clearly defined system status page, as well as integrating MobileMe news into the end-user page. The post is the first in 20 days since the blog confirmed a mail outage affecting an alleged 1-percent of all MobileMe users. Blogger "David G." says that the MobileMe support page now features an enlarged, and more precise, monitoring system to warn users of current issues.

Fuchitek announces ultra portable pico projector

08/20, 3:35pm

Fuchitek pico projector

News comes on Wednesday that Fuchitek will soon launch its ultra portable pico projector, the PEP01. The small projector features a native resolution of 640x480 and measures 4.5 inches long, two inches wide, and one inch thick. The PEP01 will support NTSC and PAL video systems and connect to sources via a VGA and component input.

LG Prada II in works with sliding keyboard?

08/20, 3:20pm

LG Prada II Leak

LG is developing a direct sequel to its Prada phone that will fix some of the flaws, says a leak stemming from BGR. The device is still in mid-development but has been spotted in an image with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that would address criticisms of slow typing with the first Prada while hiding the keyboard away to maintain a similar appearance in normal use.

Smithsonian Channel now on iTunes

08/20, 3:15pm

Smithsonian on iTunes

The Smithsonian Channel today announced that its programming is available on the iTunes Store. Content consists of films, documentaries and limited series, on topics such as nature, technology, history and pop culture. Initial offerings include titles like Stories from the Vaults, Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25, Day of the Kamikaze and Nature Tech.

Apple promises replacements for MagSafe adapters

08/20, 2:55pm

MagSafe adapter problems

Apple has admitted faults in some of the MagSafe power adapters bundled with MacBooks, according to support documents. The company says that insular material on the cable -- particularly near the magnetic connector -- can tear prematurely, exposing the underlying wire. Aside from representing a possible safety hazard, Apple notes that the cable can eventually become discolored, and that its molding may deform.

Intel and Yahoo to bring Internet widgets to TV

08/20, 2:45pm

Widget Channel Internet TV

Intel and Yahoo on Wednesday announced plans to launch the Widget Channel, complete with TV Widgets, which will allow users to access the Internet while watching TV, either on their TV sets or other consumer electronics devices with Intel Architecture. Users will have real-time access to a number of small Internet applications, the TV Widgets that would allow them to watch Internet videos, upload photos and videos, chatting with friends and getting weather and news updates.

Patent lawsuit aims to block Nintendo Wii in US

08/20, 2:25pm

Patent Suit vs Wii

Technology license holder Hillcrest Labs today sought to draw support for its cause by publicizing a lawsuit against Nintendo over its Wii console. The Maryland-based plaintiff claims that Nintendo's Wii remote is violating four US patents relating to a spatial controller and on-screen interface for content on TVs. The Japanese electronics maker is knowingly profiting from the Wii in the US without licensing the relevant technology, according to the complaint.

Bold no direct iPhone rival, suffers 3G flaw

08/20, 1:50pm

Analyst on Bold vs iPhone

The BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G share similar traits but ultimately apply to entirely different markets, Citigroup investment analyst Jim Suva says in a research note issued today. In a hands-on test of the Bold shortly before its launch, Suva notes that the Bold touts both 3G and a significantly improved web browser versus earlier BlackBerries but that its design is still ultimately suited to work versus Apple's offering. This is particularly acute with the Bold potentially costing as much as $399 on contract.

Clarion shows off ClarionMiND navigator

08/20, 1:10pm

ClarionMiND navigator

Better known for its audio gear, Clarion has announced the ClarionMiND, a forthcoming GPS unit. Unlike most such systems however the MiND is also designed to operate as a mobile Internet device (MID), a category currently dominated by Apple's iPhone; the MiND connects primarily through Wi-Fi, which enables web browsing as well as the use of special MySpace and YouTube apps. Unlike the iPhone, though, cellular access requires tethering through a Bluetooth 2.0 connection.

Multiplayer gaming service comes to iPhone

08/20, 1:00pm

Multiplayer gaming: iPhone

Exit Games has announced that its multiplayer gaming service, Neutron, is now compatible with the iPhone. The new technology allows game developers to integrate online multiplayer social applications with the iPhone. Neutron also aids cross-platform development between the iPhone and other mobile platforms, PCs and gaming systems. The platform supports tournament, real-time and turn-based multiplayer environments, and offers buddy-lists, with text and voice chat, leader-boards, player profiles and more.

