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iEnvision expands line of iPhone image viewing apps

08/04, 11:05pm

IEnvision adds new iPhone

iEnvision has added five new "mini-versions" of its image-viewing app for the iPhone. Each version focuses on a particular art topic, such as Japanese manga and comics, or works of art. Art Envi, Comic Envi, Kids Books Envi, News Envi, and Space Envi are available now at the AppStore. Unlike the full version -- which includes all of the topics and more -- the mini-versions are restricted to a single specific content area. Open Door Networks says the smaller apps allow users to sample the product, without having to buy the full version. IEnvision gathers images from the internet, organizes them and creates full-screen automated slideshows.

BC Hydro credits Mac businesses and schools

08/04, 10:55pm

BC Hydro offers Mac credit

BC Hydro is offering British Columbian Mac-based businesses a chance to save money on their utility bills, in recognition of the power-saving software DssW Power Manager, as part of its provincial Product Incentive Program. The offer applies only to the above software, which the Canadian province recognizes to be superior to the default power schedule manager that has been built in to the Mac OS since its days on the PowerPC platform.

Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 update, adds "bug fixes"

08/04, 7:50pm

iPhone v2.01 released

Apple released iPhone version 2.0.1 update via iTunes Monday evening. The 242MB update contains various "bug fixes," according to Apple's installation note. The update "supercedes all previous versions" of iPhone software. There's no word yet if the update contains any additional features. In addition, Apple also unveiled the iPod touch 2.0.1, most likely containing similar bug fixes. As with all previous versions of the iPhone and iPod touch operating systems, the update is available through iTunes.

NTI Shadow 4.0 backup/sync software, "Ninja Tools"

08/04, 6:35pm

NTI Shadow 4.0 backup soft

NewTech Infosystems has updated its NTI Shadow automated backup and data sync software for Mac, PC and network users. New features in Shadow 4.0 include bi-directional syncing, a graphic-based destination display, threshold capacity warnings and NTI Ninja security tools for PC users that support encryption and password protection and public/private partitioning for external USB hard drives. Shadow is designed to continuously backup data while operating transparently in the background.

DealNN: MacBook, iPod shuffle, nano, more

08/04, 6:10pm

DealNN MacBook

Featured deals at DealNN today include the black MacBook with a 2.4GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive for $1,378, with Parallels 3.0 available for free after mail in rebates from For a limited time is offering the Sony 17-in-1 memory card reader for $3.99. has refurbished iPod nanos for $39 in silver, blue, green and purple or for $144 is the iPod nano in silver from The refurbished Kodak Easy Share 7.0MP digital camera in silver is available at for $64.

Virgin Mobile fourth Australian iPhone provider

08/04, 5:50pm

Virgin Australia: Iphone

In the US and Canada, iPhone owners have only one choice for wireless service; as of Monday, Australia now has four. Virgin Mobile Australia has confirmed that it has become the fourth wireless company to offer the iPhone 3G, joining a market already crowded by Vodafone, Optus and Telstra. Virgin is apparently off to a fast start: a check of its website shows both the 8GB and 16GB models are already "out of stock."

ColorWare offers custom colored iPhone 3G

08/04, 5:05pm

ColorWare iPhone 3G

ColorWare recently announced it is now offering custom-colored finishes for the iPhone 3G, either on a brand-new model, or a user's existing device. ColorWare boasts a scratch-resistant, UV-hardened finish, with a selection of 35 solid or metallic colors. Coloring can be applied to the back, chrome frame, home button, SIM card tray, earbuds, and dock. Any combination of colors - whether complimentary or contrasting - can be applied to the device, starting at $150.

LG readying AT&T's third mobile TV phone?

08/04, 5:00pm

LG Invision ATT Leak

AT&T's third phone for its mobile TV service is coming soon and will replace one of only two devices in stores, says a tip sent to Engadget. The LG Invision (also known as the CB630) would have the unusually wide but short shape of the Samsung Access, but would also add a similarly wide keypad layout and switch to a conventional directional pad layout; it's unclear whether the Invision would have any technical advantages over the Access or else would simply replace the earlier Korean phone.

