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Lenovo takes on Air again with ThinkPad X301

08/17, 10:25pm

Lenovo ThinkPad X301

Lenovo on Monday will launch an update to its ThinkPad X300 series that shows the PC maker's second response to the MacBook Air. The X301 expands on the earlier model by using Centrino 2-era ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo processors to ramp up speed while also extending the battery life over the earlier system, which used a lower-clocked version of the same custom processor used in Apple's system. Clock speeds are unmentioned but in prior leaks will involve both 1.6GHz and 1.83GHz processors; regardless of speed, the system should perform about 20 percent faster than the original X300, Lenovo claims.

Sony leaks next wave of budget Walkmen

08/17, 5:45pm

Sony E430 Walkman Leak

Sony is planning a new entry level Walkman that would combine the simple features of its stick players with the more advanced features of its full-size devices, the company itself has accidentally revealed through its New Zealand website. The NWZ-E430 series appears a sequel to the A600 series with a slightly larger two-inch screen and at most 8GB of storage, but will be easier to load than earlier models; full drag-and-drop support allows not only loading music and video through the operating system's file manager but through sync software; both iTunes and Windows Media Player are claimed to support new Walkman range.

New iPhone 2.1b4 beta removes push notification

08/17, 2:55pm

iPhone 2.1 beta lacks push

The latest beta test version of the iPhone v2.1 firmware, seeded to Apple developers over the weekend, has disabled the much anticipated push notification feature, an important service that allows information to be relayed to iPhone apps even when they are inactive, according to AppleInsider. Push notification has been used for features such as instant messaging, where notification of a new message can be sent to the user without forcing the application open. Native apps will still use background data. Apple has not given a full explanation for the absence, just commenting that the code was pulled for "further development." Jobs had previously promised to deliver the push feature as part of a free update in September.

Canada Bold pricing avoids iPhone rivalry

08/17, 12:05pm

Rogers BBerry Bold Price

Rogers Wireless' pricing for the BlackBerry Bold all but rules out the device as a competitor for the iPhone 3G in Canada, if a company flyer proves true. The carrier is allegedly pricing the first HSDPA-capable BlackBerry at $400 with a three-year contract, more than $100 above the price for a 16GB iPhone despite holding just 1GB of internal memory and otherwise similar hardware. This cost at present would primarily differentiate the Bold from the 8820, which sells through the provider for $350.


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