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SIMable app allegedly unlocks iPhone 3G

08/11, 11:30pm

SIMable app for iPhone 3G

After a recent patch ruined unlocking efforts on the v2.0 iPhone operating system, a new card is allegedly allowing users to use alternate carriers on the iPhone 3G, called SIMable. Blogger Pat Phelan on Monday posted a clip of an unlocked iPhone 3G running on the Vodafone network in Ireland, after supposedly running SIMable on the otherwise-unmodified device. Phelan is running small giveaway of the application, but notes that the developer does not guarantee its performance.

NetSketch: collaborative drawing for iPhone, Touch

08/11, 10:20pm

NetSketch app for iPhone

NetSketch application for iPhone and iPod touch allows multiple users to draw and edit the same picture from different phones, all in real-time. This new app allows for collaboration on drawings and sketches on an infinite canvas, each user seeing the changes that others have made to the drawing while it is being created. Snapshots of drawings can be stored in the iPhone photo library, emailed to friends, or uploaded to a website where they can be exported to EPS format for use with Adobe Illustrator.

D90 rumors abound, inventory screenshot adds clue

08/11, 10:05pm

D90 rumors, details emerge

A new D90 clue emerged that suggests the asking price will be $1300. A screen shot was taken of a Circuit City inventory screen was posted on showing an active SKU for the D90 with a 18-105mm VR lens. It is common practice for retailers to add an item's information and pricing into their computer system when it is put on order from the manufacturer. Other photos have surfaced recently of the long-anticipated Nikon camera.

Frommer's Travel Guides available for iPhone

08/11, 9:30pm

Travel guides for iphone

Modality has begun releasing Frommer's line of travel guides for the iPhone and iPod touch. The 2008 editions of Frommer's for New York, Paris, San Francisco and London are available for download from the App Store. Additional cities will be added later this year. Guides include travel tips, hotel and restaurant reviews, interactive maps, web links, phone numbers and other location-based travel information.

Gefen system sends HD signal 300m on CAT-5 cable

08/11, 8:10pm

HD signal 300m on Cat-5

Connectivity solutions company Gefen recently introduced three new systems integrators for audio/video systems using the component video format. The new products allow a full HD signal to be carried on a CAT-5 cable distances up to 300 meters. This is ideal for large scale home entertainment systems, digital signage applications and high profile audio/video installations. All three products perform two functions from a single box, reducing the need for extra equipment.

New VoIP app available for iPhone

08/11, 7:00pm

VoIP enabled for iPhone

Global IP Solutions (GIPS) announced today it will enable Voice over IP for Apple's iPhone. GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile will allow developers to integrate a quality real-time voice experience into future iPhone programming. This technology can now be used for games, social networking tools, or other applications. VoiceEngine converts the user's voice into packets that can be transmitted via Wi-Fi.

TextExpander 2.4: speedier abbreviations on the fly

08/11, 6:35pm

TextExpander 2.4 faster

Those who have a lot to do in a short time no doubt appreciate how text "shortcuts" for frequently used text strings and images can speed things up. SmileOnMyMac says TextExpander does just that, and has just been updated for better speed and ease of use. The company says v2.4 includes a menu bar icon that responds at the same rate no matter how large a user's "snippet library" may be. The new version also includes bug fixes, keyboard navigation for the menu bar and other enhancements.

First Look: Adobe Lightroom 2, Photo Management

08/11, 6:00pm

Adobe Lightroom 2

Every Mac includes a copy of iPhoto for storing, organizing, and editing digital images. For casual users, iPhoto works fine, but serious hobbyists and professional photographers require more powerful tools. One option is Apple's Aperture program but a second option is Adobe's Lightroom 2.

MailSteward 8.05 archives email for Mac business

08/11, 5:55pm

MailSteward 8.05

Publog says the newest version of MailSteward and MailSteward Pro includes the ability to index "any and all fields" in the product's database. The company says v8.05 is the "ultimate email archiving solution for the Mac" -- and could prove especially useful for schools. Under a 2006 US Supreme Court ruling, companies, government agencies and public school districts must maintain systems for storing and retrieving e-mail for possible use in court cases. Prolog says MailSteward provides a less expensive, easier-to-maintain solution for schools and other users who must maintain archives.

Sudden MobileMe mail outage, Apple mum

08/11, 5:20pm

MobileMe mail out

Reports are coming in from MobileMe users who cannot access email. Two MacNN writers said their mail stopped working Monday afternoon. A check of MobileMe webmail revealed a message reading: "Your MobileMe mail is currently unavailable." Apple's MobileMe status page, however, said all MobileMe functions were "operational." Even the special status blog set up amid Mobile Me's rocky launch has not been updated in nearly two weeks. Other users are reporting similar problems.

