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Desk accessories to match your Mac

08/08, 7:50pm

Deskology DeskSet

Deskology has launched a new line of basic desk accessories specifically designed to match Mac computers. All of the accessories are constructed of anodized aluminum and feature industrial-inspired designs. The line consists of two products: the DeskSet and Inbox. The DeskSet includes three different items: an inbox tray, business card holder and pencil cup. The DeskSet sells for $160 or $100 for only the inbox tray. Both items are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping in late-August.

T-Mobile emulating App Store to gain ground

08/08, 7:05pm

T-Mobile wants App Store

T-Mobile USA is reportedly examining an iTunes App Store-like service for its entire product line, rather than simply shipping the phones as-is, with few custom apps, and leaving the user to explore unofficial app loading solutions. One developer observed that Apple's method has translated into a great success for the company, and infers that T-Mobile hopes to benefit from translating that success to a carrier's entire product line. T-Mobile currently reaches 31.5 million customers, versus Apple's hope to sell 10 million iPhones by the year's end.

Forums: strange Apps, iPhone cracks

08/08, 6:55pm

Forum roundup strange Apps

Forum roundup: A hot topic in the MacNN forums today revolves around bizarre Apps in the App store, one in particular costs $999 to download, is titled I Am Rich, and serves no real purpose. Curiosity about MacBook Air upgrades are addressed in this thread. Sandy H., a Fresh Faced Recruit to the forums, is looking for some advice on the proper direction to go with configuring drives for use in video editing. One user asks for ways to clean up Leopard to make as much room on their system as possible. Members discuss whether or not the reported cracks in the new iPhone 3G cases are a widespread issue or just a random occurrence in this thread.

Samsung launches Messager slider phone with QWERTY

08/08, 5:20pm

Samsung intros SCH-R450

Samsung Mobile announced on Friday its Messager R450 horizontal sliding handset can now be purchased via MetroPCS dealers. The phone hides a QWERTY keyboard behind the 2.1-inch display to cater to messaging-focused users. As expected, it has SMS, MMS as well as email and IM messaging capabilities.

FONSpot software turns cell phones into hotspots

08/08, 5:00pm

FonSpot mobile hotspots

A collaboration between software developer Joikusoft and FON was announced by the two companies on Friday that will involve using 3G-enabled phones to act as Wi-Fi hotspots. The two will release a version of JoikuSpot -- called FonSpot -- that will allow 3G data network-enabled cellular phones to connect with multiple laptops, Internet tablets and other Wi-Fi capable devices and provide them with Internet access.

Dell expands list of failing notebook GPUs

08/08, 4:30pm

Dell Expands GPU Fail List

Dell today quietly expanded the list of its notebook PCs affected by NVIDIA's mobile GPU failures to include several extra systems. The chart now includes the Latitude D620, D820, and D830 business notebooks as well as the Precision M4300 and M65 portable workstations. All of these run either a GeForce 8400M, 8600M, or its Quadro equivalent.

Openmoko publishes schematics for 1973, FreeRunner

08/08, 4:25pm

Openmoko shares schematics

Open-source cellular phone maker Openmoko today announced that it will supply the schematics for its 1973 phone and the recently unveiled Neo FreeRunner. Before this release, the CAD files were available under a Creative Commons Share-Alike license that allowed product designers to change the look and feel of the device. Now, engineers can freely customize FreeRunners on the outside while programmers can write any applications and programs for the devices.

Big Stone updates Twittelator, more

08/08, 4:10pm

Twittelator updates, more

Developer Big Stone Phone has released updates to several programs available on the App Store. Foremost in the lineup is Twittelator, its Twitter companion client, which has been upgraded to v1.1. The new version supports built-in web browsing, which lets users visit links in Twitter feeds and remain within the app. Searches have meanwhile been made persistent, and fonts now scale dynamically to maintain legibility.

