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Zune to get video exclusives to fight iPod

updated 12:10 pm EDT, Mon August 11, 2008

Zune to get unique content

In an effort to boost the slow sales of its Zune media player, Microsoft is turning to Hollywood in order to license original content for it, according to new reports. Microsoft has sent executives to talent agencies and production companies over the last few months to find video programming that would be available either exclusively for the Zune or launch first for the device before being offered elsewhere.

At the same time, Microsoft again denies rumors that a Zune-branded cell phone is being developed. While the company is calling its efforts to add the dedicated multimedia content for the player as still in the "exploratory phase," the new video programming would take advantage of the Zune's social networking capabilities.

Via Zune Social, users could download the favorite digital music of characters from a new show or receive its soundtrack. Microsoft is already expanding the functions and content available for the Zune, including introducing games and TV shows from the NBC Universal and MTV networks. These moves are said to contradict recent rumors that Microsoft would phase out the Zune, which were sparked by the lack of Zune discussion during the company's latest quarterly results.

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  1. bloggerblog

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    In other related news, Steve Ballmer challenges Mike Tysons for a round in the ring, threatening Tysons career.

  1. calverson

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    All Things Digital 5:

    Bill Gates: Well, they’re on the radar screen as an opportunity. In a few cases like the Zune, if you go over to that group, they think of Apple as a competitor. They love the fact that Apple’s created a gigantic market and they’re going to try and come in and contribute something to that.

    Steve Jobs: And we love them because they’re all customers.

  1. Elektrix

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    zune team out of ideas?

    Here's a great example of a product team that seems to have run out of ideas.

    There are two ways to compete:

    1) You try and create a better product, something that is so good that people will specifically want to buy that product over the iPod.

    2) You admit that you don't have the capacity to actually develop a better product, and instead try and find some way to get exclusive content deals, in the hopes that people will buy your product just to be able to buy that exclusive content.

    It shouldn't be a surprise really which method the Zune team appears to be settling on. When you think about it, they "caught up" to the old iPod just in time to get knocked on their asses by the new interface and capabilities unveiled with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  1. Monde

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    H fully up A

    Exclusive content? Like what, the Estonian News Network? Considering the traction zune is getting, that may be overstating it a bit.

    Ballmer-What ever it is you're doing-keep doing it. The more resources MS wastes on attempting to copy and innovative industry leader, the less there is in developing something original to sell.

    BTW: That Macdonalds is doing pretty good. Perhaps it's time for MS to move in with the zuneburger. I guess they'd have to change the motto though, to something like, "Over 10 served."

    When will these tech news outlets get this?

    zune=joke on owner

    Nuff said.

  1. bsnoel

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    Too little, too late. It would take a whole lot more than a couple of exclusive videos to get me to abandon the extensive investment that I have made at the iTunes store.

  1. robttwo

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    exclusive contents

    Hey, I have a pile of dogshit with "excusive content" -- that should help my sales.


  1. Wingsy

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    Headline Correction

    The headline I see is:

    Zune to get video exclusives to fight iPod

    It has a serious error. It is not factual. Here, let me help you with that:

    MS SEARCHES for video exclusives for Zune to fight iPod

  1. Constable Odo

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    Why not create a fake

    shortage of Zunes like Apple haters claim Apple does to create hype and demand. It sounds like a sure-fire way to sell millions of units in a month. Now if MS can just figure out a way to get thousands of people to stand on line every day.

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