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PaceCalc figures time, distance, pace data on iPhone

07/31, 10:00pm

Figure pace on iPhone

Runners, bikers and swimmers have a new iPhone tool, PaceCalc, allowing them to track distances, times and pace. PaceCalc, by Maverick Software, calculates results using time and distance data to provide pace. Athletes can also put distance and pace to calculate time or pace and time to calculate distance. The software offers live recalculating as users change variables, switches between yards and meters (or miles and kilometers) and features common running distance presets (5K, 10K Marathon and more).

Apple's stock up almost 1400% over 5 years

07/31, 8:00pm

Apple's stock increases

Analysts at Pingdom have recently compared the value of Apple's and Microsoft's stocks and noted that over the last five years Apple has seen its stock value grow exponentially. In comparison to its value in 2003, Apple's stock has grown by 1384-percent while competitor Microsoft has seen its stock drop by 2.45 percent over the last five years. These percentages are relative to the starting points the stocks faced five years ago but it is still notable that Microsoft's stock is almost worth the same now as it was five years ago. Apple's stock has seen significant growth and is almost worth 14 times what it was worth five years ago. According to the analyst show how successful Apple has been in putting new products on the market.

TRENDnet ships dual-band 802.11n router

07/31, 5:05pm

TRENDnet Dual-Band N Ships

TRENDnet today shipped its own take on advanced wireless with the Dual Band Wireless N Gigabit Router. Like recent competition, the new networking device gives users the option of running 802.11n Wi-Fi either on the faster but less compatible 5GHz band or on the more ubiquitous 2.4GHz band. A three-antenna MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) array gets connection speeds up to a theoretical 300Mbps peak while extending range up to six times that of a typical 802.11g network. goes through overhaul, domain change

07/31, 5:00pm

Delicious domain change

Social bookmarking site Delicious on Thursday announced it has refined its services greatly, while also adding a new domain name through which the site can be reached, According to a post on Delicious' blog, the various refinements have allowed the company to enhance speed, search capability, and overall layout of the site. The domain name change reportedly stems from confusion among users in the spelling of, but the site can still be accessed through its former moniker.

FmPro Migrator 4.36 adds Bento support

07/31, 4:50pm

FmPro Migrator 4.36 ships

.com Solutions has released the v4.36 update to FmPro Migrator, its companion tool for FileMaker Pro. The software is intended mostly for converting FileMaker databases to other formats, such as Access, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and OpenBase. It can also consolidate tables from earlier editions of FileMaker for versions 7, 8 and 9, which should enable better security options.

ASUS Eee PC 701SD photos show revived design

07/31, 4:30pm

ASUS Eee PC 701SD Leak

ASUS' Eee PC 701SD will not only upgrade the internal specs of the 7-inch notebook but improve on the mini notebook design itself, say a new set of photos and leaked details. The entry-level Eee PC notebook will now resemble a sharper-edged version of the 8.9-inch Eee PC 901 with refined trackpad buttons and the stylized Eee PC logo. At least one version is now known to contain a 30GB hard drive in place of the solid-state flash drive that has been the only option for past 7-inch models.

Xbox 360 with 60GB HDD on Amazon ahead of schedule

07/31, 4:25pm

Xbox 360 60GB on Amazon

The anticipated 60GB version of the Xbox 360 is now on sale at, ahead of its earlier promised August 4 ship date. While reports were coming in from various stores already having the higher capacity console in stock, Amazon will ship the gaming system anywhere in the country within a few days. The 20GB version of the gaming console is being phased out, with prices dropping to $299 in order to help clear out stock.

ASUS to add Ultimate and Pro Fashion lines to Eee PCs

07/31, 4:20pm

ASUS to add two Eee PCs

ASUS plans to add two more lines to the current 11 Eee PC models to address other market segments, Thursday's reports allege, also supporting earlier speculations. ASUS president Jerry Shen shares Intel's beliefs that the netbook and mobile Internet device (MID) markets will grow significantly in the future, to as much as one billion units. The new Ultimate and Pro Fashion Eee PCs will use dual-core Atom processors along with larger storage devices likely to include a 120GB HDD or 32GB SSD.

Activision, Logitech to make Guitar Hero instruments

07/31, 4:15pm

Logitech does Guitar Hero

Software publisher Activision and peripheral maker Logitech today announced a joint venture to make premium controllers shaped like instruments for the next installment in the popular video game franchise, dubbed Guitar Hero World Tour. The game is expected to debut this fall, and will be available for the all the popular gaming consoles, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, as well as the Nintendo Wii.

