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Dev Team: iPhone 3G owners should avoid 2.0.1 update

updated 04:15 pm EDT, Tue August 5, 2008

Dev Team on iPhone 2.0.1

iPhone 3G owners who want to run firmware hacks should not upgrade to Apple's v2.0.1 release, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team cautions. The creators of the PwnageTool note that while the update is officially meant to fix bugs, it also makes changes to the underlying baseband code, which could potentially block any future attempts to unlock an iPhone. At the least, the update undoes any jailbreaking performed with PwnageTool.

Owners of 2.5G iPhones are said to be safe, as the technology has been "pwned at every conceivable level," ensuring that later versions of PwnageTool should be able to bypass Apple code. The Dev Team reminds people however that despite the current version number of PwnageTool, it is not yet compatible with any v2.0.1 iPhones or iPods.

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  1. mjtomlin

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Shouldn't it read "Unlocked 3G iPhone owners should avoid 2.0.1" ?

    Because a majority of 3G iPhone owners needn't be concerned.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    bogus headline

    "Dev Team: iPhone 3G owners should avoid 2.0.1 update"

    This headline reads like some official group says that the 2.0.1 update should be avoided by all 3G owners, which does a complete disservice to Apple and to the huge majority of owners who haven't hacked their phones who can benefit from the improvements in the new firmware.

    It should say something like "Pwned iPhone 3G owners: don't upgrade yet", not the completely irresponsible and incorrect headline we have here.

  1. BDLatimer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Misleading title

    Agreed with the other posters: "Dev team" sounds official; what is meant is that the "iPhone hack team" or "Jailbreak team" or the like recommends avoiding this update.

  1. awcopus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    craptacular titling

    just fix this title, macnn. it's not just a disservice to Apple, it's inaccurate as it stands and manipulative of your readers, most of whom are not jailbreaking, s******* chickens, whatever other damn thing with their iPhones. Come on!

  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969



    ... when the so-called "dev team" start shaving and ditch infantile terms such as "pwnage", their advisories may attract legitimate rather than (MacNN) contrived attention!

  1. Salsa

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Me too...

    I misread the title to mean that none of us should upgrade even though I have never hacked my iPhone, nor do I plan to ever hack it.

  1. howiethemacguy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    s**** the dev team!

    The iPhone 2.0.1 software has fixed a lot of bugs for me. They're just annoyed that their HACK gets killed by the new update. I don't want to hack my iPhone. I prefer it to be reliable not hacked.

  1. ZinkDifferent

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Baseband Updates...

    Apple updates the baseband in order to provide support for additional, new, carriers - blocking, or not blocking, future unlock attempts is not the main reason.

    Again, the 'dev team' is up to the usual misinformation campaign, deliberately advising users to stick with an inferior, buggy, and slow as c*** firmware, for their own reasons -- not actually an improved user experience.

    I take it that, after telling users not to update, they will continue talking about how terrible and slow iPhone 2.0 is.... or something.

    As for me, the 2.0.1 update eliminated or reduced most of the slowdown and delay issues that were a prior complaint. Job well done, Apple.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    missed the point

    They're just annoyed that their HACK gets killed by the new update. I don't want to hack my iPhone. I prefer it to be reliable not hacked.

    Are all of you so dense? There are a group of people out there who have jailbroken the iphone (for whatever reason) using the pwnage tool. What would you have the pwnage people do, say nothing and let the people find out for themselves? No, they posted a warning that if you use their tool, don't update, because it breaks the hack.

    So saying "Don't update" makes them annoyed?

    And if you wanted a reliable phone, why did you get an iPhone, if it was so buggy?

    Again, the 'dev team' is up to the usual misinformation campaign, deliberately advising users to stick with an inferior, buggy, and slow as c*** firmware, for their own reasons -- not actually an improved user experience.

    What misinformation? That the update disables the hacks? That's true. That the changes to the baseband code might disable hacks in the future? Not knowing how the hack works, maybe they hacked the baseband code in order to perform the hack, and, thus, changes to that would cause future hacks to not work.

    And, yes, they're advising users for their own reasons. What a bunch of idiots. Warning users of their software that it doesn't work with the latest OS update. How dare they be so selfish!

  1. liquidpiqtur

    Joined: Dec 1969



    1)- a significant portion of iphones are jailbroken and unlocked- not everybody's enough of a sucker to fork over $60 a month for phone service. at&t reps have publicly estimated that the official number is somewhere around 27%- which makes this article very, very relevant to an awful lot of people.
    2)- "pwnage" is nothing more than an internet meme- given apple's penchant for trying to lock down the iphone, the term is nothing more than an ironic commentary on apple's so-called professionalism. disregarding the work done by the dev team because they used the word "pwnage" is shockingly immature- which sounds suspiciously like your excuse for not even bothering to look into their work. kettle, meet pot!
    3)- the shaving comment has me at a loss for words. either it was a crack about them being young (you've probably used dvd jon's decss work- which was accomplished before he had to shave), or it was a crack about the stereotype of the unwashed hacker (jobs/woz/et al. are all scruffy, but i'm sure you use their work, too). i love the condescending tone- maybe if you weren't so dense you'd realize that you depend on the work of people who don't have to- or don't want to- shave.
    4)- why would apple release an update, and then tell people not to download it? wouldn't they just not release the update, or retract it? this contradiction should be pretty apparent, even to mouth-breathers like yourselves. do the world a favor and stop assuming that everybody is as mentally deficient as yourself. i don't know anybody personally who was foolish enough to mistake this for an official announcement from apple.
    5)- the so-called "iphone dev team" has been referred to as the "iphone dev team" for over a year. there have been- literally- hundreds of thousands of references to them using this term across more websites than you could possibly imagine, and it's all over their site. if this was an announcement from apple, the headline probably would've had the word "apple" in it somewhere.

    i wonder: does it hurt to be so stupid?

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