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New VoIP app available for iPhone

updated 07:00 pm EDT, Mon August 11, 2008

VoIP enabled for iPhone

Global IP Solutions (GIPS) announced today it will enable Voice over IP for Apple's iPhone. GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile will allow developers to integrate a quality real-time voice experience into future iPhone programming. This technology can now be used for games, social networking tools, or other applications. VoiceEngine converts the user's voice into packets that can be transmitted via Wi-Fi.

GIPS invented the iLBC codec standard, a speech algorithm designed to enhance voice transmitted over the internet. VoiceEngine Mobile uses similar technology to allow audio to be sent quickly and without quality degradation, even in poor network conditions. The programming also works to reduce echo and background noise.

GIPS claims its VoiceEngine has been downloaded more than any other voice engine worldwide. CEO Emerick Woods said "The popularity of the iPhone, along with the emergence of various applications and faster connectivity, makes it an ideal platform for developing applications that incorporate quality real-time VoIP, giving consumers real-world communication experiences."

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    First, it isn't an app, it is basically a programming framework for use in other apps. Second, it isn't available, it has been announced. This leads to third, no new VOIP app is available for the iPhone (as opposed to all those "old" VOIP apps for the iphone, I guess).

  1. ZinkDifferent

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    as usual...'s amazing how MacNN can get a simple headline wrong, in so manmy ways. I guess a combination of illiterate editors, lack of editorial oversight, and illiterate contributors that don't even know what they are writing about, and hiding behind the mantle of anonymity.

    The usual, for MacNN, I guess.

  1. Wingsy

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    It's a Trend

    MaCNN is getting headlines in error more & more. This is the second one today. When I see one on my RSS feed I just roll my eyes and come here just to see what they screwed up this time. (See Monday morning's headline about Zune "getting" exclusive multimedia signups.)

    MaCNN, you're gaining a reputation, ya know?

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