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Dev Team: iPhone Infused is a scam

updated 11:10 am EDT, Thu July 24, 2008

Dev Team on iPhone Infused

The hacking subscription site iPhone Infused is a scam, charges one of the lead members of the iPhone Dev Team, creators of the free PwnageTool. The member claims that Infused's website directly borrows a number of images of iPhone 2.0 firmware posted earlier at hackint0sh, to the extent that the phone is recognizable as his own, 4GB development model.

The developer also notes that a video used by Infused (embedded below) is in fact just a re-edited version of one he recorded, only properly mirrored and with text by Infused superimposed. Part of the evidence is said to be the pen in the clips, which the Dev Team member claims is his and sits in the same position in both circumstances. A different version of the video was legitimately offered to Gizmodo.

iPhone Infused, in exchange for a $40 fee, promises to offer customers a steady stream of jailbreaking and unlocking methods for iPhones. Critics have accused the site, however, of selling files and information that were written by others, and can be downloaded elsewhere at no cost.

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  1. mullum

    Joined: Dec 1969


    bound to happen

    whilst there are people who want the benefits of jailbreaks/unlocks but lack the knowledge or inclination to learn, there will be people out there waiting to take advantage. Of course its wrong, but its bound to happen.
    I used to hate handing over money to those high-street phone unlocking shops, I guess they did invest in a few cables etc, but being technically-minded, I always felt I could do it myself if I had the inclination to "study" unlocking, which I didnt :P Hence forking out the dosh.

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: mullum

    The thing is this company does NOT do the unlocking for you and make sure the unlock works.

    This scam copy pastes information available elsewhere for free. They don't care if you can't get it to work.

    For those in school it's call plagiarize, if it's out of school, it's fraud and copyright infringement.

  1. Sondjata

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The info is free. If you're willing to pay me to provide you with information that is freely available because you're too lazy to go find it, then what's the problem?

    You wanna create a Corp? You can pay the company corporation to do it for you for ~$300 or you can do the footwork yourself and get it done for ~$50. Is the Company Corporation a scam?

    Got a speeding ticket? You can look up the relevant laws and arguments yourself for free or you can hire a lawyer to do that legwork for you.

    This is simply a business. You want quick and easy you pay for it.

    Don't want your stuff sold, make sure to stipulate that the material cannot be copied or distributed without your written permission. Otherwise, sucks to be you.

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