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SingTel posts iPhone plans in advance of launch

updated 11:20 am EDT, Tue August 19, 2008

SingTel iPhone plans

Singaporean carrier SingTel has confirmed its pricing plans for the iPhone 3G, launching August 22nd. Customers looking to purchase the phone will be able to pick between seven different plans, which are broken down into two categories: iFlexi and SingTel. The iFlexi plans range from $56 to $205 a month, and come pre-bundled with data plans offering up to 3GB; the data options are, however, only available until September 5th. The SingTel plans range from $26 to $193 a month, but require people to add data separately, for instance through the BroadBand on Mobile Plus package which gives users 500MB of data a month for $20. Overage charges are $0.0019 per kilobyte, roughly equal to $2 per megabyte.

The price of an actual iPhone depends heavily on the plan that is chosen. An 8GB device can cost as much as $700 or as little as $0, while the 16GB model can cost up to $850, or once again be free. In local context these phones and plans may be considered overpriced compared to other options, making the iPhone 3G a luxury.

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  1. Guest

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    Singtel is crazy

    Singtel's plans are a hundred times worse than Roger's but Singaporeans are too timid to complain

  1. testudo

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    The iPhone 3G a luxury? Say it isn't so! At least in America it is an essential of existence.

  1. Guest

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    Singapore Dollars

    Lets not forget these prices are Singapore dollars. Making the iphone cost a maximum of $600.00 US. 1 USD = 1.41 SGD

  1. shawnde

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    re: Singtel is crazy

    Actually they're not, when you consider some other factors. For example, most of these plans, come with unlimited incoming calls. Certainly on the voice calling portions they're better than Rogers. On data, they're not that great, only if you consider the Rogers promo thing which ends at the end of August. Otherwise they're in line.

    But at least they don't charge you $15 for Voicemain and CallID and ANOTHER $8 for Visual Voice Mail.

    Rogers is just EVIL, no matter how you slice it. The fact that they have an EVIL twin in Singapore (a fascist country) doesn't make them any better.

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