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AT&T to bar P2P activity from 3G networks

07/30, 11:50pm

AT&T to bar P2P activity

AT&T is clamping down on users who operate peer-to-peer networking software using its 3G cellular network, due to the "chatty" behavior of the apps' communication protocols, rather than burst-style transmission methods. IP Democracy writes that, although the wireless provider has not yet implemented the practice, it is noted in the End-User License Agreement to be against company policy, with violators running the risk of banishment from the network since it claims that peer-to-peer connectivity degrades its overall network stability.

'Midori' to replace Windows as Microsoft's lead OS?

07/30, 11:10pm

Midori replaces Windows

Microsoft is allegedly crafting a completely brand new operating system, completely removed from the Windows code base, as a way of beating the venerable operating system's bad rap. SDTimes writes the Redmond-based software developer is nurturing a project it calls Midori - a supposed offshoot of its Singularity operating system - for deployment on native x86-, x64-, and ARM-based systems, Windows Hyper-V hypervisors, or hosting by a Windows process.

iPhone's GPS may be trouble for some users

07/30, 10:15pm

iPhone GPS trouble

The iPhone 3G's inclusion of real GPS navigation was initially viewed as a boon, but one blogger is concerned that users' photo-taking activities could compromise the wellbeing of those involved. Blogger Kelso of Kelso Cartography notes

Apple releases iTunes 7.7.1 update

07/30, 10:15pm

iTunes 7.7.1 update

Just a few days after the iPhone DRM may have been cracked, Apple has released iTunes 7.7.1. The update, according to Apple, includes fixes to improve stability and performance, but the company did not provide any other details. The 48MB update is available via Mac OS X Software Update and via the Web. The software requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later for iTunes functions and Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later for iPhone support.

Photoshop Express beta adds tagging, uploader

07/30, 9:30pm

Photoshop Express beta

Adobe has released an updated version of its Photoshop Express beta service, its web-based application that offers online storage and photo-editing. The company now offers a Photoshop Express Uploader (powered by Adobe AIR) that enables photo uploading from the desktop of any internet-connected computer and the ability to quickly browse through thumbnails and drag & drop directly from the desktop. Adobe also said the update adds ability to print photos through the Shutterfly online printing service and incorporate exclusive music into slideshows.

VMware Fusion 2.0b2 adds multiple snapshots, more

07/30, 9:20pm

VMware Fusion 2.0b2 posted

VMWare on Wednesday released VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 2, a new free public beta of its software for running Windows (and other operating systems) within Mac OS X. The update brings better utilities and performance, support for multiple screenshots, better gaming, full 1080p HD video acceleration at near-native speeds (with less CPU utilization), and support for Mac OS X Leopard Server. Adding more Windows-integration features, users can now share applications between Windows and Mac, launch Mac files with Windows applications (as well as Windows files with Mac applications) and also set web, email, and other links for to default to either Windows or Mac. In addition, VMware's new Mirrored Folders map the contents of the Desktop, Documents, Music, and Pictures folders to the Windows Desktop, My Documents, My Music, and My Pictures folders users can now use the Mac keyboard to send custom keystroke combinations to the virtual machine. The free beta is available online along with a key.

MailSite Fusion 9 now verified for iPhone

07/30, 8:50pm

Fusion 9 iPhone ready

MailSite Software Inc. announced that it has finished its testing and verification of MailSite Fusion 9 with Apple's new iPhone 3G as well as with the original iPhone and iPod Touch running on the 2.0 firmware. MailSite Fusion 9 can successfully push email, calender and contact updates over-the-air to the iPhone without requiring any third party software to be installed on the device, using its built-in ActiveSync server. With this verification, MailSite Fusion 9 is compatible with most major smartphones available in the market today.

Psystar hires well-known lawyers in battle with Apple

07/30, 8:45pm

Psystar gears for fight

Facing a lawsuit from Apple, Mac clone maker Psystar is showing signs it may be gearing up for a fight. The company has hired a California law firm that has beaten Apple in the past, according to a report in Computerworld. In court papers filed Monday, Psystar was represented by lawyers from Carr and Ferrell, LLP, who filed a request for an extension on a deadline to respond to Apple's lawsuit. Both sides agreed to the extension, which gives Psystar until August 18 to file a response. Apple claims Psystar violated copyright, contract, trademark and unfair competition laws when it installed and marketed Mac OS X10.5 on its OpenComputer and OpenServ machines.

NVIDIA candidate for new Mac platform?

