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HighPoint offers 1000MBps SAS/SATA RAID controller

07/24, 7:05pm

HighPoint RAID controller

HighPoint Technologies announced today it is releasing the RocketRAID 2644x4 SAS RAID controller card that will deliver throughput speeds as high as 1000MBps and is capable of supporting as many as 128 SAS and SATA hard drives (via SAS expanders from LSI and Vitesse). The controller can connect with up to four PCI-Express busses capable of tranferring data at 1000MBps speeds in both directions at the same time.

MobileMess: sporadic email, data loss

07/24, 7:05pm

MobileMe more problems

Apple's MobileMe service has been plagued with problems since its inception two weeks ago. Recently users have been experiencing issues connecting to the Mail server, preventing the use the service's most touted feature. For many, inboxes remain empty, and messages unsent, but some had luck and found they could suddenly access the mail server. Reports of data loss have begun to surface, the root problem occurring when a device tries to sync with the new MobileMe server. While some users finally report the nearly week-long MobileMe email outage is over, others found they have lost their stored emails entirely.

solidThinking 7.6 updates rendering engine

07/24, 6:15pm

solidThinking 7.6 release

solidThinking has updated one of the only CAID (computer-aided industrial design) packages offered for both Mac OS X and Windows. solidThinking is a design program that allows users to render photorealistic 3D product designs in stunning environments or. solidThinking, which according to Architosh, has gained significant market share by pulling in clients such as Nikon, Toshiba and Volvo, was recently acquired by Altair Engineering and has received a global update to version 7.6. solidThinking 7.6 includes an updated rendering engine, a streamlined user interface, rich photorealistic content functionality and a number of other user-centric enhancements.

Images offer a sneak peek at Motorola's PEBL-U8

07/24, 6:10pm

Motorola PEBL-U8 images

Images of what is believed to be Motorola's upcoming version of the PEBL-U8 have appeared on the web. The clamshell phone sports a 2.2-inch display with 320x240 (QVGA) resolution, and support for 262,000 colors. A hidden CLI display on the outside panel displays less detailed information. The phone supports VOD and MOD download services, and can store MP3 tracks. Access to 3G data networks allows for download speeds up to 7.2Mbps.

Microsoft to offer search engine on Facebook

07/24, 6:00pm

MS search for Facebook

At its annual meeting for financial analysts on Thursday, Microsoft announced it will start offering its search service on the social networking site Facebook. The agreement should further the working relationship of the two entities, as Microsoft owns 1.6 percent of Facebook's shares, allowing it to be an exclusive banner-ad provider. Under the new agreement, a part of Facebook's 90 million members will also have access to Microsoft's search engine.

Images of ASUS Eee PC accessories leaked

07/24, 5:45pm

ASUS EeePC accessories

ASUS may soon officially release accessories for its Eee PC range of UMPCs, as images of three new accessories have been leaked on the Internet. The images originate from a German Eee PC enthusiast site, and show an external hard drive, an external optical drive and a 3G wireless data network connection card. All seem to connect to the Eee PC via an integrated USB port.

First Look: NovaMind Platinum screenwriting module

07/24, 5:25pm

F. Look: NovaMind Platinum

Writing a script for a movie, TV show or the stage isn't easy. While there are plenty of scriptwriting programs that format text automatically, few of these help you to think creatively about your story in the first place. To handle both sides of the equation, you may need to use a screenwriting module like the one in NovaMind Platinum.

iKanji 1.0 helps users learn Japanese

07/24, 5:00pm

iKanji released

ThinkMac Software has announced iKanji 1.0, a brand new application for learning Japanese kanji characters on a Mac. iKanji features over 2200 of the most common kanji characters as well as nearly 20,000 example words. The software is designed as a helpful tool for anyone attempting to learn Japanese, offering an intuitive, friendly interface that takes full advantage of Core Animation to provide users with an engaging experience. It features editable flash cards that can be used to learn anything from Kanji readings, English meanings of characters or stroke animations.

British ISPs take active role in online piracy fight

07/24, 4:40pm

UK ISPs join piracy fight

The British music and film industries finally received the cooperation they have been seeking from Internet Service Providers in helping them fight illegal file downloading. A report on Thursday has six of the country's largest Internet providers sending warning letters to subscribers suspected of illegal file downloading and sharing. The decision to do so is commonly believed to be spurred by the British government, which announced earlier this year that it would impose its own laws forcing them to police how their services are used had they failed to cooperate voluntarily.

