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Dell intros $700 Inspiron 13 notebook, 518 tower

07/29, 12:00am

Dell Inspiron 13 and 518

Dell tonight is continuing a string of major PC updates with both a new Inspiron notebook as well as a desktop. The Inspiron 13 promises to challenge the MacBook and other 13-inch portables by pushing the cost well below others while also providing dimensions and features that aren't always carried over into budget notebooks. The system weighs a relatively light 4.5 pounds but still finds room for a slot-load DVD drive, touch-sensitive media controls, and a sturdier, one-piece "barrel" hinge versus the two-hinge design of larger Inspirons.

HP confirms 24 laptops affected by Nvidia fluke

07/28, 11:55pm

HP laptops with Nvidia

HP on Monday addressed which of its laptops were impacted by the recent Nvidia defect, citing 24 different models that range as far back as November 2007, when HP began covering failed GPUs under warranty. The issue affects HP's Pavilion dv2000, dv6000, and dv9000 series laptops, and the Compaq Presario V3000 and V6000 series as well. HP is offering an updated BIOS for the affected machines, and is offering customers a complete set of diagnostic instructions, for determining whether a model is affected by the problem.

Dell takes on Mac mini with Studio Hybrid

07/28, 11:15pm

Dell Studio Hybrid

Dell tonight leapt into the mini desktop business with the Studio Hybrid. The system is described as the company's "first step" in eco-friendly PCs and uses notebook components to dramatically reduce both its size and power draw; where a tower uses a 300-watt supply, the Hybrid uses well under 65 watts and is 80 percent smaller than even a mini tower, the company tells Electronista. The company also promises that the system "leaves the Mac mini behind" with the option of a Blu-ray drive for HD video, HDMI video out, an 8-in-1 card reader and the choice of a TV tuner.

Sans Digital ships MobileNAS, supports game consoles

07/28, 10:25pm

New NAS supports gamers

Sans Digital has announced a new network attached storage (NAS) server with RAID and direct attach options, supporting connections to gaming systems. It is available in silver, the MobileNAS MN4L+, and black, the MobileNAS MN4L+B. The server offers digital media playback for the PlayStation (both PlayStation 2 and 3) and Xbox over UPnP and DLNA protocols, adding value to its home server appeal. It provides a Gigabit Ethernet NAS connection and can also be used as direct attached storage over an iSCSI connection. In addition to the iSCSI support, the unit also offers eSATA, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0.

U.S. Apple stores increase hours, staff

07/28, 10:20pm

Apple's hours increased

Apple recently updated its iPhone availability page availability page, stating, "To accommodate demand for iPhone 3G, all Apple Retail Stores will now open at 8:00 a.m. every day but Sunday. We're also adding staff to help you get up and running as quickly as possible." The demand for the iPhone 3G has been excessive and Apple's retail stores have been flooded with long lines for iPhones across the United States. Apple has responded to this by increasing hours and staffing to help more customers each day.

Pentax preps budget, wide-angle Optio E60

07/28, 8:30pm

Pentax Optio E60

Pentax tonight gave entry-level photographers an extra option through the 10.1-megapixel Optio E60. Its standout addition is a 32-96mm equivalent wide-angle lens that helps frame wide portrait shots, scenery, or other very horizontal subjects. Its beginner focus includes a fully automatic mode that changes all settings itself, though the camera adds face detection and ISO-based blur correction that also help more experienced owners.

Bell Canada lays off 2500 managers

07/28, 7:15pm

Bell Canada cuts 2500

Feeling the pressure from aggressive competition, closeBell Canada is cutting 15 percent of its management workforce. Bell says it's cutting 2,500 non-union workers. Canada's largest telecommunications company is cutting its management hierarchy from 11 layers to a maximum of eight. The company is slimming down as part of a $52 billion dollar privatization plan funded by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and several US partners, according to the Canadian Press. Bell missed out on a chance to sell the iPhone, because it operates a CDMA wireless network which does not support Apple's mobile device. It also faces a new competitor in the wireless marketplace.

