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Open Tech joins Mac clone race

updated 11:45 am EDT, Mon July 21, 2008

Open Tech Mac clones

A new company says it is joining the world of Mac clones, according to reports. Open Tech claims to be developing a new PC designed to run any one of several operating systems, including not just Windows XP and Vista, but Ubuntu and Mac OS X Leopard. Though people will be able to customize their hardware once the machine goes on sale, a tentative configuration includes a 3.4GHz Intel processor, a 500GB hard drive, and 3GB of DDR2 RAM. No release date has been set.

Open Tech says it is fully aware of the legal problems incurred by Psystar, another Mac clone vendor, and intends to avoid them. Rather than preload a PC with Leopard -- a violation of Apple's licensing terms -- Open Tech says it plans to simply configure a system for the intended OS, and provide a "do-it-yourself" kit that will help with whatever OS a customer buys separately.

Some doubt has been cast on the validity of the company, as its website uses a .tk domain, belonging to the Pacific island of Tokelau. A traceroute has meanwhile proved inconclusive, though it suggests the company could be based in the Netherlands.

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  1. ViktorCode

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What's the point?

    If Open Tech doesn't offer OS X preinstalled, why bother buying computer from them? User who has necessary knowledge to install OS X can do it without hardware or clues from Open Tech.

    And what about updates? Psystar used to provide patched updates to its customers, but in order to avoid legal issues Open Tech won't. One reason less to buy a system from them.

  1. Apple Master 007

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Really?! Seriously?!

    What’s next, a BMW clone without an engine? If you are a computer hobbyist or just like to tinker with hardware, you have already tried putting the Max OS on a cheap PC box. Sure, if you like to tinker it’s fun, the same goes for Linux. But we are all too smart to use one as our main PC, not to mention sending our money to shady over-seas companies. Let them try, between legal issues, low demand and the shadowy nature of their business, it will sort itself out.

  1. PBG4 User

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mid Tower Plz Apple

    I think that Psystar & Open Tech are easily showing that demand for an upgradeable tower that can run Mac OS X is desired in the market. Apple should fill this need before some other company with deep pockets figures out how to legally defang Apple's EULA.

  1. eddd

    Joined: Dec 1969


    it can't be stopped

    I don't think there's much that Apple can do to stop this, other than to modify their installation process (e.g., go back to boot PROM instead of software-based EFI) or to employ activation (hopefully they would do this as a last resort). If this phenomenon continues, they will have to resort to something.

    With the proper approach and hardware, a retail copy of Leopard can be installed on a generic PC, and software updates directly from Apple can be run. It's happening already on the home-built front. And these machines are just as dependable as an Apple-built machine, at least as far as software goes.

    Professionals may not take he chance, but Apple's market is largely consumers now, and they might be inclined to save money, especially in this economy. Apple may, indeed be forces to provide a mid-tower after all.

  1. rubaiyat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Hang on, here we go!

    Keep your arms inside the carriage at all times.

    The other shoe has just dropped. In fact it is starting to rain footwear.

    Well Apple where is my midi-Mac. Where is my moderately priced Mac with matte screen and beefed up video?

    Mac users may get a games machine after all!

  1. robttwo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Apple has never been "forced" to do anything -- so you can get off of that line of thought. And what "consumer" wants a "mid-tower"? -- consumers want to take something out of the box and plug it in - hence the iMac. The last thing we want is some cheap a** ugly PC-looking tower with expansion cards falling out of the chassis running games for some drop out lamer. If you want that - go ahead and build it yourself.


  1. eddd

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Apple never forced to do anything? My my... that's a short memory you have. In reverse chronological order, they were forced to simplify their product lines, they were forced to stop the clones, they were forced to buy an operating system, they were forced to re-write their OS from the ground up. Any other choice at these junctures would have most likely killed the company. The economy and the threat of an elusive, gray market clone competition may be very real threats that force them to change their strategy yet again.

  1. eddd

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Oh yeah

    You may want a plug-in appliance and may not be interested in a powerful, cheaper alternative to the Mac Pros, but I think you're in the minority here. I'm a long-term pro Mac user (far from a doofuss) and I know for a fact that there is a huge market for those that don't want a laptop (including the iMac) but don't need octo-processing power. Lots of 2D and audio pros would jump at the chance to buy a smaller pro machine. In case you haven't noticed, the overall trend is small and thin. The Mac Pro is neither.

  1. dimmer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    How many video cards does Open Tech support under OS X? Audio? Are they doing anything more than providing a bog standard PC with some "guidelines" on how to break the Apple EULA (which moves the blame from them to the consumer, in their tiny legal minds)?

    At least Pisstar had the balls to try and sell a system with OS X already installed: these assclowns are just out to give you a PC with a copy of Leopard and run away from all other issues.

    And sad to say, Apple already tried a low-cost tower (the minimum config G4 units) and got whined at as it wasn't spiffy enough: It's a no-win market for them -- especially as a "low cost" tower with expansion is really just a Mac Pro in a smaller case, requiring better heat control, custom motherboard, and of course new whines about "Why doesn't my nVidia 200 GT XP work in there?"

  1. thebiggfrogg

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Heh. . . heh. . . heh

    He said "assclowns."


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