Sony launches 160GB PlayStation 3, keyboard

08/20, 12:40pm

Sony PS3 160GB

Sony on mid-Wednesday revealed a new 160GB version of the PlayStation 3. The new version holds twice as much as the 80GB PS3 that now serves as the low-end model, and was built partly to hold extra content from the just-opened PlayStation video store. The console still has the same expansion as the newer 80GB model, however, and is limited to two USB ports as well as backwards compatibility only for original PlayStation games. Wi-Fi and a DualShock 3 gamepad carry over from the other revised model.

Funtastic Photos: non-destructive edits, photosharing

08/20, 12:40pm

Funtastic Photos announced

Ohanaware has announced Funtastic Photos, a non-destructive and fully reversible photo editor, featuring one-click style applications, an effects engine and sharing capabilities. The new software can offer non-destructive edits using its new default format, which tracks location, the original state of the image and the order of changes made. Photo edits can be reversed and the order of changes can be rearranged by the user, with unlimited undo and redo edits.

Razer debuts 7.1-channel Megalodon headset

08/20, 12:30pm

Razer Megalodon headset

Peripheral maker Razer has announced a new headset, the Megalodon. Intended for gaming, the unit has a microphone for voice chats and commands, with sensitivity adjustable through a desk-based control module. The headset's focus however is on simulating 7.1-channel surround sound, a task handled through a decoder which Razer claims is eight times faster than similar chipsets. As necessary, the control module also lets users toggle back to 2.0-channel sound, and tweak settings for bass, volume and positioning.

Sony unveils PSP with built-in mic, new LCD [U]

08/20, 11:45am

Sony PSP 3000

(Updated with US info) Sony today used the Leipzig Games Convention as the venue for revealing its third revision of the PlayStation Portable. Known internally as the PSP 3000, the gaming handheld now has a built-in mic for VoIP calls (eliminating the need for the Skype PSP headset) as well as in-game chat and any other software that needs voice recording. A new LCD is also present and improves both the color range as well as the contrast over the original version of the 4.3-inch display.

Real Racing for iPhone to sport online multiplayer

08/20, 11:40am

Real Racing preview

Firemint has previewed a new game in development for the iPhone. Titled Real Racing, it features accelerometer-based driving, but also the rare option of head-to-head play over Wi-Fi or cellular networks, including support for creating mini-leagues with friends. Its Australian developer has also spoke of features such as associated Facebook and OpenSocial applications, which will let users show off their stats through social networks.

VirtualKeyboard 3.5 supports Spaces, zoom

08/20, 11:20am

VirtualKeyboard 3.5

Corallo Software has updated VirtualKeyboard to version 3.5, adding numerous upgrades, including Spaces compatibility, a Universal Access zoom button and support for non-Roman alphabets such as Cyrillic. The software's main aim is to provide a point-and-click keyboard interface for users with disabilities; it can also be used as a teaching tool, however, and for kiosks. With VirtualKeyboard running, mouse-clicking on keys will send the keystroke to the active application. It handles Shift, Command and other modifier keys as well.

BenQ ships two pivoting, high-contrast LCDs

08/20, 11:05am

BenQ G2200WT and G2400WT

BenQ on Wednesday formally rolled out two G series desktop LCDs aimed at artists or others who want extremely adjustable displays. The 22-inch G2200WT and its 24-inch G2400WT sibling rotate 90 degrees for tall portrait resolutions but also travel as much as 5.1 inches upwards; the movement is twice as much as with similarly-adjustable displays and promises a near-ideal viewing angle. Either also spins sideways to show content to those nearby and tilts back and forward for unusually steep viewing angles.

OpenClip to add app-to-app iPhone copy-and-paste

08/20, 11:00am

OpenClip iPhone project

A developer believes he has created a way for copy and paste functions to work on the iPhone without violating Apple's SDK agreement. Zac White has started a non-profit, open-source project named OpenClip, from which developers can borrow framework for their own apps. Programs with the technology should not only be able to copy and paste internally, but between each other; this works through saving selections to a shared space on an iPhone. All applications are able to access this space, and there is no need for processes to be running in the background.

AT&T picks up LG Invision, Sony W350a

08/20, 10:20am

Invision and W350a at ATT

AT&T today began offering two new phones, including just its third mobile TV device. The LG Invision is billed as the smallest phone of the type in the US and is just four inches tall while also registering at under half an inch thick. Both of which make it small enough to fit in most pockets but still supply live digital TV broadcasts. It also fully supports AT&T's 3G network as well as matching online music services like eMusic.