Dell adds 16:9 ratio S2409W to display mix

07/28, 7:10pm

Dell S2409W Display

Dell has quietly slipped out the S2409W. The 24-inch screen is Dell's first to switch from a normal 16:10 ratio to a wider 16:9. Although this sacrifices resolution, dropping from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080, the resolution matches the 1080p output of Blu-ray movies and most other HD formats and results in a larger overall picture for those and most other widescreen videos. An HDMI input gives the S2409W a direct video input for movie players and game consoles.

Nike+ Human Race 10K

07/28, 7:05pm

Nike+ race

On August 31, Nike and Apple will be hosting one of the world's largest one-day running events, The Nike+ Human Race 10K. Individuals are able to either join together with large groups of runners in 25 different host cities or they may choose to run where they are and then upload their stats via Nike+. Runners can sign up for the event through Nike+'s website and are given the option to choose a charity that they would like to run for. Registered runners may run for the UN Refugee Agency, the Lance Armstrong Foundation or the WWF.

Agent 18 adds new iPhone 3G cases

07/28, 7:00pm

Agent 18 new iPhone cases

Agent 18 has expanded three of its most popular case lines - EcoShield, ClearShield and FlowerVest - to include versions for the iPhone 3G. Each of these cases offer full access to all of the iPhones connectors, buttons and camera, as well as allow the iPhone to be docked into any universal docking device without the need to remove the case. The EcoShield is a thin case made of a hard scratch resistant plastic derived from recycled plastic bottles. The inside of the case is lined with interior pads to protect the iPhone from any scratches or damage. The case offers a high gloss finish that matches that of the iPhone 3G and is available in five colors: white, pink, green, blue and black.

PhotoTrackr now available for Mac

07/28, 5:45pm

PhotoTrackr now for Mac

GiSTEQ has announced on Monday that its PhotoTrackr software is now available for Mac systems, providing Mac users with compatibility for the PhotoTrackr devices, which are small lightweight GPS camera trackers. The software takes the additional information given from the device and then is able to do things such as properly date, map, categorize and organize photos, allowing traveling photographers the freedom from having to manually document where photos were taken. PhotoTrackr also gives users features such as basic photo editing tools, a Flash slideshow maker, a photo web album as well as a Google web gallery. As photos are loaded into the software users are given the option to add GPS information, which automatically matches photos with the appropriate tags. This information can then be viewed through either Google Earth or Google Maps.

RSOL joins growing list of Mac Clone suppliers

07/28, 5:40pm

RSOL: DIY Mac clone

RSOL says its new Jive Series Desktops will run Mac OS X, although the company is not offering any official support for the OS. RSOL joins Open Tech and Psystar in the Mac clone market, with the latter now facing a lawsuit from Apple. RSOL says the Jive desktop will run "just about any operating system" including Fedora and Ubuntu and, of course, Windows.

Samsung launches four laser printers for office use

07/28, 4:35pm

Samsung new laser printers

Samsung today took the wraps off four new printers, with the CLP-315, CLP-315W and CLX-3175FN color laser printers for the small or home office market as well as small workgroups along with the laser SCX-4828FN to add to its monochrome multifunction line. The SCX-4828FN is designed for use in office workgroup environments, with the ability to print, copy, scan and fax, capable of printing up to 30 pages per minute.

New Macs to get custom platform?

07/28, 4:25pm

MacBook Custom Platform

Apple is dropping Intel's reference platform in favor of custom circuitry, according to a new rumor floated by AppleInsider. Although every Intel-based Mac has to date used Intel's stock chipsets but with a custom layout, Apple is now purportedly using little to none of Intel's own components in favor of outside parts. Whether this involves licensing components from an outside firm or even custom-designed chips is unknown, though Apple would keep using Intel's processors.

