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Keyboard Maestro 3.4 adds macro strings, more

08/19, 12:00am

Keyboard Maestro 3.4

Stairways Software has announced Keyboard Maestro 3.4, the latest version of its 'productivity enhancer' for Mac OS X. This release includes a 'typed string' trigger, allowing the user to fire off macros when typing a matching string. Triggers can be created with easily remembered mnemonics. Appearance has been enhanced to look more like the default system program switcher. Import/export of the named clipboards has been improved for better sharing of macros.

FruitMenu, App Enhancer, Smart Crash support Leopard

08/18, 11:40pm

Unsanity updates 3 utils

Unsanity says it has brought Mac OS X Leopard compatibility to three of its utilities: Smart Crash, FruitMenu and Application Enhancer. Designed to allow users to repurpose menus, FruitMenu 3.7 includes various bug fixes and drops QuickTIme in favor of ImageIO to process images. Support for Mac OS X 10.3 has been dropped, and the launch time has been "significantly reduced." FruitMenu allows users to customize Mac OS X menu functions, create hot keys linked to files, folders and commonly used tasks, and instantly set desktop pictures.

Trip Cubby logs milage for business iPhone users

08/18, 11:20pm

iPhone milage logger

App Cubby today announced the availability of Trip Cubby, an iPhone app that tracks mileage for tax deductions or corporate reimbursement. Trip Cubby features predictive input, auto-entry, auto-calculation, and access to frequent trips. Data can be searched and sorted to generate reports. Customizable tabs allow grouping or categorization of trips.

Ex-Apple exec sides with Dell to hit iTunes

08/18, 11:00pm

Tim Bucher sides with Dell

Three years after settling a wrongful termination suit against his former employer, Tim Bucher has decided to help Dell take on the iTunes empire. The former Apple Exec tells BusinessWeek that one day in 2004, Steve Jobs came to him saying "people think you are sometimes manic-depressive," and proceeded to fire him. Bucher says the charges of mental illness are "completely false," and he went on to sue Apple. Today, Bucher has moved on -- he heads a 120-member team to put Dell back in the music business.

Apple credits 60 days to MobileMe users, apologizes

08/18, 10:35pm

Apple offers 60 days

After a brief silence, Apple on Monday acknowledged the many issues plaguing its MobileMe suite of online services, offering users a free 60-day extension for past problems, as well as a concerted effort to continually improve. Echoing words from CEO Steve Jobs to Apple staff, the message notes that the newly helmed MobileMe team is dedicated to providing a service that "we can all be proud of." Apple has already credited users one month for prior issues which were claimed to have been resolved.

First Look: MacGourmet Deluxe, recipe management

08/18, 10:20pm

MacGourmet Deluxe

If you've ever stored a digital picture in iPhoto or sorted and arranged your favorite songs in iTunes, you know the convenience of storing and organizing data in different ways. Just as you can manage and rearrange pictures or music, so you can now organize recipes using a unique recipe management program called MacGourmet Deluxe.

Palringo adds push-to-talk on iPhone app

08/18, 9:15pm

Palringo push to talk

Palringo today announced the addition of vocal instant messaging functionality (push to talk) to its rich messaging iPhone application. This app allows users to use push to talk functions without being locked into a carrier or certain equipment. Other Palringo-supported platforms include BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Java based devices from manufacturers including Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC, HP, and Sony Ericsson.

Latest FTPit beta for FileMaker Pro released

08/18, 9:00pm

FTPit beta for FileMaker

Comm-Unity Networking Systems today announced the sixth and final public beta of its upcoming FTPit Pro 2.0.0 plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7.x or higher. The application has been completely re-written, allowing users to transfer files to and from your computer using FTP, all from within FileMaker. This beta is now feature complete, including DownloadDir and UploadDir functions. The next release will be the final version.

Boston Acoustics Horizon iDS2 iPod Speaker/Dock

08/18, 8:30pm

Boston Ac. iDS2 iPod spkr

Boston Acoustics has unveiled the Horizon iDS2 iPod Speaker system with two built-in 3 1/2 inch full-range speakers and 60 watts of power. Measuring roughly 5- by 13- by 6-inches, the speaker/dock comes in black or white models; customers can order grilles in a variety of colors to match room decor.

