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Apple sells out of iPhones in all but 3 locations

updated 01:15 am EDT, Mon July 21, 2008

iPhones virtually sold out

In less than 10 days since its problem-plagued launch, Apple has sold out of stock of iPhones in all of its stores except three, including every state except New York, California, and New Hampshire. Apple notes that on Monday none of its 137 locations in the US will have stock of the 8GB iPhone and that the only location to have the 16GB black iPhone will be its retail store in Pleasanton, California (Stoneridge Mall). The only other two stores to have stock of the iPhone are the retail locations in Salem, New Hampshire (Rockingham Park) and New York City (Fifth Avenue) -- both of which only have the 16GB white iPhone model.

AT&T, Apple exclusive US carrier of the iPhone, said that many of its locations sold out in the first day and that customers who waited in line would wait 3-5 days; customers are now being told that iPhone delivery could be delayed to 3 weeks if purchased from an AT&T location, while Apple still says that it is taking stock daily at its locations and is asking customers to check online.

Last week, Apple's own flagship stores in the US and worldwide began advertising limited stock of iPhones, while customers were still waiting 4-5 hours in line at several locations, over 21 states had no stock of the new device. As of July, Apple has opened 219 stores worldwide, including 187 in 37 US states.

Ahead of the launch many of Apple's worldwide carrier partners tried to warn customers of expected shortages in supplies and UK partner O2 sold out its online supply within hours

Analysts estimate that Apple earned as much as $330 million during the first weekend of the iPhone launch, and despite claims of 1 million iPhones sold during opening weekend, analysts note that the number includes "unsold" units delivered to its partner mobile carriers and Apple stores.

Analyst Piper Jaffray says the number of iPhones during the first weekend sold was actually closer to 425,000, though with all stock sold out in the US and around the world, Apple may indeed have now sold many more than 1 million iPhones to the public (as they have taken delivery of more iPhones 3Gs almost daily since the launch).

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  1. dagamer34

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Direct Fulfillment

    Apple is moving inventory to fill direct fulfillment orders from AT&T since people have been waiting for quite some time. My order on launch day will finally arrive tomorrow. That tells you how slow they are.

  1. ciparis

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "analysts note that that number includes unsold units delivered to its partner mobile carriers and Apple stores."

    Unsold units... HAH!

  1. lamewing

    Joined: Dec 1969


    so what?

    I am more interested in the next iterations of the Apple laptops. Also, the Mac Mini needs to be replaced or updated as it is quite out of date compared to its price. Lastly, how about an iPod update or should we expect Apple to let the iPod product languish so that the iPhone gets all the attention?

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: so what

    I would expect iPod updates to be well down the road. You are correct, Apple wouldn't want to draw attention from their iPhone. Spread things out. Keep the press cycles from hitting each other.

    I wouldn't expect a mini update worth the price. Apple relented with a mini in the first place just to say "We got a cheap computer!", which is what it is. But a lot of people who got it used it for their entertainment centers, and Apple wants them buying AppleTVs. And Apple has no desire to really exist in the cheap market (just ask anyone here, Apple should stay away from the low-end, because it would, I don't know, bring in more Window idiots and lower the mac user base IQ or something).

    Laptops should be seeing an update soon (end of summer sounds about right, just after the school buying season). Hopefully they won't have that goofy case top the supposed leaks have shown.

  1. imagine engine

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Limited stock

    I believe Apple wasn't expecting this kind of demand for the iPhone in every country that's authorized to sell the iPhone 3G. I was lucky enough on Friday to find an authorized Rogers dealer that just got the 16 GB black back in stock. At least here in Canada Rogers customers haven't been waiting long as they usually have more in stock with in a couple of days from the time supplies run out.

  1. fletcher

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I don't understand why people hate on the Mini. I think it is among the best machines Apple has made. I own several myself, we use a stack of them in our QA department, and I have even been able to give them away as gifts since they are so inexpensive and I don't need to bear the cost of a monitor and accessories.

    Congratulations to the iPhone on its success. I admit to wondering before each of these launches if Apple's preparations are going to fall flat. But, time after time, Apple surpasses expectations.

    The iPhone 2.0 software is great. Here's looking forward to when I can get on a waiting list for the 3G.

  1. Cadaver

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Manufacturing troubles?

    I wonder if the virtually complete sellout with many stores seeing no new shipment since the initial stock indicates a manufacturing problem on the part of Apple's OEM suppliers. Perhaps I should be glad I didn't get one the fist week.

  1. Cadaver

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Manufacturing troubles?

    I wonder if the virtually complete sellout with many stores seeing no new shipment since the initial stock indicates a manufacturing problem on the part of Apple's OEM suppliers. Perhaps I should be glad I didn't get one the fist week.

  1. peatmoss

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Buy iPhone Online

    Apple needs to go back to selling the iPhone online. I did everything they told me to do: (1) the "get ready checklist", (2) checked the web site for availability at my nearest store, (3) go to store and stand in line. While standing there with other hopefuls, an Apple employee came out, told us they were out of the black 16 GB iPhones, and immediately half the line walked away, as the Apple rep shouted "are you excited!" O-kay. Then I tried checking other stores online and calling to confirm and found either they were out, or if they had what I want they would neither hold one, or commit that there would be one there when I got there as the line "is now about 2 hours long". I'm not standing in line again. I'm waiting for Apple to make it possible for me to get a new phone. If I could buy it online, I'd just order and wait until it is in stock for it to come. I get the ATT contract control issues they are dealing with, but that's resulted in Apple aggravating people who just want to spend money on their cool stuff. I actually need a new cell phone pretty bad. How long do I have to wait? How about a pre-paid reservation at a store near you, with a call or email that it is in and come on down to activate it? Anything. Little help guys.

  1. Eldernorm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    MS Troll or macnn??

    " its problem-plagued launch, "???? Problem plagued???

    I see the new name of this pub should be " We'sss Hate Apple --NN" . I can understand an MS publication making these kinds of statements but come on now.

    Sell a million units in 3 days around the world and only have the main problem of running out of hardware to sell. YEP thats problem plagued. And this site is story short.

    Just a thought.

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