A Better Finder Rename 8 public beta released

08/04, 4:25pm

Rename 8 public beta has announced the first public beta of its upcoming software, A Better Finder Rename 8. The program allows users to easily rename large numbers of files; users are able to drag files straight from Finder, or else use the Finder context menu hotkey to begin the renaming process. People are also provided with an instant preview that eliminates guesswork, and shows the exact format in which the file will be renamed with current settings.

13-inch aluminum MacBook case leaked

08/04, 4:20pm

13in Alu MacBook Case Leak

Photos have surfaced of what is likely to be the casing for an all-aluminum 13-inch MacBook through a leak from Taiwan site Coming from the same source as a MacBook Pro casing earlier in the year that has since been corroborated by outside sources, the leak shows what appears to be the lid for the new system and would confirm both the switch from plastic to metal as well as the rumored tapered edges that are reminiscent of the MacBook Air.

Mophie updates Juice Pack for iPhone 3G

08/04, 4:10pm

Mophie Juice Pack 3G

Mophie on Monday unveiled the Juice Pack 3G, an updated version of its battery extender for the iPhone, offering new 3G owners similar enhancement to the device's run time. The Juice Pack 3G allows users to operate the iPhone 3G for an extra 350 hours on standby, while allowing for an additional six hours of talk time (12 on 2G) and internet, another eight hours for video playback, and 28 hours of audio. Mophie is offering the Juice Pack 3G for $100, and it will ship in September.

Psystar may use anti-monopoly defense against Apple

08/04, 4:00pm

Psystar: Apple a monopoly?

One of the lawyers representing Mac clone maker Psystar -- which is defending itself in a copyright and trademark infringement suit filed by Apple -- says the case has been "mischaracterized," and is hinting that antitrust laws may come into play. Colby Springer tells Computerworld that the lawsuit is more complicated than just copyright or trademark issues, and suggests that the defense may try to paint Apple as a monopoly, exerting control over its software to limit competition in the hardware business.

Lenovo ThinkPad X200 tablet's specs leaked

08/04, 3:50pm

ThinkPad X200 Tablet Leak

Nearly all information about the tablet version of Lenovo's ThinkPad X200 has been leaked to the web today courtesy of a product page from Hong Kong Baptist University. The school shows the computer (known as the X200t) to be based on Intel's upcoming low-voltage 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo, which is known to consume just 17 watts but have much of the performance of a regular processor. It will also use faster GMA X4500 integrated graphics and come with 2GB of Turbo Memory flash cache to reduce load times for data from the 160GB hard drive.

Apple to open second Sydney store

08/04, 3:40pm

Second Sydney store

The grand opening for Apple's second retail store in Australia is set for Saturday morning in Sydney, according to an announcement. A celebration is planned, with free t-shirts for the first 1,000 people through the door. The Chatswood Chase opening comes less than a month after that of Australia's flagship store, which is found elsewhere in Sydney on George Street. A third store is currently under construction in Melbourne.

BoxOffice pulled from App Store

08/04, 3:25pm

BoxOffice out of App Store

Another program has been pulled from Apple's App Store, searching reveals. BoxOffice -- an app created for finding a person's location, and then buying movie tickets from theaters within a range of 50 miles -- can no longer be downloaded from the US storefront it was created for. As with the NetShare incident however, the developer has received no official word from Apple as to why the software was removed.

Deutsche Telekom prepping e-book reader?

08/04, 3:25pm

DT News4Me Reader Rumor

German communications giant Deutsche Telekom is producing an e-book reader that would give customers a digital way to read the company's content, according to a report in the country's Der Spiegel newspaper. The device is seen as a bridge between too-small cellphone screens and large notebooks and would primarily serve as a conduit for print media. Unlike Amazon's Kindle, there would be no Internet-only content like websites or RSS feeds, and articles would more closely reflect the print versions. In exchange, the unnamed device would be simpler to use than its American rival.

