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iTunes balance denies access to app updates

07/22, 8:15pm

iTunes denies app updates

As the iTunes App Store matures from its recent launch, updates are becoming available for launch titles, but it is apparent that updates go through the same transfer method as other iTunes downloads, since an outstanding balance denies access to the updates. A MacNN writer noted that even though the updates are for software products they own, a billing discrepancy is enough to bar access to the updates, leaving users with buggy or incomplete software until the issue is resolved.

WordPress 1.0 blogging tool for iPhone 3G [video]

07/22, 7:30pm

WordPress 1.0 for iPhone

Blogging has always been a personal thing, and it's just become even easier to post thoughts on the Web, from just about anywhere. Automattic, Inc.'s WordPress for iPhone 1.0 lets users update their blogs on the go, without having to find a laptop or a WiFi hot spot. The open source app is the first to allow iPhone and iPod Touch users to write posts, update photos and edit their WordPress blogs.

New UK, Montreal stores show Apple's retail strength

07/22, 6:45pm

Liverpool Apple Store

Several new Apple Stores are set to open their doors Saturday, including one in Liverpool, England. Housed in the redeveloped Liverpool One Complex, the new store is Apple's 16th in the UK. The company is also opening stores in Montreal, Glendale, Arizona, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Finale 2009 ships, adds multi-page editing, more

07/22, 6:20pm

Finale 2009 software ships

MakeMusic recently announced it is shipping Finale 2009, the next major version to its music notation software, featuring a number of new additions and optimizations. Finale 2009 features true multi-page viewing and editing, while adding "world-class" sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra and Tapspace Virtual Drumline. MakeMusic is currently selling Finale 2009 for $600, with upgrades for previous users ranging from $100 to $150.

Apple's iLife '08 update: iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb

07/22, 5:20pm

Apple updates iLife

Apple today released software updates for iLife 8.0, the software suite that ships with most Macs. The release is largely aimed at fixing bugs and compatibility issues, although iPhoto 7.14 (77.1MB) includes "new holiday greeting card and postcard themes for use with Apple print products." Also released: iLife Support 8.3 (5.5MB), iWeb 2.04 (36.3MB) and iMovie 7.14 (39.8MB).

TechCrunch launches $200 Web Tablet Project

07/22, 5:10pm

TechCrunch tablet PC

Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, is planning on creating his own affordable tablet PC, as he feels the market is lacking one. To this end, he launched the Techcrunch Web Tablet Project. To keep prices "dirt cheap," Arrington suggests the PC would ideally run a Firefox interface disguising a Linux kernel. Arrington is calling for any interested parties to help out with the open-source programming of the interface, offering an example of the tablet once it's completed as a reward.

Mail server problems cited in MobileMe issues

07/22, 5:00pm

MobileMe mail, security

Although many problems have been resolved, the MobileMe online service continues to suffer from serious issues, accounts suggest. Apple's status page presently indicates that "1 percent of MobileMe members" do not have proper mail access, an issue which has persisted in some cases for several days. Apple support staff are said to be claiming that the issue is with one of MobileMe's mail servers, but no timeline for a fix has been announced.

Yahoo pins mixed results on Microsoft buyout offer

07/22, 4:55pm

Yahoo Q2 2008 Results

Yahoo this afternoon reported mixed results for its spring quarter that it blames in part on Microsoft's attempts to buy out the search engine firm. Although its pure revenue climbed six percent to approximately $1.79 billion between April and June with profits climbing slightly to $1.03 billion, the company says its actual operating income dropped a significant 45 percent to $101 million; nearly one quarter of this, or $22 million, was associated with the legal costs both with Microsoft's initial takeover and the recently-ended proxy takeover threat from billionaire Carl Icahn, who had boosted his stake in the company to nearly five percent in an attempt to help vote out Yahoo's board of directors.

iPhone 3G switchers not as prevalent as with first

07/22, 4:50pm

iPhone 3G switchers

While Apple claims to have sold 1 million iPhone 3Gs during the device's opening weekend, metrics appear to show that AT&T did not earn as many switchers as the first time around, and even indicate that the company may have lost as many customers as it gained. Engadget reveals that it obtained data regarding the number of ports in and out from T-Mobile in the US, as it was observed by a national wholesaler, which indicates out that T-Mobile gained as many customers as it lost to and from AT&T during the 3G launch.