07/30, 8:40pm

NVIDIA Candidate for Mac

Apple's rumored non-Intel mainboard platform may primarily involve a change of suppliers to NVIDIA rather than any kind of custom development, PCPer suggests. The enthusiast site notes that Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA has been developing its first nForce mainboard chipset for Intel-based notebooks, currently codenamed MCP79, with the aim of improving several weaknesses that have affected Intel's own designs and thus Apple as well. The architecture would support all the necessary components for Intel's just-announced Core 2 processors, including a 1,066MHz system bus and the option of DDR3 memory.

Forums: funny MobileMe names, weight loss

07/30, 8:35pm

Forums MobileMe names

Forum roundup: Funny MobileMe names are a hot topic in the MacNN forums today, with names such as, and being among the few examples of the names people are reserving. Geofries, a Forum Regular is looking for a way to archive their mail and finds help from other forum goers.

Apple posts Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1

07/30, 8:35pm

Lexmark drivers updated

Apple has released Lexmark Printer Driver Update 1.1, which includes the latest drivers for the Lexmark line of printers. The 71MB update was released Tuesday and is only visible when a Lexmark printer is connected, or a print queue has been created for an earlier Lexmark driver.

MobileMe email complaints continue

07/30, 8:15pm

MobileMe mail woes persist

Despite Apple's pronouncement that all is well with MobileMe, user complaints continue on the company's support forums. Apple wrote this morning in its MobileMe blog that mail problems affecting "1 percent" of its customers have been completely fixed, and lost messages had been restored. But several posts on MobileMe Support DIscussions show otherwise. One user claims Apple deleted his first posting, because he had complained that some of his email had still not been restored. The user said he was told he was part of a small group of "one-in-a-thousand" users who permanently lost some email. Other MobileMe forum users say they attempted to use a special chat set up for MobileMe mail issues, only to be disconnected several times.

Apple products top annual PC Mag reader survey

07/30, 7:55pm

Apple tops PC Mag

Readers of PC Magazine have awarded top scores to Apple Products, during a recent survey on electronic products. Apple received the highest ratings in all of the categories it was involved in, laptops, desktops, routers, cell phones, media players and tech support. In all of these categories Apple received Readers Choice status and performed "significantly better than average." This year the iPhone was named the "ultimate smartphone" and topped other competing smartphones such as the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl.

Apps: Fanurio, Jisho, Imagine Poker

07/30, 7:35pm

Hide Folders

    Fanurio 1.11 ($40) a time tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. Fanurio allows users to organize work, track time and create invoices which can be generated into a text or html file using an invoice template. The new release adds in the ability to track costs and profits as well as specify payment dates for invoices. Version 1.11 also introduces a cross-platform version that can be run from a USB stick as well as overall performance improvements and bug fixes. [Download - 10.6MB]
    Jisho 3.0 ($20) is a simple Japanese-English dictionary. Version 3.0 brings a completely rewritten back-end, faster searching, a full Japanese localization, and a refined user interface and experience. [Download - 35.3MB]
    iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.22 ($10) allows users to search for duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPods songs' databases. This update fixes incompatibilities with iTunes 7.7, and several other bugs. [Download - 2.1MB]
    Hide Folders 2008 (free) is a folder hiding utility that prevents other users on the same account from seeing, modifying or erasing hidden files or folders. With a click, delicate data can be concealed and hidden from unwanted viewers. A pro version is also available that adds password protection for $27. [Download - 6.4MB]
    Imagine Poker 3.6 ($20) allows players to go up against 21 infamous characters from history, mythology and legend, including Napoleon, Cleopatra and Dracula. The game featuers interactive opponents and an adaptive artificial intelligence engine. The updated version berings voices to all of the 21 Imagine Poker Mac characters. [Download - 60.4MB]

Italy's Mediaset sues YouTube for $779 million

07/30, 5:05pm

Mediaset sues YouTube

Italian broadcaster Mediaset on Wednesday announced it is seeking at least 500 million euros ($779 million) in damages from Google-owned YouTube, according to a report in Variety. The lawsuit, filed in a Rome court, accuses YouTube of "illegal distribution and commercial use of audio and video files." Mediaset alleges that an audit it performed on June 10 came up with 4,643 clips amounting to 325 hours of copyrighted Mediaset content.

Motorola releases unlocked U9 music phone in the US

07/30, 4:50pm

Motorola U9 in the US

Motorola has announced that, exclusively through its online store, it will soon sell its quad-band U9 clamshell phone for the first time in the US. The phone allows users to easily sync music from their PCs via Windows Media Player and a USB 2.0 connection. Navigating tracks with the phone closed is made possible through an external OLED display, which is paired with touch-sensitive controls. When music is not playing, users can pick from a variety of screensavers.