Google adds iCal support to Calendar

07/28, 4:20pm

Google Calendar & iCal

Google's web-based Calendar application should now support iCal integration, the company has announced. The feature comes by way of support for the CalDAV protocol, which in turn allows access to a calendar via WebDAV. Users of the Google app should now be able to edit a calendar in iCal and have it sync with their online schedule, as well as vice versa. Changes are applied whenever iCal is able to go online, or a person signs into Calendar.

ASUS announces Xonar D1 7.1 PCI audio card

07/28, 4:05pm

ASUS intros Xonar D1 card

ASUS recently announced it will soon start shipping its Xonar D1 7.1 audio card for PCs, responding to its customers' requests to offer a higher-performance PCI version of its PCI Express and 5.1-channel Xonar HD card. The new card combines Dolby Home Theater and DirectSound HW support for multimedia and gaming applications, respectively. The card also promises to deliver nearly distortion-free sound, thanks to an advanced Digital-to-Analog Converter, helping it to achieve a 116dB signal-to-noise ratio.

FCC to bar Comcast from traffic filtering

07/28, 3:50pm

FCC to Bar Comcast Filters

The US Federal Communications Commission is said today to be preparing a ruling that would find Comcast violating rules for filtering traffic on its cable Internet service. While the regulatory body's chairman Kevin Martin has already said the ruling won't involve fines, the decision will reportedly ban Comcast from its current practices, which specifically throttle all BitTorrent traffic and certain peer-to-peer services in an attempt to minimize the price to Comcast for supporting the data.

ThoughtWorks ships Cruise app for Agile developers

07/28, 3:45pm

ThoughtWorks ships Cruise

ThoughtWorks has announced the shipping of Cruise, an integration and release management utility aimed at Agile developers. The software is structured around the concept of pipelines, which forces projects to run through testing and approval gauntlets, including optional staging/production levels.

QuickerTek expands Apple Juicz line

07/28, 3:35pm

QuickerTek adds charger

QuickerTek has announced that it is adding another Apple Juicz model to its product line. The Apple Juicz line offers a new way to power the MacBook and MacBook Pro using free and environmentally-concious solar power. A MacBook is able to be powered and charged simultaneously while the 15-inch MacBook Pro can either be charged or powered. Unlike older style solar panels, the new design presented by QuickerTek is flexible and much lighter than the classic thick glass cells. The new solar charger folds to only 10.5 x 9 inches but when unfolded offers 60 x 42 inches of solar charging panels. All models require users to get an upgraded MagSafe power adapter, for which QuickerTek offers two solutions. A user may choose to send in their current MagSafe power adapter which QuickerTek will then modify for $25 or a user may choose to purchase a pre-modified adapter for $100.

LG makes deals with US cablecos for tru2way HD

07/28, 3:00pm

LG tru2way US Deal

LG on Monday said it has struck deals with US cable providers to get support for tru2way, the new two-directional HD video standard. A memorandum of understanding between LG and six US cable providers should see the latter offer support for tru2way on their networks, letting HDTVs from LG and other set makers supply HDTV with interactive options such as video on demand or more advanced programming guides without needing a separate device.

Battlestations: Midway demo goes online

07/28, 3:00pm

Battlestations Midway demo

Though having released the full game last month, Feral has just today published a free demo version of Battlestations: Midway, its World War II action game. Players fight a variety of battles in the Pacific theater of the war, switching between warships, aircraft and submarines as the ebb of fighting dictates. The full game is said to have over 60 different units, and eight-player matches via the GameRanger online service.