Apps: LabelWizard, Easy Catalog, DIskLibrary, more

08/18, 7:55pm

Apps: ResizeMe, VideoFlash

Label Wizard 1.1.0 includes several "user interface enhancements" and bug fixes. Black Cat Systems says its label utility gives users "complete control over the layout of the label," including text, pictures, objects and serial numbers. The $20 utility is a Universal Binary requiring Mac OS X 10.2 or higher. [Download - 3.4MB].

Mailings adds logging, throttling, more

08/18, 7:35pm

Mailings app update

Limit Point Software has introduced Mailings 1.9.40, the newest version of its batch emailing application for Mac. Mailings can deliver any web page or plain text document with attachments to multiple recipients for marketing, announcements, or updates. Additional features including logging, progress monitoring, scheduling, error recovery, throttling, personalization, and more. Settings can be saved for reuse or archiving.

Briefly: Drop Point: Alaska, Media Metrix rankings

08/18, 7:25pm

Briefly: games, web ranks

In brief: MacNN has reviewed MacSoft's Drop Point: Alaska, for snowboarding enthusiasts. The game allows players to drop from helicopters onto virgin mountain peaks, snowboarding on over 100 challenging trials. The rendering of snowy mountains provides strong visuals, for systems that can handle the visual challenge (Mac Mini owners may not have the best experience). Drop Point Alaska offers a vast playing area but may be too much for low-end machines.

Epson's new WorkForce line of small business printers

08/18, 7:00pm

Epson's new printers

Epson has introduced the WorkForce line of printers and all-in-ones for "micro-business" users. This line includes the WorkForce 600, 500 all-in-ones and WorkForce 40, 30 printers. Capabilities of different models include scan, fax, copy, photo, or WiFi connectivity. All WorkForce models include four-color individual cartridges allowing replacement each color as needed and optional high capacity black cartridges for high printing volume.

Auction site to offer iPhone 3G in the Philippines?

08/18, 5:30pm

iPhone 3G auction

A Filipino auction site has announced plans to sell the iPhone 3G at a price much cheaper than the local market, says CNET. In a press briefing on Friday, unveiled a special program to put the iPhone on sale through its website. Angelo Hernandez, public relations chief at, currently says that the iPhone will be auctioned off at a starting price of just 1 peso (2 cents), increasing in cost through 0.50 peso bidding increments. There will however be a ceiling to bids, with a maximum price of 5,000 pesos ($110).

Apple offers iPhone 2.0.2 update via iTunes

08/18, 5:15pm

Apple offers iPhone 2.0.2

Apple on Monday released iPhone 2.0.2, an update to its second-generation software for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G. The update is about 242MB and first appeared via iTunes just after 5PM EST. As is usually the case with iPhone updates, Apple provided few details, saying simply that the update contains "bug fixes," and links to existing online iPhone support resources. Over the weekend the company seeded iPhone v2.1b4, a private beta, to developers, but removed the much anticipated 'push" feature that would allow applications to respond to internet triggers (new email, an IM, etc.) without being open. The major software update along with the unique "push service" was announced in June 2008 at Apple's WWDC and was expected to launch in September, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

bambooapps releases Keep Your Word 1.0

08/18, 5:05pm

KYW creates dictionaries

bambooapps has announced Keep Your Word, Mac software geared towards those looking to learn a new language or track numerous groups of terms. The app allows users to classify and group large sets of words, building a unique dictionary for study and memorization. It further supports any and all characters handled by Mac OS X, allowing almost any word to be entered into a database. Users can also tag and annotate entered words for future search options.

Google mends fences with new Android SDK

08/18, 4:55pm

New Google Android SDK

Google this afternoon made a move to placate frustrated developers for its mobile phone platform by releasing a new beta of the Android SDK. Version 0.9 is the first kit available to those outside of Google's Developers Challenge and is described as the first to have largely settled the operating system. No major changes are expected from 0.9 until the finished 1.0 release, the company says.

Jade Empire available as digital download

08/18, 4:50pm

Jade Empire download

TransGaming has announced an agreement with game developer BioWare, allowing the former's digital distribution portal -- GameTree Online -- to offer Jade Empire Special Edition for the Mac. Jade Empire is an action-RPG, loosely based on the myths of ancient China. Players are given the choice to act as a hero or villain, and throughout its setting are a host of human and supernatural enemies, fought using magical martial arts and weapon styles. The title can be purchased as a digital download for $40.