Bell, Telus moving to HSPA to snatch iPhone?

07/24, 4:30pm

Bell and Telus HSPA Rumor

Canadian cell services Bell and Telus are both near announcing that they will switch to the same cellular network format as Rogers in a bid to regain their competitive strength, a new UBS investment note says. The two carriers use the same CDMA phone technology as Sprint, Verizon, and numerous smaller providers in the US but are now looking to switch to 3G that would most likely use the High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology that underpins Rogers' network as well as most modernized GSM carriers.

Microsoft to demo spherical multi-touch

07/24, 3:50pm

MS Surface Sphere Soon

Microsoft will demonstrate its previously only hinted-at spherical Surface display next week, the company has inadvertently revealed through its own floor map for its Research group's DemoFest event. Booth 110 at the show is listed as offering a "multi-touch spherical display" that resembles a previously described variant on the company's Surface touch computer, which for now is only available as a table-sized device for businesses such as AT&T stores and casinos.

AT&T, O2 offer iPhone availability updates

07/24, 3:45pm

AT&T, O2 iPhone deliveries

AT&T can now offer a specific timeframe for the availability of iPhone 3Gs, the company has announced -- although it may be out of the carrier's hands as Apple struggles to provide enough inventory for the popular device. The US partner carrier notes that due to demand, "many" people have been buying iPhone 3Gs through its direct fulfillment (raincheck) program, in which customers pay in advance and are told they can pick up a phone after it arrives. At present, the company says, these people are receiving their iPhones an average of 13 or 14 days after their order.

Steinberg ships Sequel 2.0 music software

07/24, 3:20pm

Sequel 2.0 music software

Sequel has upgraded it music creation and performance software to version 2.0, adding numerous improvements. Sequel creates a virtual music studio on a user's desktop. It allows live remixing, with multi-track support and built-in music loops and instruments. Version 2 adds a controller mode for accessing the software with an external keyboard or hardware controller. It uses MIDI learn functions to communicate external commands to the software.

Jobs takes off in Gulfstream jet more often

07/24, 3:20pm

Jobs flight time

In recent months Steve Jobs has been flying more frequently around the world. When Jobs flies on his personal jet he bills Apple, and these expenses show up in the Apple quarterly reports. In the most recent June report, Steve's expenses jumped from $30,000 to $102,000. It is also notable that in the last three months of 2007, Jobs racked up $550,00 in expenses. These peaks in travel time for Jobs show a strong sign that he is involved in face-to-face discussions with potential partners, assuring investors of his health admist concerns that have hurt the stock.

Money 3 financial app gets new interface

07/24, 3:00pm

New interface for Money 3

Jumsoft has released Money 3, featuring a new interface, with upgrades to inventory, invoice tools, budgets and reports. The financial application is geared towards personal and small-business accounting, with tools for financial management. Version 3 adds a new interface, with better design, grouping, use of color, display of commands and a new cover-flow view. New invoice styles have been added, with support for multiple currencies in financial math calculations.

RIM intros BlackBerry iTunes sync, limits to Windows

07/24, 3:00pm

BlackBerry Media Sync

Research in Motion hoped to gain ground among media smartphones today with the official launch of BlackBerry Media Sync. Announced alongside the Bold, the software gives owners of current-generation BlackBerries the option to sync some or all of their iTunes libraries for playback on the phone, including playlists. Phone owners can also block out part of the phone's storage space to set it aside for work, photos, and other content.

Yahoo to lock tracks from defunct online store

07/24, 2:55pm

Yahoo Music DRM deadline

All ability to copy or transfer tracks bought through Yahoo Music will end with the month of September, an announcement indicates. Beginning on October 1st the company is shutting off the delivery of DRM keys for tracks, a move which should leave the music playable locally, but difficult if not impossible to copy to a portable player, second hard drive, or compact disc. The deadline follows months after the closure of Yahoo Music sales, which have since been replaced by a partnership with Real's DRM-free Rhapsody service.

Flash memory prices tanking?