Consumer groups block MPAA bid to FCC to control TVs

07/22, 4:25pm

Groups fight MPAA FCC bid

A request to the FCC by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to waive previously set rules and thus allow it to send video content to select TVs and entertainment devices is being contested by seven public interest and consumer groups. Led by consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, the request was made on Monday, after the MPAA's May 9th request to be exempt from the rules which were set in 2003. Such exemption would allow studios to deny access to material, or postpone it, to owners of specific brands of TVs, for example, argue the public interest groups.

Sky, Universal set to launch DRM-free music service

07/22, 4:20pm

Sky to offer music service

Sky, a UK-based TV, Internet and phone provider, is reported to soon start offering a subscription-based music download service in collaboration with Universal Music. Unlike other similar services, the downloaded music will be DRM-free, meaning users can freely copy it, share it, burn CDs and play it on all their devices. Sky's service, which the company claims will be the world's first, will initially offer access to hundreds of thousands of songs.

First Look: Iris 1.0 image editor

07/22, 3:50pm

First Look: Iris 1.0

Adobe's Photoshop has set the standard for digital editing. Unfortunately, the program often overwhelms anyone who isn't a professional graphics artist. When bombarded with so many features, novices often give up in frustration. To meet the needs of hobbyists who want to edit a digital photograph, or aspiring artists who want to paint images on a computer, many companies offer simpler applications. One of the latest of these is Iris 1.0.

TiVo lets viewers purchase products from Amazon

07/22, 3:50pm

TiVo teams with

TiVo on Tuesday announced it has teamed up with Amazon to offer buyers the opportunity to buy items associated with the shows they're watching via their TiVo remote. The new Product Purchase feature gives television advertisers to promote products sold on via in-show pop-ups that are related to mainstream TV shows. The feature would not only allow the possibility of viewers purchasing products featured on shows, such as a new album or book of a guest on a talk show such as Oprah.

Canada auction ends, gets new cell providers

07/22, 3:45pm

CDN Wireless Auction Ends

The Canadian auction for the 2GHz wireless spectrum has ended and confirmed the creation of a new carrier for the country, Industry Canada announced on Monday. The end of bidding will see Globalive, which operates Yak Mobile in Canada but is primarily supported by foreign investments, pay $442 million for a license that gives it licenses to cover all of the country's provinces with services except for Quebec, where it lost out to competing firms such as cable and media powerhouse Quebecor.

Sybase adds Notes, Exchange extensions to iPhone 3G

07/22, 3:05pm

iAnywhere on iPhone 3G

Sybase has announced that its iAnywhere Mobile Office system now has extended support for the iPhone 3G. iAnywhere interfaces with corporate e-mail systems which might otherwise block the phone, due to security concerns; it instead provides an intermediate layer, which lets companies perform functions like attachment limiting, e-mail deletion, or even blocking a user entirely. iPhone owners can meanwhile use their native e-mail client.

Sirius/XM merger down to one vote

07/22, 2:50pm

Sirius XM Down to One Vote

A final approval or rejection of the proposed merger between satellite radio providers Sirius and XM now hinges on a single vote at the Federal Communications Commission, one official tells the Wall Street Journal. With the decision by Commissioner Michael Copps to vote against the merger and fellow official Jonathan Adelstein still ambivalent and demanding certain conditions, just Commissioner Deborah Tate remains undecided. Her approval would be enough to guarantee a merger but could potentialy shoot down the merger as-is if Adelstein isn't swayed in favor of the deal.

Super Talent boosts SSD write speeds

07/22, 2:10pm

Super Talent SSD Speedup

Increasingly flash-focused drive maker Super Talent has given its MasterDrive MX solid-state drives a speed upgrade in a bid to compete against larger rivals. While read-back speeds remain the same at a peak of about 120MB per second, the MX drives now see faster recording speeds depending on the capacity of the drive. Both the 15GB and 30GB versions now write as quickly as 60MB per second. Larger-still 60GB and 120GB drives now approach fast desktop drives at 80MB per second.

SanDisk: Vista hinders solid-state drive tech

07/22, 1:25pm

SanDisk on Vista and SSDs

Windows Vista's architecture is actively hindering SanDisk's ability to roll out its next generation of solid-state drives, says company chief Eli Harari. In statements made just after his company produced disappointing quarterly results, the executive says that Vista is "not optimized" for using flash memory as its main storage and that the hardware managing data traffic needs to be redesigned to generate the expected performance; a patch for Vista itself would be ineffective.

iPhone Infused talks PwnageTool, new hacks

07/22, 1:20pm

iPhone Infused on new hack

The operators of iPhone Infused have responded to recent complaints that it was merely repackaging PwnageTool 2.0. The company now claims that it was only offering the software to cover the two days before its own hacking guide was released, particularly in light of demand from members of the website, and intense server load on normal Pwnage sources. Infused's owners admit that earlier website language was confusing, and this has since been changed.