ASUS Eee Box arrives in US stores

08/08, 4:05pm

ASUS Eee Box in stores

The long-awaited ASUS Eee Box mini desktop PC is now in stores, popping up on J&R's webstore. Asus is so confident in the ease of use for its design that it does not include a user's manual for what it calls the world's smallest PC. A VESA mount is included to allow the PC to be affixed to the back of an LCD monitor for a clean installation. Thanks to ASUS' Express Gate instant-boot shell, accessing popular programs or applications such as Internet browsers, IM programs, email and media takes as little as five seconds.

Canadian gov't won't stop inbound SMS fees

08/08, 3:55pm

Canada on Inbound SMS

The ruling Conservative Party government in Canada has "no intention" of banning fees carriers want to charge for incoming SMS messages, the country's Minister of Industry Jim Prentice said today. While Bell Canada and Telus have both drawn criticism for plans that would see each carrier charge 15 cents for each incoming message outside of bundles, potentially forcing subscribers to pay for spam, Prentice argues that forcing these companies to allow incoming text for free would interfere with their businesses.

Eddy Cue perfect for resolving MobileMe problems

08/08, 3:55pm

Eddy Cue for MobileMe

In light of Apple's tragic MobileMe launch, the company's own Eddy Cue - responsible for a great deal of Apple's back-end infrastructure for services like iTunes - steps up to manage the ailing suite. Cue, who is famous within Apple for being as hard on quality as CEO Steve Jobs, is expected to turn the service around, since he shares a common mindset with the perfectionist jobs, and is viewed by others as the perfect person for the job.

ScreenFlow 1.2 improves copy/paste, adds fixes

08/08, 3:40pm

ScreenFlow 1.2 shipping

Vara has released a v1.2 update to ScreenFlow, its screencast creation and editing program. Users can tweak audio and transitions, and focus on particular areas of the desktop, through effects like highlights and zooms. The new patch implements a number of changes, most crucially better copy and paste, which lets users perform both functions with clips and actions in the same document.

PhoneSaber pulled from App Store

08/08, 3:15pm

PhoneSaber off App Store

A fourth known app has been delisted from the iTunes App Store, it has been revealed. PhoneSaber -- a free title that imitated the lightsabers from Star Wars -- has been pulled, despite being a popular choice of early adopters of the iPhone 3G and/or iPhone 2.0 firmware. The disappearance marks the fourth such prominent withdrawl in a short space of time, following I Am Rich, BoxOffice and NetShare.

Fujitsu makes Atom-based U2010 UMPC official

08/08, 3:00pm

Fujitsu U2010 Official

Fujitsu today used Singapore as the venue for its next most recent update to the LifeBook U series. Already previewed in basic form, the 5.6-inch convertible tablet switches from the A110 processor to a faster and more efficient 1.6GHz Atom that gives it as much as eight hours of battery life with an optional extended battery and 64GB solid-state drive. In an unusual addition, the ultra-mobile PC also has its own FM transmitter to pipe sound to a nearby radio and save the trouble of porting external speakers.

BlackBerry Thunder slated for Oct 13?

08/08, 2:25pm

BBerry Thunder Oct 13 Tip

Verizon already has a formal name and a release date for the BlackBerry Thunder in its system, a leak of an inventory screen at BGR shows. The touchscreen rival to the iPhone is now formally referred to as the BlackBerry 9530 and is listed as on schedule for an October 13th release. The entry would coincide with multiple rumors of an October launch and would be set just five days later than a previous leak.

Blood Ties game comes to the Mac

08/08, 2:10pm

Blood Ties game on Friday announced the release of Blood Ties for the Mac. The game is based on a popular Canadian television series that follows Vicki Nelson, a feisty, ex-cop turned private investigator who ends up running into the supernatural. As Vicki Nelson players must solve numerous unexplained missing person cases that seem to be connected to a secret society. Along the way players will receive help from Henry, a 450 year old vampire who just happens to be the son of King Henry VIII and Coreen, Vicki's assistant. In Blood Ties players will be able to unearth hundreds of items in unique locations throughout the city.