Casio reveals Verizon-bound g'zOne Boulder

07/28, 2:20pm

Casio gzOne Boulder for VZ

Casio today tipped Verizon's hand early with the announcement of a new g'zOne ruggedized phone. The Boulder shares the same dirt, shock, and water resistance as earlier models but adds push-to-talk (PTT) over its EVDO Revision A-based 3G access for instant conversation during a nature hike or field work. Also a centerpiece is a digital compass that appears on the clamshell phone's external LCD for quicker trail navigation and the option of using the phone as an LED-based flashlight.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties goes gold

07/28, 2:05pm

Asian Dynasties goes gold

Macsoft on Monday announced that Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties has gone "gold." The Asian Dynasties is the second expansion pack for Ensemble Studio's strategy game. The expansion brings players new playable Civilizations, units, campaigns, game modes and more. Players are now given the ability to command one of of three Asian civilizations, the Indians, the Chinese or the Japanese. Each which features its own unique armies and special units such as Monks, Daimyo or Mansabdaral heros and villains. These campaigns allow players to relive both Asia's most pivotal hists. Players will also be able to engage in three new campaigns featuring originorical evens as well as experience all-new original stories.

DealNN: iPod gear, Belkin wireless, more

07/28, 2:00pm

DealNN deals iPod gear

DealNN deals for today include the Panasonic Bluetooth stereo earbuds for $40 after mail in rebate offer from and the Griffin TuneJuice 2 battery backup for iPod for $25 at Also available at is the Belkin wireless G router for $41 after mail in rebate. has the Kensington LiftOff portable notebook cooling stand for $11 and save $40 on the Bose sound dock digital music system now priced at $260 at

Next MacBooks to tout glass trackpads?

07/28, 1:50pm

MacBook Glass Trackpad

The next generation of MacBooks will mark a radical change to the company's trackpad design, says a new rumor. Both the regular MacBook and the MacBook Pro will allegedly switch to glass-surfaced trackpads that allow multi-touch gestures. It's unspecified as to whether the change will also add new gestures beyond the simpler pinch, rotate, and swipe motions used with the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro or will just make gestures easier to perform.

BlackBerry Bold dates pegged for US, elsewhere?

07/28, 1:20pm

New BlackBerry Bold dates?

Release dates for RIM's BlackBerry Bold cellphone have been leaked, a report claims. Though having missed its July 25th release date, Rogers' Canadian version of the phone is still expected to ship first, on July 29th. Next is believed to be the Vodafone UK edition, shipping August 1st, followed by the T-Mobile Germany model, coming August 4th. An O2 variant is expected sometime in September.

Red Marble Games announces Democracy 2

07/28, 1:20pm

Democracy 2 announced

Red Marble Games has announced the release of Democracy 2 for the Macintosh, a political simulation/strategy game that puts players in a position of power as either the president or prime minister of a country of their choosing . Players are then able to control the country in the manner they see as right. The game then simulates the motivations, loyalties and desires of everyone in the nation. By making choices to resolve dilemmas and implementing various policies, players work towards improving their country without angering enough voters to be turned out of office.

FotoMagico 2.5 intros support for iMedia framework

07/28, 12:30pm

FotoMagico 2.5 update

Boinx has released a new version of FotoMagico 2, a presentation app aimed specifically at photographers. Aside from displaying high-resolution images, the software lets users implement pans, zooms and animated transitions, and export them to the web or DVD for the sake of clients. Export options are also present for videos intended to appear on iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs.

Baseline 1.3 adds duplicate detection

07/28, 11:40am

Baseline 1.3 released

MildMannered has released v1.3 of Baseline, a Mac-exclusive hard disk utility. The application presents a more detailed analysis of disk space, in browser, tree or graphical treemap views. It becomes easier as a result to judge how much memory individual files and folders take up, with the added benefit of comparing against previous analyses. Compression, deletion and archival functions are also immediately available.

Samsung Q1 Ultra gets 3G, Vista Business options

07/28, 11:35am

Samsung Q1 Ultra with 3G

Samsung this morning upgraded its Q1 Ultra UMPC with a pair of crucial new trim levels. The Q1U-CMXP is the first North American model to build in a 3G cellular Internet connection that supports HSDPA data over AT&T's network in the US, giving it online access beyond just Wi-Fi. It otherwise carries the same specs as the reference Q1 Ultra with an 800MHz Intel A110 as its processor, 1GB of memory, and an 80GB ultraportable hard drive running Windows XP. It should be available now for $1,499.