Image of new S60 interface leaked?

07/22, 12:25pm

Image of new S60 interface

A new image is said to have leaked for the next version of the S60 cellphone interface, created by Nokia. The 5th Edition of the operating system will be touch-capable, although some older design elements should remain for phones with keypads; this is evidenced by items lined up by the base of the screen. In any case however, the need for a dedicated application key is said to have been eliminated.

DealNN: iPod touch, shuffle, FREE headset

07/22, 12:00pm

DealNN deals iPod touch

Featured deals at DealNN for today include the refurbished 8GB iPod touch for $199 (16GB and 32GB models are also available) from the Apple store, and the 1GB iPod shuffle with FREE Allume Tune Ranger software from for $48. The Logitech Quick Cam Vision MP for Mac has been reduced from $130 to $70 at Other items include a FREE (after mail in rebate) Motorola Bluetooth headset from and the 4GB Kingston DataTraveler flash drive for $10.

eWallet data keeper released for iPhone, iPod touch

07/22, 11:45am

eWallet for iPhone/Touch

Ilium has announced a new version of eWallet, now designed for iPhones and iPod touches. The app is meant to be a secure means of storing important information on Apple handhelds, such as passwords, health data and credit card numbers; to prevent this content from being stolen by one means or another, it is safeguarded using 256-bit AES encryption.

Garmin intros nuvi 500 GPS for both roads and hiking

07/22, 11:40am

Garmin nuvi 500

Garmin on Tuesday kicked off the launch of a new line of nuvi GPS units that are some of its first tailored to be used both for driving and for the outdoors. Both the US-only nuvi 500 and the North America-wide nuvi 550 have the same 3.5-inch design as many road-going nuvis and provide full street maps but also have a waterproofed touchscreen and topology maps for use either on hikes or on rivers. The interface has also been changed to add a quick toggle for the map type as well as a compass option.

Monster Dr. Dre-backed headphones shipping

07/22, 11:15am

Monster Beats Headphones

Monster Cable today said it will soon ship its Beats headphones. The over-the-ear audio equipment is developed in tandem with rap artist Dr. Dre and Interscope head Jimmy Iovine, and is said to be tuned for accuracy at both the high end, the mid-range, and in bass response, even with relatively low-power portable audio devices. The headset also provides active noise reduction that cancels out background sounds and purportedly mimics the experience of studio monitors.

Apple to open Montreal, Glendale, Charleston stores

07/22, 11:05am

Apple Montreal store

Apple has slated three new store openings for the end of this week, say a mix of reports and announcements. The first and most prominent of the locations will be in Montreal, creating the first true flagship store for Canada, and Quebec's second store after one in Laval. The exterior of the shop is said to use the glass motif found at other major Apple outlets, such as the one in Sydney, Australia (pictured). It is situated at 1321 Ste-Catherine Ouest, and should open Friday at 5PM.

Sony rumored entering netbook field in fall

07/22, 10:40am

Sony Netbook Rumored

Sony is nearing production of its rumored netbook and has already chosen a parts supplier, according to a report by the Taiwan-area newspaper Economic Daily News. Well-known electronics assembler Foxconn is said to have been tapped for making individual components in a very small Sony system being built now that the company and other Japanese manufacturers are less worried that the category will cannibalize their regular notebook sales.

Piper: New iPods, cheaper MacBooks enroute?

07/22, 10:20am

Piper on Apple Q3 2008

Analysts at Piper Jaffray share worries in common with rivals like Needham following Apple's Q3 results, according to a new report. Piper notes that while Apple produced $7.46 billion in revenue during the quarter with an EPS of $1.19, partly due to a 42 percent year-over-year growth in Mac sales, the predicted slide in gross margins from Q3's 34.8 percent to "about 30 percent" in FY09 may not bode well for stockholders. Piper had been estimating a 32.3 percent margin for FY09.

Canon previews HF11, HF21 HD camcorders

07/22, 9:50am

Canon HF11 and HF21

Canon gave Americans an early preview of the updated VIXIA line on Tuesday with the Japanese launch of two new versions of the HD video cameras. The HF11 is unusual among camcorders for building in a large amount of flash-based memory: it incorporates 32GB of the motionless storage and gives videographers as much as 12 hours of HD shooting in the AVCHD (H.264) format without skipping or adding the bulk of a full hard drive. Full-quality 1920x1080 nets about two hours and 55 minutes, but an SDHC card slot allows recording time to potentially double.