NY Bar Association to continue Mac-free policy

07/30, 4:25pm

NY Bar to hold off on Mac

Lawyers taking bar exams in New York have once again foregone the use of a Mac this year, according to information from the state's Board of Law Examiners. Since 2003, people taking the exam have been given the option of using special software, which can be preloaded on notebooks for answering the essay and MPT sections of the test. The Board has explicitly stated however that it is refusing to support "any form" of Apple product at the moment, even if is running Windows through Mac OS X Leopard's Boot Camp utility.

Sylvania to enter netbook market with g netbook MESO

07/30, 4:20pm

Sylvania's g netbook MESO

Light bulb, TV and consumer electronics maker Sylvania may be getting into the netbook business, as it announced today it will soon sell its 8.9-inch g netbook MESO. Preliminary specs for the notebook include Intel's Atom CPU running at 1.6GHz and an 80GB hard drive with either Windows XP Home or Ubuntu Netbook Remix operating systems. A low weight of 2.2lbs, a multi-card reader and a built-in webcam will finish off the netbook's class-competitive feature set.

Imation boosts Apollo portable drive capacity to 500G

07/30, 4:10pm

Apollo now in 500GB size

Imation on Wednesday announced the release of a new Apollo portable hard drive with a 500GB capacity. Previously, the largest 2.5-inch Apollo HDD was available in a 320GB size, along with a 250GB and 160GB units. All four are just over a half-inch thick and weigh less than a half-pound. The only connection required is a USB 2.0 cable, which allows for data transfer at speeds up to 480Mbps as well as providing power to the drive.

Universal opens DRM-free rare music store

07/30, 3:55pm

Universal LostTunes

Universal today took an unusual route in announcing LostTunes, its own company-run store. Rather than sell a bulk catalog, the service focuses only on rare and at times unreleased albums from the music label's collection. Albums are hand-picked by Universal and cover several different eras ranging from classic jazz on the Verve label to Joni Mitchell and electronic music. The catalog will start small with just 134 albums but will add 500 albums within the next half-year; the goal is to offer a new way to buy into a back catalog, Universal says.

ComChart debuts iPhone-ready medical app

07/30, 3:15pm

ComChart iPhone support

ComChart has released v9.3g3 of EMR, its medical records software. The program is designed to reduce the amount of paper used in a clinic or hospital, providing access to patient information such as medications and test results. Users can additionally schedule future appointments and fax or print out prescription requests for pharmacies.

Sony to shadow Apple retail with one-on-one

07/30, 2:55pm

Sony Mimics Apple Retail

Sony retail locations will soon offer some of the same expanded service options as Apple stores, according to an announcement the electronics giant made late yesterday. Though not making any comparisons of its own, the company says a number of its Sony Style locations will soon grow their Backstage service current PC repair-only focus to at least temporarily include one-on-one training sessions. Similar to Apple's One-to-One, Sony hopes to attract students coming back to school by letting them book two free appointments with a retail staffer to train on using the company's VAIO PCs.

ARM gives license to mystery phone maker

07/30, 1:45pm

ARM License May Be Apples

Mobile chipmaker ARM has handed out a mystery architecture license for its processors, the company revealed Wednesday while discussing its latest quarterly results. The company unusually declines to say which manufacturer it may be but notes that the particular licensee is a "leading handset OEM [original equipment manufacturer]" and that the deal would give the unnamed firm much more direct control over building and using chips -- a deal the new partner wants, ARM explains.

Lenovo netbook entry due before October?

07/30, 1:40pm

Lenovo netbook in Sept.?

Chinese computer maker Lenovo has confirmed its interest in the world of netbooks like the Eee PC, a report indicates. Ken Wong, Lenovo Taiwan's general manager, says the company is currently contemplating a netbook that if released, would be aimed at both public and corporate buyers. Sources at ODM builders are meanwhile claiming that the Lenovo system should ship by the end of September 2008, though no prices or specifications are available.

OrionGadgets ships new leather cases for iPhone 3G

07/30, 1:25pm

iPhone 3G gets new cases

iPhone accessory-maker OrionGadgets has announced four new leather cases for the iPhone 3G. All four of the new cases feature soft leather construction, belt clips and free shipping to the US and Canada. The Leather Horizontal Pouch Type Case, available in red, ($25) features a magnetic fastener for opening and closing the case. The Horizontal Pouch Type Case, available in black ($25) is similar to the Leather Horizontal Pouch Type Case, but lacks the magnetic clasp. Also available is the Leather Vertical Pouch Type Case, available in both black and red ($22 each). The Vertical pouches feature a simple slide-in design with white stitching for styling accents.