Apple distributor: Russian iPhone confirmed for 2009

08/04, 3:05pm

iPhones in Russia for 2009

Sales of the iPhone in Russia will begin next year, a regional site reports. Vedomosti says it has received the information from Yevgeny Butman, the Moscow director of Apple IMC, which in turn is Apple's authorized distributor for Russia. Although few details are available, carrier Megafona is already claiming to be in negotiations to become a non-exclusive partner, likely competing alongside other Russian phone companies for a share of the iPhone market.

HP 550 budget notebook surfaces

08/04, 2:45pm

HP 550 Notebook

HP without fanfare today introduced the 550, the newest generation of its entry-level pro notebooks. The refresh is based on Intel's earlier Santa Rosa platform but skews performance higher than often expected in the class, with a 1.73GHz Celeron dual-core available as an option and unusual 1.4GHz and 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo chips sitting at the top end. A 1.73GHz single-core Celeron is still an option for low-demand users.

Cablevision ruling would allow network DVRs

08/04, 2:20pm

Cablevision DVR Ruling

A Second Circuit of New York appeals court today ruled that Cablevision could go ahead with launching a remote digital video recorder system that potentially changes the approach to offering movie and TV content online. The decision finds that the cable provider isn't infringing on video producers' copyrights by offering a service known as Remote Storage Digital Video Recorder, or RS-DVR, that would let users record shows but store them off-site on servers hosted by Cablevision.

Xbox 360 prices to fall across the board?

08/04, 1:10pm

Xbox 360 cuts in Sept.?

Price cuts for all versions of the Xbox 360 should be coming in September, say reports. A source for Ars Technica has claimed that the price of the basic 360 console, the Arcade, will fall to $200 next month, with the recently-launched 60GB model slipping to $300, and the 120GB Elite dropping to $400. The new cost of the Arcade has allegedly been confirmed by a new photograph, showing an inventory screen with a price change marked for September 7th.

MSI releases Centrino 2-based gaming notebooks

08/04, 12:45pm

MSI GX620 and GX720

MSI today took the wraps from its first North American portables to use Intel's Centrino 2 platform. Both the 15.4-inch GX620 and 17-inch GX720 both pick up a new Intel chipset that includes faster Core 2 Duo processors and the accompanying improvements to battery life. Like a handful of earlier MSI notebooks, either comes with hardware controls that can either overclock the CPU up to 15 percent above stock levels or alternately switch to one of five energy presets that either save battery life or stress performance.

Sun posts StarOffice 9 beta for Mac

08/04, 12:25pm

StarOffice 9 beta released

Sun Microsystems has released a beta version of StarOffice 9, the first edition of its office suite to natively support the Mac. StarOffice includes presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software, as well as programs for drawing, databases and HTML editing. The v9 upgrade includes better Microsoft Office filters, support for OOXML files, and a new PDF import option with improved export options to match.

Yahoo board survives shareholder vote

08/04, 12:05pm

Yahoo Board Survives Vote

Yahoo investors at the company's shareholders meeting have voted to keep executives suggested through a last-minute deal with activist investor Carl Icahn. The vote keeps nearly all of the existing leaders of the company and showed an unexpected level of confidence in particularly vocal opponents of Microsoft's initial takeover bid for Yahoo, including company CEO Jerry Yang and chairman Roy Bostock, who respectively earned 85.4 and 79.5 percent votes in favor of their remaining in place.

Apple supplier building 800,000 iPhones per week?

08/04, 11:50am

800K iPhones built a week?

The Taiwanese company that handles iPhone assembly, Foxconn, has dramatically increased its production levels, a new report claims. Citing a source "close to Apple with direct knowledge of the numbers," the report suggests that Foxconn is now expected to build some 800,000 iPhone 3Gs per week. This is said to be "above current full capacity" of the company, according to the source, and could be risking quality problems. A number of iPhone owners have been spotting cracks in the casing.