Verizon: iPhone 3G has impact, but 'minimal'

07/28, 11:10am

Verizon on iPhone 3G Intro

The launch of the iPhone 3G has affected Verizon's sales since launch but only in a small way, the company said today when discussing its latest quarterly results. In response to a question during the US phone provider's conference call for its spring figures, the company argues that the Apple device had a "minimally short-term impact" on Verizon since the July 11th launch and that the handset's influence was "disproportionately less" than could be expected for the respective market shares of AT&T and Verizon.

Real patches critical RealPlayer vulnerabilities

07/28, 11:00am

RealPlayer vulnerabilities

Real has fixed four "highly critical" security issues spread across the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of RealPlayer, according to a Secunia report. While two of the vulnerabilities are Windows-only, in that they relate to ActiveX controls, at least one is known to be universal. In this a design flaw is said to exist within the handling of frames in Shockwave Flash files, which in an unpatched copy of the software, could be used to create a heap-based buffer overflow.

Steve Jobs speaks on personal health

07/28, 10:10am

Jobs on personal health

Steve Jobs has not had a recurrence of his pancreatic cancer, writes the New York Times. In speaking with the Apple CEO via phone, the newspaper says it has learned more about Jobs' medical problems, which were previously described as "a private matter" during a recent third-quarter earnings call. Concerns over a gaunt appearance are said to have aided in a brief stock slide at the time; more recently, though, third-party sources are said to have downplayed any talk of cancer.

VIZIO preps hybrid PC/TV display, Eco HDTV

07/28, 10:05am


VIZIO today provided early details of three new display lines, including the company's first true hybrid display. Known so far as the VMM Monitor, the 26-inch LCD will have dual HDMI inputs but also DVI and VGA as well as RCA audio inputs for built-in 3W speakers. The TV maker promises a more desktop-capable design with a relatively thin bezel, a glass front panel, and the option of tilting or swiveling the image. VIZIO expects the VMM to appear in August for $450, or less than many stand-alone HDTVs at the same size.

SimpleTech intros eco-friendly, remade HDDs

07/28, 9:25am

SimpleTech redrive

Fabrik's home label SimpleTech today launched a new suite of external hard drives headlined by the [re]drive, its first consciously green hard drive. The new disk is shelled with both an aluminum frame and natural bamboo covers that let the user recycle the external casing much more easily than the plastic from most drives. Choosing these materials also has the upside of cooling the 3.5-inch disk inside without needing fans that add to noise and power draw.

Apple working to restore MobileMe/.Mac mail history

07/28, 9:20am

MobileMe mail restoration

Progress continues to be made on restoring full e-mail service to the 1 percent of MobileMe subscribers who are still having trouble, says Apple. The company notes that following the activation of webmail for the affected group, it has restored "full" e-mail history, with the notable exception of about 10 percent of messages, delivered between July 18th and the 22nd; some of these may have been permanently lost.

Samsung ships computer LCDs with HDTV tuning

07/28, 8:40am

Samsung ToC HD LCDs

Samsung on Monday added to its "Touch of Color" computer displays with three multi-role versions. The 22-inch, 1680x1050 T220HD as well as the 24- and 26-inch, 1920x1200 T240HD and T260HD share the same two-tone look of the originals but add an ATSC/ClearQAM tuner that picks up unprotected over-the-air HDTV broadcasts; they also add one front and one rear HDMI input for users who want to attach a game console, Blu-ray player or similar device at the same time as a computer.

Motorola to remake Home & Networks group

07/28, 8:00am

Moto to Split Home Network

Motorola will break up its Home and Networks Mobility group in a move which is likely meant to prepare for a potential sell-off, according to a memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal. The company will purportedly create three divisions; two will involve networks and see Motorola divide its networking efforts into a Cellular Networks group, for traditional cell service, as well as a Broadband Access Solutions group that handles wide-area wireless technology such as Long Term Evolution (4G) or WiMAX. The third will handle all digital video, including cable boxes, DVRs, and IPTV.


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