Toon Boom Studio 4.5 adds Flash export, more

08/18, 4:45pm

Toon Boom updated to 4.5

Toon Boom Animation has announced Toon Boom Studio 4.5. The software allows animators to create, animate and publish creations; v4.5 adds photo animations and live-action cartooning, with rotoscoping, as well as more export options for iTunes and YouTube. Also new is expanded Flash support through Toon Boom Studio Importer, which now lets people export to Flash CS2 and CS3.

Random Ideas posts Edibles for iPhone/iPod touch

08/18, 4:30pm

Edibles for iPhone/iPod

Random Ideas has announced the release of Edibles, an app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The software is a food journal, used to track calories, carbs, WeightWatchers points and other values typically tracked when following a diet regimen. The application allows users to set a "budget" for whatever value they are tracking, and then follow weekly and daily allowances based on this figure.

Tom Bihn unwraps TSA-approved notebook bag

08/18, 4:20pm

TSA approved laptop bag

Tom Bihn has announced the Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Briefcase. This bag was designed around the TSA's new "checkpoint-friendly" program guidelines and allow laptops to pass through the x-ray scanner without being removed from the case if it conforms to one of several designs. Three sizes are available that are specifically fit for Apple laptops but are also suitable for many others. Shipping will begin by late September.

Google launches white space propaganda campaign

08/18, 4:20pm

Google whitespace campaign

Google is aiming to bring public opinion to bear on white space technology, company bloggers have announced. As a member of the White Spaces Coalition, Google is pushing the FCC to authorize the technology, which would take advantage of the frequencies between over-the-air TV broadcasts to deliver broadband Internet, in some cases where it may not have been accessible before. The FCC is said to have completed testing on a second phase of white space devices, and should rule on their practicality "in the coming months."

Npower expands line of electronics for kids

08/18, 4:15pm

iCarly electronics

Nickelodeon, Viacom, and Imation today announced a new line of electronics for children under Nickelodeon's Npower brand. New additions include web cams, camcorders, digital cameras, digital voice recorder and other electronics themed after Nickelodeon's TV show iCarly. Npower has also expanded their line of SpongeBob Squarepants products, including a digital picture frame and MP3 player dock. For children ages two to four, digital photo viewers and boomboxes were added to the Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! lines.

Samsung Tocco to see T-Mobile as 3G expands

08/18, 4:05pm

Samsung Tocco T-Mo Leak

A leak this weekend by TmoNews suggests that T-Mobile's US division will have a second iPhone rival after the Android-based HTC Dream. Known as the Samsung Tocco in Europe, the t919 would drop the front video camera from its original launch but would be one of T-Mobile's premier touchscreen devices, coming with a five-megapixel camera as well as a microSDHC slot that can handle at least 16GB of content. The device would support 3G data over the American provider's 1,700MHz UMTS network and so support much faster Internet access.

Lenovo debuts IdeaPad U8 mobile Internet device

08/18, 3:45pm

Lenovo IdeaPad U8

Using its home country's Olympics as a springboard, Lenovo has announced the IdeaPad U8, a new mobile Internet device (MID). The device is equipped with a 800MHz Atom Z500 processor, 1 to 2GB of RAM, and a 6GB solid-state drive. It also has twin cameras, and includes at least one USB port, which lets it access mobile TV through supporting tuner add-ons. It is unknown if other peripherals might be compatible.

Dell's Inspiron 910 netbook due Friday?

08/18, 3:30pm

Inspiron 910 Friday Leak

Dell's miniature Inspiron 910 could be unveiled before the end of the week, a discovery shows at Gizmodo. The company's first netbook is allegedly poised to launch before August 22nd and should include many of the specifications that have been leaked over the past few months, ranging from the 1.6GHz Atom processor to storage at 4GB, 8GB or 16GB depending on the trim level. Between 512MB and 1GB of RAM will keep the costs low.

Apple close to Russian deals, making tough terms?

08/18, 3:10pm

Russian iPhone deals near?

Apple is nearing an agreement to sell the iPhone in Russia, says Vedomosti. The regional publication cites inside sources, who claim that two out of the three major cellular carriers in Russia -- Megafon and VimpelCom -- are on the verge of signing a deal to distribute the iPhone. The only stumbling block at present is said to be bulk orders, as Apple may want carriers to accept unusually large quantities of the phone all at once -- between 1 to 1.5 million units each, for a total of 3 to 4.5 million for the whole country.