ShotPut expands support to P2 cards

08/20, 10:20am

ShotPut adds P2 support

Imagine says it has released ShotPut P2, a new variation of its ShotPut software. Following the launch of RED and XDCamHD editions, the new software is specially geared towards Panasonic's P2 storage cards, from which it offloads video faster than would be possible through Finder. This is helped by multithreading, which allows up to three simultaneous copies.

Palm re-announces Treo Pro, sets launch

08/20, 9:50am

Palm Treo Pro Official

Palm today corrected its premature launch yesterday with a more formal introduction of the Treo Pro, including its launch information. The Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone is the first major redesign of GSM-based Treos and sports a normal headphone jack, a Wi-Fi toggle button, and a hardware ringer switch like the iPhone. It also becomes the first Treo to support tri-band HSDPA for 3G access on AT&T and similar carriers and uses true GPS for navigation.

American Airlines kicks off in-flight Wi-Fi

08/20, 9:30am

AA Starts Gogo In-Air WiFi

American Airlines today started offering Gogo, its Aircell-run service for in-flight Internet access. The feature pipes a cellular Internet connection from the ground to a router onboard each plane, which in turn shares its access to all passengers through Wi-Fi. The service is platform-agnostic and provides access to both notebooks as well as handhelds, including explicit support for iPhones as well as certain BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices equipped with the short-range wireless format.

iPhone browser share on steady increase

08/20, 9:30am

iPhone 3G & browser share

The iPhone is currently maintaining a steady growth in its browser share, figures provided by Net Applications show. Although its share of the browser marketplace actually decreased slightly in the weeks before the release of the iPhone 3G, since the July 11th launch, these numbers have been on a continual increase, and surpassed June levels within less than a month. The last reported figures, from August 18th, show a share of 0.23 percent.

Intel slips details of dual-core Atom chip

08/20, 8:55am

Intel Dual Core Atom IDF

Intel at its Developer Forum is quietly providing new details of its widely reported dual-core Atom processor. Although not providing all formal details itself, the company is expected to launch an Atom 330 with twin cores at 1.6GHz and will be built on a 45 nanometer process that reduces the amount of power use despite the additional core. The chip should remain on the same 533MHz system bus.

Casio intros Exilim cams with "makeup" mode

08/20, 8:00am

Casio Exilim Z300 Z250 Z85

Casio today began its prelude to the Photokina show with three new Exilim cameras for the US and elsewhere, two of which introduce a new automatic image tuning feature. The Zoom series tops out with the 10.1-megapixel EX-Z300 and the 9.1-megapixel EX-Z250, both of which include a new Makeup feature: the optional setting can dynamically improve the look of faces in portrait shots by either eliminating blemishes or reducing the impact of long shadows. They can also automatically correct overly dark faces or stitch together three shots to simulate a long exposure time.

MS unveils SideWinder X5, X6 gaming input duo

08/20, 3:00am

MS SideWinder X5 and X6

Microsoft this morning used the advent of the Leipzig Games Convention to launch a second generation of its reborn SideWinder gaming and performance peripherals. The X6 Keyboard is completely new to the range and has extra game-specific touches such as a Cruise Control feature, which sustains a common action, and in-game macro recording. It also has more intuitive game-oriented controls such as large dials for screen brightness and volume, a breakaway number pad and a lit-up W/A/S/D key area for playing first-person shooters in the dark.

Vodafone details iPhone 3G launch pricing, details

08/20, 1:20am

Vodafole adds iPhone specs

Vodafone on Tuesday announced official pricing and availability information for the iPhone in India, offering the device starting at an astonishing Rs 31,000 (~$715) for the 8GB model, or Rs 36100 (~$830) for the 16GB. Vodafone is offering potential customers a chance to own the device "before others do", by placing a Rs 10,000 (~$230) deposit, allowing them to book a specific time for their purchase and setup for the launch on August 22nd.

Jobs: fix for iPhone lockup coming in Sept.

08/20, 12:05am

Jobs promises iPhone fix

In response to one user's concerns - and potentially thousands of others' by proxy - Apple CEO Steve Jobs has personally, but briefly, addressed that the various iPhone app freezes would be resolved through a software update in September. For the past several weeks, users have been experiencing issues with third-party applications freezing the system, failing to start, or even halting the device's boot process, prompting a sometimes lengthy restore through iTunes, according to AppleInsider.


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