Sony Ericsson bundles Zeemote stick with W760i

08/04, 11:25am

Sony Ericsson Zeemote

Sony Ericsson and Zeemote today teamed up for a hardware tie-in aimed at spurring mobile gaming. Dutch buyers of the cellphone maker's W760i Walkman phone have the option of getting Zeemote's JS1 Bluetooth joystick for free. The grip-style analog controller gives more precision than the directional pad on most cellphones and permits a class of games that are normally off-limits to feature phones, such as Tomb Raider Anniversary. Two games that support the controller are already included in the box.

nova media updates iSync phone plug-ins to 6.2

08/04, 11:10am

nova media iSync update

nova media says it has released a new version of its iSync phone plug-ins, bringing their status to v6.2. The plug-ins let Mac owners sync phones not generally support by iSync, including models by Motorola, Samsung and BenQ. The patched plug-ins support 36 additional devices by Nokia and Sony Ericsson, bringing the total up to 190.

Motorola picks cellphone group CEO

08/04, 10:55am

Motorola Mobile Device CEO

Motorola today established extra groundwork for the anticipated Mobile Devices spin-off by giving the division a new CEO. The American company says it has recruited former Qualcomm chief operating officer Dr. Sanjay Jha to head up the Mobile Devices group and will help structure the frequently struggling cellphone and handheld division until at least its separation from Motorola itself. The doctor will also share the CEO position of the larger company with existing chief Greg Brown until that time.

DJ-1800 3.1 adds iPhone, DJ controller support

08/04, 10:35am

DJ-1800 3.1 released

Developer DJ-1800 has released an update to its self-named DJ software, bringing the code up to v3.1. The app is described as an all-in-one program for professional DJs, eliminating the need to carry hardware beyond a Mac, amps and speakers; it nevertheless supports external devices such as DJ controllers. In this regard 1800 now has expanded support, including the Denon DN-HC4500, M-Audio's X-Session Pro, and Numark's DMC2, iCDX and Total Control.

Popcorn Hour updates hub, adds barebones

08/04, 10:25am

Popcorn Hour A110

Popcorn Hour has revamped its network media hub today with the release of the A-110. Aside from a switch to a home theater-friendly black, the A-110 now supports HDMI 1.3a output to pipe through advanced and lossless surround formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio, and related formats in a form that can be decoded by a receiver. It also introduces support for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives, optical SPDIF for audio output, and moves a USB port to the back for owners who keep connections hidden from view.

Where To developers expose App Store business

08/04, 9:55am

Realities of App Store biz

A creator of the popular iPhone app Where To has exposed some of the realities in developing for the App Store. tap tap tap's John Casasanta notes, for instance, that while the company expected to have full sales records from the App Store by now, Apple has so far only shared information dating back to July 28th. In the week of information available, Where To sold about 3,193 downloads at a price of $2.99, leading to $9,547 in net sales.

Memorex unveils multi-color Essential drives

08/04, 9:45am

Memorex Essential Drives

Memorex today took advantage of the back-to-school timeframe to introduce a third lineup to its hard drive range. The Essential TravelDrive relies on color as its selling point with subtler variants of blue, green, and purple joining a more conventional silver to match the owner's notebook or desk. Like most portable drives, the 2.5-inch Essentials are energy-friendly enough to be powered entirely from the USB connection used for data.

NEC intros bright mobile DLP projector duo

08/04, 9:20am

NEC NP41 and NP61

NEC began its week with an unveiling for two computer-oriented portable DLP projectors. The NP41 and NP61 are both light enough at 3.5 pounds to be carried along with a notebook but still bright enough for less-than-ideal lighting at 2,300 and 3,000 lumens of brightness respectively. They also have a claimed 1,600:1 contrast ratio and a six-segment DLP color wheel that produce relatively vivid images at either projector's 1024x768 maximum resolution.