FCC reveals Zune 120GB with old design

08/18, 2:55pm

Zune 120GB at FCC

Microsoft's next-generation Zune update will will be cautious and focus primarily on storage, the FCC has revealed through a new filing (PDF). Government tests prove the existence of a Zune with 120GB of storage but also reveal a design fundamentally unchanged from the Zune 80, including the hybrid touch and directional pad. The device also appears to be running the existing Zune 2.5 software rather than a new revision, although this may not necessarily apply to the final product.

35% of Windows business PCs downgrade to XP

08/18, 2:30pm

35pc Win Biz Sales Are XP

More than a third of all new Windows PCs recently bought by large businesses have deliberately been setup to run an operating system other than Windows Vista, InfoWorld says in a new study of a user network. Although Microsoft officially cut off most Windows XP sales on June 30th, the publication notes that 35 percent of all the systems brought online at enterprises since then either take advantage of a downgrade loophole that allows vendors to preinstall XP on normally Vista-based systems or else have installed another operating system of their own, whether it involves XP or an alternative such as Windows Server 2003 or 2008.

Kensington offers Wireless USB video dock

08/18, 1:55pm

Kensington WUSB Dock

Kensington today unveiled what it believes is the first genuinely universal Wireless USB dock. The simply-titled Wireless USB Docking Station connects to any computer that supports Wireless USB, whether internally or through an adapter, and provides enough connections to serve as a full stand-in for a wired dock without the extra cables; the device can output a DVI video signal up to the 1680x1050 of most 20-inch displays and has five USB ports as well as a stereo minijack for external speakers.

Standards group unveils SATA 3.0 specs

08/18, 1:25pm

SATA 3.0 specs released

Data on the next version of the SATA connection standard has been unveiled, according to its governing body. The SATA-IO group has announced early specifications for SATA Revision 3.0, which it expects to be finalized by the end of this year. The initial specs relate to the physical portion of the interface, which should double transfers speeds compared to current SATA II links, with a peak of 6Gbps. The format is also set to include "advances for data streaming," SATA-IO says, and "better power management."

Steve Jobs weighing in on 3G connection woes?

08/18, 12:50pm

Jobs on 3G problems

Problems with reception on the iPhone 3G may have been acknowledged by Apple's CEO, a new report claims. In a response to a customer complaint, an e-mail has allegedly been sent by Steve Jobs, saying: "We are working on some bugs which affect around 2% of the iPhones shipped, and hope to have a software update soon." The message is believed to be legitimate because of Jobs' occasional willingness to reply to general mail, and his typical terseness.

MS may face China anti-monopoly trial

08/18, 12:30pm

MS Faces China Antitrust

Microsoft could face antitrust action in China based on a new law, according to claims made by a local firm on Monday. Software firm Evermore's chief executive Gus Tsao says that a new measure against monopolistic behavior passed on Friday would potentially allow firms to accuse Microsoft of abusing its position by tightly integrating Office with Windows, preventing Evermore's upcoming EIOffice 2009 and other competing office suites from offering a similar level of features.

SkyBlueCanvas posts Lightweight CMS 1.1 beta

08/18, 11:50am

Lightweight CMS 1.1 beta

SkyBlueCanvas says it has posted the v1.1 beta of Lightweight CMS, its content management system for websites. The software is designed to eliminate the need for a programmer when posting text and pictures to a site, regardless of the underlying technologies. The software is further based on open-source technologies such as Apache, and is compatible with PHP 4 and 5. Licensing is covered under GNU/GPL 3.0.

Sprint adds Moto RAZR VE20 flip to lineup

08/18, 11:35am

Moto VE20 at Sprint

Sprint today backed up the launch of the Katana Eclipse with a second flip phone. While lacking the lights of its companion, the RAZR VE20 has a larger external display with RAZR2-like touch controls that support music as well as checking the inbox and other basic menu functions without opening the clamshell. It also carries a two-megapixel camera, again like the RAZR2 and an improvement over the Sanyo phone's 1.3-megapixel offering.

MPC rebrands Classmate PC as TXTbook

08/18, 11:10am


MPC this morning hopes to extend the reach of Intel's Classmate PC to a wider audience with the TXTbook, the first North American version available for individuals. The design is largely unchanged from the second-generation model and is small enough with its 8.9-inch screen to be used comfortably by smaller children but durable enough to handle most common drops. The system boasts a speed improvement over the original by switching to a 1.6GHz Atom that also gives the small notebook up to five hours of battery runtime on an expanded capacity battery.