Oncore offers six-bay MacBook, iBook battery charger

08/11, 5:15pm

Oncore six-bay charger

Oncore Power Systems is introducing a six-bay battery charger for iBooks and MacBooks targeted at the education market. The company is also selling a "power upgrade kit" consisting of the new charger and six replacement batteries. The company says the products are designed to "give new life" to older classroom computers. The unit has built-in safety circuitry and LED status lights for each bay.

Create beats with iDrum app for iPhone, iPod touch

08/11, 5:10pm

iDrum beat app for iPhone

Izotope released a beat making application, iDrum, for the iPhone and iPod touch today. The application allows users to create rhythms using professional sound content and patterns. The iPhone's unique inputs are used for different controls. Tapping virtual pads will create beats, slide and flick gestures navigate through the program, while shaking the handset clears the beat. Visual patterns show the relationships between the rhythms.

MSI announces launch of new EX310 notebook

08/11, 4:50pm

MSI intros EX310 notebook

MSI, maker of the Wind mini notebook, has revealed its EX310 notebook, which packs a 13.3-inch LCD screen with 1280x800 resolution and slots in between the company's 10-inch Wind and 14.1-inch P400. The EX310 runs on AMD's Turion X2 Ultra dual-core processor and 4GB of RAM, while an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 graphics card with 256MB of RAM handles HD video playback capabilities via the optional Blu-ray optical drive and HDMI output. A TV tuner card is also optional.

Tate Liverpool offers iPhone/iPod tour guide

08/11, 4:50pm

Tate iPhone/iPod guide

Visitors to the Tate Liverpool in the UK can now use their iPhones and iPods during a current art exhibition, according to an announcement. The gallery says that for a display of paintings by Gustav Klimt, people have access to a multimedia tour, representing a mix of currator commentary with music, archival films, photos of Klimt and behind-the-scenes exhibition footage. The guide is claimed to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Best Buy sets up vending machines at airports

08/11, 4:45pm

Best Buy vending machines

The electronics chain Best Buy announced on Monday that it would add 12 vending machine-like kiosks at the Logan International Airport in Boston and other major airports across the US. The unattended stores would be built under the chain's Best Buy Express pilot program and in partnership with San Francisco-based vending machine company ZoomSystems; the goal will be to supply devices travelers are likely to need during a trip rather than larger or more expensive items.

Image leak hints Sony Ericsson W760a for AT&T?

08/11, 4:30pm

Sony W760a coming to AT&T?

While unofficial, an image leaked online suggests one of Sony Ericsson's newer Walkman handsets, the W760a, will be offered on AT&T's network in the near future. The carrier's logo appears on the front of the phone, which itself passed through the FCC's approval process a few weeks earlier. The device will be one of AT&T's first 3G-capable Walkman devices with 850MHz and 1900MHz support for HSDPA, and will also feature a built-in GPS receiver along with a motion sensor for tilt-operated functions.

BonZai 3D public beta coming soon

08/11, 4:15pm

BonZai 3D preview

AutoDesSys has previewed BonZai 3D, the latest addition to the company's line of 3D software. BonZai 3D was developed to fill in the demand for a quick and easy, but most importantly geometrically robust approach to 3D modeling. The goal of the software is to allow users to express their thoughts graphically in 3D on the fly without too much hassle. The application then allows the user to add more detail at a later point in time. AutoDesSys describes the application as a "small and intuitive application with big capabilities."

DAZ 3D, NaturalPoint debut motion-capture plug-in

08/11, 4:15pm

DAZ Studio mo-cap plug-in

DAZ 3D and NaturalPoint have announced that a plug-in version of Arena, motion-capture software aimed at animators, will soon be available for the former company's DAZ Studio posing and animation suite. In combination with supporting cameras and sensors, Studio owners should be thus able to handle all aspects of the motion-capture process, including face movements and final rendering.

Kindle profits to top $1 billion by 2010; Citi

08/11, 4:10pm

Kindle to sell $1.1b

Internet Analyst Mark Mahaney at Citi Investment Research is predicting the Kindle e-book reader offered exclusively by will sell 378,000 units this year, up from his previous estimates by a factor of two and well above the growth rate of Apple's iPod in its early years. His previous estimates of the $350 device's sales have also been bumped up from $750 million in revenue to $1.1 billion by 2010 or 4 percent of all of Amazon's business without taking into consideration a Kindle revision rumored to be released before the end of 2008.