Sony Ericsson preps James Bond edition C902

08/04, 8:55am

S Ericsson C902 James Bond

In keeping with its tradition for recent James Bond movies, Sony Ericsson today revealed a special-edition phone paired up with the upcoming Quantum of Solace. The C902 Titanium (not yet shown) comes in the same silver color that Daniel Craig's Bond uses in the movie and comes with several preloaded pieces of content for the spy movie, including a starter version of a game as well as a trailer, multiple interviews, and matching themes.

Intel details many-core Larrabee graphics chip

08/04, 8:25am

Intel Larrabee Details

Intel today provided some initial details of its Larrabee graphics architecture and thus its first attempt to directly challenge stand-alone graphics chipsets from AMD and NVIDIA. The semiconductor firm believes it has solved the problems of extending graphics features by using multiple, complete x86 processor cores that are more consciously designed to recognize multiple program threads and support Hyperthreading to run more than one thread at the same time; it also adds a dedicated vector processor per core to aid in graphics-related tasks.

Lenovo intros Atom-based IdeaPad netbook

08/04, 7:25am

Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Lenovo this morning contributed its share to the rapidly growing netbook field with a new IdeaPad model. The S10 shares the same 10-inch screen and 1.6GHz Atom processor as larger rivals like the MSI Wind but promises a unique design with a multi-touch trackpad, front-mounted speakers, and a keyboard at 85 percent of full size and thus comfortable enough to type on for long periods. A 1.3-megapixel camera is built into the lid. Bluetooth and an ExpressCard slot are also rare additions for connections to wireless keyboards, 3G modems, and similar peripherals.

Filmmakers interview Apple's "fifth Beatle"

08/04, 1:05am

Ron Wayne interview

When you think Apple's history, one name that probably doesn't come quickly to mind is Ron Wayne -- but he was there nonetheless. The makers the documentary Welcome to Macintosh say they've snagged the first video interview with Wayne about his experiences with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the early days of Apple. The filmakers say Wayne was a founder of the original Apple Computer company, which was later re-established by Mike Markkula as Apple Computer, Inc. According to the Apple Museum, it was Wayne who designed the very first Apple logo - a depiction of Sir Isaac Newton under the fabled apple tree - which was soon replaced with the famous striped version. The new venture was apparently too risky for Wayne, so he resigned in 1976 with a one-time payment of $800.

Apple to announce iPhone nano in UK?

08/04, 12:30am

iPhone nano rumors

A new iPhone nano is in the works and will be available to customers in time for Christmas 2008. According to The Daily Mail, reports say the phone will be launched in the UK at a cost of up to 150. The phone will work on a pay-as-you-go plan and will allegedly be exclusively available from O2 in the UK. The Daily Mail cites industry sources for all of the information.

NetShare pulled from the App Store again

08/04, 12:10am

Netshare pulled again

Nullriver's app NetShare - which allows users to turn an iPhone into a moveable Wi-Fi hotspot - has been pulled from Apple's App Store for a second time. NetShare was originally released into the App Store on July 31st but was then quickly removed the following day, subsequently showing up for a second time the following day, but now has again been pulled without any explanation. While Nullriver has yet to receive any information from Apple as to why the app keeps getting pulled, it is likely that Apple pulled the application due to wireless carriers' objections. Companies such as AT&T offer specific "tethering" data plans that cost users an additional $30 per month, and an iPhone app such as NetShare could provide users a way to work around that cost.

T-Mobile offers BlackBerry Curve Sunset

08/04, 12:00am

BlackBerry Curve Sunset

T-Mobile on Monday gave the BlackBerry Curve its final send-off with the launch of the Sunset model. The QWERTY keyboard smartphone now comes in a unique, namesake reddish hue along with black accents. T-Mobile's version also keeps to the Wi-Fi support of the 8320 reference design and lets HotSpot@Home subscribers make unlimited calls on Wi-Fi that automatically bridge to the cellular network when the user wanders out of range.


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