Griffin intros iTrip Universal FM transmitter

08/08, 2:00pm

Griffin intros new iTrip

Griffin Technology on Friday announced the release of its iTrip Universal FM transmitter for MP3 and CD players. As the name suggests, all that's necessary to hook up the iTrip to any portable audio device is connecting the 3.5mm headphone cable to the iTrip. The Universal version is the first iTrip device to use a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery via a USB connection.

CorePlayer to add Flash playback to iPhone?

08/08, 1:50pm

CorePlayer Flash on iPhone

CorePlayer Mobile may soon bring Flash video capabilities to the iPhone, as a report shows on its website that an iPhone and iPod touch version of the media client is in development, as well as for Google's Android OS. The multi-platform client offers mobile users access to Flash, and many different media types: H.264, MPEG, DivX, WMV, MP3, AAC, OGG, MOV, and ASX, among others. CoreCodec has not said when it will specifically launch the player, with a tag on its site merely stating "Coming Soon!"

Nikon D90 photo surfaces

08/08, 1:40pm

Nikon D90 Photo Leak

Nikon's frequently rumored D90 has been spotted in a photo with supporting claims that it's legitimate, according to various reports. A shot posted today at a Nikon enthusiast rumor site appears to show the new mid-range digital SLR and, if accurate, confirms the existence of a live video recording feature; a small microphone array (top center) not present on the D80 would be used to capture sound and make the D90 the first DSLR to capture full audio and video.

MacBook Pro errors due to bad NVIDIA hardware?

08/08, 1:35pm

NVIDIA fault in MacBooks

Long-standing graphics errors in MacBook Pros may be directly attributable to faulty hardware from NVIDIA, reports say. Although NVIDIA has denied accounts of problems in its G84- and G86-based mobile graphics cards, other sources say they have learned that all cards with the chips -- including the GeForce 8600M GT used in MacBook Pros -- may be prone to failure, likely due to ineffective material causing overheating.

Nova Media updates two phone syncing bundles

08/08, 1:05pm

phone syncing updates

Nova Media has announced updates for two of its Mac phone syncing solutions. Many cellphones manufacturers do not offer support for syncing with Macs, but Nova Media tries to fill this need with its FoneLink application and iSync plugins. FoneLink 2.1 aims to improve support for the Sony Ericsson line of phones. Its latest update has increased support by over 70 models, including all of the latest models. FoneLink supports drag and drop functionality through its updated user interface and features a built-in sync manager that synchronizes contacts, dates, tasks, notes and bookmarks. Music and video files that are transferred to a phone are instantly converted into formats that are compatible with the phone for instant playback.

Sprint to sell iDEN network despite promises?

08/08, 12:45pm

Sprint to sell iDEN net?

In spite of promises to the contrary earlier this year, Sprint is indeed looking to sell its iDEN push-to-talk network, according to CNBC. Although no sources have been cited by the TV network, Sprint is already said to be negotiating with NII Holdings for a deal, as well as with separate private equity investors. NII operates primarily in Latin American countries, and is one of the few companies outside of Sprint to rely on iDEN.

Vista security gutted by new web exploit

08/08, 12:05pm

Vista Security Gutted

Many of the security measures Microsoft has implemented and touted for Windows Vista have been compromised through a single exploit, a presentation made at this week's Black Hat hacking conference claims. IBM Information Security Systems' Mark Dowd and VMware's Alexander Sotirov have found a method that uses scripting systems such as Java and elements of the .NET framework in Windows-based web browsers to arbitrarily run code on Vista systems. Internet Explorer is particularly vulnerable due to its use of ActiveX.

Apple pulls $1,000 app from App Store

08/08, 12:05pm

Apple pulls I Am Rich

An infamous application has become the latest title to be pulled from the App Store despite earlier approval by Apple, writes the LA Times. I Am Rich, which was priced at $1,000 but did nothing except display a glowing gem, has been removed from listings after only a day of availability. The app's creator, Armin Heinrich, claims his work does not violate Apple's terms of service, and that he has not been given an official reason for the takedown.