Imation adds pair of improved SSDs to lineup

08/11, 4:00pm

Imation SSD Upgrade

Imation on Monday announced the introduction of two new products to its range of solid-state drives (SSDs), with the PRO 7500 and the PRO 7000 PATA. The former represents the application of Imation's latest and most advanced SSD technology, with improvements to speed and storage capacity, while the latter's Parallel ATA interface allows older equipment to benefit from SSD technology.

Intel to ship cheaper mobile quad-core CPU

08/11, 3:45pm

Intel Core 2 Quad Mobile

Intel will announce a second mobile quad-core processor when it kicks off its Developer Forum next week, according to a report. While the Santa Clara, California-based company is commonly known to be preparing a 2.53GHz Core 2 Extreme destined for high-end mobile workstations and gaming systems, a second model under the more mainstream Core 2 Quad name will also reportedly be available. Known under a Q9100 model name, the processor will run at a lower 2.26GHz clock speed and have its speed multiplier locked to encourage gamers to adopt the more expensive 2.53GHz part.

iPhone leads in Flickr cameraphone uploads

08/11, 3:30pm

Flickr phone/camera stats

The Apple iPhone is by a wide margin the phone most used by Flickr uploaders, updated charts from the site suggest. The charts track the number of people with a particular device "who have uploaded at least one photo or video with a particular camera on a given day over the last year," according to Flickr, and show the iPhone as nearing 100 percent of site cameraphone users. Nokia's N95 has an overlapping figure of about 70 percent, but the N73, N82 and Sony Ericsson K800i are the only other phones on the list, at just over 20 percent each. The N73 and K800i are in decline, while both the iPhone and N95 are increasing in popularity.

MobileMe update page ceased?

08/11, 3:25pm

MobileMe updates stopped

After a rocky launch, the MobileMe status page was supposed to be updated "every other day or so," but a new update hasn't been issued in almost two weeks. MobileMe has been experiencing issues since its inception alongside the launch of iPhone 3G and firmware 2.0. After a few weeks of complaints, Apple finally assigned an employee, known in his posts as David G, to keep customers up to speed on what's happening with MobileMe. David wrote three updates, each came two days after the previous as promised. However, since the third update nothing has been posted. On July 29th the updated stated, "We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% affected." This would lead to the conclusion that it is possible Apple has stopped posting because all of the major errors have been fixed. This, however, is not likely the case as the last update ended with the statement "Next post later this week." Several weeks have now passed with no updates.

MetroPCS to share same 4G as AT&T, Verizon

08/11, 2:55pm

MetroPCS to Use LTE for 4G

MetroPCS will use the same fourth-generation (4G) cellular data access as larger carriers, the company has revealed while discussing its latest quarterly results. Though small, the provider says it will switch its network from its existing CDMA format to the same Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard that will be used by AT&T, Verizon and the latter's recent buyout target Alltel.

Motorola Atila to tackle iPhone, sport HSPA

08/11, 2:05pm

Motorola Atila Leak

Motorola's direct challenger to the iPhone won't be the traditional Alexander, says a leak from BGR. The American company is now said to be developing a sister device, codenamed the "Atila," that drops the hardware keyboard entirely in favor of a touchscreen design. It would continue to use Windows Mobile 6.1 but would be Motorola's first ever device to support 3G cellular data over tri-band HSPA that would not only allow it to work in all HSPA areas but to support faster 7.2Mbps downloads and 1.8Mbps uploads.

VIA quits mainboard chipset industry

08/11, 1:40pm

VIA Quits Mainboard Chips

VIA has formally quit the business of manufacturing chipsets for third parties, the company tells Custom PC. The semiconductor company has decided against continuing to make chipsets to support AMD and Intel processors and will instead focus on its own processors and their accompanying platforms, such as Pico-ITX (shown) or full reference platforms like the OpenBook. The move is characterized as the end of a long shift away from building for AMD and Intel as they produce more of their work in-house.

Indilinx claims 230MBps SSD controller

08/11, 1:30pm

230MBps SSD drives?

Semiconductor maker Indilinx has upped the potential throughput of SSD drives, an announcement claims. The company says that its Barefoot controller, just out of development, is capable of peak read/write speeds up to 230MBps, allegedly the fastest on the market. This speed is entirely dependent on the type of memory used however, and in practicality it operates at 170MBps with SLC (single-level) NAND memory, or 200/160MBps using MLC (multi-level) NAND.