07/24, 2:25pm

Flash Memory Price Tanks

Prices on the flash memory used in portable devices have plummeted in the past month, according to a report by DRAMeXchange. The Taiwan-area research firm says that a combination of economic inflation, the Sichuan earthquake in mainland China, and a seasonal lack of orders in spring have forced companies producing NAND flash to drop their prices by about 20 percent between June and July in order to clear overstock and is only expected to get worse. As the usual recovery isn't expected to be as strong, the problem could last until at least the end of the summer, the researchers say.

Apple seeks to hire security expert for iPhone

07/24, 1:15pm

iPhone securty job

Apple may be looking to address complaints about mediocre security efforts for the iPhone, a new job listing suggests. The company has posted an opening for an iPhone Security Engineer, to be based at the company's headquarters in Cupertino. The position calls for someone to "validate the security architecture for the iPhone," and produce a "major impact on Apple's embedded operating system products."

Intel shows x86 system-on-chip for handhelds

07/24, 12:35pm

Intel System-on-Chip

Intel today introduced what it says is a new class of processor for itself and the wider industry. The EP80579 Integrated Processor is a system-on-a-chip that builds in a main Pentium M processor as well as the necessary interface and memory controllers, communications, graphics, and security all into one part. The technology is efficient that it can shrink the total size of the board and its components by as much as 45 percent compared to what they would require separately, Intel says. It also reduces power by about 34 percent.

net4mac 1.5 updates chat, user interface, more

07/24, 12:35pm

Mac social net updated

Mac-based social network net4mac has updated its software to version 1.5. net4mac is a Mac-only social network, with Mac-integrated software that allows users to build profiles, add friends, contact other users, create events and search for members using specific criteria. The new update has a completely rewritten chat function, with an improved geolocation feature (for finding members on a map) and an upgraded user interface with better feedback. It also adds forums, new tips and tricks and numerous bug fixes. The free net4mac software runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

Sprint to sell 3,300 cellular towers for cash

07/24, 12:25pm

Sprint sells 3,330 towers

National carrier Sprint has signed a deal to sell a massive number of cellular towers, according to an announcement. The company says it is selling approximately 3,300 towers to TowerCo, a deal that should gain Sprint about $670 million in cash. Because the company still needs the towers to maintain coverage, it has arranged a licensing deal with TowerCo that will see it provide CDMA, iDEN and WiMAX support in exchange for a regular leasing fee.

Neil Young slams Apple, iTunes

07/24, 11:50am

Neil Young on iPods

Folk and rock star Neil Young has issued sharp criticism of Apple and the iPod, Fortune reports. Speaking at a conference hosted by the magazine, Young said that the sound quality of recordings has been reduced to "Fisher-Price toy" levels in recent years, and companies ike Apple are to blame. "Apple has taken a detour down the convenience highway," says Young. "Quality has taken a complete backseat -- if it even gets in the car at all."

Post.Office adds security, spam-fighting upgrades

07/24, 11:45am

Mail server adds filtering

Post.Office, a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP email server, has been updated to version 3.8.4, with numerous security and spam-fighting upgrades. The 3.8.4 update has also added Mac OS X Leopard support. The update includes an upgraded spam filter, which can now be imported, exported and disabled, and adds open-source plug-in support for additional filtering abilities. The spam filter's SpamAssassin spam detector and ClamAV virus scanner have been updated as well. SpamAssassin has new filtering rules and update capabilities, while ClamAV can now receive automatic bi-weekly virus updates.

FCC fines Sirius and XM $20m as merger nears

07/24, 11:35am

FCC Fines Sirius and XM

The Federal Communications Commission today fined satellite radio providers Sirius and XM in a step already recognized as a precursor to approving their long-anticipated merger. The ruling requires Sirius and XM to pay $2.2 million and $17.5 million respectively for allegedly violating FCC rules by continuing to run receivers and land-based repeaters that could potentially create interference while the FCC has decided on whether it will approve the union of the two companies.

Dev Team: iPhone Infused is a scam

07/24, 11:10am

Dev Team on iPhone Infused

The hacking subscription site iPhone Infused is a scam, charges one of the lead members of the iPhone Dev Team, creators of the free PwnageTool. The member claims that Infused's website directly borrows a number of images of iPhone 2.0 firmware posted earlier at hackint0sh, to the extent that the phone is recognizable as his own, 4GB development model.