Jumsoft expands Aperture Web Themes pack

07/31, 4:10pm

Jumsoft Aperture pack

Designer Jumsoft has expanded its Aperture Web Themes pack, an add-on for Apple's photo workflow software. The pack is intended to improve the appearance of web galleries generated through Aperture, with an aim towards professional photography sites. The new version more than doubles in size with six new variants, divided between "frames," "grid" and "iPhone" schemes.

Leaf tops line with 56-megapixel AFi 10

07/31, 3:40pm

Leaf AFi 10 Med Format Cam

Leaf made its bid to regain the performance lead in medium format cameras on Thursday by introducing the AFi 10. At 56 megapixels, the multi-piece camera system has a higher resolution than the previous champion, the Hasselblad H3DII-50, and produces images nearly 70 percent larger than the 33-megapixel AFi 7. The new imager is also labeled a True Wide-frame Sensor and maintains the same resolution across the entire photo area, guaranteeing a sharper image for subjects at the edge of the frame. Photographers can also rotate the sensor inside the AFi 10 to compose different-ratio shots without having to tilt the whole camera.

KPCB adds gaming company to iFund list

07/31, 3:20pm

Games co. gets iFund money

A gaming company has been chosen as the next iPhone developer to receive money from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, an announcement reveals. The venture capital firm has agreed to provide ngmoco with Series A money from the iFund, a $100 million pool created to boost companies interested in developing native applications for the iPhone. Although ngmoco was only founded this year and is still seeking game creators and technical staff, it may be helped by the presence of Bing Gordon, a former chief creative officer with Electronic Arts, now one of the largest game publishers in the world.

AT&T: YouTube, other legit videos reduce P2P

07/31, 2:50pm

YouTube Reduces P2P Use

Customers with legitimate options for video are triggering a large-scale drop in the amount of peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, according to a published study of AT&T's network. The DSL Internet provider found that while P2P traffic did ultimately increase in the past year, legal streaming video services such as Hulu and YouTube have largely flattened the growth in demand for P2P versus its rapid growth in recent years. In one circumstance, AT&T's core network saw P2P traffic drop substantially.

Nokia said slashing media phone prices

07/31, 1:45pm

Nokia Cuts Phone Prices

Nokia has been cutting the prices of its media phones in a bid to stay competitive with rivals, according to sources speaking to Reuters. The news organization points to industry and market research leads which say that Finland-based Nokia is dropping prices across much of its lineup but is making the most substantial cuts to music- and video-friendly phones, including the N81 8GB smartphone as well as mid-range devices like the 5310 and 5610 XpressMusic. These devices will allegedly see price reductions as steep as 10 percent.

Apple aiming to build FM/TV add-ons for handhelds?

07/31, 1:40pm

Apple FM/TV receiver?

Apple may be looking to build or support new add-ons capable of streaming radio and/or TV to its handhelds, a new patent application suggests. The device would attach directly to a handheld such as an iPhone or iPod, and pick up signals from one or more formats including AM, FM, HD or satellite radio, or TV standards such as cable, satellite, over-the-air or IPTV. More conventional reception means could include Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet.

Nikon offers D3 memory upgrade

07/31, 1:15pm

Nikon D3 Memory Upgrade

Nikon today catered to the very top range of its customers through its D3 Buffer Memory Expansion Service. The option gives the 12-megapixel pro DSLR more than twice as much capacity and is geared towards sports photographers and others who need long continuous shooting without sacrificing camera resolution. The camera maker estimates that a stock D3 shoots up to 16 images in 14-bit, full-frame RAW before running out of memory; an enhanced model shoots up to 36.

Dell Vostro 2510 now live online

07/31, 12:40pm

Dell Vostro 2510 Launches

In a surprise move just after a flyer confirmed the introduction, Dell today quickly but quietly rolled out the Vostro 2510. The 15.4-inch system marks a few key changes from the outgoing 1510 and comes in a two-tone black and red body instead of the more conservative exterior of the old system. It also switches to a slot-load drive like that of the Studio 15 and uses a new cooling system that vents heat away from the bottom of the notebook to make it more comfortable on its owner's lap.

Verizon picks up Blitz messaging phone

07/31, 12:15pm

Verizon picks up Blitz

Verizon Wireless has picked up a new UTStarcom phone, reports say. Previously unavailable in the US, and known elsewhere as the TXT8010, it is being imported by Verizon and renamed the Blitz, with an initial launch scheduled through Wal-Mart stores on August 8th. People wanting to avoid Wal-Mart for whatever reason may have to wait until September 28th, when it should become available through Best Buy stores. Pricing is unannounced but should be relatively low, as it is set to be an INpulse prepaid phone.

DealNN: $999 MacBook, $12 for 4GB flash drive

07/31, 11:50am

DealNN deals MacBook

Today's deals at DealNN include the 13-inch MacBook in white with a 2.1GHz processor, 1GB of memory and 120GB hard drive for $999 with a FREE Mobile Edge carrying case (after mail in rebates) from, also at MacConnection is the Western Digital 320GB My Passport Essential in blue for $115.

