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AT&T to receive corp. iPhone stock on August 21st?

updated 10:10 am EDT, Fri August 15, 2008

AT&T corp. iPhone stock?

AT&T corporate stores will soon be receiving supplies of the iPhone 3G, rumors suggest. Boy Genius has reportedly been in contact with two sources, each indicating that August 21st will be the arrival date of iPhones. The sources have also claimed that stock availability will be based upon existing direct fulfillment (raincheck) orders being filled first. Currently, only Apple and mainstream AT&T retail stores sell the device.

Since the release of the iPhone 3G, AT&T has had trouble keeping enough phones in inventory to meet customer demand. This is why a direct fulfillment program was launched, as it offered customers a way to pay in advance and secure an iPhone, eliminating the need to wait in morning line-ups with no guarantee of success.

by MacNN Staff



  1. digiprod

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Stay away!

    Iphone has serious problems. Here is the log I am keeping. Wait to buy after this gets worked out, if it does.

    iPhone Units
    iPhone 3G was purchased on June 12, 2008
    Crashed constantly with apps quitting all the time, 3G issues - 22 restores needed.
    Came with 2.0 software and later I updated it to 2.0.1 when it came out.

    First iPhone 3G replacement - August 1, 2008
    Crashed constantly with apps quitting all the time, 3G issues, content disappeared from iPod app - 10 restores needed.
    Received it from Tices Apple Store with 2.0.1 - new unit from new box.

    Second iPhone 3G replacement - August 14, 2008
    Apps quitting, 3G issues, content disappeared from iPod app - 1 restore needed.
    Received it from GSP Apple Store with 2.0 and I updated it to 2.0.1 on first sync - was a replacement service part.

    Crashing and Quits
    Apps bought from App Store quit constantly. Many times when one app quits, then none of the others will launch anymore. Does not seem to matter which app or how many I have installed. Deleting and re-installing the apps does not help. Only a total restore and syncing the apps get them to run again. Until the next time they quit.

    Sometimes an app will quit, killing the iPhone, leaving me with a white Apple logo. Once this happens nothing but a total restore will help. Holding down the Home key, restarting the iPhone or hard reset of the iPhone does not allow the iPhone to boot normally. Of course I am then left without even a phone.

    Sometimes deleting or installing apps directly on the iPhone will crash it leaving you with white Apple logo that only a total restore will fix. I no longer install or update directly on the iPhone.

    Running the iPhone without any apps from the App Store. iPhone still experienced problems with the Mail, Settings, Contacts, and Safari quitting. Lagging keyboard, slow scrolling, and slow Contacts (I have about 300) still present.

    I have had to restore my first iPhone 3G about 22 times and I have restored this one about 9 times already. Most every time the iPhone has crashed I have lost the pictures I took and had to restore it as a new iPhone as iTunes tells me my backups are corrupted.

    I have restored this using three different Intel Mac running Leopard 10.5.4 and iTunes 7.7.1, did not matter. I even went as far as uninstalling iTunes, setting up a new account and reinstalling iTunes, re-downloaded the iPhone firmware and the apps I bought, did not matter, still crashed and apps quit within a day.

    The longest the iPhone has ever worked without needing a restore is 3 days. Usually I get a day, maybe two. I have had it crash twice in the same day.

    3G Reception Problems
    iPhone constantly switches between 3G and EDGE even in a strong 3G area like North Jersey or NYC. This results in dropped, garbled calls and slow Internet. Sometimes I must restart the iPhone to let see the 3G network.

    iPhone iPod Problem
    After syncing the iPhone and adding about 300 purchased music and video tracks, a few audiobooks and some podcasts the iPhone says there is no music on it when I launch the iPod app. Yet if you connect it to iTunes you can see the content and under Settings -> General -> About on the iPhone it shows the that the iPhone is almost half full.

    This happened on first and second replacement iPhones that was synced with a different Mac. Both times I has previously played them and after the apps started quitting, they were no longer seen by the iPhone 3G.

    iTunes 7.7.1 Problems
    It takes forever to backup the iPhone, only to find out that the backups are useless as iTunes reports they are corrupted when trying to restore the iPhone.

    iTunes has NO idea when an app has an update available. It reports updates when none are needed, it sometimes reports there are no updates when there are. Sometimes it wants to install 6 or 7 copies of the same app when it reports an update.

    iTunes has a serious bug in that it does not delete or overwrite old app files it just re-creates them! Looking in the iTunes -> Mobile Application folder I found many versions of the same app, loading up my Macs hard drive with incremented numbers. This is true on three different Macs I have tried to sync with. Itunes does not overwrite or delete old version of the apps. At one point I had over 1 GB of files when it probably should have been one third of that.

    If the iPhone is syncing with iTunes and a phone call or SMS message comes in, the iPhone sometimes either stops syncing or crashes so bad that it needs a restore.

    I have had to change my iTunes Store password over 20 times this month as iTunes or the iPhone will tell me my password is no good. I then reset it and a few days later it says it is no good again.

    MobileMe Problems
    Can not sync subscribed calendars. Mail outages.

    Sometimes Mail app will report I have emails, but when I open the Mail app I have to manually hit the refresh button to see any of them.

  1. Loren

    Joined: Dec 1969



    But tell us how you really feel!

    You are obviously cursed. Don't travel during a lightning storm. The lightning is looking for you. Only you.

    Seriously... you don't say whether 8GB or 16Gb. Curious.

  1. moshu

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "iPhone 3G was purchased on June 12, 2008"

    and the iPhone 3G was released when?

  1. Smurfman

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Yeah... I've seen "digiprod's" post numerous times already. I think he's either the unluckiest dude or is making a mountain out of a molehill.

    In either case, he seems to have a vendetta against the iPhone. Hey digiprod, if everyone of the 3 million iPhone customers were having your issues, heads would be rolling at Apple, there'd be a recall and Apple's stock would be plummeting.

  1. Smurfman

    Joined: Dec 1969



    edit: I meant to say "3 million plus iPhone 3G customers".

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