Verizon rolls out pink BlackBerry Curve, Pearl

08/08, 11:10am

VZW BlackBerries in Pink

Verizon has joined T-Mobile's announcements earlier in the week with news of its own special colors for its BlackBerry smartphones. Both the Curve 8330 and the Pearl 8130 now come in pink versus the conservative silver that was the only previous choice. The extra hue is pitched at girls going to college in the fall who may want a fashion-savvy device but also a smartphone they can use to keep track of classwork.

iPhone 'kill switch' may protect GPS data?

08/08, 11:10am

iPhone kill switch and GPS

The alleged kill switch for iPhone software is not meant to apply universally, a new source claims. Yesterday, writer Jonathan Zdziarski called attention to the iPhone 2.0 firmware, whose Core Location code contains a URL titled "" Zdziarski and others have thus argued that Apple may have a means of remotely disabling any app it wants to, whether for selfish reasons or legitimate user protection.

Singapore to launch iPhone 3G on August 22?

08/08, 10:50am

Singapore iPhone launch

Singapore may be another one of the countries set to receive the iPhone 3G on August 22, according to a new report. Late in July Apple said that the iPhone 3G would be released in 20 more countries on August 22 and up to this point 17 countries have been confirmed. A SingTel spokesman has reiterated a statement, first made in June, that SingTel will bring the iPhone 3G to Singapore by the end of the year and the report claims that it has been "seriously looking at launching the iPhone at the end of August or early September." If true it would seem logical for SingTel to launch on August 22 along side other releases.

HTC denies claims of Android phone delay

08/08, 10:45am

HTC Denies Android Delay

HTC on Friday denied claims of an Android phone delay that would push back to early 2009 the release of the cellphone maker's first phone using the Google mobile operating system. The company rejects assertions by Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry that both technical and minimum payment issues are affecting the release and insists that the phone is on track for a fall 2008 launch. The researcher's belief "does not match the facts," the firm says.

Marware adds Vanilla color option to CEO cases

08/08, 10:30am

Marware Vanilla cases

Marware has announced the availability of a new Vanilla color option for three of its C.E.O iPhone 3G cases. The C.E.O Premier ($35) is a premium leather hip case that features textured, perforated leather and an ultra-slim permanent belt clip, while the C.E.O Sleeve ($25) is a slim leather sleeve that combines elegant protection and quick access, it also features a removable belt clip.

FileLock offers file, text 448-bit encryption

08/08, 10:20am

FileLock released

Off Leash Developments has released its first application, FileLock 1.0, a small utility for encrypting files. FileLock uses the 448-bit Blowfish algorithm to securely encrypt files. Other features include text encryption, file verification, secure file deletion and a Finder contextual menu. The application features a drag and drop interface that makes choosing files to encrypt simple. After encrypting files users will still be able to backup, upload or send the encrypted files but they will only be able to be unlocked by someone with FileLock and the password. FileLock also features a password assistant that helps generate mathematically uncrackable passwords for the highest level of security. FileLock is available as a downloadable trial or a license can be purchased for $25.

FMTouch brings FileMaker Pro to iPhone

08/08, 10:05am

FMTouch for iPhone/iPod

FMWebschool says it has released FMTouch, a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The software is described as a replacement for FileMaker's own Mobile software, which is no longer available and was only able to support one non-relational flat file. FMTouch lets users save multiple, fully-relational FileMaker Pro databases to an Apple handheld, for browsing information such as contacts and inventories.

Intel Nehalem to be called Core i7?

08/08, 9:55am

Intel Core i7 Leak

Intel's Nehalem processor architecture will still hold to the Core naming scheme when it appears late this year, if an apparent leak of company logos proves authentic. Although the platform will make fundamental changes, Nehalem will reportedly be known as Core i7 for at least all its desktop variants, which will include dual- and quad-core mainstream processors as well as a 3.2GHz Extreme processor for high-end gaming desktops.