Apple warning of impending Mac, iPod shortages?

07/30, 1:05pm

Future Mac/iPod shortage?

Apple is warning that some products will be in short supply in the near future, according to a bulletin allegedly sent to resellers. The memo indicates that Apple is ramping down the production of current-generation iPods, along with 13-inch MacBooks, and 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros. The company has "strongly suggested" that resellers should immediately buy about four weeks' worth of iPods, as the reservoir could go dry within the next seven days. MacBook vendors are being pressured to buy three weeks' worth of stock.

iCal manager Today 1.3 improves task-management

07/30, 1:05pm

iCal manager improved

Second Gear has announced Today 1.3, an update to its iCal task- and events-manager. The v1.3 update focuses on management of tasks in iCal. Tasks are now available over multiple days in v1.3 and new task-sorting options have been added. Today 1.3 costs $15 and requires Max OS X 10.5 and higher. A 10-day trial is available. Today offers a quick-view window, tracking an iCal user's daily events. It works with iCal open or closed, and its window can be toggled to disappear and reappear with a single keystroke.

LG phones to get Dolby surround audio

07/30, 12:05pm

LG Gets Dolby in Phones

LG today said it has struck an agreement with Dolby Labs to build Dolby Mobile audio into its media phones. The recently-developed technique gives listeners virtual surround from plugged-in earphones despite the relatively small size and low power of a handset. It can also enhance audio for stereo signals, either widening the perceived sound stage for a less compressed sound and restoring lost detail both through a treble enhancer as well as a bass boost.

ProVUE ships Panaroma Enterprise Server

07/30, 11:55am

Panorama Enterprise Server

ProVUE has released Panorama Enterprise Server, a companion to its similarly-named database client. The company notes that while most server systems keep data centrally located, PES distributes RAM copies as a mesh across a local network, in theory reducing the performance load for regular tasks. Other main features automatic backup, WYSIWYG tools for web forms, and remote tools for management and debugging.

PowerBullet 2x2 charges iPhone, iPod, from wall, car

07/30, 11:45am

Dual charge from wall, car

iPod accessory-maker ezGear has released PowerBullet 2x2, a wall- and car-charger that powers iPhones, iPods and other media players. With its two USB ports it can charge two devices at the same time. The PowerBullet has an external wall charger with a built-in car-charger available hidden beneath a removable lid, providing a user with one charger that can alternate between the car and home use. It is available now for $20. It is compatible with the iPhone 3g and 2G, as well as the iPod touch and other iPods.

MSI hikes Wind price to $499 and up

07/30, 11:40am

MSI Wind Price Hikes

MSI today confirmed to LAPTOP that it would raise the official price of its Wind mini notebook by an average of $50. A base model with a three-cell battery pack now costs $499 while a longer-lasting six-cell version costs $549. The company has had "no choice" but to increase the price as the raw manufacturing costs for the battery and other notebook materials have increased significantly, according to an MSI official. Retailers such as are being asked to cancel orders at the original prices to avoid facing sanctions from the PC builder.

StuffRadar 1.1 divides categories, adds due dates

07/30, 11:15am

StuffRadar 1.1 for iPhone

Developer Synium says it has released a v1.1 update to StuffRadar, its debut iPhone application. The software keeps track of various personal possessions, namely books, movies, music and games. Items are entered via an Internet search, and can be divided into Library and Wish List categories. Owned items can be marked as borrowed from someone else, or lent to another person.

Sprint offers AIRAVE in-home cell hub for all US

07/30, 11:15am

Sprint AIRAVE Nationwide

Sprint today made official word that it will offer the AIRAVE across the whole of the US. The femtocell boosts indoors coverage for Sprint's cellphones by receiving the CDMA phone link and using the subscriber's existing high-speed Internet connection at home to relay the calls, eliminating the need to locate the femtocell in a part of the home that can already get coverage. Unlike T-Mobile's HotSpot@Home and other Wi-Fi based options, the licensed frequency isn't as likely to face interference, Sprint argues.