Microsoft in first meetings for Zune phone?

07/24, 11:00am

MS Zune Phone Begins

Microsoft has held its first concrete meetings to design a Zune-branded cellphone, according to an unconfirmed but allegedly credible leak from jkOnTheRun. The device is well away from completion but is intended to use multi-touch input and would use a variant of Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft's first major overhaul to its smartphone platform since 2005. Windows Live services will be a major focus along with the Zune's emphasis on media playback.

DealNN: MacAlly set, Keyspan remote, MobileMe

07/24, 10:45am

DealNN: MacAlly set

Deals at DealNN today include the MacAlly iKey slim USB keyboard and mouse set for $20 from and the Kensington mini battery pack for iPod and iPhone that was reduced to $34.99 from $59.99 at C& Get the Keyspan remote for iTunes at the lowest price available on the net at, only $29. ExperCom has .Mac with FREE MobileMe upgrade for $65 and the DLO JamJacket for second generation iPod nano is only $4.99 at

Absoft's Fx3, Xcode 3.1 accelerate Fortran debugging

07/24, 10:25am

Fx3 faster with Xcode 3.1

Absoft has announced significant gains in debugging Fortran code on the Mac platform when combining its Fx3 debugger with Apple's recently released Xcode 3.1 update (which provides additional debugging capabilities to developers). The combination of the two tools allows developers to view and modify values of program variables, which can be located in COMMON blocks, allocated in static storage or declared in Fortran 90 modules. The tools can work in both 32- and 64-bit executables and are multi-processor aware.

MS reorg focuses on Windows, Apple rivalry

07/24, 10:20am

MS Reorg and Windows

Microsoft on Thursday said it was undertaking a major restructuring of the company that will help it return focus to its core Windows software. The company's broader Platforms & Services division will now be split into a dedicated Windows & Windows Live division and a separate Online Services division, both of which will report directly to company chief Steve Ballmer. The effort is publicly described as making Microsoft more nimble and should help the company move more quickly fight off rivals in the "very competitive arenas" of operating systems and the web, according to Ballmer.

Mossberg: MobileMe a pass, for now

07/24, 9:45am

Mossberg on MobileMe

People should probably avoid Apple's MobileMe service, at least for the time being, writes tech columnist Walt Mossberg. He notes that in theory it should be extremely useful, bringing corporate-level sync functions to the public. Moreover, he says, it not only syncs Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPods, it includes 20GB of remote storage and a host of online applications.

GarageGames introduces Torque for iPhone

07/24, 9:40am

Torque arrives for iPhone

Independent game developer GarageGames has announced Torque-engine support for the iPhone. Torque's development tools allow game designers to provide 2D and 3D environments in iPhone applications. Included in the new tool are a WYSIWYG realtime editor, a scripting language and integration with 3D modeling packages. Torque for Iphone includes multi-touch input support, touchscreen gesture recognition, iPhone optimized compressed textures and advanced character and shape animations. Prices for the development tools are on a per-title basis, and require contacting the company for pricing information.

Dual-core Atom to launch late September

07/24, 9:35am

Dual Core Atom Late Sept

Intel's long-rumored dual-core Atom processor now has a fixed launch date and price, according to a late leak. The Atom 330 is now purportedly due on September 21st and will be one of Intel's most economical dual-core chips, costing $43 for a 1.6GHz chip with both the extra core as well as a larger 1MB of Level 2 cache and the same Hyperthreading support as single-core chips, effectively simulating four cores with optimized apps.

Samsung showcases 8MP INNOV8 smartphone [U]

07/24, 8:40am

Samsung 8MP i8510 phone

(Updated with launch info) Samsung on Wednesday night showcased its rumored i8510 smartphone. Offering an extremely high-resolution 8-megapixel camera, the new slim Samsung slider phone -- now called the INNOV8 -- features a 2.8-inch QVGA TFT display and also offers QVGA video resolution at up 120 frames per second (fps) or VGA quality recording at up to 30fps along with advance camera features such as find smile, face, and blink detection, image stabilization, and support for panoramic photos as well as a full editing suite on the device itself (including features for cutting video, dubbing audio, and adding subtitles).

