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Apple tops satisfaction scores with Vista help

updated 08:00 am EDT, Tue August 19, 2008

Apple Tops ACSI Scores

The American Customer Satisfaction Index on Tuesday gave Apple its highest-ever score for pleasing customers of its Macs, giving the firm a record 85 points in the ACSI annual report based on reactions from users to both their opinions on computer quality as well as support after the sale. The award is Apple's fifth consecutive nod in as many years and is partly attributed to the sales success of its computers, which have been gaining marketshare in recent months.

Much of the success, however, may be attributed as much to a hostile reaction to Windows Vista as to any virtues of the Mac, the ACSI explains. Apple was the only firm aside from Dell to see an increase in its score, jumping eight percent versus 2007 and obtaining a full 10-point lead over its Texas-based rival. The margin is one of the most significant "in any industry" covered by the ACSI, according to the report.

Other major Windows PC builders dropped during the one-year span, with HP and its Compaq sub-label dipping four percent to 73 and 70 points respectively while Gateway dipped a similar amount to 72 percent. ACSI head and University of Michigan Professor Claes Fornell makes a tentative link between the "halo" effect of Apple's other products as well as poor experiences with Vista.

"This is product extension at its best where the new products, iPod and iPhone, are helping bring new customers to existing computer products," Professor Fornell says. "The fact that Apple is not dependent on the Windows Vista operating system hasn't hurt either."

The scoring potentially deepens the blow to public perception for Microsoft's latest operating system, which was hampered throughout much of 2007 by driver and software incompatibility as well as performance issues that partly stemmed from arbitrarily lowered requirements that left many budget PCs running Vista at speeds Microsoft itself considered unacceptable. The software developer has since taken steps to improve overall performance for Vista through Service Pack 1 and has launched a large-scale marketing campaign meant specifically to heal Vista's public image, which it believes is now unfair.

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  1. bobolicious

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It might help...

    ...that for a snick more than the cost of a full Vista one can get full OS-X and a Mini computer too...

  1. FastAMX79

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I had installed Vista on my PC last year (which i no longer own), and as soon as it booted up, I got an error that my network card (built in) didn't have any drivers that were compatible, and was told to go online to download new drivers.. how the h*** are you supposed to do that!? (Good thing I did the install on a different HDD)

    I am sure I was not the only one with that problem, and hence my sour attitude towards Vista.

    My Mac just works, and all of them I've owned through the years have 'just worked' (with the exception of a few minor things here and there back in the OS7 days...and my problem with my PB running Leopard connecting to my server running 10.4.11)

  1. pcimaging

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Everyone loves 2 love MAC

    I own both a iMAC 24" and a HP laptop with Vista installed. My experience has been good with both of them. I am a power user. I expect alot and get it from my computers. My job involves trouble shooting PCs software issues. I like my MAC a heck of a lot as it is the one I use for photo and video editing the most. Ya gotta love that display.
    I know Vista often requires driver updates or is not compatible with some older hardware. That has to be expected as we move on with technology. I have had to tell some of my customers to buy new printers to replace older ones. I find most VISTA issues are related to people not easily understanding the new GUI . I personally have had not even one problem in a year plus of using Vista.
    People are quick to hate a Microsoft product and many including me take pride in owning a MAC. Be patient with Vista as it just like OS X is a work in progress. I am always updating OS X Leopard. There are things I hate about MAC that make me appreciate my PC. Someday I may decide to keep just one OS. In all fairness though, Vista and Leopard are both the best OS yet along with Linux.

  1. lkrupp

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How can this be?

    People who experience problems are the ones who populate the various discussion forums, write the negative blogs, bash Apple relentlessly, and so forth and so on. If one were to take this information as gospel it's no wonder some might conclude that Macs and OS X barely function at all.

    Then surveys like this come out and the real world is exposed. So the next time you visit the Apple discussion forums and survey the carnage, the ranting, the despair, the anger, the claims of universal failure just remember these surveys showing Apple at the absolute pinnacle of customer satisfaction. And then balance that against what you read in user discussion forums. And no, Apple doesn't pay these surveyors to produce glowing results.

    Apple, Macs and OS X are that good, really. The problems you see harped on are the minority. For the majority Macs just work.

  1. robttwo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    "power user"

    pcimagining said "Be patient with Vista as it just like OS X is a work in progress" --

    OSX is a work PROGRESSING, not "in progress". It is finshed, and improving. Reputable companies do not sell "works in progress", they hire beta testers. MS simply either doesn't understand this, or their engineers (and management) don't really care what users go through as long as they can sell it.