GaragePay v1.1 adds CSV export, user notes

07/30, 10:50am

GaraePay adds CSV support

Software developer iwascoding has released GaragePay 1.1, an update to its PayPal transaction manager. The new update adds configurable CSV export, shopping cart item display and export and Address Book export. It also adds support for user notes in each transaction. GaragePay's CSV export is fully configurable, with field dividers such as tabs and semicolons for applications requiring them. Version 1.1 also now fetches cart items in addition to transactions from PayPal accounts and adds a notes field to each item for users to annotate with any text needed. Name and address data can now be culled from PayPal transactions in v1.1 and exported to the proper fields within Address Book. The software costs $25 and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and a PayPal account.

TiVo pulls Series 3 DVR, shifting to TiVo HD

07/30, 10:40am

TiVo Pulls Series 3

TiVo on Wednesday quietly withdrew its Series 3 flagship digital video recorder from its online store, removing its normal entry for the device and listing the DVR as "out of stock" on its separate product page. The shift leaves the lower-end TiVo HD as the only recorder capable of saving HD video and leaves the analog-resolution Series 2 as the only alternative.

iPhone 3G owners reporting mysterious cracks

07/30, 10:25am

Cracks on iPhone 3Gs

Cracks have been developing on iPhone 3Gs belonging to a number of owners, according to media and customer reports. The damage appears to consist mostly of hairline fractures, typically around the volume and vibrate controls, but also in some cases around corners, speakers or the headphone jack. Affected models also appear to be white as a majority, though at least one black phone has displayed signs. Critically, the owners all claim not to have abused their phones, only subjected them to normal use.

NETGEAR kit adds N Wi-Fi to networks, PCs

07/30, 10:15am

NETGEAR Wireless-N Up Kit

NETGEAR today rolled out a new two-piece offering for bringing a whole home up to speed with 802.11n Wi-Fi. The Wireless-N Upgrade Kit adds dual-band access point to any existing wired or wireless network that supplies the faster Wi-Fi connection, using either the faster and interference-free 5GHz band or else the more compatible 2.4GHz band. It supports the same features as most full-feature routers with near-automatic Wi-Fi Protected Setup and optimizations for time-sensitive data like gaming or VoIP calls. The access point itself can be managed from virtually any modern operating system.

Hitachi puts out 1TB CinemaStar 24x7 drive

07/30, 9:25am

Hitachi CinemaStar 1TB

Hitachi this morning launched a pair of CinemaStar drives for users of DVRs and any other computer or device that needs to run for long periods of time. The 1TB 7K1000.B relies on the same basic design as its normal DeskStar counterpart but is tuned to run all day and in harsher conditions. The new version is both more resilient against high temperatures as well as modified to run more quietly while it seeks data on the drive. The disk further borrows power optimization tricks from Hitachi's notebook drives to cut down on its energy draw.

Apple: MobileMe now fully-functional

07/30, 9:15am

MobileMe fully-functional?

Apple's beleaguered MobileMe service should now be fully operational, according to a status update. Following almost three weeks of difficulties, the company says it has resolved the vast majority of Mail issues, in particular webmail and message history issues that have persisted for 1 percent of MobileMe subscribers. Despite this a chatline has been established solely for people who may still be coping with e-mail problems.

Garmin nuvifone delayed until 2009

07/30, 8:25am

Garmin nuvifone 2009 Delay

Garmin's long-promised nuvifone won't arrive until 2009, the company said today. Announced in January, the GPS-based smartphone was originally planned for a summer launch but is now targeted for a launch sometime during the first half of 2009. The release is being held up by "carrier specific requirements" that will require changes to the handset, according to the company. Which carriers are involved is unknown, though its particular 3G support makes it a likely candidate for AT&T as well as a number of European providers.

Sanyo preps HD800 pocket 720p camera

07/30, 8:10am

Sanyo HD800 Cam

Sanyo held an event Wednesday for the Japanese launch of the Xacti HD800, a major upgrade to last year's HD700. It still shoots 720p widescreen video in H.264 but has a much improved eight-megapixel CMOS sensor that picks up 70 percent more visual data, improving the perceived sharpness at the same resolution. Color accuracy has also been stepped up, while the HD800 is the first Xacti camera of any kind to have 3D noise reduction that cleans the image in real time.

New Sidekick offers completely customizable shells

07/30, 1:15am

Custom Sidekicks

T-Mobile on Tuesday unveiled a new version of the Sidekick, and with it, a completely customizable shell design, which users can choose from a number of pre-designed colors and templates, or create their very own personalized device. Available by default in black or green, the Sidekick can be detailed with personal photos or graphic art, as well as a host of text, shapes, icons, and logos. Once the design is finalized, T-Mobile will ship the finished product to the customer, while the design remains online for others to view.


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