Sony Reader adds universal format, gets red model

07/24, 8:30am

Sony Reader and EPUB

Sony today said that its Reader Digital Book will be the first e-book reader ever to support the new EPUB format. The standard is one of the first to be accepted by multiple major publishers and permits both locked-down and unprotected books that automatically reflow to fit the screen or particular fonts. The software update also adds support for protected Adobe e-books and now reflows basic PDFs on the fly.

Hitachi shrinks, adds SD to Blu-ray vidcam

07/24, 7:35am

Hitachi Blu-ray Cam Update

Hitachi today launched a second update to its Blu-ray equipped camcorders to render it more portable as well as more flexible. The DZ-BD10H uses miniaturization of both the 30GB hard drive and the CMOS image sensor to shrink the camera by about 20 percent, fitting it more easily to hand. It also adds an SDHC card slot that adds about four hours and 45 minutes of full-quality 1920x1080 AVCHD video as well as a new way of offloading data beyond a direct USB connection or a miniature, one-hour Blu-ray disc.

Creative debuts 'bold' ZEN Mozaic player with speaker

07/24, 3:10am

Creative ZEN Mozaic player

Creative Technology on Thursday introduced the Creative ZEN Mozaic portable media player. The "boldly designed" player is available in black, pink, and silver colors for what the company says is a "statement that reflects the user's sense of fashion and individual style." It features a built-in speaker like the ZEN Wav, 1.8-inch LCD color screen, FM radio with 32 presets, and a microphone for voice recording. The compact Mozaic also runs unusually long with up to 32 hours of audio playback on a single charge of the battery.

Nokia, Qualcomm settle feud, swap patents

07/24, 2:30am

Nokia, Qualcomm settle

Hours before going to trial, both Nokia and Qualcomm have reached an all-encompassing settlement over a year-old patent feud between the two companies, which could save them hundreds of millions in legal fees and help Nokia focus its development efforts in an increasingly competitive landscape. While the details were not disclosed, the settlement includes an up-front payment by Finish handset maker Nokia and on-going royalties payable to US-based Qualcomm. In addition, Nokia has agreed to assign ownership of a number of patents to Qualcomm, including patents declared as essential to WCDMA, GSM and OFDMA.

WD offers 10K, 2.5-inch 300GB drive for servers

07/24, 1:10am

10K, 2.5-inch 300GB

Western Digital on Thursday announced its enterprise-class 10,000RPM 2.5-inch drive designed for rack-mounted servers. The 10K VelociRaptor is designed for blade servers and 1U and 2U rack servers, and offers up to 300GB of capacity, while consuming 35 percent less power than the previous-generation WD Raptor drive, the company claims. WD said that the drive will be manufactured for high reliability in high duty cycle environments, resulting in the highest available reliability rating of any SATA drive at 1.4 million hours MTBF. It features a 3Gb/sec SATA interface and 16MB for maximum performance.

Apple posts 3 new "What is a 3G?" iPhone ads

07/24, 1:05am

Apple posts iPhone ads

Apple has launched an aggressive ad campaign to maintain the strong sales momentum of the iPhone 3G. Three new TV spots have been posted on Apple's website with the theme "What is a 3G." Two of the ads focus on the iPhone's improved speed, the third touts the iPhone as a work tool. The spots are already running on television and specific versions have been produced for other countries.

Apple: MobileMe email down for 5 days, no ETA for fix

07/24, 12:25am

MobileMe email issues

Apple has acknowledged the continuing MobileMe outages for some users and confirmed that the previously reported (and still ongoing) email outage is due to problems with its mail servers. Last week, a third wave of issues with MobileMe surfaced with Apple's email, sync, and web-based internet service offering. The scope, which Apple still claims is very limited, appeared to affect both US and international users, severely limiting users' access to email access via the Web and via email software. Users report that account access is intermittent at times, but for many the service has been completely out.

First iPhone app cracked? Super Monkey Ball for all?

07/24, 12:10am

iPhone Monkey Ball hack

A group of hackers say they have cracked Apple's close Fairplay DRM on Sega's Super Monkey Balll for iPhone. A posting on Haklabs points to a download link for the pirated game. A number of users who commented on the site say they were succesfully able to run Super Monkey Ball on a jailbroken version 2.0 iPhone using SSH. Other users, however, said they couldn't get the game to work and questioned whether the hack was legitimate.


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