    Really, people - if Vista were made by GM, it would have been recalled. I also love that the only people who don't seem to "have one problem" with Vista are people whose job is to trouble shoot PCs. I guess I wouldn't have any problems with it either if it was making me money every time it screwed someone.


  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: power user

    indeed, the last several days there have been comments from folks sticking up for Vista and every one of them is in one way or another a Windows 'expert' - either their job was in corporate IT so they deal with Windows day in and day out or they fix PCs for a living.

    (I would love Microsoft too if I was one of the latter...)

    Should I have to be a master mechanic in order to drive my car from point A to point B? NO!!

    So why should the average computer user - your mom, your grandfather, the completely right-brained artist - be expected to be a Windows expert in order to get Vista to work correctly?

    The Mac just works and this is something PC defenders and PC fanbois just can't get over.

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    fair and balanced!

    The software developer has since taken steps to improve overall performance for Vista through Service Pack 1 and has launched a large-scale marketing campaign meant specifically to heal Vista's public image, which it believes is now unfair.

    Yes, that's right, the only problem with Vista is that lying liberal media conspiracy! Microsoft will fix that with a fair and balanced PR campaign.

  1. Neil Anderson

    Joined: Dec 1969



    of all worlds. Get a Mac and run any operating system available.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Ahh the iSheep are iBleating again.

    Can't you people read? The first decent Vista post clearly stated that he likes BOTH his Mac AND Vista PC.

    I agree that I have not had one SINGLE issue with two Vista machines in a year.

    That is much better than my friends Mac (3 MAJOR stuff ups) and previous Macs I have used.

    Sorry computers are computers and hardware is ALWAYS the cheapest possible for a given price. Don't deceive yourselves...Mac hardware is just the same as what’s inside other Intel based stuff...PCBs and Chips and associated cards.

    Remember it's just a PC with an Apple chip on the M/B and a proprietary Unix distro. Computers are computers.

    Vista IS good. If you can actually use a computer you should have zero issues with it – if you people can’t actually use a Microsoft computer (remember they are the computers that made computing accessible for ANYONE – grandma and pop included) maybe you should just stick to your Macs...DON’T touch Linux whatever you do.

    Also, try to run Leopard on 5 year old hardware and see how you go. It’s the same issue with Vista...stop living in PowerPC past iPeople.

    One last thing...Apple CONTROLS its limited hardware base. So if Microsoft manages to get a similar experience with incomprehensible permutations of hardware, I'd say they are MUCH more capable than Apple. Imagine if they had just a limited range with completely controlled you think there would be ANY issues? Do you think Apple could pull of the reverse when they have enough issues with MobileMe and the great rebooting iPhone? Don’t think so...

    So (for all the haters) my Dell desktop is SOLID AS A ROCK. Imagine if MS produced Dells. There would be neither network card issues nor any others.

    You iBleaters need to open your iFanBoi eyes and realise you need to do us ALL as favour and just end it. So when Apple finally subsides beneath the waves when Jobs is gone (as they only have Jobs to keep them on track – they were virtually bankrupt before he ehem ‘returned’), what bandwagon are you all going to jump on?

    No one had gotten on and bashed iBois just have to start sharpening the knives as you are so insecure in you poor little uni-inverses.

    As I clearly stated in a previous post, you are stuck with your glorious two minutes of ‘performance’ (girls might have another pet name for that level of ability but hey) and so readily aspire to 3 minutes that you just blurt out like Tourettes sufferers all over the forums wherever you go. Unfortunately Jobs, Apple nor any other Nobel Laureate can help as they just don’t have the technology to get you over that hump yet.

    Diary entry number ix386:
    Today was the day that I first realised I wanted to live in the land of the Jobs...oh where is the hallowed iLand...I just want to live in a land where all is white, comparatively expensive though of course infinitely cool, trendy and socially conformist and where everyone is not afraid to upgrade frequently and buy proprietary non-third party products...oh iJoy...I can see it now...iLand please open thy pearly iGates for three...hmm how did Gates get in here...hold on, this seems like a Intel hang out...

  1. robttwo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    castrated guest

    What a ball-less slob to post as "guest"! And another dumbass who thinks a Mac is just a fancy package around a PC. That alone negates everything else this boob has to offer by way of his DOS-induced stupor.

    Of course, as per climacs pointed out - it's obvious these people are either MS toadies or other loser PC garage mechanics.


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