Quark ships QuarkXPress 8

07/31, 11:40am

Quark ships QuarkXPress 8

Following the debut in May, Quark now says that QuarkXPress 8 is finally shipping. The company's flagship publishing software has had a number of major changes implemented, most notably new picture editing tools. Images can now be scaled and rotated in real-time -- without switching tools or entering measurements -- and a new Bézier pen has been added, allowing drawing without an outside application.

Feral announces Sid Meier's Pirates! for Mac

07/31, 11:00am

Pirates! coming to OSX

Feral Interactive on Thursday announced that on August 29th it will release Sid Meier's Pirates! for Mac. This game takes players into the life of a 17th century Caribbean pirate captain in an epic, open-ended seafaring adventure. Players are put in positions where they must duel enemy captains and woo fair maidens all in an attempt to make their ship, the Jolly Roger, the most feared and renowned ship in the seven seas.

Mesa Dynamics unveils Beholder 3.0

07/31, 10:55am

Beholder 3.0 released

Mesa Dynamics has released a completely overhauled version of its dedicated imagine search client, Beholder 3.0. Beholder searches the web for images, automatically querying web search engines and presenting thumbnail results in an organized window with URL and other link details. Beholder 3.0 has been rewritten from scratch as a Universal application and features a new WebKit-based image retrieval engine. New features such as size and safe search options for Google Image Search have been added, as well as new sorting options such as, sorting by image file and pixel size.

Dell Vostro 2510 leaked through flyer

07/31, 10:55am

Dell Vostro 2510 Leaked

The second generation of Dell's Vostro small business notebooks has already been revealed and will likely appear very soon, according to a flyer discovered by a member of the Notebook Review forums. The Vostro 2510 appears to be a slimmer replacement for the 15.4-inch Vostro 1510 that also crosses into the home user field: customers will have the option of buying the notebook with different-colored rear lids and side panels rather than the all-black design of the existing models.

Disney announces 5 million movies sold via iTunes

07/31, 10:45am

Disney iTunes sales

During a conference call for the company's Q3 2008 results, Bob Iger, president of the Walt Disney Corporation, has announced that since agreeing to sell movies through the iTunes Store, the company has sold over five million titles. Iger insists however that the presence of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the board of directors has not influenced any decisions on content distribution. "Some of our agreements were signed before the purchase of Pixar," says Iger.

DISH first to broadcast live 1080p TV

07/31, 10:35am

DISH 1080p TV

Satellite TV provider DISH Network today became the first known TV broadcaster to put out video in a full 1080p (1920x1080 progressive) resolution. Starting with an August 1st Video On Demand option for the movie I Am Legend, DISH says it will start offering 1080p whenever the content is available rather than the lower-resolution 1080i (interlaced) or 720p HD normally aired on DISH and other TV services. Using VOD effectively gives the image quality of Blu-ray but at a lower price than renting a disc, the satellite firm claims.

CDFinder Transporter 1.0 converts media catalogs

07/31, 10:30am

CDFinder catalog converter

West-Forest-Systems on Thursday released CDFinder Transporter (iView) 1.0, a new application that converts XML export files from iView, iView Media Pro and Microsoft Expression Media into CDFinder catalogs. iView and Microsoft Expression are cataloging programs designed for both Windows and Mac. Each is designed to quickly scan files and compile the important details into a visual format that allows users to easily browse and search their systems. The converter application guides the user through all the necessary steps, making the conversion as simple as possible. The data gathered includes file system information such as MP3 tags, EXIF data including GPS info tags, and a complete set of IPTC information. All the available information is then taken and built into a CDFinder catalog. If there are multiple large iView catalogs from different sources they will be split into several CDFinder catalogs, one for each volume.

PandaWare updates Simple Help Editor to v3.0

07/31, 10:30am

Simple Help Editor updated

The PandaWare Company has released a major update to its Simple Help Editor. Simple Help Editor is a program designed to help developers easily create help systems for both Mac and Windows applications. Version 3.0 adds the ability to add custom HTML to help content pages, giving users a lot of flexibility in formatting and styling. There are a few other changes aimed at making Simple Help Editor more flexible and easier to use as well. This new version gives users more tools for creating platform-specific help systems from the same content. Files can be saved for display in the Apple Help Viewer, Windows' HTML Help viewer and web browsers.

Telefonica loses profits despite aid from iPhone

07/31, 10:10am

iPhone up, Telefonica down

Spanish carrier Telefonica has reported a decline in its second-quarter profits despite the help of the iPhone, according to published results. Profits dropped 20 percent in Q2 over the same period a year ago, with net income sliding to $3.21 billion from $4.01 billion. This still beats the predictions of a Bloomberg survey however, which had suggested profits of only $2.84 billion.