Needham: Gross margin undermines Apple Q3 results

07/22, 9:20am

Needham on Apple Q3

Apple's third-quarter financial results were extremely positive in some ways, but for investors, any advantages were undone by future prospects, writes the research group Needham. The firm say it is impressed by 2.5 million in Mac sales, a 41.5 percent growth year-over-year, or nearly three times the market rate. In total Apple revenues rose 38.2 percent to reach $7.46 billion, producing a 28.7 percent EPS jump to $1.19.

MS counter-Apple ads start, admit early flaws

07/22, 9:05am

Microsoft pro-Vista Ads

Microsoft has begun the early phase of its new ad campaign designed to counter Apple's control of Vista's image, according to ZDNet. The first fruit of the ad is a web ad campaign that aims to combat what Microsoft believes are misconceptions about its most recent version of Windows, suggesting that those who believe Vista fundamentally flawed are those who would also have believed the world was flat. The campaign is so far subtle and makes no direct references to challengers.

Verizon climbs to 68.7m users, claims lead

07/22, 8:20am

Verizon at 68m-plus Users

Verizon today gave a sneak preview of its spring results and said it now has 68.7 million subscribers. The figure is a net increase of about 1.5 million users after factoring in turnover and allegedly gives Verizon a cellular brand lead. More customers are attached to the Verizon Wireless label than for any other in the US, the carrier claims. It also claims to have the least amount of "churn" (losing customers for new ones) and the largest 3G network.

Sony readying third PSP with built-in mic, more?

07/22, 7:55am

Sony PSP 3rd Gen Leak

Sony is allegedly readying a third iteration of the PlayStation Portable that would reflect changes to the PSP itself as well as its relationship with the PlayStation 3, if a set of leaked shots from China prove accurate. The device known so far as the PSP-3000 would incorporate a built-in microphone below the screen that would make it more immediately useful for Skype calls as well as in-game chat; it would also have redesigned buttons, including a home button relabeled with the PS logo to bring it into line with the PS3.

Sony Ericsson rolls W302, wireless speakers

07/22, 7:00am

Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson's announcements today wrapped up with a new entry Walkman phone and a trio of speakers. The W302 is labeled the most affordable Walkman phone to date but still comes with a 2-megapixel camera, a 512MB Memory Stick Micro, Bluetooth with stereo sound, and FM radio. It's also relatively slim at about 0.4 inches thick and better-built than some phones in the category with an aluminum front. The phone supports GSM calls and EDGE data and will be ready by the fall.

Sony Ericsson intros two top Walkman phones

07/22, 6:30am

Sony Ericsson W902 W595

Sony Ericsson this morning launched a major upgrade to its Walkman series, starting with two higher-end models. The W902 (shown) promises to improve on other music phones with an enhanced stereo field and bass response; the bar phone also comes with premium earphones and an 8GB Memory Stick Micro that lets it hold as much as many portable media players. It also touts a 5-megapixel camera unusually sharp for the class with 16X digital zoom and basic on-phone image editing.

Apple given 'Buy' rating, $220 target

07/22, 3:20am

AmTech positive on Apple

Despite Apple's heavy losses overnight, research firm AmTech is predicting Apple's stock will reach $220 per share and is rating Apple a 'Buy.' Apple gave unexpectedly cautious commentary on its future gross margin predictions in its quarterly report Monday, surprising investors expecting higher estimates. While Apple's current numbers were solid, Apple's commentary on 2009, predicting a lower 30 percent gross margin, surprised AmTech and other research firms. Apple was expected to predict gross margins in the 33- to 34-percent range.

XFX, EVGA abandoning Nvidia after margin squeeze?

07/22, 12:45am

XFX, EVGA leave Nvidia

After a recent bout of bad press - alleged mass product defects, competitive price cuts, and legal problems - two of Nvidia's largest partners have supposedly jumped ship to pursue alternate ventures with an unnamed company. The news follows the loss of Gainward, a company now fabricating ATI-based boards. While details of the supposed deal are scarce, it is known that the two companies, XFX and EVGA, are not defecting to rival GPU manufacturer ATI.

First Look: PC Tools iAntiVirus

07/22, 12:05am

PC Tools iAntiVirus

Anyone who has used a Windows PC knows that you absolutely must have an anti-virus program or else your computer will likely crash the moment you connect to the Internet. Fortunately, the Mac has remained largely untouched by the variety of malware (viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, and spyware) that plagues PCs. However, with the growing popularity of the Mac, it's inevitable that more people will start writing malware for the Mac. Although you don't need an anti-virus program for the Mac just yet, you might feel safer knowing that a free one exists called PC Tools iAntiVirus.


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