Sanyo posts images of upcoming Katana Eclipse

08/11, 12:50pm

Sanyo Katana Eclipse pics

Even though it has not been formally announced by any company, Sanyo has posted images of a new Katana phone, the Katana Eclipse (a.k.a. 6750). The photos are high-resolution files in Sanyo's official image bank, and depict a new clamshell device with markings for American carrier Sprint. Significant aesthetics changes are present over previous Katana devices; immediately obvious are sleeker, rounded edges, the lack of a raised center column, and redesigned internal and external buttons.

Zune to get video exclusives to fight iPod

08/11, 12:10pm

Zune to get unique content

In an effort to boost the slow sales of its Zune media player, Microsoft is turning to Hollywood in order to license original content for it, according to new reports. Microsoft has sent executives to talent agencies and production companies over the last few months to find video programming that would be available either exclusively for the Zune or launch first for the device before being offered elsewhere.

Columbus Apple Store falls victim to smash-and-grab

08/11, 12:00pm

Apple Store robbery in OH

The Easton Town Center Apple Store was robbed earlier today, according to reports. Details of the theft have not yet been fully confirmed, but NBC says that two men wearing ski masks and hoodies smashed a glass window and began filling the trunk of a black Lexus. Columbus police are said to have arrived on the scene shortly, causing the thieves to flee. During their escape the suspects rammed the police cruiser and drove away, successfully evading pursuit. NBC notes that the Lexus has Illinois license plates and a damaged right side.

H2O Audio launches waterpoof iPod/iPhone armbands

08/11, 11:55am

AMPHIBX waterproof armband

H2O Audio on Monday announced the release of its new AMPHIBX waterproof armbands. The armband allows surfers, wakeboarders, triathletes or anyone who wants to use an iPod in water to safely do so. The new product offers full waterproof protection inspired by wetsuit technology for all iPods, including the Touch, as well as the new iPhone 3G. Most other MP3 players and phones will also fit comfortably into the armbands. H20 says the wide variety of similar-sized devices is the reason that the AMPHIBX line was not designed to fit specific model; instead, H2O Audio offers two different sizes models that allow a multitude of devices to fit in the cases. It also leaves room for future products to fit, potentially future-proofing the purchase.

Hackers turn their eyes towards Apple

08/11, 11:50am

Apple hackers increasing

Hackers have started to pay greater attention to Apple devices as their popularity worldwide has expanded. Security experts claim that hackers have focused efforts towards the Windows platform because Microsoft has controlled more than 90 percent of the global market for years. This ensured hackers would have a wealth of targets to exploit.

Canon adds two AIO printers, three scanners

08/11, 11:50am

Canon Aug 2008 Printers

Canon geared up its back-to-school efforts with a pair of all-in-one printers and a trio of scanners. Aside from a more streamlined design, the PIXMA MP480 and the simpler MP190 both print faster, producing color images at 16 and 15 pages per second respectively (20/19 in black and white). The MP480 is similarly fast at generating full-quality four-by-six inch images and will create a borderless example in as little as 45 seconds versus the 70 of the MP190.

PwnageTool 2.0.2, iPhone 2.1 beta 3 released

08/11, 11:45am

PwnageTool 2.0.2 out

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team says it has released v2.0.2 of PwnageTool, its comprehensive hacking utility for 3G and 2.5G iPhones. The update incorporates a beta of Installer 4, which sports a new graphical interface and a new repository structure, which should make the download of unauthorized apps faster for users and file providers. Its associated package management interface is not enabled yet however, and the Dev Team notes that Pwnage will (erroneously) claim that is not available.

Hitachi intros smaller Blu-ray vidcam to US

08/11, 11:05am

Hitachi BD10 Cam in US

Hitachi today fulfilled expectations for an international release and updated its Blu-ray camcorders to include the BD10HA, the North American version of a new model already introduced in Japan. The new camera is about 20 percent smaller but includes a newer seven-megapixel sensor that improves light sensitivity, adds face detection, and captures 6.2-megapixel still photos in addition to 1920x1080 video.

Credit Suisse tracks Apple, posts $200 target

08/11, 10:55am

Credit Suisse rates Apple

Switzerland's Credit Suisse has issued its first-ever tracking report on Apple, an announcement reads. The bank has set a $200 12-month price target for Apple stock, citing what it claims is a defiance of the poor surrounding economy. Apple is said to have several factors working to its advantage; among these are a reduction in the real and perceived costs of switching from Windows to a Mac, and a closer parity in the performance of Macs and PCs, thanks to Apple's switch to Intel processors.