IEEE approves FireWire 3200 spec

07/31, 9:35am

IEEE Approves FW 3200

The IEEE standards organization today approved the next generation of FireWire. Officially known as IEEE 1394-2008 but also referred to as S3200 or FireWire 3200, the connection specification operates at up to four times the speed of FireWire 800 (S800) with up to 3.2 gigabits per second of data while preserving the energy properties that allow it to power some devices without needing a direct power supply. The extra speed is believed to be useful for multi-disk hard drive arrays and other devices where earlier FireWire would be inadequate.

New iPhone 2.1 beta includes push data API

07/31, 9:00am

Second iPhone 2.1 beta

A new beta of the iPhone 2.1 firmware is seeding to developers, say reports. The code is mainly said to contain bug fixes, but Apple has allegedly confirmed that it contains an early version of background push notification. The technology is a workaround for the lack of background processes on the iPhone, but should nevertheless provide advantages in the form of better battery life and CPU performance.

Fujifilm gives Z200fd camera its US launch

07/31, 8:45am

Fujifilm Z200fd in US

Fujifilm today revealed its previously Europe-oriented FinePix Z200fd a US launch. The pocket camera effectively replaces the Z100fd with a sharper 10-megapixel sensor but stands out for its unique Couple and Group Timers, which wait until a certain number of faces are visible in a shot before taking the photo. The Couple Timer can also be set to trigger a shot only when the pair is particularly close.

LG rivals Apple TV, PS3 with Netflix Blu-ray player

07/31, 8:15am

LG BD300 with Netflix

LG on Thursday fulfilled early promises and unveiled its long-anticipated Blu-ray player with Netflix support. The BD300 lets users with a wired connection to the Internet navigate their instant queues on a Netflix subscription and stream either movies or TV shows directly from the device itself, turning the device into a networked media hub. Titles are presently capped at standard definition but start playing in as little as 30 seconds and give users full control, including the ability to skip through the video and rate the title.

Motorola ships 28.1m phones, holds on to share

07/31, 7:45am

Moto Q2 2008 Results

Motorola today reported surprising results for the company's spring quarter, including stronger than expected cellphone results. The electronics firm says its net earnings were break-even but that it had positive practical cash flow of $204 million following multiple quarters of losses. The Mobile Devices group says it shipped about 28.1 million phones in the three-month span and says it successfully held on to its market share despite increasing competition.

Personal Backup X5 updated, adds FTP, SFTP backups

07/31, 12:55am

X5 adds FTP, SFTP backups

Intego's Personal Backup X5 has been updated to v10.5.2, adding backup to and from FTP and SFTP servers. It also adds a new interface and an improved dashboard widget for launching and monitoring backup scripts. The backup solution offers initial and automated backup options, making backups on numerous media (CD, DVD, USB key drives, external hard drives, Airport volumes, iPods and more). X5 has drag-and-drop simplicity yet can expand to more advanced modes, with scripting and actions for multiple backups and schedules. It also offers file synchronization across two computers.

T-Mobile to launch 3G network October 1st

07/31, 12:50am

T-Mobile launching 3G

After trials in New York, T-Mobile is preparing to unveil its nation-wide 3G network on October 1st, according to a poster that reveals a selection of major US cities to first receive the service. While members of the community previously tossed around the date, the poster confirms that users in Los Angeles, as Vegas, Dallas, New Jersey, Washington, and 21 other cities will be able to use 3G-capable T-Mobile devices with the network's faster transfer rates and superior call quality.

Belikin's TuneCast Auto certified for iPhone 3g

07/31, 12:20am

TuneCast works on iPhone3g

Belikin's TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod has received Apple's "Works With iPhone" certification for the iPhone 3G. TuneCast Auto is a car-charger and FM transmitter with automatic scanning of FM frequencies for the best reception. It offers a one-button scan for best stations and automatically optimizes audio and volume settings. The transmitter covers FM channels from 88.1MHz to 107.9MHz. TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod is available for $80 and also works with the iPhone 2G, iPod touch and numerous iPods.

Jade 1.2 adds Flickr, EXIF, save features

07/31, 12:10am

Image editor Jade updated

DataMind has announced Jade v1.2, an update to its digital image processing and browsing software. Added in v1.2 are an upload to Flickr feature, EXIF data support, new save features and more. Jade is also available as an Aperture plug-in, iPhoto image processor and iPhone application. Jade offers one-button automated image enhancement and batch-processing of large numbers of images. It also has red-eye reduction, noise removal and intelligent indexing (grouping images by physical appearance).


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