NVIDIA licenses Transmeta power technology

08/08, 9:25am

NVIDIA Transmeta License

NVIDIA today licensed a collection of technologies from Transmeta for $25 million that will potentially improve the power use of the former's graphics and mainboard hardware. The license primarily grants NVIDIA access to LongRun2, a technique to reduce the amount of waste power for processors and similar chips. The approach uses a combination of circuitry and advanced math to reduce the effect of leaking power as processors are made on smaller and smaller manufacturing processes. This lets companies shrink components to make them more complex without having to throttle back clock speed or other elements to avoid creating too much waste power and heat.

Apple seeding new Mac OS X 10.5.5 build

08/08, 9:15am

New Mac OS X 10.5.5 build

A new test build of Mac OS X 10.5.5 is being seeded to developers, sources indicate to AppleInsider. The v10.5.5 update is expected to almost exclusively address bug fixes and security issues, and has so far solved errors in Address Book printing, the display of IMAP accounts in Mail, and contact and calendar sync. The latest build is titled 9F9, and is said to have increased the number of bug fixes to over 100, and the amount of core components under scrutiny to 24.

KDDI hit by iPhone 3G's Japan launch

08/08, 8:30am

KDDI Hit by iPhone 3G

Japanese wireless carrier KDDI has seen its growth stifled in July primarily by the iPhone 3G launch the same month, according to a report from the company itself. The company's subscriber growth was near flat at just 17,000 new users for the month and saw the first month KDDI has known where the amount of cancellations with phone number portability, or the number of customers switching to rivals, overtook new subscriptions of the same kind. The sudden downturn comes just as the iPhone's official carrier, SoftBank, saw an immediate spike and added 52,000 new users.

BenQ ships greener 16:9 ratio computer LCDs

08/08, 7:25am

BenQ E900HD and G900HD

BenQ is concluding its week with the launch of two displays it believes will match two hotter trends. The designer E900HD and the simpler G900HD both have 18.5-inch, 1366x768 displays that match the same 16:9 ratio and resolution of a 720p-capable HDTV and are better-suited to watching HD content without black bars. Through a unique backlighting system, however, the company says it can produce the same 300-nit brightness as most displays by using a two-lamp backlight versus the four that would otherwise be necessary. That reduces the power use to just 30W and cuts the amount of toxic mercury in the panel by half, BenQ says.

Frogger resurrected for iPhone

08/08, 1:15am

Frogger game for iPhone

A new version of the popular game Frogger has been released for the iPhone. Konami has carried the Frogger legacy across 27 years from the original 1981 arcade version. The player's frog must avoid moving obstacles on the way home across the pond, jumping past cars on the street or riding logs and turtles while crossing a river. Successfully navigating five frogs to safety will open the next level.

First Look: StarOffice 9 for the Mac beta

08/08, 1:00am

StarOffice 9 for the Mac

Practically every business uses Microsoft Office these days. Windows users have always had a much wider variety of Microsoft Office alternatives, but on the Mac, the only serious competitor to Microsoft Office has been Apple's iWork. However, Sun Microsystems has recently released a beta of its new StarOffice suite, which provides yet another office suite competitor in the Mac market.

Rumor: TotalMusic is being revived for 2nd act

08/08, 12:15am

TotalMusic act two

After several repeated, and failed, attempts to debunk iTunes as the coveted top music retailer, rumblings in the industry allegedly indicate that four members behind the former MusicNow project are collaborating on reviving the quashed TotalMusic. Tech Crunch reveals that Ted Ferguson, Troy Denkinger, Robert Broome, and Derek Reeve are investigating a way to complete Universal's vision, but more immediately, how to get the project past the US Justice Department. TotalMusic was originally contrived to allow all four major music labels to maintain total control over its own music retail system.


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