Turkcell to be second iPhone 3G carrier in Turkey

08/18, 11:05am

Turkcell to offer iPhone

Turkcell, the largest GSM provider in Turkey, has announced that it will finally be offering the iPhone 3G later this year. No official release date has been published yet, but the carrier seems unlikely to join the second phase of the iPhone 3G rollout, as there are only four days left until worldwide expansion on August 22nd. The company has also yet to disclose official subscription plans, but these should become available before the iPhone's shipment. Turkcell will be the second carrier to offer the iPhone in Turkey, as Vodafone made a similar announcement earlier this year.

Exploding first-gen iPod nano causes concern

08/18, 10:35am

Exploding iPod nano

First-generation iPod nanos may have potentially serious faults, accounts suggest. One owner reports that his Nano was recently plugged into his notebook, and after about 10 minutes of charging, began to emit a sizzling sound. The Nano then exploded open, spewing sparks and smoke. The iPod was immediately unplugged and moved to a safer place, where it continued to smoke and spark. The issue has been reported to Apple's customer service, but is awaiting an official response and plan of action.

Sanyo Katana Eclipse reaches Sprint

08/18, 10:15am

Katana Eclipse at Sprint

After multiple leaks and an early Canadian launch, Sprint today began carrying the Katana Eclipse, the next version of Sanyo's extra-thin clamshell. The design draws most of its attention for its elaborate external lighting that can be used both as entertainment and information. While it can flash to music, it can also illuminate during calls in different colors or even different patterns to identify particular users without either a conspicuous ringtone or even vibrations that might be missed in a noisy environment.

Apple opens Carlsbad store; third London location?

08/18, 10:10am

Carlsbad, London stores

Two new Apple Stores opened this weekend, say reports. In addition to one in Altamonte Springs, Florida, another location opened its doors in Carlsbad, California. The Carlsbad store can be found within The Forum at 1923 Calle Barcelona, and is next to Z Gallerie and across from Anthropologie. It is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 9PM, and on Sunday operates from noon to 6PM. No workshops have been scheduled so far.

HTC Dream hits FCC, includes T-Mobile 3G

08/18, 9:45am

HTC Dream at FCC

HTC's inaugural Google Android phone the Dream is now cleared for use in the US, a filing with the FCC shows. Listed as the DREA100, the device appears a match for past descriptions and will have not just Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but also the 1,700MHz UMTS support necessary for faster data speeds and better calls on T-Mobile USA's network, both of which should assist Android's data-heavy focus.

Apple fire damage estimated at $2 million

08/18, 9:15am

Apple fire damage estimate

The fire last Tuesday at Apple's Cupertino headquarters caused significant damage, according to the Santa Clara County Fire Department. Although no one was injured during the three-alarm incident, which began at 10PM local time and ended only two and a half hours later, the SCCFD now estimates material damage to be about $2 million. In the immediate aftermath of the fire, tallies on damage were uncertain.

HP reveals EliteBook ultraportable, tablet

08/18, 9:00am

HP EliteBook 2530p 2730p

HP today added yet again to its EliteBook lineup with two new systems that push the line towards the ultra-mobile category. The 12.1-inch 2730p (shown at top) is the first convertible tablet in the line and is characterized as one of the thinnest notebooks in its class at just over 1.1 inches; though the styling is similar to the earlier Compaq 2710p, it now finds room for a full trackpad as well as separate tablet buttons and a jogwheel for fast scrolling through documents.

Toshiba intros first near-HD DVD upscaling player

08/18, 8:20am

Toshiba XDE Player

Toshiba on Monday nursed its losses in HD format conflicts by launching its first player based on its promised Extended Detail Enhancement technology, or XDE. The XD-E500 upscales from as little as 480i up to 1080p, as with some DVD players, but sports customization features that Toshiba argues bring the player's output closer to real HD. Viewers can increase the sharpness of the picture to overcome the softness inherent to DVD's lower resolution and restore some of the perceived detail.

1st Android phone lacks Exchange, due Nov.?

08/18, 7:55am

Android Lacks Exchange

HTC's Android-based Dream phone may not support push-based work mail or ship as soon as expected, according to a reported first-hand account of the device by IBB Consulting senior principal Moe Tanabian. The veteran claims that the device only supports push e-mail through Google's own Gmail service and that support for Microsoft's Exchange service isn't known, potentially hurting its usefulness for business similar to what was encountered with the original iPhone firmware.


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