Verizon makes Visual Voice Mail official

08/11, 10:45am

Verizon V Voicemail Intro

Verizon today corrected its false start and today officially launched Visual Voice Mail, its own response to a similar feature for the iPhone 3G at AT&T. The feature lets supporting phones access messages out of order but provides advantages not present with the rival system, including the ability to add an unknown caller as a contact, forward messages, or store permanent copies to the phone itself rather than rely on a remote server.

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone comes to T-Mobile

08/11, 10:25am

Nokia 5610 now at T-Mobile

A more recent Nokia music slider phone, the 5610 XpressMusic, has been added to the line-up at wireless service provider T-Mobile USA on Monday. The phone has been designed with easy access to music in mind, and features a 3.5mm audio jack and stereo Bluetooth audio support for well as an included 1GB microSD card for storing music; the XpressMusic series' dedicated music controls also carry over.

Magic Bullet Steady removes camera shake

08/11, 10:25am

Magic Bullet Steady

A new plugin designed to remove camera shake, jitter and noise has been released by Red Giant Software. Magic Bullet Steady uses proprietary algorithms to analyze video, then detect motion and apply one of four filtering modes. The filtered video preserves camera pans and other desired movements but removes any unwanted jarring or shaking. Another included filter allows users to reduce noise in the video without causing substantial blur, addressing a common problem among noise reduction filters. While similar (integrated) features exist in both Final Cut Pro and After Effects, the company claims that Magic Bullet Steady tends to work faster while producing similar if not greater results.

Apple to use dedicated movie chips?

08/11, 10:15am

Mac QuickTime Chip Rumor

Apple's widely discussed mystery product transition will involve dedicated movie processing hardware, according to a claimed tip on the subject sent to Silicon Alley Insider. The rumor would have at least some of Apple's products carry a chipset that would accelerate both decoding and encoding video, offloading much of the work from the main system processor. The source doesn't name which products would receive the update, which if true would appear before the end of September.

HP preps two high-color LCDs

08/11, 9:35am

HP LP2475w and LP2275w

HP this morning complemented the launch of its first quad-core notebook with two desktop LCDs that emphasize color accuracy. The 24-inch LP2475w can display 102 percent of the standard NTSC color gamut, making it more appropriate for artists and other visual editors; the 22-inch LP2275w partly overcomes the color limits of most same-size displays with 92 percent of the same color range.

Apple already past three million in iPhone 3G sales?

08/11, 9:35am

Apple past 3M iPhone 3Gs?

Apple has already shipped over three million units of the iPhone 3G, claims analyst Michael Cote, a former T-Mobile executive. If accurate, the figure may mark extremely high sales, far in excess of general Wall Street predictions between three to four million for the whole of the current quarter. The iPhone 3G is already believed to have sold approximately half the number of units the 2.5G model sold in its entire lifetime.

BlackBerry at 11% total US share in spring

08/11, 9:10am

BBerry at 11pc US Share

Research in Motion's BlackBerry phones now account for more than one in every ten phones sold in the US as a whole, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics. The Canadian company is now said to have accounted for 11 percent of all phones sold in the US during the spring despite its emphasis on smartphones. Such sales are almost triple the four percent from spring 2007 and have RIM eclipsing Nokia, which is the largest worldwide phone producer but has just nine percent of the US market.

HP first with true quad-core notebook

08/11, 8:25am

HP EliteBook Quad Core

HP today preceded the SIGGRAPH expo by introducing a notebook it claims breaks two records in notebooks. The 17-inch EliteBook 8730w is the first known notebook to use a true Intel mobile quad-core processor rather than repurposed desktop parts and thus has the same size and battery performance of regular 17-inch systems. The company doesn't reveal the processor but is known to be using a 2.53GHz Core 2 Extreme with 12MB of Level 2 cache, trading the clock speed of some Core 2 Duo processors for better performance in video encoding and other tasks that can recognize more than two cores.

Jobs: "kill switch" real; 60m iPhone apps downloaded

08/11, 7:45am

60m iPhone App Downloads

Over 60 million iPhone and iPod touch apps have been downloaded in the one month since the iPhone 2.0 firmware has been available, Apple chief Steve Jobs tells the Wall Street Journal. The electronics company co-founder in a rare interview reveals that while most App Store downloads are free, paid apps in the first month have averaged about $1 million in sales per day for a total of $30 million for the first month. Maintaining the current rate would generate approximately $360 million, though Jobs estimates that this is likely to increase over time and is unprecedented compared to his experience with Macs.


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